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How to make a girl laugh

How to make a girl laugh? Girls, due to the peculiarities of the nervous system and mechanisms formed by evolution, pay great attention to the senses, so it is important to know how you can make a girl laugh if you plan to like her. In addition, a sense of humor is an indirect sign of leadership and high intelligence, which will, at an unconscious level, distinguish you from other guys. In addition, by remaining too serious during a date and not trying to make the girl smile, you risk that it will be the last date, and your reputation will be torn as a reluctance to mess with.

When the task to make a girl laugh, you will surely review a lot of tips and learn all the latest jokes, but the cunning of the situation is that putting on a mask invented by someone, saying a text prepared in advance, you lose your spontaneity and maneuverability source of success. It is impossible to make a girl laugh while in a tense state, following the pattern - your constraint will be passed on to her, and the jokes will look unnatural. Similarly, with the prepared jokes - they are ridiculous not by their novelty, but by the ability to tell the old, well-known, but at the right time, to emphasize the context or more deeply reveal the situation that happens directly with you now.

In order to bring a smile, it is not necessary to pour jokes without interruption, this behavior may even scare away its inadequacy, but observation, originality of gaze, turning its attention to strange details, can cause a smile. Also, your very internal state will be the beginning to create a favorable background, provided that you come to the meeting in an easy and good mood, it will be partially transmitted to the girl, and then it will be easier to laugh later than out of serious reverie.

And if you are a man of action, not words, you can use pleasant actions with giving funny surprises or organizing a sudden rally. The best option for you to make a girl laugh, should first of all correspond to your skills and inner state, be authentic to your personality and not force you to play a made-up role, then everything will pass organically and will cause a real sincere laugh.

How to make a girl laugh at VK?

Knowing how to make a correspondence girl laugh can be decisive in relationships when there is a forced long distance between you and a girl has a bad mood (you better fix it than someone else), when there is no opportunity to meet at the moment, and the mood requires your participation (so she will not find new adventures, bored) when she does not want to see you (social networks really save, because the message is read), and also when you only want to develop relationships and it is still strange-incomprehensible.

Correspondence to the VC will require you to exclude old erased jokes that would still be suitable in real life, since the development and change of network trends is faster than in life, plus there exists a network humor that is irrelevant in reality, as well as vice versa. Follow trends and choose words wisely.

You can send a girl beautiful and cute picture, paint compliments to her beauty - it flatter her self-esteem, but may not cause a smile. Be bold, to some extent even bolder, this is of interest, especially if you remember that most girls are not as sugar as guys think, but just wait for someone to be a worthy opponent in an intellectual duel. Feel free to use the banter, you can over your communication, over her comments and in general over the girl herself. A subtle ironic sense of humor, which is on the verge of rudeness, clings, and directed at the girl herself, she is much more interested in her than an impersonal anecdote.

If you have time, ideas, photoshop skills and creative abilities, then for a girl you can make a cheerful collage from your photos, add a devil's tail to her photo or make a selection of funny photos (create a funny story where you conquer space or on a secret task together the extraction of bread from a stall, and you can photograph the journey of a plastic bag while walking down the street and supplement it with a self-composed fun story). In VK, use the features of the video, as well as the launch of the broadcast - the director’s diploma will not be useful to you, you can simply translate all your jokes into a more original genre, or you can simply tell her all nice and funny, being in the frame in a funny hat and a decorated physiognomy. Use self-irony, tell about ridiculous and absurd situations in which you find yourself - you will not look stupid in the eyes of a girl, rather, she will perceive you as a strong personality, with an excellent positive attitude.

It’s worth starting with neutral themes for jokes, increasing the degree more and watching the girl’s reaction, not everyone will like black humor, and some will be offended by a vulgar accent of fun, so that you can gradually get to such topics, making sure that the girl will accept this as normal. When you are thinking about how to make a pen pal for the girl, in pursuit of stunning originality gags, do not allow jokes about religion, people with disabilities, intellectual and financial opportunities - girls are usually more sensitive to such social moments, and can stop communicating with someone who thinks tragedy ridiculous.

The social network should not miss the opportunity to share pictures, videos and gifs from funny public - the advantages of this possibility are that you don’t need to bother, you can send something comical in a couple of clicks, and the disadvantages are that the funniest materials spread quite quickly , and you can be the twenty-first person to throw off a similar picture for her.

The top skill in the ability to make a girl laugh is to start a correspondence with her on an absolutely ridiculous and absurd topic and develop it, adding new details and details for as long as possible, involving the girl in active discussion. Not only is it a joint activity, not a one-sided listening, this is something that she will remember for a long time, make screenshots and show familiar, and the options can be different - from how to organize a secret reconnaissance detachment of pickled legs to build a perpetual engine on the energy of hamburgers . Let go of your imagination and combine incompatible things, have fun yourself, because it is more pleasant to laugh with a person who catches the buzz from what is happening than with someone who sends jokes one-sidedly.

How to make a girl laugh - examples

When a sense of humor is your innate quality and ability to cheer anyone up in the blood, then examples are not needed, and they can even confuse, but for those who are able to recognize high-quality humor when reading, but have no idea how to recycle it in their own lives. can help stories and ideas that worked in practice. It is not necessary to utter and compose a joke yourself, if there is no talent for this, you can always take advantage of the offers of the entertainment sector and choose one of the suggestions. Comedy films, amusement parks, interaction with memes is what makes a girl laugh when your task is to bring her there and buy tickets. Shakes and laughs adrenaline relaxation (jumping from a bungee, the girls usually express their feelings just laughter). When choosing such events, you get insurance in that other people think the fun, and the feeling that you donated it remains with the girl.

Of the ways that require more participation from you, and at the same time manifestations of your individuality, you can use jokes and funny stories. Choose those from whom it is ridiculous to yourself, and those that reflect your immediate communication situation (joke about the village guys in the village, about the traffic cops in the parking lot, about the weather when it rains).

Do not forget about your talents - you can sing, put on a skit or play a mini-dramatic performance about you and some ambiguous or ambiguous situation, or just start with this meeting. If such talents are not found, then the performance of the song, having neither hearing nor voice, but a great desire can also amuse the girl. Choose a ridiculous repertoire, or compositions from cartoons, only performing, do it brightly and loudly, attempts to softly mumble something to yourself will cause sympathy, misunderstanding, but not laughter. Of course, for such self-irony and healthy self-esteem, but those who are able to laugh at themselves cause a lot of pleasant emotions.

Being in close proximity, you can use the conditionally forbidden method and start tickling the girl. Joy and squeal should be a lot, since such behavior returns to a carefree childhood and does not require her to think about her own reaction, you can simply surrender to the process.

Use online chatting, where thanks to the messengers, you can share funny photos and stories, drop a link to a crazy collection, or send a "smile" at intervals of ten minutes (one young lady brought it laughing with tears, and in the seventieth message her laugh is impossible was hold back).

Play on contrasts with behavior and gifts. You can make an appointment with her, then in a couple of minutes, you can tell that you have a date with the most beautiful girl, and when she decides to leave, appear in front of her with an armful of flowers. Take her unexpectedly to a prepared picnic or a trip for a proud one day. Pleasant surprises made with regard to her preferences and tastes can not but cause a joyful reaction.

If you look at men older than forty, you may get the feeling that they know the secrets of the alchemical elixir and are able to win over any girl (neither age, nor hobbies, nor the country will be a significant obstacle), while she will laugh and wish to continue communication. And the point here is not in the women's burden to older men, but in their life experience, the ability to interact and see the person. Such skills can be developed faster and more qualitatively if you contact people more often, look for the originality of the situation and discard the idea with a patterned approach. Humor is, first of all, intelligence and the ability to apply it, the ability to see a person of the present with all its features, and it means to get to the point with the wording or action.