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How to confess to a girl in love

How to confess to a girl in love? Love arises suddenly at first glance or after many years of intercourse and friendly gatherings, the feeling can sneak up quietly and gradually, or it can cover with an avalanche of surprise. From how the process of falling in love and your temperament proceeds, it will depend on whether the chosen one will feel about the feelings arising in her direction. After all, whether to confess love to a girl depends on whether she notices your feelings, whether it gave reason to think about the possibility of further relations. Even if she is busy, you recently had a bad fight or she is not eager to communicate - recognition may turn her attitude towards you, since many girls hide feelings and wait for the first step from the guy.

Prepare for the conversation in advance, even if for her it will be like spontaneity and impromptu. Think over the time and place, find out the life situation of the girl, to correct her actions or perhaps transfer them to better times (if she had a misfortune, then she is unlikely to be able to adequately perceive the romantic proposals), but can speed up on the contrary (if she ponders over the move to another city only because no one here holds it).

Fear, shame and a multitude of other feelings become a hindrance in direct and honest confession, because of which people condemn themselves to unrequited love. Certainly, it is necessary to realistically assess one’s chances, but it is pointless to refuse recognition because of fear of rejection. Think about what you will lose without taking the first step or making it, and then evaluate possible acquisitions in either case. Perhaps you decide to change the strategy or charm your beloved so that you will communicate more and not go straight with recognition, but you will have to say about feelings, and it is better to do it yourself and first than to wait for a similar question from the girl.

How to confess to a girl in love, if you hesitate?

Restraint arises from ignorance of the situation, the girl herself and her needs. It is not an easy task and having an unlikely chance of success to simply approach and confess to the one whose image is invented rather than known in live communication. Whether it is worth confessing love to a girl depends on your level of courage, but I would like to point out in advance that the girl is unlikely to understand what happens if there are no signs of attention from you.

Initially, make sure that she noticed you from the rest of the environment, show signs of attention, take care, often communicate on interesting topics. At the same time, she will get used to you, and you will get closer, and accordingly the level of embarrassment at recognition will decrease.

Due to strong excitement, because a situation of recognition is a very emotional and significant event, even experienced speakers forget words or begin to bear total nonsense, and confident leaders or sportsmen find themselves kneeling and shaking their palms. So that recognition does not spoil your experience, try to present the conversation in as much detail as possible, perhaps rehearse, and it’s better to build the text in a monolithic affirmative form, so you don’t have to wait in the middle of a girl’s answer to some non-mainstream question (such moments can be a bit confusing and increase the level of anxiety, which tightens the embarrassment and will reduce everything to nothing).

If you don’t have enough courage for a personal conversation, then there are wonderful and romantic distance declarations of love. The options are varied: send a bouquet, a toy, a decoration with a note attached by courier stating your feelings or send a beautiful card signed by your hand; leave a message at her house in the form of balls in the trees, inscriptions on the pavement, posted custom-made banner. Catching your imagination of remote recognition, refuse the help of sms, messages in social programs and applications, do not ask to convey to common friends. Such methods will convey information to the girl, but it is unlikely to cause an emotional response; some sensitive persons may be offended by such confessions or perceived as a joke. The scope of love for girls is extremely important, so do everything so that you do not think about low importance for you - she must see that you have made an effort.

And, of course, a declaration of love without personal presence is suitable for the initial reconnaissance step, and if the girl reciprocates you and you meet in person, then repeat, looking into her eyes. Now you have nothing to be ashamed of, because she knows about your feelings and came to the meeting, and she will be pleased to see the reality of your intentions.

How beautiful to confess to a girl in love?

Facing a situation when the decision to open is already ripe and asks for implementation, the next moment comes when the guy chooses the most beautiful and authentic ways of recognition. Before this step, think about your own feelings several times, because girls perceive such confessions differently than boys, while for boys this recognition can be an invitation to a summer affair, a girl can perceive this as a quick marriage. Of course, not all situations have so much significant difference, but girls exactly refer to such words much more seriously than guys, and if this is not love for you, it’s better just to shower it with compliments and attention, but not confessions. If everyone thought about and realized their feelings quite seriously, then your chosen one deserves a beautiful recognition.

Most of all, girls like your confidence and full attention in her direction, therefore, when making a confession, look into her eyes. Not only that not everyone can withstand a long visual contact, it also becomes extremely difficult in disclosing one's feelings and experiencing further fate and its response, but it will be worth it. Such a look does not fill any flowers or crazy actions.

Decide on a place of recognition. There is no definite advice on how best to confess to a girl of love, but there are specific features of each place. If you choose a public place, then you should confess it loudly, openly, possibly drawing people into the process. Such a presentation will hit the girl, perhaps confusing, the public support will obviously be provided to you, because the boy is a daredevil and well done and few who can, and your princess simply cannot refuse. If in a public place you will confess quietly and imperceptibly, so that it can be seen only by a girl, then doubts are inevitable as to whether you are ashamed of her. When they are not ready for such a large-scale and audience-filled confession, it is better to choose cozy places, quiet cafes, lonely shops of public gardens, so that there are no people around. Speak not much, in a quiet but firm and calm voice, as if this is a usual state of affairs and there is no mystery or discovery in it. Show restraint and strength of character and do not ash it with a waiting look in search of a mutual response to recognition, give the girl an opportunity to realize what happened, cope with her own feelings and surprises, because the discovery of the feelings of another person can be a surprise.

How original to confess to a girl in love?

The girl was chosen, the decision was deliberately, the words were found, but what to do when you don’t want to act on all the boring patterns or in a situation if you fell in love with a beauty who receives a lot of admissions weekly. The question of the original recognition is quite relevant and requires courage and imagination in the implementation. Find out in search of a variant from the preferences of your darling, any information about her preferences will help: at a concert of your favorite group you can ask for a minute from the microphone for recognition, favorite writers and poets will help you find the right words, her desires and dreams will help you formulate future plans, preferences in places and food will give room to choose a place.

To arrange the original declaration of love will also help your personal skills and creative abilities. Owning the word you can devote a poem, a fairy tale, a story to her - something that you know best about and can. Decorate your text beautifully - you can steam it with a letter (plain paper mail, which you have already lost the habit of and do not expect to receive) by publishing a separate book for it or connecting friends (let the musicians perform the song and the actors play the play you have written). You can work with photos by creating a photo book, placing its photo with recognition on the banner in front of the house, you can help to arrange a photo as a puzzle, calendar, picture.

Use goodies not only as a gift that accompanies your text, but as an independent element of recognition. In the box of chocolates you can put a lot of little little notes with confessions attached to each candy, and in the cafe you can agree in advance on the design of the dish ordered by the girl or coffee with the words about your love.

In addition to the beautiful words read in magazines and heard in films, add a piece of yourself in a love confession. Make your beloved laugh with your jokes or recall joint funny situations, you should not make a formal procession of such a serious event, even if it is a serious event, support ease. Express yourself in your own words, and do not change your usual speech with someone else's text (the guys who usually speak slang, confessing love, begin to express themselves in the literary language of the eighteenth century, rather than make the girl think more about whether everything is normal with him than to plunge into feelings ).

And finally, an extremely rare option, suitable for those who have already seriously decided everything - is to arrange a pleasure visit for her, bring to the registrar's office, where they can make a marriage proposal, accompanied by a declaration of love. A risky, original, courageous act, which, in spite of its surprise for a girl (get ready to catch her fainting and nervous tantrums), often ends in a happy life together.