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How to cheer a girl

How to cheer a girl up? It has long been noted that women's sympathy goes to someone who can make them smile, not beauties or rich people. There are many ways to cheer a girl who has specificity depending on your situation. But there are also standard ones, operating both in real communication and online; in a good mood or when she is really sad. Compliments do not leave indifferent any girl, but try to keep the measure and not to fill her with only sweet phrases, otherwise it can become cloying and disgusting. Compliments should be original and reflect some individual peculiarity of a particular girl (standard and common phrases do not cling or even be remembered), add humor and surprise to your eulogies.

The law of emotional attachments is such that the more emotions a person causes, the more significant he becomes, and humor includes several different types of emotions plus gives an effect of surprise that improves your mood and impresses your image into the picture of the girl’s world.

To make it easier to cheer up the girl, you should first work on your own emotional state and lift your spirits. Stretching jokes through the stone face betray a pretense, but a person in a good mood commenting on a simple gray asphalt can bring a smile, because is in the right emotional state. Mirror neurons take part in taking on emotions, so that when you smile at someone, there is a genuine likelihood that a person will smile back at you. Practice your ability to improve your own mood and ability to find fun moments in everyday life, because it is hard to cheer someone up if you don’t know how to cheer yourself up.

Do not be afraid to seem strange or lose your image and authority, a person who gives pleasant emotions, in any case, rises in the eyes of a girl, but excessive fear can hold you down, pick up improvisation, without which it is not possible to have fun and turn it into a dull bore. Even if the joke did not succeed, and the prepared joke caused offense, do not extinguish yourself and continue, beat the failed joke with your absurdity, try to make the situation easier with the help of other jokes. You will be forgiven much if you show perseverance and gallantry, and the ability to laugh at yourself has warm feelings and safety from the fact that not only those around you are a reason for jokes.

How to cheer a girl in VK?

What is important for a date and how to cheer a girl in the correspondence methods differ in their essence and design. During a personal meeting, you can convey the context with intonation, facial expressions, atmosphere and quick reaction, in the correspondence your voice will not be heard, it may not be a joyful landscape around the girl, and she can read your comment in a couple of hours, from which the context will disappear. Many wonderful jokes were ruined and the relationship underwent a crisis due to incorrect reading of the message. But to refuse to communicate in the VC, as well as from attempts to cheer someone by correspondence is meaningless, because almost everyone has an account on the network, moreover, it is easier for people to communicate there. More and more people are not answering phone calls, but conducting online correspondence, and this is due to convenience from many sides (and the ability to answer at a convenient time, and save the written information, and do not need to go out to get rid of excess ears in conversation) .

But there are several ways out when you can get around such communication difficulties in VC. The first thing compliments, but do not submit them immediately in an open form, first write about something abstract (suitable "I was happy," "I saw a toy like you"), your task is to arouse the interest and question of the girl about what was written, the next step should be a compliment ("you wrote", "just as sweet"). Use a sense of humor not only in relation to comments surrounding, but also in relation to the girl. While the other guys will write sweet texts about the fact that she is beautiful and wish her a good morning, you will seek her good mood by making fun of her. If a girl is not impressionable and with a sense of humor, then jokes about her account (but do not go too far with vulgarity) will arouse interest in the conversation, taking your duel of humor farther and farther. When she gets hooked and starts joking back, know that you managed to cheer her up.

In addition to text messages, VC social service expands the possibilities to almost unlimited. Add emoticons and stickers to your text, some manage to spread out whole messages resembling cave art from them. Do not feel sorry for these stickers, the girls' creatures are emotional, namely, emodzhi help you bring the message in the correct emotional coloring, while a simple dot at the end of the sentence makes the dialogue serious and important.

Look for a funny song or video - send it to the chosen girl, but when choosing, be guided by the context of the situation and her tastes, the video relating to your yesterday's gatherings with friends, in which she did not participate, is unlikely to make you laugh, rather, leave in perplexity. If you have a fantasy and minimal directorial skills, you can make a video specifically for her, and you don’t have to come up with a complex plot and heavy decorations, sometimes it will be enough to make your face in the frame quite funny and you will not be bored.

Another way to cheer up a girl in VK's correspondence is to change the photo by adding something to it (there is such a function in the options). If you know that she is not in a mood because of a particular person, then an excellent option would be to make fun of his photo and send it to her - black humor and gloating will perfectly lift your spirits.

And joint trolling can be a separate fun in some crazy, from your common point of view, group (it is highly recommended to double-check the girl's attitude to the chosen subject a thousand times so as not to run into a scandal).

How to cheer up a girl in correspondence if she is sad?

One recipe for how to cheer up a girl who does not exist sadly, because the mood of young ladies jumps with high speed and is unpredictable in its dependence on various factors. And if these are problems at work, then you can laugh at the situation, and if you have a protracted illness, you will need support. It’s not always possible to be around, but to cheer up and with the help of various instant messengers it is quite possible, the main desire is to make the life of an important person better. You should not refuse such an option, even if you are sitting in the next rooms - getting a message in such a situation will be at least unexpected, as the maximum will cause a feeling of joy, and in a couple of seconds the girl will be next to you and sparkle a smile.

Immediately it is necessary to eliminate the situation when you yourself are the cause of the negative and start with an apology, if you have something, and only then proceed to improve the mood, otherwise all efforts are meaningless. Share the news, tell us what happened at your place (funny comments from people in a minibus to work or funny events of yesterday evening will approach) or about the opening or interesting place that has been planned or recently taken place, the release of an impressive film - talk about the events of the outside world, new opportunities that appear in it , distracts from current problems, also creates a future outlook, which automatically inspires optimism. And now the girl is no longer sitting with a discontented face in front of the screen, but laughs at your absurdity or happily planning a trip to the proposed event.

Send her funny photos taken along the way, perfectly lift the mood of the selfie, with funny faces. Or make a splicing of your usual photo and yourself in some ridiculous costume, with the task of finding ten differences. Stickers and postcards that can be sent out in almost every communication service can be taken in quantities (about fifty with equal probability can both laugh and annoy a girl, which will end up sending you to the ban). Funny videos and gifs work great for lifting the mood, and let them have a bias towards the touching one (well, it's not funny for girls from videos about how they are crookedly parked).

If sadness is based on something serious, then simple methods of sending funny jokes will not work. Ask her to speak, write about her problem, do not forget to ask questions, because your attentive and interested person is not visible in the correspondence, so you need to send signs of attention with messages. When you feel that you know what happened, and the girl finished the story, you can share your experience in similar situations, express what feelings you have going on, but keep your advice and your opinion on what to do if you are not asked directly. It is important to remain optimistic, which will help to see the bright side or support, if nothing good exactly happens.

In a correspondence situation, you have an undeniable trump card before talking face to face - in a printed text, looking at the screen, a person may open up more and not be embarrassed by your direct look, there is an opportunity to ponder the answer, and not blurt out in a painful and unacceptable formulation. When a girl speaks of her sadness in a passive manner (no desire to act, communicate), then you can begin your support with the permission of these desires. Prompt ideas with a cozy movie, share the recipe for a delicious tea and inform that the world will not collapse during the evening of its absence. Often, such legalization of desires gives a lot of joy from the possibility of their implementation. And when a girl is sad about the need for change, offer her options for change. You can arrange a permutation together - it will send a photo, and you will share your opinion on how this can be changed. By the same principle, together you can change the appearance, wardrobe, occupation, with such support, the girl will have the courage to do what she wants, and sadness will be replaced by excitement and activity, which can then be easily transformed into joy with cheerful comments and jokes.

You can provoke her if you know how to do it correctly, podnachit and argue that she will not do anything. With girls of a certain type, the “weak for you” strategy works very well, then they get up and start successfully raising their spirits themselves to win this dispute with you.

Your attention and presence in a benevolent mood and key will already have positive effects, and define a narrower direction of efforts based on the desires of the girl and the situation that has arisen. You can even ask directly what you can do to raise her mood, maybe you will even be answered or hinted.