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How to make a husband jealous

How to make a husband jealous? Jealousy is a component of many relationships and so organically entered into the definition of value that it has become synonymous with love, caring, expression of warm feelings and sympathy for many. Being careless about the absence of jealous notes is easy when everything is fine in a relationship, there is emotional contact, a spark of passion, common hobbies and a lack of doubt about the partner’s loyalty and value to him. As soon as in some part of the relationship there is a shortage (attention, care, joint time, passion, desire to protect), the first thing that comes to mind is to shift the current situation with the help of jealousy.

Littering signs and headlines on how to make a husband jealous of his wife and give there really effective advice, the use of which should be approached deliberately, because to turn on the system to its fullest, attempts aimed at maintaining and preserving feelings can lead to betrayal and collapse of the family.

Remember that jealousy in homeopathic doses, comic manifestations acts as a binding mechanism, whereas, developing into an extreme of total control or intrigues on the side can destroy and so is not stable and in some ways not satisfying relationship. Comparing a husband with others (revealing a topic not in his favor) may end in a scandal, but attending events where there will definitely be men, but not a husband, and it is quite acceptable to inform him about it. Adhere to trust and decency, do not degrade his dignity, but do not close the princess in the tower, throwing a veil over yourself.

Emotional shake-up based on jealousy is useful for feelings and relationships, but choosing from the proposed ways of causing jealousy, choose portable and understandable for you, because many people do not like to be jealous of themselves.

How to make a husband jealous and afraid to lose his wife?

In family life, the feeling of jealousy can play a completely different role, depending on when, to whom and with what force it will be applied. Adding such a peppercorn will be relevant if you have been together for a long time and your relationship is stable, but you expect some further action from your spouse if the relationship increasingly moves to the level of everyday life, wallowing in the dullness and monotony of the circulation of the bill-cleaning-products, and also, if you suspect a husband of infidelity or the possibility of betrayal. In such situations, making you think about the possibility of losing you will be a boosting mechanism that can revive the passion that has fallen asleep, and for this you need to move away from that routine stability and your usual image.

To begin with, slightly increase the distance, when you are constantly close and in full accessibility, it does not make sense to worry about your departure, and wondering how things are becoming irrelevant, because you already tell everything. Try walking on your way home instead of driving (so you will come later than usual), pick up the phone immediately or not answer the call at all, but call back later (that's okay, you are a living person, you may be busy or you may not hear the call , but here new sensations in the husband it will stir up).

Switch a part of your attention, which was previously wholly devoted to your beloved spouse. Double benefit from such a step: he will begin to feel that he is missing you, you can take care of yourself. Start with a change in appearance, remembering how you looked and looked after yourself when your relationship was just beginning. Most likely, you spent more time in front of the mirror, picking up clothes, hair, makeup, going to a meeting. Compare this with the fact that now, and if in the present you see a picture of a not made-up lady in a mirror, in a gray T-shirt and stretched jeans with a tuft on the head, then begin to clean up. Your man will remember why he chose you, a sense of pride for such a woman next to you can bring you the desired changes, as well as a bonus of jealousy and interest in what prompted you to start these changes and in general for who this is all. Honestly answer that for his sake, although he is unlikely to believe, and at first he will be wary of evening calls and your departures with your girlfriends for a walk. If you didn’t clog on your appearance, and you didn’t sin on any peeling varnish and regrown hair, then try changing the image. Experiment with those images that are close to you, cause courage and interest.

As for behavior, moving away, loosen control, and if it was your nature to find out where he is, why he is late, and how he is going to spend the evening, now don’t show interest in it. He will tell - fine, wish you a pleasant stay and go about your business, you can tell your plans with the answer (different from staying at home, waiting for it). It often happens that simply removing control and demonstrating that while it is not there, you have a great time with friends, at exhibitions, courses, in stores, it can cause jealousy in a husband, and some even give up weekly plans and stay at home just to see where their devout gathered it.

How to make a husband jealous - advice from a psychologist

The first interest, how to make a husband jealous of a wife, is born at a certain stage and is quite natural, due to the loss of the proportion of intimacy that was before, stabilization of relations, which means the transition from the endorphin-euphoric wave to its former state. Many women perceive such periods as the extinction of love, or as a signal that another passion has appeared. In fact, periods of intimacy and periods of separation are characteristic of any relationship, they may coincide in both, and may have different duration and cyclical nature, which happens more often. If the desire to cause jealousy is associated with just such a period, it will look like forcing a person to embrace you with compulsion when you buy a house on his nose and the threat of dismissal.

Jealousy is a strong and not always relevant feeling, so before using it, take a closer look at the situation and try to analyze: now one of the usual stages of separation takes place between you and you are injured from it or this is really the extinction of interest. In the first case, it is worthwhile not to provoke jealousy from the spouse, but to deal with your reactions to what is happening, why it is so difficult to endure temporary distance, with which you encounter what irreplaceable need you are trying to fill with constant human control and retention at the same close distance.

Behind the desire to cause jealousy nevertheless lies the need to return love, the previous level of attention, something else that was previously given by this relationship or the opportunity to get something new. Returning to your true needs, desires will help correct the situation. Understanding your feelings, your interests and states (from external to internal) you can more easily convey your feeling to your spouse, in the correct form and perhaps the need to play manipulative games with empty motives for jealousy will disappear by itself, and it will be replaced by the possibility of open dialogue to resolve unclear situations.

It is possible to call jealousy in a husband, even when he comes home with a bouquet of flowers and to ask questions about it, to smile mysteriously and not answer, as many forums advise. But if you bring home flowers and honestly tell you that you bought them yourself, but I would like to receive from him (without accusations and offended voice, without implications "that's how bad you are, but I am unhappy"), then the spiritual contact between you will arise faster . After such a real and open communication about your needs, you risk not getting a one-time flash of jealousy, but a long period of care and the opportunity to talk to each other in the future.

How to make your ex-husband jealous?

The motivation for striving to cause jealousy in the former is varied and is always filled with passions: from the fact that you still love him and want to return, to the point that you wish this man to suffer from the regrets he has lost in your face. If this idea originated in your head and it does not work out for several days, then proceed as early as possible while the time is on your side, because the first months after breaking up, partners often monitor the lives of their former halves, some even call up and offer help.

The basic rule for stimulating jealousy in the former is your happy state, because it is impossible to be jealous of someone who walks with a depressive cloud and tells you how bored you are. Maximize your own life: take care of your appearance and wardrobe, start visiting interesting places, develop your career and hobbies, expand the circle of acquaintances, fill every day with positive emotions and impressions, indulge yourself with events, acquisitions and creativity. When your meeting happens, the effort spent will pay for itself, and many men are affected by the positive changes in the woman after he leaves.

Keep communicating with other men, you can deepen interactions with someone specific or increase the number of male friends in principle. This will make your former jealous, and you will be of exceptional benefit (and a sofa on the eighth floor will raise, and men have a better sense of humor, and self-esteem, who suffered after parting, will remain at a decent level). Play on your ex-husband's unconscious confidence that he is the master of the situation, and you are ready to return and just wait for it, ignore calls through time. Access to you should remain, but be very limited, then what he used to get easily and in unlimited quantities, he will get harder and look more tempting. The distance in contact, an even emotional reaction to any provocation and a happy own life full of events are components that can give rise to a jealousy in a former husband.