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How to get rid of negative thoughts

How to get rid of negative thoughts? Any personality learns negative news faster and better than positive. That is why bad thoughts are deeply settled in the mind and it is more difficult for a person to get rid of them. Negative thoughts often lead to tears, devastated and depressed state, depression, and sometimes suicidal intentions. Therefore, it is very important in the event of adverse thoughts to be able to cope with them in time.

How to get rid of negative obsessive thoughts?

The first thing to understand is that obsessive thoughts are emotions. They have an irrational, emotional, unconscious nature. These unfavorable judgments are connected with those who are deprived of all reasonable things — complexes, anxieties, fears. The emotions that are formed force the individual to constantly think of something, as if they signal a problem and the need to solve it.

Obsessive thoughts also have a positive function. They remind the person of the difficulties he needs to solve. But, often, these thoughts do not always indicate a real problem.

The device of the occurrence of obsessive thoughts rather fine. Obsessive judgments or internal dialogue is a mental phenomenon that creates a person's perception of forcedly repeated reflections in the head, which subsequently lead to obsessive behavior. From the constant appearance of unwanted desires, fears, memories, the true problem is exaggerated, and at the same time distorted. There are often several such negative judgments. They form a vicious circle in which a person “runs” like a “squirrel in a wheel” unable to break it.

The leading cause of the emergence and development of all adverse judgments is the habit of inner conversation with oneself, unconscious, constant discussion of new and old questions.

The next reason is the belief in personal beliefs, as well as deep attachment to these attitudes. Most people have obsessive thoughts to one degree or another. However, many individuals do not think about it, ranking them in the correct, natural way of thinking. As soon as internal dialogue becomes a habit, it manifests itself not only in important matters, but also in any daily, everyday situations.

Common sense will help get rid of negative judgment. It is necessary to figure out: are intrusive thoughts a reason for some real problem. Often it happens that the mental "chewing gum" plagues a person, exaggerating the problem, but the bloated problem does not mean the absence of such. Therefore, it is necessary to consider whether there are reasons for such judgments.

Getting rid of negative judgments, you do not need to ignore the problem, if it exists, for example, if a person feels that he has some kind of disease and speculation about this is constantly present. Can fears really are not groundless, and the person has symptoms of some disease. In this case, it would be advisable to visit a doctor, rather than guessing. If this has already been done and nothing is detected, then this contrived problem should be forgotten.

There is absolutely no point in thinking constantly about the problem, if any. Her or you need to try to solve or forget about her completely, if it is invented. This is the main point in the fight against obsessive thoughts, when common sense and logic should be applied.

How to get rid of negative thoughts that do not go out of my head?

Tips on this subject may be different. A person himself needs to understand that being in a depressed state, life can turn into a series of dull and drab everyday life. Thus, the identity itself "poisons" life. You can not live with sadness and longing in the soul. You must try to get rid of negative thoughts, thinking about the good, otherwise a constant depressive mood will lead to illness.

Negative thinking that is present in the individual in a regular mode is harmful to health. Everyone has long known that most diseases arise from constant feelings and worries, for example (headache, hypertension, arthritis, stomach ulcer). Scientists have shown that the constant presence of negative thoughts is a trigger for the development of cancer cells in the development.

Thinking only about the bad, a person mentally attracts negative events into his life. Reflecting on the negative, a person programs himself to fail. He seems to be already mentally ready for it, thinking through options in his head in case of failure and inevitably moves forward to this. An insecure person does not know or forgets that only complete confidence is the key to prosperity and success.

It is extremely important to get rid of negative thoughts and emotions, because there is a chance, constantly experiencing negative emotions, to become a patient of a psycho-neurological clinic. It should be remembered that all the mentally ill began their journey with obsessive thoughts. If negative thoughts do not leave the person for a long time - it is time to appear to the psychotherapist.

The emergence of negative thoughts contributes to a push, for example, some information from the outside. Consider a specific example: a person learns about a plane crash in which people died, he is imbued with this tragedy. If, on top of that, his emotional state is suppressed, and his psychological health is unstable, this fear can become a real mania. A person will constantly begin to think that this can happen to him too, analyzing how many times a year he and his relatives fly on airplanes. Terrible conjectures involuntarily begin to get into the head about the fact that the loved ones of loved ones or the individual who thinks about it may die. Thoughts of such a plan completely absorb a person, growing like a snowball. In this case, it is very important to tell yourself “stop” in time and stop thinking about the bad.

Psychologists use in their terminology such concepts as “automatic negative thoughts”, describing ideas that penetrate a person’s head besides his desire, leaving behind unpleasant and erratic emotions. Aaron Beck, the creator of cognitive therapy, believes that these thoughts plunge a person into a vicious circle of suffering, setting a common attitude, leading now to anger, now to misfortune, now to anxiety, and eventually generating new negative judgments. Data on the plasticity of the brain confirm that it is possible to break this cycle of negative, replacing it with something positive, and a person can learn how to stop his thoughts. The first step in getting rid of the negative is a person’s awareness of his automatic negative thoughts. Many people attribute the occurrence of negative judgment to an adequate description of what is happening. But it is worth noting that negative thoughts always promote only one point of view and a person forgets that there is always another point of view.

Categories of negative thinking. Each person has his own set of negative thoughts that fall under the following general categories: black-and-white thinking, attributing his thoughts to others, prediction, belittling the positive, laying blame, catastrophic thoughts, calling names, unrealistic expectations, dramatization, excessive generalizations.

How to get rid of negative thoughts - tips psychologist

There are techniques to get rid of negative thinking.

Technique - cutting.

As soon as there is a feeling that a negative thought has crept into the consciousness, one should simply “cut off” it. No need to analyze it or argue, do not need to defend against it as well. You just need to cut it off from yourself, and put something else in its place. The key principle here is that it should be done immediately, at that very moment, as soon as that very thought arose.

Technique - observation from the side.

This technique lies in the fact that a person does not move away from negative thought, but watches it as if from the side and does not allow her to master it. Negative thoughts have power over a person if he reacts to them.

Technique is an exaggeration.

When a negative generation is found in oneself, one must exaggerate it to the absurd. The key here is to make the negative funny. A man must catch himself in a negative thought, knowing that consciousness is a great deceiver. Every day consciousness tries to play some joke. Being observant and noticing it, you need to resort to the technique of exaggeration. This absurdity helps to deprive a negative thought of strength, since negative judgment has power as long as the individual reacts to it.

Technique - confrontation.

Anything that a negative thought dictates to the individual should be turned into the complete opposite. For example, as soon as the consideration “I cannot make a sale” arises, you need to put a contradictory proposition in its place: “I will be able to make a sale”. If the individual gets the thought "I will not be able to achieve financial success for anything", you should respond with the exact opposite, saying to yourself: "I will achieve great financial success."

As soon as the opinion arises, “I am not capable of anything, I am not fit for anything,” I should say to myself, “I am capable of much, I am a very unusual person.”

The individual can not think at the same time about the negative and positive, the mind is able to think about one thing, and throwing the negative judgment out of consciousness and putting in its place a positive judgment, the personality deprives the negative of self-control.

In conclusion, I would like to add that the indispensable change of hobbies favorably promotes the interest in life and, as a result, helps to reduce the number of bad judgments. It is very important that the hobbies are updated, because it is in this case that they will carry away and take away the entire amount of excess time wasting on destructive thoughts.