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Why do men hide their feelings?

Why do men hide their feelings? This question very often worries many women. Often, the representatives of the stronger sex are stingy in manifesting their emotions and whatever feelings women cause in them, behave with restraint. Psychologists say that men are usually soft and vulnerable, but then why do they pretend to be insensitive, who are not familiar with spiritual experiences? The answer is quite simple: they want to please, because the representatives of the stronger sex were instilled in childhood from the idea that a real man should be unshakable and stern.

Why do men hide their feelings for a woman?

The representatives of the fair sex often do not understand the goals, actions, feelings of their chosen ones and are constantly in the dark about what they feel for them. Why it happens?

Representatives of the strong half do not earn capital yet, make a career - do not aspire to serious relations. Deciding on a relationship, a man seeks to ensure a decent life for his lady, and for this purpose he works even harder. Love or passion does not affect the productivity of male labor. The representative of the stronger sex does not cease to lead a life that is familiar to him - meetings with friends, a hobby, and at the same time introduces into his daily routine another item - the woman he loves and her problems. The woman in the relationship on the contrary is completely given to a new feeling. Home affairs, friends, work go into the background. Therefore, very often women are offended at their husbands because of the lack of attention paid to them.

Why does a man, when in love, hide his feelings?

For a man in love, confusion and shyness are characteristic. If the previously self-confident representative of the stronger sex behaved boldly, showing determination, as well as pressure in all actions, then during meetings with his beloved, he feels a certain awkwardness, afraid to open up and show his weakness, showing feelings. The inner circle notices these internal changes in the man.

Representatives of the stronger sex so explain the reasons why a man, when in love, hides his feelings for a woman. Below are some examples:

- Most women like "bad" guys who do not adhere to the norms, rules and principles. Ladies like to be close to this person, because you never know what to expect, and at any moment does not leave the anticipation of adrenaline rush. Therefore, unfortunate men have to wear masks of bastards and cynics;

- A man hides his feelings, because he believes that he should behave that way. Women are allowed to be emotional and sensual, but society does not welcome such men. In fact, both sexes are equally emotional;

- Men often lie about the number of their ex-girlfriends to appear more desirable in the eyes of the opposite sex. The idea that in the past two or three years a man has been able to charm one woman forces him to invent intricate love stories of his past;

- the man hides his feelings in order not to show how much he likes the lady and how much he is already in love with her;

- for the representatives of the stronger sex, the definition of "in love" is equivalent to the definition of "weak." It is difficult to find a man who would call himself weak, because of this fear men hide their feelings;

- it is noticed that often women, having understood that the chosen one is already in their "networks", lose interest in him. Such behavior makes the strong gender more alarming and makes them more restrained in expressing their feelings;

- men do not wish to show that they depend on a certain woman and do not like being conquered;

- unwillingness to be controlled causes men to hide their feelings;

- Fear of remaining completely defenseless also forces the stronger sex to hide their feelings. It takes time and trust to open up to another person. Men, as well as women, have weak spots, and are very much afraid of strikes against them;

- representatives of the stronger sex are more dependent on women in intimate terms. Women often do not even realize that they can easily manipulate the stronger sex and men are not in a hurry to tell them about it;

- each representative of the stronger sex is proud that he is a man and loves to show his inner strength, to impress an interesting young lady.

So, it becomes clear that in the behavior of men there is nothing unusual and strange. They, as they can, conquer and hold the interest of the young lady they like.

Why men hide their feelings - the opinion of psychologists

According to the majority of the fair sex, male psychology is a rather primitive thing. But considering so, the ladies are mistaken. Representatives of the stronger sex are specific, not ordinary. They do not like to create problems from scratch, while complicating things. And in general, a strong half compared to women behaves in a completely different way. Therefore, only an understanding of all the subtleties of the device of male psychology will enable the weaker sex to build the most effective models of relationships with their chosen ones.

Male psychology is so structured that only outwardly they are overly assertive, self-confident and unshakable. This is often a mask. Most women are wondering why they do not develop relationships with the male sex. They do not understand that when dealing with men, they take the mask as reality, and therefore make a large number of mistakes that the male gender does not forgive.

It has long been customary to attribute men to the stronger sex. They received a similar attitude solely because of physical superiority over the ladies, but mentally they are not as strong as the beautiful half. Often, the female gender does not understand that their elects, accompanying them through life, can also be vulnerable and vulnerable, in need of care and affection.

Often, each individual sins by interpreting the other person through the lens of himself. In other words, each subject to another individual ascribes character traits that are inherent in him, or a pattern of behavior that is marked in certain conditions. And when a partner in a relationship behaves differently, the person thinks that they are not valued. And in fact, the partner expresses disagreement, sympathy or agreement only in a different way.

Often in life, people cannot look at the situation from an alternative position or view, as if from the side. In difficult situations, wives do not want to put themselves in the shoes of their husbands, and only suggest what they should do. In this case, women forget about the set of related factors and personal individuality. Therefore, the average husband, not possessing the ability to read women's thoughts, acts in a completely different way. Because of this, there are female offenses against husbands who do not want to understand them. Of course, this approach has a negative impact on gender relations.

Why do men hide their feelings and how to find out what feelings the elect has?

A woman is very important not to rush his chosen one. Endless questions "do you love me?" or "how do you treat me?" cause discomfort, embarrassment and out of balance. Men's love is manifested in hundreds of other nuances, and the words do not reflect reality. If a man has not yet figured out himself and his feelings, is not completely sure of his chosen one, then constant questioning will destroy the relationship that has just begun to emerge.

Women always have little attention, they freely express anger, resentment, joy. Why are men different? Psychologists say that men and women often do not completely understand each other’s feelings and thoughts, because most of the representatives of the stronger sex are emotionally distanced from relationships, while many young ladies crave for them. The psychology of relationships between men and women is such that 80% of women are “persecutors”, and 80% of men are “distancers”. The representatives of the weaker sex want to be closer, because in previous relationships or in childhood they had a feeling of abandonment.

Why do men hide their feelings and emotions?

Men try to keep a safe distance and hide their feelings from women because they are afraid of being dragged into relationships. Most of the representatives of the stronger sex distancing in the beginning of the relationship act as persecutors, trying to seduce the lady. The refusal of the ladies only exacerbates the propensity to prosecute. But given that the woman takes this step because of the fear of destroying relationships, and not deliberately, this only pushes the man further away.

Scenario future relationships stretches from childhood. Most boys are afraid to get lost, lose masculinity and independence. But for mothers, it is often difficult to allow sons to grow independently. As a result, boys, because they are moving away from their mothers, feel guilty.

A young man with this complex, developed in childhood, will avoid relationships with a girl if she is demanding, will develop a feeling of guilt in him because he ignores her needs, or if he is afraid that he will not be able to meet her requirements.

In the case of girls, if the father is too close to the daughter or, on the contrary, rejects her, then the daughter is perceived by the mother as a rival, feeling guilty for this and loneliness.

Thus, the distancer man runs from obligations and painful dependence, and the pursuer lady dreams that the distancer “rewrote” the script of her relationship with her father. Freedom and independence are supreme values ​​for the distress, and close relations and partnerships are for the pursuer.