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How to confess to a guy in love

How to confess to a guy in love? Love in life of everyone happens in different ways, lucky women are lucky to fall in love with each other and hear words of recognition from their chosen one, but not all situations are so beautiful and harmonious in development. It happens that it is rather difficult to understand the feelings of a guy, or you spend a lot of time together, he is clearly not indifferent to you, but he never utters cherished words out loud. Of course, it would be nice to remain in the canonical tradition of hiding your feelings to the recognition of a man, but this may not work, and there is nothing wrong with an open discussion of your feelings. But initially you need to decide whether the guy should confess his love.

How to confess to a guy in love, if you hesitate?

If you notice signs of attention from a guy to whom you feel sympathy, when all his behavior indicates that you occupy a priority place in his living space, then it is worth taking the first step. His hesitancy can be caused by many factors: he may be shy of expressing himself, afraid of refusal, believing that he will scare you with his confession, perhaps he had previously had an unsuccessful painful experience of confession and now it is not safe for him to perform such actions.

To delay or abandon the idea of ​​revealing your feelings would be appropriate, if the guy is not serious, offensively jokes and tricks in every way, then information about feelings may be another reason for him to show off and become public knowledge in an ugly and offensive light. Of course, you can survive this, but self-esteem will suffer, and such a story can for a long time recapture the trust and desire to build relationships, so before you open the soul, turn on the logic and analyze how safe these actions will be for your mental state. It is not necessary to look for signs of love and expect mutual feelings, you may well encounter a lack of reciprocity, but if it sounds from a decent and caring person, it will remain between you, and in the speech itself some supporting information will sound for you.

Many girls are embarrassed by the expression of feelings and the first painful question that overwhelms young heads, if a young man is not active - is it worth it to confess to a guy a love. Relying on outdated norms of behavior, you can sit for a long time and wait for happiness, so if now constraint and uncertainty prevail, remember that those who take the risk have new opportunities, and excessive feelings of anxiety can be somewhat calmed down.

You should not take examples of confessions from the behavior of men, because in the performance of a girl, such actions may seem like excessive pressure and perseverance, which will not play a positive role in the perception of a guy, rather he will be frightened or lose all initiative. When all of you have decided for him, and he only has to answer yes or no, this kills every motivation of achievement and the inner hunter who lives in every man. Act gently and, using quite transparent hints, but avoid immediately saying the main thing, words of love are associated with something very serious and responsible, so in the early stages of a relationship a young person may be very interested in you, but get scared of responsibility and hiding. The task, after all, is not just to convey information, but to make him fall in love too.

Start from afar, take the initiative and invite him to different places where you can interact or share experiences. The more varied the situation, the more likely you are to get to know it deeper, and any information gives direction to find the right words and place. Start saying compliments to him or insert funny phrases “I adore you” into everyday conversation and watch the reaction if you hesitate a little and slip a serious face or questioning look, it means that he, like you, has a double meaning in such statements and tries solve how seriously you say that.

Restraint and excitement when declaring is not going anywhere, but if a guy doesn’t understand the hints, and in person, you lose your voice, your eyes become covered with red spots and you begin to carry complete nonsense, you should think about how to confess love to a guy by correspondence. A great way to avoid the awkwardness of personal contact, and besides, you can correct the text you write for as long as you like in a calm and balanced state, which means you can say exactly what you wanted.

By choosing a written confession, you can use not only prose, but also poems, be attentive and prove yourself - letters from confessions and poems downloaded from the Internet can look very beautiful and push some ideas into your own thoughts, but forward them, not edited to your beloved moveton. Firstly, it will be noticeable that you didn’t write them, because everyone’s style of presentation is different, secondly, all these templates are quite common, but it’s more pleasant to receive an individual message from a person who is able to really notice and appreciate the uniqueness of a person; thirdly , the copied texts are unlikely to be emotionally touched, he might even think that you were just mistaken when sending.

How to confess to a guy in love in VK?

Social networks and other messengers are great helpers for a declaration of love, they expand the possibilities of manifestation and help to cope with excessive shyness, except that now it is the norm for the most part to communicate by correspondence, establish friendships and romantic social programs, and not as before communicating. If you practically live on the Internet, then getting into direct communication with such an important topic is a serious stress to the nerves.

How to declare love to a guy by correspondence is a new exciting question, which is impossible to peep in most films or learn from older ones, simply because there is no recognition experience in the VK network. It is worth starting with the fact that the guy you like should be added to you as a friend, if this has not happened for some reason. Scroll through his page, put a few likes (no need to automatically like every photo and post on the wall, it looks weird, intrusive and can make you remove from friends). Write a few comments under interesting posts, if you have something to say, to write any nonsense in order to write does not make sense - you need to attract his attention not at any cost, but with the prospect of interest and development of correspondence. After these steps, you can begin to correspond in a personal, if he himself has not yet written to you any question after your activity on his page, then appear yourself.

Do not rush things, because instant recognition can be pretty dumbfounded, as in real life, you need time to communicate and get to know each other, start conversations with neutral questions and topics that are openly stated on its page. You can discuss new movies or watch the same movie at the same time, discussing the story in the chat. The more the more for discussion, the better. Choose about the same time to communicate, so you create your own tradition, and he gets used to, that at this time communicates with you. Having disappeared for one during this period, you will most likely get a question about where you were (he remembers, he is worried, he does not have enough of your communication).

After you have made such a contact between you, you can proceed to the most important conversation. So that the information does not become a shock, prepare the guy for a possible development of events - include smiles and stickers with kisses and hearts in messages, but in minimal doses, let him get used to it, but do not consider this to be obtrusive.

Starting to write the text, the recognition of the rules is simple and complex at the same time - you need to be delicate, honest, use your own words and thoughts. Try to make the message unique by adding its features or your common jokes already recognized by you into the text - the more “your” the message is, the better.

In addition to text messages, VK gives an excellent opportunity just for creativity, to conjure over photos and send to him - a joint collage, a text superimposed with recognition, making a video from a photo to music. For the most daring, you can record a video about your love, using the surrounding space or your own acting skills.

It is better to use the options in which you need to have a hand. Sending a ready-made sticker or postcard will not be pleasant or will not be considered as a manifestation of serious feelings, rather, you can send them later when the relationship between you is clarified and now you are together.

Send a message with recognition, go on hold. Seeing the status of "read", do not start scribbling billions of questions about how, give a person time. You do not know in what situation he read your message (maybe he is now taking a cat for an operation or taking an exam) and do not know how he reacted (to jump for joy you need time just like to formulate a polite refusal in reciprocity). Be patient and wait for a response step from him, and if he disappeared and does not respond, then rejoice that you have decided to recognize and accelerated the process of finding out that this is not your man.

How beautiful is a guy to confess in love?

Not only girls love beautiful declarations of love, men according to some scientists, even more responsive to words of love than girls. So that the beloved remembers your confession, and these memories warmed his soul and stirred the imagination even after many years, you certainly want to make everything beautiful.

Impromptu is beautiful, but a well-thought-out plan of action that has room for maneuver in a changing situation is still safer. You should start with choosing a place, it is better that it be meaningful for two (the park where you met, the exhibition at which you encountered) or romantic (cozy cafe, square). For recognition, you can pick up a certain kind of joint pastime, limited only by your imagination (leaving for barbecues, going to the movies, rafting on the river, wedding of friends). It is an excellent option if the beginning of a relationship is laid, but intimate recognition has not happened yet, to tell about your feelings at home, in a cozy relaxed atmosphere, under a blanket after dinner. No one has canceled the bed as a place of declaration of love - this will add a special shade to the caress, will excite the blood of both, but still repeat it in a calm and more casual atmosphere, so as not to have the feeling that the words burst forth in a spur of the moment.

In addition to the right place, you should choose the right moment, not to rush to confessions before a business meeting or when he has only fifteen minutes left for a conversation. Pick up a time convenient for both that does not require rushing to another event, and you should have plenty of time to think about what is happening (you shouldn’t dwell on a specific time of day - the early morning is quite suitable if it is a day off). Focus on the mood of the guy and the actual situation of events, because a reaction to a confession, if he is angry now because of trouble at work, can be quite unpredictable, which you and he will later regret.

Best of all, such a conversation takes place in a personal meeting, looking the guy in the eye, the option with a written confession is good if you cannot cope with your anxiety. You can come up with some kind of holiday gift or thought up guy with a note with the text of recognition, but give the gift in person and repeat the words after reading. You can organize a romantic dinner (agreeing with the restaurant, at home, on the open roof of the high-rise), decorate all with candles and hearts, do not prepare many hearty and complex dishes (show your culinary talents later), it will be enough dessert and a bottle of delicious wine. Confessions can be left in the personal belongings of a man - put some sweets with notes about his feelings in his pocket or bag, leave a message on a car dashboard, if you can get the keys.

Choosing one of the proposed methods or inventing your own, be guided by the character and preferences of your boyfriend. Beautiful views, long words, interesting metaphors and you in the form of an air fairy, while a tough and pragmatic man will not understand this, will appreciate the fine-feeling romance, but appreciate the simplicity and directness of your words and actions, without rose petals, but with hot coffee . If a man is older, he has the experience of an unpleasant divorce, then confessions from a woman can put him on his guard and force him to move away, so it’s better not to speak directly about strong feelings, soften everything to hints and expressions of sympathy, not love. Show respect for his caution and be patient with him until he thaws and can open up to new relationships.

When you speak, pay attention not only to the words and their meaning (usually what is said, we rehearse several times and scroll endlessly in the head), but watch your gestures and facial expressions that can make a cruel joke with you. Speech, its tempo and loudness should correspond to your normal state, trying to please, do not pull on a broad smile, it can cause a feeling of frivolity. Do without sharp gestures, and focus all the attention and gaze on the guy you are talking to.

Before you start talking about feelings, take care of your emotional state. If necessary, burn a situation with someone, if the appearance gives you confidence, then do it. Do everything to make your mood great, our condition is passed on to people around you, and so you can charm your loved one. Do not try to control the entire course of your conversation, because what paints the imagination may differ from reality, it is important for you to remain sensitive to changes in order to be able to correct your own behavior when the situation changes. And treat with respect to the choice of a person, having received a denial of reciprocity, accept it worthy even before it happened - your internal readiness to accept any of his answers will cause respect, because you are opening up not to bind a person to yourself with such manipulation. Do not be tormented by questions and conjectures.

How to originally confess love to a guy?

To increase the chances of rapprochement, to hit an already chosen man, to show off in the original act, as a manifestation of one’s own personality, one can not only long conversations with serious faces and the turning up of souls. It is worth remembering about the subtle bodily moments that affect the perception of the situation, therefore, when confessing love to a man, try to stand behind him, hugging him from the back. At the same time you bring the distance closer, penetrating into his personal space, take the position of a woman who is in the rear, behind her back, and not face to face before your eyes - this is the position of your opponent. Just by changing your location in space, you achieve excellent results, he will not forget such a recognition, of course, he will not be able to explain to anyone really, from what exactly the goosebumps ran down the back, but your words will be remembered for the rest of your life.

If you need an original recognition, you can go on a creative path and make the most of the resources that nature has in you. Compose and perform a song, make a video on how this person is dear to you, go on stage with a monologue about love, at the end of which there will be a confession. You can use a human resource and persuade friends and strangers all day to tell the guy that one girl loves him very much, and in the evening he will meet her. Add intrigue, arrange him a quest from a variety of tasks, having guessed that the guy receives the main prize - you with a bow.

Especially courageous can realize male ways of recognition. Paint under his porch, how you feel about him or rent a horse, dress up as a princess and ride to your prince in this form. If you work together and the team understands you, you can finish some of your presentation with a slide with your joint photo and outlining your feelings.

The more dramatized, bigger and brighter the recognition, the more original you will look, because as usual girls do? They are waiting for the first step, arrange romantic meetings where there is no one else, quietly and seriously whisper about their feelings. Do the opposite - involve people, do not be afraid of the volume, brightness and swing of fantasy, but correlate the degree of originality with the guy's temperament and his ability to understand and support such actions, otherwise he will simply run away from such a creative person.