Friendson is a popular concept that psychologists explain as an unequal emotional exchange that suits only one participant in a relationship. We met with friends in films, TV shows and, of course, in life. Even the best of the guys came across a situation when they wanted to meet, but in response they heard phrases like “I haven’t had a best friend yet,” “oh, how I dream that my boyfriend is like you,” “I wouldn’t want to spoil our friendship with relationships, "" not yet that time. " This is also the notorious frendzona.

Most often, it is for girls to twist the guys, putting them in a friendly zone, thereby bringing them to complete despair. Moreover, it is not necessary that only guys be in the friend zone. Many girls in love with their "friends" are also worried about how to get out of the friend zone and start meeting with the object of their sighs.

Why is it even placed in the frendzone? First, it is a guaranteed fallback. Secondly, a person draws attention to his person. And thirdly - this is a bunch of additional benefits from a friend in love with you. Such a friend zone option is much less common when you don’t want to meet a person, but you feel that he is a very good person and doesn’t deserve a hard rejection. It will be correct to step back and give the person time to cool down as much as possible and forget about it. Then he will not keep on you evil.

How to get out of a friend zone girl?

Male friends are much less common, but this happens. For girls, the peculiarities here are that men often send girls not to a friend zone, calling it friendship, but give them the status of "only sex."

The first sign that the guy you friend is ignore. The guy tries to avoid any conversations and offers to meet, he does not call you for a walk, and he will rather find a reason to refuse to go with you. The second sign - he will not tell anyone about you, say that you communicate. The third - the guy you do not write the first. Not because there is not enough time - often there is simply no motivation, the desire to spend money on relationships, when they are not at all interesting to him. The fourth sign - to pay in the cinema, restaurants, you have to yourself. Or maybe even pay for the guy, because when he agreed to go for a walk with you, what happens so rarely that, rather, you yourself dragged him, and he does not feel any responsibility or desire to be a gentleman.

It is believed that the peculiarities of the friends zone for girls in the sad fact that it is almost impossible to go out. Unlike the situation when a girl is a friend of a guy, and there are still ways out - to show her courage, to win the heart of a girl with warmth, affection. The advice for most cases is just to forget about such a guy and stop trying to communicate. Of course, here we do not consider the true, indisputable existing friendship between a girl and a guy.

What other recommendations could there be? No need to impose, write hourly, how you miss and want to see it. The guy must miss you, if that does not happen - you just become even more uninteresting to him. If you literally flood him with messages, he will rather simply stop responding to them. Better you write one message, sooner or later he will read and answer it, but he will answer because he wants it, but not from forcing. Never write to the guy that you want a serious relationship with him, family, children, how you made plans for the whole life with him - it will frighten and turn him away. Yes, for you it can also change, because life is changing very much, tomorrow it may become completely not interesting to you.

The second step to the success of the guy - the understanding that men love attention too. Yes, in most magazines it is written that you should be cold as ice, but the guys still love them, when they are sometimes told some nice things, do not forget to make him happy sometimes. The key word is sometimes. Tell him once how good or well he did it. You do not need to say every minute what a good fellow he is, cool and handsome - the guy will simply devalue you against the background of his excessively high self-esteem.

And the main recommendation for girls who have fallenzone is to take care of themselves. Girls tend to strive for relationships, because they are valuable for them on their own, and to find for those desired relationships the first person, without noticing at the same time the real situation, endowing the guy with artificial high qualities. Look critically at the situation and transfer the attention that you have shifted to the guy at yourself. Love yourself, improve, become the one the guys will take care of themselves, the girl who will no longer be in a friend zone.

How to get out of a friend?

Friendson is not the friendship of two people, but the place where the guys send the girls, in which guys, unfortunately, are unrequited in love. This is when you hear "you're cool, but let's just be friends." As soon as the guy flies to a terrible place called frendzona, he begins to lose a lot of strength, energy and self-esteem. The guys stuck in the friend zone often undergo such transformations with the personality that later it remains only to wonder why, in fact, everything fell down.

There is a rumor that almost no one returns from a friendly zone. Once in it, the guy begins to make such a mistake that, looking from the side at himself, he himself would feel sick. What can not be done, what should be done to escape from the notorious friend zone whole and completely unscathed? How to get out of the friend zone and start dating?

First, let's determine which way you got into it. The first option - you had a romantic relationship, perhaps intimate, even though random, or near intimate passion, but then you began to distance. The second is that you never had a romantic relationship, you would really like to, but once you were somehow identified into this frendzone. In principle, the rules for both categories are almost the same, but there are nuances.

If there was no romantic connection, then let me clarify - and the girl is generally aware of your intentions, that you want more? Until you make it clear to her - you need more than just friendship - you will continue to suffer and hesitate if she wants a relationship. Act dynamically - try to demonstrate your strengths in a very short time, and then immediately offer to say goodbye to the frendzone.

When you were told something vague and unintelligible like "you're cool, I like you, but let's just talk", "I'm just not ready for a serious relationship now." When your proposal to your heart you answered vague - you know, you just distributed into a friendlyzone. Then really it is necessary to move away, not to take a single step at all towards, there is no need for initiative. She wants friendship - even if she initiates it. If you yourself will constantly call and invite the girl there, here, hang over her - you will only get bogged down deeper in the friendly zone.

Many are afraid - if they do not take the initiative themselves, they will simply lose all contact with the object of their passion, since they realize that the girl will not do any gestures herself. Yes, so, for sure, it will be when you are not interested in a person, and the offer of friendship was just an excuse or an act of politeness. Here it is only necessary to come to terms with reality and to get out of the situation beautifully, keeping self-esteem.

Agree, if you were offered friendship, but did not begin to show any initiative, then nothing could come out, even friendship. If there is an initiative, then there are chances. The only thing you need to know is how to behave faithfully, so as not to spoil anything. So, if there is an initiative from a girl, but she is very weak - then you simply do not react to such an initiative. For example, you do not invite a girl to go somewhere, when she just called you to ask about business. How many play similar games, afraid to miss the chance to renew the relationship? If you were sent from a romantic relationship to a frendzone, then you should be asked to return back straight, say in plain text that they want a relationship, regret and ask to return.

Do not settle in any way for sex, even when you really want to, because it is often just a search for the shore, where you can get a discharge, cry and get consolation when a girl tries to build a relationship with the current guy, but they are not glued.

The main thing - you can get out of the friendly zone. It is difficult, but quite feasible. There are two options. The first is quick and radical, which can end either badly and unpleasantly, or immediately and well. Also slower, which implies much more routine work with oneself, scrupulous turning around of situations, but giving a positive result that does not depend on how everything turns out.

The first, fast and radical - is to come up and kiss her insolently. Slapping in the face - it means no "happily ever after" will not. However, if the answer - then get together and drag her on a date!

The method, which is slower but sure, teaches that a woman must first be tamed. Basic training - remember, you are cool and worthy of love in any case absolutely. And then the points. First, show the girl - the light does not converge with her wedge, she is not the navel of the earth, and you are free to spend time with others and pay attention to someone else - there are still plenty of fish in the sea! Secondly - show, you are not her friend, you are a man, and your intentions are quite specific. And, finally, it will help not to spend all the free time with her, not to write a hundred times a day, and only once, perhaps, in a few days. The law will work here - the less we love a girl, the easier she likes us.