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Why a man does not call

Why a man does not call? How many young ladies and mature girls suffer from insomnia on long summer nights trying to find an answer. Why is that? A magical acquaintance, a long-awaited meeting, an unforgettable rendezvous, a kiss under the porch, admiring glances of the chosen one and a promise to call, but then a day passes, the second, and the phone is silent. What happened? There are thousands of reasons for this. But the most likely one is that the sons of Adam do not call the beautiful femines because there is no desire. No need to try to find flaws in your own person. Yes, the girl did not hook enough on the guy, because of this, the failed boyfriend did not call back. No need to suffer and do tragedy due to lack of news. It is impossible to be to the liking of absolutely all male individuals. It is enough to remember how many inept admirers she herself refused.

Why a man does not call - a man's glance

Almost every young lady is familiar with the torment about the lack of calls from a guy who has sunk into the soul and senseless expectations of news from him. Unfulfilled "dreams" are disappointing, give rise to resentment and annoyance. Girls are starting to come up with many excuses for such behavior of the chosen one. Often the pretexts of not calling are made up by them are rather ridiculous. However, everything is easier than it seems.

It is necessary to recognize the fact as a truth, stating that the views of the sons of Adam and the beautiful feminins on similar events are strikingly different. If the cavalier that you liked did not call back, he does not need to look for excuses. The probability of finding the elect at death is only 1%, the loss of the phone is 1%, the incorrectly “hammered” number is 2%, and not wanting to bother your person with communication with the newly-made friend is 86%. If a man is not indifferent to the beauty, then he will certainly find an opportunity and take a minute to call her. The remaining 10% are other, so to speak, valid reasons. Their 10. By the percentage of probability for each cause.

So, the first option, why the man does not call the first. It’s just that the strong half don’t add value to such a stupid lesson as pointless phone conversations. Chatting for hours is considered a female prerogative. A man will dial the number of the girl she likes when he is ripe for an invitation to a rendezvous or when he decides to say something important. Although, here it is necessary to clarify that the gentleman in love, most often, will break the telephone wires.

Option two - not enough time has passed, so the guy did not have time to get bored.

In addition, not all Adam's sons are assertive and confident, there are guys who are afraid to seem intrusive, they fear that they did not like the girl, they are afraid to be misunderstood. And therefore - do not telephone.

Often the reason for the lack of messages lies in the financial difficulties that prevent a man from inviting the lady he likes on a date. However, when he is the fastest to be left behind in material problems, he will remind of his own person, unless of course another young charmer falls into his soul.

There are also force majeure reasons that do not depend on the guy himself, for example, illness, urgent business trip, workload in professional activity. When the situation evens out a little, the man will call the young lady.

Often, the male sex doubts that the ladies have aroused a reciprocal sympathy, therefore they will not be recruited to the suitor. The fact that the woman you like must be conquered, such gentlemen do not suspect. It’s easier for them to assume that they didn’t make an impression, so there’s no point in continuing to communicate than to have courage and invite a charming young lady to a rendezvous.

Leaving aside the possibility that a new acquaintance is already in a love relationship is also not worth it. He met a beauty under the influence of the moment, mood, friends pushed, but later, sensibly, the guy came to the conclusion that it was better to have experienced old relationships than uncertainty. Men are rather lazy and big conservatives. In order for the male gender to decide to end the old relationship for the sake of a relationship with a new acquaintance, there must be either a mad passion that has clouded the mind, or an arrow of cupid, which pleases right in the heart.

Option Eight - the guy decided to use the NLP technique, called "farther-closer." On a date, he enveloped the girl with warmth and love. This is the stage of "closer." Then the young man practices the “next” stage, that is, he withdraws, takes a pause, does not telephone. He wants the young lady to be bored, which would encourage her to make her first step on her own. These guys are professional manipulators.

The guy does not give news, because he simply does not know what to chat with the newly-made acquaintance, he is not a fan of telephone conversations, when he outlines a clear action plan for the beauty, then he will dial her number and invite her to a rendezvous.

Upon acquaintance, the supervisor wrote down the phone number on a piece of paper, a used trolleybus ticket, bank notes and lost the cherished numbers. This also happens.

However, it should be remembered that the probability of each of the above problems impeding a man’s call is only one chance per hundred. Basically, the strong half does not call back when the girl is not strongly hooked. Therefore, than aimlessly tormented by the question of why a man does not call first, it is better to devote free time to self-development, his appearance, self-realization, shopping, meeting with girlfriends, family, sports, walks. There are thousands of options to spend fun and interesting, as well as useful. Against the background of pleasant and fruitful leisure, the absence of a call from an unfamiliar young man is a trifle.

Why a man does not call first, but always answers?

It is so elementary to take the phone and, through the simplest manipulations, dial the number in order to hear a native or not so much voice. Then why do men say "call" instead of calling yourself? Why do some male individuals almost instantly respond to the call, but never call the first person so as not to disturb the girl’s peace of mind? Is it really so important who first dials these unfortunate digits of a phone number ?! When a young lady missed communicating with her friend, she without hesitation dials her number. So why, when it comes to the opposite sex, women are torn by doubts? All this is because it is this particular gentleman who is a stranger to a girl. Their relationship is still at the stage of dating or first meetings. After all, the wife never doubts whether to call the spouse first today or wait until he remembers that his half is waiting for news from him. An exception is the situation of temporary confrontation, which arose, for example, on the occasion of the disappearance of the pair of socks after washing. Here, the married ladies are tormented by questions of a slightly different kind: why does a man not call first after a quarrel.

So why do the beautiful femines doubt the need to take the first step. First of all, because to this day it is considered wrong to call the first strong half. Most of the ladies brought up in heroic novels are accustomed to waiting for initiative from men. However, do not miss that the age of knightly valor has long passed. Modern gentlemen are rather inert and expect the initiative from the girls. This is because supply exceeds demand. After all, many young charmer have forgotten the dignity completely. Today girls are readily available and rather intrusive. One will not call, but others will call. Therefore, men have no reason to strain. However, if the girl really hooked him, really liked him, he would always find the opportunity and take the time to phone talk with passion. The girl who won the heart of the guy will not hear from him the phrase: "well, if you are telephoning." Here is the explanation why men say "call"?

There is also a separate category of males, which include males who prefer to respond to calls rather than to send the first message. This may be a character trait, an established habit, or a peculiar highlight.

It does not matter what reason prompted the young person who was interested not to make attempts to communicate. It is important to behave decent. You need to love your own personality and not allow the so-called males to play with their feelings.

Why did a man stop calling and writing?

After several meetings with a guy, the girl has already colorfully presented a wedding dress, picked up makeup, made a list of guests, and he was gone. How so? Against the background of apparent well-being, the "betrothed" suddenly stopped calling and writing. What to do? If there was a conflict, then an explanation of why a man does not call first after a quarrel is not to be sought.

And if the relationship is good, then why did he take the position of silence? Maybe he fell from the balcony, saving a kitten, or was burned in the fire, pulling his grandmother out of a burning building? What happened for sure the girl is unknown. But it is not important. The time of a woman is too valuable to spend it ineptly in the search for excuses for a failed macho. Seeking excuses for male behavior is a waste of time.

Therefore, if the suitor has not heard for some time, you need to forget him, first of all, by ceasing to think about this person. Waiting for male attention is a fairly common type of female self-torture.

Above it was written that the frequent reason for the silence of the opposite sex is their unwillingness to communicate. But there are exceptions. In order to understand to determine why he stopped calling, you need to realize what kind of person he is. After all, every man has an individual set of traits, preferences, and he also evaluates in his own way the being and role of Eve's daughters in it. It is even harder to figure out if the chosen one is a strong, self-sufficient and self-realized person.

In addition to a set of characteristics, it is also necessary to analyze his behavioral patterns in cooperation with a lady, the stage of development of relationships, the degree of manifestation of his interest before the "vow of silence", the number of calls from him per day.

If a woman is confronted with a strong personality, with a man who is directly reaching the goal, then it is likely that the “silence of the gentleman” is a thought-out strategy, the final result of which should be the conquest of the female heart.

The reasons for the "nezvonkov" may be different, but they lead to uncertainty, to the suspension of the young ladies. As if women are switching to a "waiting mode" in which they are no longer interested in what is happening. In this mode, imagination is rapidly working, drawing all sorts of situations that justify the behavior of the elect. In addition, the more often the young lady thinks about the boyfriend, is waiting for him, the sharper her heart is pierced by the arrow of Cupid. A woman falls in love, and the head is "lost." The consequence of this is dissolution in a man and falling into dependence. Where there is dependence, there is no place for love, and therefore healthy relationships are impossible.

In order to avoid such a sad fate, it is strictly forbidden to arise in the life of a chosen one. That is, you can not write SMS, call, "like" posts. A man needs space in order to realize whether he needs this particular young lady or not. If he is determined, he will call or not call.

It is necessary to realize that own obsessive behavior can force a man to meet a couple of times, do intimate, but not in any way motivate him to create a strong bond. The demonstration of an overly emotionally colored reaction to the disappearance of a man will only make the latter understand that the woman has been conquered and subordinated. Constant such reactions lead to predictability. The result will be a loss of male interest in this young lady. After all, it is controlled, simple, submissive, fresh. And the strong half is looking for mystery, rebelliousness, mystery in their beloved ones. They need barriers to conquering a girly heart. Coldness will cause more interest than readiness for anything. However, showing external restraint and disinterest in a man, the main thing is not to overdo it. A rare representative of the sons of Adam will achieve a victorious lady who will not reciprocate to the bitter end.

Men, of course, are hunters by nature, but today, due to the influence of feminism, their hunting instinct is somewhat sought after. Therefore, it is not necessary to flirt playing the impregnable fortress. The power of the beautiful half is in maintaining a balance between external detachment and passion, as well as in the timely replacement of coldness with ardor. In this case, open all your secrets should not be. For the sons of Adam, the beautiful daughters of Eve must remain somewhat incomprehensible. Only by periodically challenging the strong half, women will be able to maintain the fire of love in men's hearts, and also remain for partners weak creatures that need protection.