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Female psychology

Female psychology is a concept that is widely used in everyday life, but it has in its meaning a significant difference from the psychological understanding of female psychology from the perspective of considering the gender characteristics of the psyche. Features of female psychology are largely due to hormonal changes and the increased sensitivity of the female body to any internal changes. Internal changes, in addition to their own physiological changes, include changes in close interpersonal communication, while external global issues will only slightly affect the woman's reactions.

These features are embedded in the female psyche evolutionarily, because for the survival of the offspring, it was more important to distinguish the smallest nuances of the state and mood of the neighbor, monitor the functionality and safety of the immediate habitat, as well as its own state. After all, if the mother does not notice from the expression of the child’s facial expression that he is hungry, he may die from malnutrition; if she does not respond to strange stirring in the neighboring bushes, then the whole family can be eaten; just as if a woman does not listen to her own inner cycles, then the probability of bringing offspring falls. At the same time, attention to the climatic conditions of the continent, logical calculations of the movement of prey, the ability to stay cool in all circumstances are qualities that are necessary for a man due to his natural activities.

Now gender differences in the performance of functions and interactions are almost erased, there is no division of gender work, and collectives are becoming mixed. So there is a lot of surprise from the fact that a kind of modern "mammoth" can be "hammered" in a bright outfit under loud discussions.

Women are emotional, since from childhood they did not receive a ban on the expression of feelings, plus an intimate and emotional sphere, this is the place where they are really stronger. Women are inconsistent in terms of straightforward linear logic, but their actions are always authentic to the changing space (what she does can be poorly explained, but this is what is needed now, given the many factors that a man may not even notice). Detailed attention and the shift of priorities from achieving the goal to the comfort of one’s own and those close to one can cause feelings of strangeness of behavior and groundless conclusions.

Female psychology in relationships

The difference between men and women does not end at a physiological level, but a simplified understanding that the psyche is asexual and has its own differences in the type of nervous system, characterological features and imprints of earlier injuries leads to misunderstanding and delusion. Gender psychology is difficult for both genders to understand each other, and the resulting quarrels and conflicts stem from a lack of understanding of the characteristics. To reduce the number of conflict skirmishes, men should know the features of female psychology.

The first striking difference, noticed by all representatives of both camps, is an increased female emotionality. In principle, a woman lives mainly in the world of feelings, and to realize that she is significant, the expression of even negative emotions is more suitable than their complete absence.

The problems of female psychology are reduced to clarifying one's own feelings and feelings of a partner; therefore, when a man is capable of opening his inner sphere of experiences, he can share both joys and sorrows, he becomes closer to a woman. The myth that is common among men that the manifestation of masculinity is a silent and patient endurance of suffering and the absence of tears is not supported in any way by women’s perceptions; moreover, they sometimes can cause a feeling of coldness and indifference.

The list of emotional features includes the need for more time or the number of calming factors, because Female NS is more excitable, sensitive, more responsive to stimuli. Where a man sees only a task that needs to be solved, a woman becomes angry and will be impressed after a while. Many cases of misunderstanding occur from here, when everything is already over for the man, and he does not understand why the woman continues to be nervous. This is not about mistrust or the desire to shake nerves, it is about the sensitivity of her nervous system.

Psychological difference, forcing to give a lot of resources for the care of appearance is also one of the key. When a woman spends hours on her own appearance and is upset because of flaws, this is due to the absence of problems or the inability to set priorities. The priorities are just fine, because in the female case, beauty is an indicator of health, which indicates the ability to give birth to a healthy heir, increases its competitiveness among others. In tears about a spoiled hairstyle, an ancient mechanism of striving for competition for the strongest male and the realization of the instinct of motherhood is laid.

In all its manifestations, women are focused on the interlocutor - it is based on the dialogue principle, even if it tells about itself, because it tells not so much about itself, as for you, your reactions and thoughts are interesting. The abundance of details, explanations, comparisons, complex structures - not to load your brain, but to bring the situation as fully as possible. At the same time, remember that the attention of a woman is not pointed, and diffuse, so the description will include important and minor factors, technical and emotional details of the described.

The problems of female psychology are that they perceive this world sensitively and many-sidedly and share it in the same way. Multitasking in performing actions seems to be a manifestation of witchcraft for men, but a woman can absolutely calmly prepare fondue, talk and watch a film, while being equally active in every class. Some men, by virtue of innate abilities or acquired experience, managed to understand the secrets of interaction with women, and in fact everything is easier than it seems.

Secrets of female psychology

In understanding the feminine view of the world, as the root causes of the peculiar reactions and choice of actions, one should be guided not so much by intelligence and logic, as by feeling and observation. Women's demonstrativeness, inconsistency and changeability in mood and desires are unlikely to submit to control or attempts to understand during the conversation and the process of establishing agreements. In such events, men will lose in advance, because act according to strict rules, not focusing on the situation is absolutely not peculiar to women. And thanks to her sensitivity and intuition, she will very quickly change all the declared rules to you in the negative.

A man must remain stable and not lose the inner core - this is what women will check with their inconstancy. In a world where everything is changeable and unreliable, where they themselves begin to demolish themselves in different directions, women are guided by the internal stability of a man not subject to external influences, even by a woman (she doesn’t need her emotional state to affect a man, because the crisis moments it is with him that the woman will seek solace).

To get closer and begin to understand a woman to listen to her attentively enough, and each time, because a woman has not exhausted her exhausted question. Listen carefully, and you will notice that new details have appeared in the discussed topic or have changed to something, or maybe it repeats, because it does not suit the resolution option. Every woman wants to participate, and dialogue for her is an indicator of her importance, waving it off and thinking that she will talk to her friends, you build an emotional wall and provoke more conflicts. Sharing problems, a woman does not always wait for a man to solve them this hour, may not wait at all, the nature of the psyche is such that simple sounding helps to make the experience easier. Knowing that there is no requirement to solve her problems, when a woman starts telling her next day, it will become easier to listen to her, without self-responsibility in solving the voiced.

Women's jealousy - psychology

Jealousy is in principle not a pleasant feeling, but experienced by everyone at least once. However, there are still differences even in the experience and causes of jealousy, depending on gender.

Women's jealousy is usually stronger than men’s, it lives longer and can appear not only from a conditionally existing cause, but also from an inner sense of self. A woman with low self-esteem, who has been in a traumatic relationship that has destroyed trust, that has been confronted with betrayal before, can be jealous of a man who is constantly at her side and is being showered with signs of attention. There is little contact with reality in such experiences, there are many claims to a partner, but there is no way out, because it is looked for outside, but inside the woman, her sense of self.

It happens that women's jealousy looks like a self-fulfilling prophecy, when everything was initially good, but in the throes of distrust and trying to control a partner, a woman destroys relationships with her own hands. Everything is built on a simple mechanism, when the space and freedom of a person is stifled, he begins to strive to escape, the more the punishment for looking to the side, the more often you want to look to the side.

The chances of a woman becoming jealous are higher, and the level of possessiveness also goes off well with respect to the male perception of the world. This fear of loneliness laid thousands of years of evolution to the gene level, when the absence of a man meant starvation for a woman and her children (from the Stone Age, when it was men who were the protectors and miners, to not so old military and socialist times, when there were fewer men than women, and living alone was not possible).

Jealousy arises from the fear of loneliness, existentially born with a person, and finally forming in childhood, through the abandonment and inaccessibility of the mother in the infant sense. When developing in a family where there was no trust, betrayals occurred, a divorce occurred, the fear of being alone was finally fixed in the personal structure, having exits through distrust and refusal to build close relationships or through constant jealousy. There is also a good scenario for the development of events, but usually it includes the personal therapeutic study of such embedded subconscious attitudes, or, under the best of circumstances and the sensitivity of a partner, these blocks are worked out independently.

The specificity of female jealousy is that it is emotional and can even occur to friends and hobbies (a woman can easily forgive the physical than the emotional, while the man will not even pay attention to the latter). The desire to be the most important part of a man’s life, pledged since childhood, pushes jealousy even to mothers and children from a past marriage: there are no exceptions if you spend more time with someone, laugh louder, and share news more readily - jealousy awaits you. This is a kind of resentment that they did not choose her, even if the place of the woman he loved in the life of this man is firmly and permanently assigned to her. Perhaps it will ease the fate of knowing that a woman will also be jealous of her best friend (maybe even her new boyfriend), a child (a cheerful kindergarten teacher), a mother (sister), etc.