Mood swings are a phenomenon that every human subject sometimes suffers from. However, if emotions interfere with life, interfering with a normal existence, then specialized help is needed. In medical science, mood swings are called affective disorder, the first sign of which is considered to be a frequent change of mood. A person suffering from the described deviation can transfer the whole range of sensations from endless happiness to all-encompassing hate for a short period of time. The main symptoms of this disorder are inadequate and unpredictable behavioral responses, sudden unreasonable attacks of aggressiveness, suspicion, impaired concentration.

Causes of mood swings

The deviation in question may indicate a mental impairment. In psychiatric science, frequent mood swings are considered a sign of affective instability, which is often a specific sign of mental disorder, such as:

- hysterical disorder, manifested by superficial knowledge and excessive theatricality of emotions;

- mixed states of mood disorders (lasting up to a week), characterized by the simultaneous presence of depressive manifestations and manic signs;

- cyclothymic disorder, which is a chronic pathology lasting 2 years, in which there is a fairly rapid switch from one mood to another;

- bipolar disorders, depressive moods, found in a sudden alternation of manic states (over-elevated mood level) and depressive (too low mood tone);

- the borderline condition caused by the inability to build stable, adequate and long-term relationships with society.

The causes of sudden mood swings are divided into biological factors, psychological and environmental. The first are due to changes in the numbers of neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine), which are the regulator of mood.

The efficiency of neurotransmitters is impaired when a degenerative pathology of an organic nature (multiple sclerosis) occurs, with hormonal imbalance (diabetes mellitus), as a result of prolonged or excessive intake of psychoactive substances, such as alcoholic beverages or narcotic drugs, by using drugs that directly affect the functioning of neurotransmitters or hormones exchange (taking contraceptive drugs). In addition, this deviation can occur during pregnancy or menopause. The pubertal period and the menstrual cycle also affect the failure of neurotransmitter performance.

Psychological causes are intertwined with biological deviations. Anxiety disorder, stressors, nervousness or fatigue, caused by certain circumstances (for example, the need to take an exam), a collision with a stressful situation can cause sudden mood swings. Environmental factors include weather sensitivity and dependence on climatic conditions. Many people are prone to mood changes triggered by environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, pressure, cloudiness, and rainy weather.

Mood swings in women

Often considered the concept is used incorrectly. Many ladies are convinced that they suffer from sharp alternations of mood, but in reality they simply take the usual change of emotions as a deviation. Change of emotional manifestations is often only an adequate response to the resulting events. A woman can quickly become angry or cry for no apparent reason. This can only indicate its specific nature, but does not mean that she suffers from mood swings.

It is worth talking about the presence of the described deviation when the transition from fun to sadness occurs instantly with no adequate reasons. More often the mood drop has a negative direction. The symptomatology of this violation is rather scarce and pronounced. First of all, there is a rapid change of mood, which often occurs for no apparent reason. Also, appetite is often broken. There may be a rejection of previously favorite dishes or an increase in appetite, drowsiness constantly torments or difficulty in falling asleep. A woman becomes irritable, nervous. She is sad for no reason.

The reasons for this condition, above all, can be a hormonal imbalance caused by menopause, pregnancy, lactation, or reorganization of the body at a puberty stage, the use of oral contraceptives, excessive stress levels, constant stressors, hypodynamia. Also, the lack of regular and high-quality intimate life, bad habits can provoke frequent mood swings.

In addition, the daughters of Eva are often forced to combine the care of family members with professional self-realization, home maintenance, childcare. This often becomes a provoking factor causing depressive moods and stresses, which are the trigger mechanism for an abrupt shift in the emotional response. Also, mood swings can be a sign of serious illnesses, such as anxiety or bipolar disorder.

In the latter case, a change of emotions occurs suddenly, but there is always a trigger, that is, a circumstance or phenomenon that provokes a change in mood. Such a trigger can be a constant lack of sleep, frequent flights to different time zones or climatic zones. Individuals suffering from this kind of deviation, note that the alternation of emotional moods occur only on specific days. Therefore, in order to identify the trigger, it is recommended to keep records of events preceding the change of emotions.

It is quite difficult to consciously control emotions, since they are often irrational. Therefore, women are advised not to set a goal for themselves to suppress emotions in the period of surges. They should simply lower their own response to mood swings. It is necessary to try to mark the moments of change of emotions and stop performing actions that were performed during the period of the difference. You should also analyze what has become a trigger for the alternation of emotions. It is recommended to give yourself at least a couple minute respite when the described condition occurs. Therefore, you need to postpone all affairs, relax and think.

You can also fake emotions. When a mood downturn should try to improve emotions, not suppressing their expression. In other words, you can play with your own person in a kind of game. For example, if you are angry, you should not try to hold back the negative, but create the impression that everything is fine. You can not forbid yourself to be angry or feel sad. The suppression of the so-called "unsuitable" emotions will only generate stress, which will provoke mood swings. Suppressing the manifestation of emotions, the individual pushes himself into a vicious circle. It is necessary to give freedom to internal negative at the same time, demonstrating outwardly positive.

In addition, if the above symptoms occur, it is recommended to change the mode of existence. Diet, following a rational daily routine, proper nutrition are the key to emotional balance. It is also necessary to try to avoid stressful conditions, to devote time to healthy rest and gymnastics. For example, swimming, walking, dancing will help improve emotional stability. Avoiding bad habits and drinking alcohol also plays an important role.

Mood swings in men

Studies show that, despite all the external emotional stability and fortitude, the sons of Adam are also subject to mood swings and depressive moods. At the same time, the weak half is for some reason convinced that a man is a flint, resistant to external stimuli. This is one of the main mistakes of the beautiful feminine. In the strong half, the mood may fall sharply down due to an insignificant event to which the woman will not attach importance. Eve's daughters forget that their halves have to solve many problems every day, plan for the future, take care of the well-being of their families, and also pay attention to their chosen ones and listen to their reproaches. In the field of professional self-realization men are waiting for many obstacles and surprises. Therefore, when they come home, they expect support, comfort, care and peace of mind, but they do not always receive it. In addition, family problems can negatively affect the professional activity, which creates new problems, but already at work. The sons of Adam are trying to experience all this inside, because almost from infancy they were taught to restrain their emotional manifestations.

Family problems, children's diseases, lack of time, health problems, car breakdowns - all this provokes mood swings. Also, a forty-year age crisis can cause fluctuations in emotional manifestations in men. Upon reaching the fortieth year, men often feel dissatisfaction with existing reality, anxiety, apathy. It seems to them that they did not have much time while they were on their feet, raising children, and self-fulfilling in the profession. They are no longer satisfied with the present. They need to gain some confidence and assert themselves. Therefore, it is at this stage that so often men leave their families or change jobs.

Dissatisfaction gives rise to mood swings, as well as nervous breakdowns that can lead them to a drunken state. Here, a lot begins to depend on the wisdom of the partner. At the turn of forty, the sons of Adam need the support of their life partner more than ever. Unfortunately, most femins are not aware of this and begin to "cut" the spouses, which further aggravates the condition of men. Frequent reasons for the deviation in question are low testosterone levels or weather events.

How to deal with mood swings?

Before you get rid of mood swings, you must determine the etiological factor that gave rise to this condition. First of all, it is recommended to delve into your own experiences and sensations. It is necessary to understand what causes a surge of positive emotions, and what causes sadness. For example, there may be a strong emotional attachment to a particular individual and any confrontation with him, attitude or actions different from the expected actions lead to a decline in mood. Simply put, such emotional dependence from another individual can control the mood of the addict. This is most often characteristic of people in love, when all feelings are extremely aggravated. Any word of a loved one can plunge into the abyss of sadness or bring joy to the peak.

In addition to the emotional subordination of the beloved, mood swings can also cause the attitude of the boss, colleagues' opinions, professional achievements or failures. So, for example, praise, material incentives, thanks, as if inspire a person and he is ready for new challenges and victories. But the slightest failure, censure, reproach, notation can permanently knock such a subject out of the rut.

Also abrupt change of emotional response affects the abuse of alcoholic beverages, dependence on smoking, the Internet, gambling. The individual himself may not notice that his mood sharply declines when it is impossible to immediately satisfy his own passion or need, and when he gets the desired emotion, he acquires a positive color.

So, how to get rid of mood swings? In the first turn, it is recommended to calm down. In order to achieve this, you must add to the daily diet of herbal teas, such as peppermint. You can also balance your own state through the use of motherwort tincture, taking Valeriana drug or glycine. At the same time, it should be understood that the therapeutic effect will not come quickly, because the herbs do not have an instant effect, but give a more lasting effect.

If mood swings caused a hormonal failure, then hormone level correction is necessary. To do this, refer to the endocrinologist, who will prescribe laboratory tests, and on the basis of these tests, prescribe a course of hormonal therapy.

To normalize the emotional response, you need to revise the schedule of life. It should include daily walks, proper rest. If 60% of the time is occupied by work and thoughts about work, then a person will never be able to get rid of mood swings and feel fully happy. Daily exercise helps to even out the tone of the face, improve mood and improve health.

There is another effective way to harmonize emotions - to change something in your own existence. Women can change the image, and then life will play a variety of colors. Change of professional activity, place of residence, partner or partner will allow you to review your own views on being, and eliminate the described problem.

Physical exercise also contributes to the stabilization of the emotional state. In the process of doing physical exercises, serotonin is released, which is responsible for maintaining a positive attitude. In addition, the updated figure will also please its owner.

To stabilize emotions, it is recommended to pamper your own person. For example, you need to allow yourself tasty even when you follow a diet that prohibits the use of sweets. Coffee can have a negative effect on mood, since excessive consumption of caffeine is alarming and increases blood pressure. Hobbies will help to normalize your mood. Any hobby causes positive emotions. Therefore, it is worthwhile to surrender to the beloved work, when sadness dramatically increased. Also hobby perfectly copes with the negative effects of stressors.