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Women's treason

Female treason is the strongest blow to self-love, which underestimates a man’s self-esteem, his ability to actively and productively interact with the outside world. Due to the established features of the organization of internal space and evolutionary attitudes, it is women’s treason that has more destructive consequences for a joint alliance. More often than not, men are not able to forgive not that treason, but even a hint of it, therefore, behind this event is usually the destruction of relationships. For the woman herself, this results in a damaged reputation and the cancellation of any obligations and debts of the man to her. Despite modernity and universally declared equality, the attitude towards sexual freedom in our world remains quite archaic, which makes betrayal for men available and sometimes commendable, but almost impossible for women.

But it is worth remembering that female betrayal in marriage is an extremely rare thing and usually occurs when the relationship has become obsolete. Despite the possibility of internal pain from a woman’s treason, one should abstract oneself and even thank her for it. The first positive thing you can rest against, after a stormy stage of experience, is that you can actually look at your companion and your life - treason becomes sober, and then it becomes noticeable that all this time you have lived with a stranger, that the emotional connection has disappeared or that your life is overgrown with moss, and you roll confidently into the abyss, and the woman does not want to perish because of your inactivity. Freed from an outdated relationship or concentrating on improving and rehabilitating your life, after a while you will be grateful to the woman for such a vile act.

But such philosophical arguments require time, endurance, and the ability to understand both the reasons that prompted a woman to change and her own role in order to draw conclusions and avoid mistakes in the future. And even if thunder has not yet struck personally in your family, it is worth knowing how female treason starts and looks like her husband, so as not to be a provocateur of her own misfortune.

Causes of Female Betrayal

It is wrong to consider treason as the sole prerogative of men; female betrayal of a husband has the same right to exist, only with the difference that women are guided by other motives and do change less often (although this is the case when quality exceeds quantity). Since the more important emotional side of communication is for a woman, it is unlikely that she will change with the first call on the body (which is more understandable to men). A woman will go for emotional intimacy, spiritual contact, betrayal will more resemble the second family than a fleeting affair, and it will be almost impossible to catch her in this, because taking care of the peace of mind of all participants in the triangle, she will very carefully notice the traces.

Neither stress relief nor excess alcohol will push a woman to change if she loves her man, but when she no longer has feelings, and then she suddenly falls in love - this is a significant reason for the woman to destroy her previous relationship. This is the most frequent reason and the most terrible from the point of view of the husband, since he can practically do nothing here, you will not correct the feelings of people by force and will not return them back.

So that female betrayal in marriage does not happen because of a new love, you will always have to act proactively and maintain the feelings and interest of your companion. No need to stop courtship after you put on the ring and stamped, because someone else will continue to give your woman compliments and help with heavy bags at the entrance. From such household trifles and male self-assured relaxation, women cease to feel their need, and having received a simple look of admiration elsewhere they will want to return there.

But some women do not act according to such romantic convictions, but prefer to start a lover exclusively to satisfy intimate needs. Those. you are completely satisfied with her as a partner in life and communication, but something doesn’t work in the intimate sphere, and most women know how traumatic it is for a man to hear criticism or dissatisfaction on dissatisfaction in bed, so they choose to protect your peace of mind, satisfying your hunger on the side.

Do not discount the fact that women have long suffered resentment, and if you think that they didn’t apologize or repent enough, then betrayal may well be a tool of revenge, most often for your betrayal, so that you can feel the same pain. There is no need to talk about the continuation of such a relationship, everything will be more like a cold war, without the possibility of returning confidential interaction.

Among the not so frequent, but still occurring causes pushing for betrayal, there are boredom, a desire to feel the romance of the initial period of the relationship, an example taken from the parental family, the desire to get the desired position or promotion. Frequent or prolonged separation can push for treason, but here the question of how your communication is organized - some couples, living face to face, manage not to give their partner proper attention, and some, staying online in months, take relationships to a new level knowledge and depth.

Yet, remembering that feelings and sex, and even more so, relationships for a woman are almost inseparable, half of the reasons can be prevented if you do not let the interaction take its course and continue to give your woman a sense of need and love, and by noticing the immediate signs of the emerging treason ( rarely occurs spontaneously, as well as love) quickly turn on. At the initial stage, any husband is able to beat the new admirer, because he is more aware of the weak points and tastes of his beloved.

Signs of female treason

Doubts about treason can creep in from scratch, driven by men’s own insecurity, but there are situations where a woman’s behavior changes and makes you wonder. If treason was a one-time under the influence of the moment, then nothing in your companion will change, but if the situation takes serious turns and a stormy serious affair begins to develop behind your back, then it will have its own external manifestations.

If earlier your lady could absolutely calmly ask to read the message that came to her phone, because her hands are busy, she was sitting quietly behind the open chat window when you came from the back, but now the situation has changed. Passwords appear on communication devices, the screens are turned off when you are nearby, and when you try to see for yourself the scandal begins - eloquently indicate the appearance of a mystery, and it would be nice if this is a surprise in honor of your anniversary, but it is unlikely.

Changes in appearance for the better - a signal that a woman wants to be liked. Jeans are abandoned, but new stockings have appeared, makeup is always perfect, and she began to work on the figure for several days in the gym. If in her life it didn’t happen to be easy, but a crisis, no one turned her with a caustic remark towards taking care of herself, but this is done with an alluring gleam of joy in her eyes, then this is for someone. Do not rush to draw conclusions on such indirect things, perhaps your wife is trying to return a spark of passion to your relationship, and all ideas of seduction are addressed to you.

The emergence of new friends and companies, where she is not going to lead you. But she regularly spends time there, especially in the evening, often lingering until late at night or even staying overnight with girlfriends, justifying that it was late and drunk to go. If this state of affairs is supported by more cooling in the intima or even a removal from intimacy, then the reason is not at all in poor health or constant lack of sleep.

Following this, you can stretch the nervous removal of your touch, criticism of actions and statements that have not previously caused a negative. The manifestation of disrespect and lack of attitude as a man, degrading or diminishing your dignity comments indicate an extreme degree of irritation and it would be good if you are lost in the jungle.

The over-busyness that does not allow her to pick up the phone and on the tenth call, obliging her to return home closer to the night, frequent mentioning of one of her colleagues can be a work-around job, but then she will not mind your help and will not forbid her to take it too late From the job.

Complete indifference to you and the manifestations of your life is a natural sign of a more significant man who has appeared. She no longer worries why you linger - it gives you more time for romantic communication, your problems do not touch her - it no longer affects her life, she is indifferent to quarrels and scandals - it doesn’t matter and waste your energy on something that is no longer relevant in her life she is not going. From the speech of your spouse questions disappear, and she answers all your questions with indifference and indifference, giving you the right to do whatever you like.

In principle, at first you can even rejoice at such changes - your woman began to look great, cannot bear the brain with interrogations and requests to show your correspondence, does not require anything (no reports where she was, no material things), she approves all your trips and undertakings, she begins to take care of herself. The model of changes looks like a list of desires of men to their companions, but in reality very few people like this coldness and detachment, and the induced beauty and attractiveness is inaccessible. Although such changes may appear without betrayal by the woman, and even if this is the case, they signal that the relationship is under great threat.

And of the more direct signs, from which you can not hide, you can list the appearance of expensive jewelry and perfumes, new outfits and phones, without increasing income. This also includes solving a woman’s own problems on her own and more and more immersion in correspondence, while you can watch her face smiling at the screen. She will come home by the same car, smelling someone else's men's perfume. But these are no longer signs, this is a direct provocation and mockery.

Psychology of female treason

Looks like women's treason can, like men's, frequency and number can coincide, but the psychological and motivational aspects will be different, which is caused by the difference in gender psychology. If we start with the basic physiological level and analysis of the instincts laid on the subcortex, men are driven to treason by the desire to fertilize the maximum number of women to continue the genus and consolidate their genocode in the phenotype of the locality. A woman does not seek fertilization by many, because from the point of view of the evolutionary survival of the species, one strong male caring for her and the children is enough for her. This is where the mechanism works, aimed at attracting the maximum number of men, in order to choose the strongest among them. Those. The natural behavior of a woman is to interest a large number of men.

Treason begins when a previously elected man no longer shows himself as the most powerful and reliable option. He may stop taking the initiative or care less about the woman, because his goal has already been achieved. Then a female mechanism works, saying as if "he had cared better than anyone before, but now he doesn’t, the threat of starvation and death," and there are many men around who display their greatest strengths in all their glory. The problem is that initially all men conduct a similar PR action of themselves, but very few people are able to express themselves, thus, constantly.

Of the psychological moments that are not so mixed up with evolution, it is worth noting the desire to please the woman who is constantly present, and in the bored life all the reactions become predictable, the need to talk about the feelings and uniqueness of the partner disappears, and the woman plunges into the opposite feeling of being unnecessary and forgetful. In such circumstances, thaw from the man, erecting it on a shining Olympus (for a while, we remember) organic and natural behavior. Attention and confirmation of his desire is necessary, of course, better from her husband, but if he looks only at the carburetor, it becomes all the same from where to get support for his self-esteem and mood.

Treason for a woman is a serious step, and without touching her soul such things do not happen, and if it happened once in the train, then she would tell the story to her friends ten years later. Also for women, the opinion of society is important, which condemns female adultery is much more male, and a married woman, in some places in general, may be subjected to persecution. Therefore, deciding to communicate on the side, the woman does not take the initiative, but if everything is really bad with her husband, she will not resist her seduction, speaking in the eyes of a strict public court to the victim of the husband’s lack of love that fell into the hands of the seducer (men are to blame clean).

The very concept of treason carries a different meaning, and your wife can change you without ever touching another man. Closing your eyes on such an emotional connection has become customary and many do not consider communication with men bad, but when a woman tells all the secrets to another, when she asks for advice and is interested in how the day went, you lost her and the question of when she will physically disappear It's a question of time. In this case, having sex with a stranger can cause a surge of aggression and indignation in a man, but for a woman it will not mean anything.

Female betrayal is detrimental to a man’s self-esteem and to continue a relationship, since there is no ease and thoughtlessness in it, it is always a serious event, based on strong feelings (love for a new partner or hatred of the former). This frightening feature, however, gives hope, because the possibility of random connections is reduced, and the options for prevention at the initial stages, or even the prevention of such a development of events, are within the power of the interested spouse. A woman will not look around if her official relations suit her on the main points defining for her.