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How to learn to enjoy life

How to learn to enjoy life? This is a question that has revealed its relevance right now, when there seems to be every chance of a positive life, but something is interfering. Someone found in himself the inability to rejoice, the habit of noticing shortcomings, others even think that life consists of a series of unpleasant moments and a heap of negative emotions, and in general they are surrounded by one negative. For example, let's take a woman in years, lonely, with a small amount of money, boring living. How does she spend her life? He gets up, goes out, sees the dirt or the improperly behaving youth and is angry, cursing everything around. It's raining - she swears again. He comes home, turns on the news, hears the negative and gets annoyed again. So is her life. But after all, she will be able to change it and diversify, by making some efforts, to find a life partner for herself, to earn a little more money and even spend it on small but joy. However, more often, even with opportunities to enjoy life, people are often dissatisfied with it, they do not have enough resources under any conditions, it seems that only problems surround them.

Even without radically changing your life, under any of its conditions, you can learn to live much more happily. May this woman concentrate on the positive, find a reason for joy, communication with interesting people.

But how to learn to enjoy life and see positive? This requires some effort on themselves, changes in the habits of grumbling, criticizing, being in a depressed state of mind. It is worth noting that we live in a unique time - never before have people had such a high standard of living as now. In ancient times, kings lived worse than ordinary people today. Constant wars and diseases, the lack of a wide range of food, medicine, entertainment. However, even in this period of prosperity and tranquility, people often find a few negative points out of the whole positive and concentrate only on them, forgetting to see positive realities - shining sun, peace, hands and feet, water and food, clothes, friends, their own potential and many possibilities. and entertainment in the modern world.

How to learn to live here and now enjoy life?

Learn to overcome your weaknesses. To achieve the desired, it is necessary to make efforts to form the correct habits, overcome obstacles, remove by force of will the negative from yourself, to which you are accustomed, replacing it with positive. In other words - you should overcome yourself and leave the comfort zone. While the person does not put these efforts, he is forced to exist in the cramped room of his automatism. If you learn to do all this - you will inevitably become a successful person who knows how to rejoice not only at positive moments in life, but also to share someone else’s happiness, without envy that will multiply joy by the number of your friends and acquaintances.

How to learn to enjoy life and see positive? For this, all psychologists advise to develop a state of being here and right now, deriving pleasure from it. When you walk in the park - do not soar, thinking about the past or the future, in the clouds, but enjoy the surrounding nature right now, breathe in deeper fresh air, look at the sun, smile at the sky. When you communicate with a good person - feel the pleasure of this communication, start a conversation about something important and pleasant for you, translate the topic in a positive direction. When you eat - feel the taste, enjoy the food. Even when you go to bed - feel like you are lying in a warm apartment, hiding with a soft blanket.

Develop the habit of seeing always good, thinking about light. It means moving away from scenes of aggression, not watching someone squander money and words while burning their lives, not even entering companies where you get a negative charge. Strive to enjoy the nature around you, harmonious music, bright people, after communication, with whom you have a good mood. Learn to choose creative material for your attention and thoughts, set up your mind filters for this purpose.

How to learn to enjoy life - tips psychologist

As we think, this is how we feel. In a difficult moment helps to reconsider the good that you have. Reconsider also that which you have from the bad, learn to get rid of the unnecessary, both outdated installations and experiences, and things. Activate pleasant memories, take care that your attention is occupied by joyous moments, for which you can hang out your favorite photos from vacation, throw out old furniture associated with a difficult past, and acquire even simple, but comforting you. When a person reconsiders what has become worthless - he realizes that half of everything can be taken out - the territory will be freed, and changes will come to this place. Most often, we ourselves interfere with the changes to come to us. Create a positive environment, and the joy will be able to live with you.

In order to feel good in relationships - give your partner what good he can think of, set him up for positive moments. For example, write about what good you thought you were enjoying right now - then he will start thinking about your positive. Charge him with light emotions - he will begin to return them to you, multiplying.

Think as much as possible in images. When all the time we turn on the head - it only hinders. Even a very intelligent person who quotes great truths, but does not let them through his life, turns out to be a divan philosopher, and his reasoning easily turns into criticism of what is happening. It is easy to talk about the bad around, whereas to rise and begin to live life personally in its entirety - and there is a realization of the program that you have chosen for yourself.

One may argue that the universe decides everything, but God has no other hands, legs, except human ones, it depends on you exactly how you will create life. Moreover, this does not mean that it is necessary to smile through strength, even when it is bad. Give your sincere reaction. However, try your best to program good. We program it when we plant flowers, give birth to children, invest in a better future — we program all the good when we increase it.

Allow yourself to enjoy pleasant moments, whether it will be buying exotic fruits, a glass of wine with friends, or an unplanned weekend trip. Set aside a small amount of money in case it will be difficult, “spread straws” in order not to get upset at a crisis moment, but be sure that everything is fine with you.

Pay attention to the truly happy and relaxed people, observe what they do, how they behave. If you find it difficult to enjoy how they are - the roots are most often sought in childhood. The frequent reason is that the child was praised little and demanded a lot from him. As a result, now he, having become an adult, absolutely does not praise himself or others, demanding maximum under the program.

For example, a child is happy, jumping on a puddle, enjoying even the fact that he smears dirt on himself. Mom comes up, scolds and slaps him. At the body level and at the level of consciousness, an attitude is formed in him - he will have to pay for joy. Or, as a child, the child did not know exactly how his parents would behave the next minute; they would scream or rejoice, scold or praise, because in his adult life he seemed to wear armor, was in incessant protection, could never relax. Naturally, it is difficult for him to experience joy.

Also, parents convey their beliefs to the child, for example, that if you laugh for a long time, then you will definitely cry. Parental messages are fixed, and the child is waiting for the consequences. How to fix these programs, are there any specific recommendations?

One of the interesting tips of psychologists is to find your joy in the body. Where she lives? Maybe she is like a sun ball in her chest or warm waves in her stomach. Focus on your feelings. After, when you have found your joy in the body, it needs to be given special attention - to increase it, perhaps, it will transform in size, change color, become brighter. Note the time - it takes 5 minutes to shift attention to your joy. You need to do this exercise for 21 days. But start with the fact that you do it for 5 days, then take a breather and, when you feel the need again, continue.

The next way is to start the feeling of joy on the body level so that it will be remembered later in the mind. This exercise will simply make those adults who already have children. But if there are no children, there are still memories of their own childhood. Remember how exactly in childhood you admired some little thing, for example, when your mother bought you ice cream or your favorite candy - what could you buy for yourself now and be happy. Having bought this thing for yourself, stay alone, activate the sensations, as if in childhood you had fun now, and be sure to rejoice just like in childhood, with your body - you can shake hands, jump, shout for joy. Run the body to feel a sense of euphoria and joy through it. Give it to yourself, and then your inner child will be filled with impressions, and it will be easier to enjoy a more complex, adult.

And the third, simplest and at the same time complex way is to stop looking down. When we look down we launch negative emotions. When up - we have an emotional lift, a surge of hormones, joy starts even at the physiological level. Looking at the clouds, we see some perspective, remember pleasant moments, launch hope for the best and brightest.