A pickuper is a person who uses pre-installed psychological techniques to get to know, start relationships and achieve their goals in them. Why do we need a pickup, why are men interested in them? When people learn about a pickup truck, it often becomes quite skeptical, the question hangs in the air - why meet a girl, which pickup artist will leave after one or two dates anyway?

Here everything is not so clear. Yes, often pickup methods fall into unscrupulous hands, very young guys start to use it, who still do not know either themselves, or the opposite sex, or what they want from life and relationships, full of complexes and negative programs. In the language of psychology, a pickup truck becomes hypercompensation, which does not help solve personal and interpersonal problems, but only drives them deeper and makes them worse.

However, there are cases of starting a successful relationship thanks to a pickup truck. How does this happen, can a pickup really be used for the benefit of both the pick up artist and his “victims”?

There is an opinion that having seduced a girl, and most often the pickup is aimed at them, the pick up artist should immediately rush to new conquests. Often this happens with guys who seek to collect more ticks, as if the number of sexual partners and broken hearts is a measure of their self-esteem and evaluation by others. Another category of pick-ups, more experienced and formed as individuals, may throw a girl after a couple of intimate encounters with her because it is pleasant to engage in intimate sex with them, but the girl is not interested in their inner content.

And then the ball is already on the girls' side - it turns out that a pickup is a kind of hack, a girl’s divorce for an intimate relationship, to which she doesn’t naturally follow, but doesn’t constitute a mystery behind this? After all, many guys are really faced with female manipulation of sex, which for some reason is not so condemned by society as pickup hacking of such manipulation. Here we are faced with the question of real relationships and the possibility of their construction, regardless of the methods, whether it is pick-up or advice from friends. Whose fault, if I may say so, is that pick-up takes place on the streets of cities? What strengthens this almost scandalous course - the complexes and cynicism of the boys or the emptiness and mercantile spirit of the girls?

How does a pikaper behave?

It is worth saying that the vehicles included in the pickup, even those uninitiated in this technique, use when they meet them unconsciously. This manifests itself, for example, as a natural desire to charm the girl you like, to be stronger next to her, to protect, care for, give compliments, smile and gush with emotions. The pickup also takes them to the level of conscious application, creating a concentrated dose that becomes a powerful weapon against even the most closed girls, depriving them of the opportunity to think and make a choice.

How to recognize a pikaper? Pickup grew into a separate subculture. And if the punks cut out the Iroquois and paint them in different colors, and the Goths dress in all black, then the signs of the pickup artist are the number of victims and the skill with which he frames them. The high skill is recognized as the ability to dissolve a girl in the evening of dating. Classic is considered a three-svidanka - when sex is achieved in three dates in the pickup process.

How not to confuse a pick up artist with an ordinary guy, which one did you really like so much that he decided to ask for your phone? He is likely to be shy, he needs at least a couple of minutes in order to gather his courage, and only then draw attention. Also, the beginning will be rather standard if it is not prepared in advance using special techniques and other people's minds. Pikaper will get acquainted with glitter and chic, exuding confidence and complete peace of mind.

Unshakable confidence is a developed skill that is turned on every time an experienced pikaper draws attention to a pretty girl. He is so pumped with confidence that he immediately begins to look into your eyes, and after about ten minutes of dating, he tries to touch. As inspired in the course of a pickup, it should include in the OZhP, female individuals, a sense of relaxation and special attention.

Pikaper does not answer questions about himself, because he, like no one, knows that no one but himself is interested in a person. He will ask you, literally filling up with questions, but he will not give any extra information to himself. He asks to entertain your ego and find that key in the information received that will allow you to open up like a box.

How to recognize a pick-up artist in life?

Girls, which by their nature are more romantic, often want to know how to recognize a pick-up artist, so as not to fall for the bait, not to fall in love with a man who wanted only a short sex.

Some active, enthusiastic self-development guys, often successful in business and having a large circle of friends, use pick-up as a tool for capturing a girl to bypass her techniques, although they could get her attention without special techniques. But a pickup truck allows them to control the situation, which is very important for the guys in the control warehouse. Having received sexual discharge, then they can think more critically, feel whether the girl really interested them. It is often difficult for them to understand this in an intimate relationship, while a pick-up truck allows them to achieve their goals and then decide what to do.

Consideration here is subject to the motivation of a young man to pickup, his attitude to life and values, leading him to just this way of dating. Pickup for many people gives cynicism, instrumental attitude towards people and primitive intima perception.

What is the ultimate goal of a pickup? Pickup implies the presence of desires that it can help satisfy. There are guys who are naturally good with girls. But there are those who cannot start dating - and a pickup truck can help them with this. Some of the guys know how to meet, but want to have more partners who are more beautiful, smarter, more interesting. Some guys even created families in the future with the help of a pickup truck. Someone wants to return the former, someone - to fall in love with the girl with whom he sat at the desk, being quietly and unresponsively in love with her. It turns out that a pickup, like a magic wand, allows men to get what they want, but the question is where these wishes will lead.

Pick-up coaches in response to criticism of their direction focus on the fact that this is just a way of dating, and if the girl attracted the guy in earnest, the pick-up does not force you to drop it and rush to the next one. Here they are right, because pickup is only a tool, its use depends on the master.

The pickup technique is environmentally friendly in that it does not teach the promise of gold mountains or a family to the girls, but allows you to achieve sex, which, according to statistics, brought up by pick up artists, women love not less than men.

Another question already, what is sex. After all, a woman is by nature a more emotional being, she is tuned to a deep emotional connection in which she can open herself and reveal a man. Fast sex for women is less comfortable, and if the girl went for it - unconsciously she wanted to tie a man who she really liked, to set in motion further relations, like some kind of advance payment for the future. Women become more attached and therefore try their best to resist rapid removal.

How to communicate with a pick up artist?

Pikapery adhere to the principle that it is better to wait half an hour than to persuade half a day. Therefore, he can absolutely calmly disappear for a week immediately after taking your phone number. That is, this week he is waiting for you, while you are heating yourself up so that by the date of the meeting you are already burning with impatience.

Suppose you did not consider the signs of a pikaper or consciously decided to go on this magical date. And here the key word is magic, because the pick up artist will not lead you on an ordinary date. All these lovely banal gatherings in a cafe and walks in the park are alien to him - most likely he will arrange for you just an amazing date, so that you will admire all his originality, and, as a result, sleep with him that evening. Of course, an ordinary guy may try to surprise you - but he obviously will not be so persistent in bringing up the issue of bed.

A universal way to discard a pikaper - do not hang your ears and endure at least five dates. The ordinary guy will wait, and the pickup artist will just fall off and will no longer appear in your life.

Content and congruent personality is interesting to others around itself, charming and seduces naturally, while leaving the choice for another person, not pushing him. Pickup helps to pump themselves, to take a higher position in the level of attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex, but it is quite directive and initially aimed at success, giving Pavlovsky behaviorism. Knowing that the guy uses the techniques of the pickup, often turns away the girl, she feels that he crushes her as a person, suppresses her freedom and does not take her interests into account.

Is it possible to build on such principles a genuine life-long relationship? If you do not deviate from the principles of the pickup, love as a deep feeling will not come, because it is not based on instincts, but on respect for the other person, empathy, self-disclosure, acceptance, ability to sometimes be weak and surrender to a partner, patience in difficult situations. This is all the more relevant, the longer the pair together. Therefore, we conclude that a pick-up as a tool can be used in the early stages of dating if a person lacks personal charm or needs control of the situation. However, as freely as they resorted to it, you need to be able to leave it and, leaving the line of contact with a partner without a mask, a crutch called a pickup truck.