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How to become a happy woman

How to become a happy woman? This is today an acute question for many, because work and business, even among women, are increasingly coming to the fore, career development and making money have to be given a lot of time and effort. Women often achieve heights in the professional field, but when they reach a certain age, the idea of ​​wrong priorities and lack of personal happiness comes more and more often - even great wealth and success do not replace a woman’s need to be loved and loving, will not give inner peace and genuine satisfaction. Personal happiness cannot come on its own unless a woman pays close attention to relationships.

If you are a successful woman who has now set herself the goal of becoming happy - you have every chance to get what you want, because relationships are similar to business in that they require serious investment of time and energy, ability to make decisions and achieve. However, to become a happy woman, you need to shift the focus of attention to your feminine nature; here you need not business skills, dedication, awareness, planning, discipline, will, but purely feminine ones, which are often retracted while the woman develops socially.

It prevents to achieve happiness and constant anxiety in the life of a woman, her waste of energy for anxieties, reflections. A lot of time is wasted instead of being invested in building relationships. Anxiety is associated with the subtle emotional nature of a woman and her illusion that it is worth worrying to achieve happiness in the family, but in fact it often gives rise to discontent towards loved ones and blocks the path to happiness. A habit of anxiety is developed, which literally drains a woman, and by the evening after all the worries she has no interest in her husband or openness to children, only fatigue and often irritability.

How to become a happy woman if you are alone?

There is an opinion that a happy woman is a married woman. However, this is entirely true only for some women; there can be no definite answer here. After all, happiness is a state, and marriage is a process. Someone sees marriage as cohabitation, someone - like a stamp in a passport, each puts its meaning in this concept, and moreover, not necessarily marriage brings happiness.

If we consider happiness as a kind of state, then it is worth analyzing the components, the obligatory conditions of this state, which are individual for each. Is marriage in them a mandatory string? Often this view imposes on society, a woman without a relationship is for some reason considered to be automatically inferior, unlucky, unhappy. Therefore, most women seek, under the pressure of social opinion, to create a family at any cost, choosing for this sometimes unsuitable and even unloved man. Will marriage then become synonymous with happiness? Only visible, in fact, there will be dissatisfaction and emptiness.

If you feel yourself being single, unhappy - there are two solutions. One of them is to reconsider your values, analyze why and whether relations really should make you guaranteed to be happy. The second option is to look for relationships and build them. Life, moreover, shows that the happiest are women who go along these two paths at the same time — and have freed themselves from the prejudices of the indispensable need for marriage, have found happiness in themselves, and are open to relationships.

The woman as if consists of love, feels an irresistible desire to serve, care. That is what pulls her to marriage, children. However, there are examples of service and true happiness of a woman, even without a man - such as mother Teresa, for example. You can take care of needy loved ones, love your friends, communicate with employees, even pets require your attention and please in return. Favorite business, creativity, time for yourself, children, if you have them, can make up the happiness of your life more than the first relationships you got.

You should not compromise with yourself in order to conform to the stereotypes of society. Choose the scenario that is comfortable for you personally, do not prove anything to others. After all, a demonstration of success, in our case, the appearance of female organization in marriage can take a whole life, but inside you can feel nothing but emptiness. If you need marriage for financial stability, it is better not to rely on your future husband, but to develop yourself, because a favorite thing, especially with large investments of your creative energy, can give you not only independence, but also happiness. Take care of the business that pleases you, what you have been dreaming about for a long time - this time is great for this, often women who are not in the hassle of such an opportunity often have no such opportunity.

In the West, it is customary to create a family at a mature age, when spouses have already formed as individuals, manifested in society, have stability. Or do not create a family at all, if so comfortable to you. You will not receive any condemnation of the unfulfilled life program there, in contrast to the situation in our mentality, where marriage at 20-30 is compulsory. Early alliances, based on haste for age and social approval or under the influence of hormones, often collapse in the first years of existence.

How to become a happy and beloved woman?

Find women who are already happy in your company. Not those who say they are happy, but really satisfied with their lives, it is impossible not to notice by their sparkling eyes and the free expression of themselves. Many women think up to themselves that happiness consists in material security, successful business, they spend dozens of years on this path, and upon the arrival of success they realize that he did not make them happy.

Female happiness is not always connected with marriage, only a filling, harmonious relationship can make a woman happy. Marriage for many women is the point at which it turns out that this is not the same thing, there is no happiness. A happy life and relationship is a process. How to be not only a wife, not a woman of a millionaire, but a happy, beloved woman? So, so that there is a happy man, children, if they are, even friends and relatives, so that they can be charged with your happiness?

Do not blindly follow the advice of mothers and grandmothers, girlfriends and women's magazines - find your way. Understand what would make you happy? To do this, write down the moments that bring you pleasure, add energy, attract you, what you are always ready to do, your dreams, especially hidden, postponed until better times. Analyze yourself and form an image of your needs, then to find ways to meet them.

Understand what kind of man could make you truly happy? At what moments of a relationship do you feel completely loved? For some, it may be a trip to an expensive resort, for others - rest in a tent. Would you like to receive flowers every day or maybe you will be more pleased with a heartfelt conversation over tea?

It is difficult to imagine a happy woman who feels uncomfortable. What is destroying the integrity in you, would you like, maybe less likely to get sick or lose weight? This often has psychological reasons worth exploring, as they will pull you out of a happy relationship into dissatisfaction. No man can solve the deep dissatisfaction with yourself, if it is present in you. On the contrary, when you are satisfied with yourself - you attract harmonious men. When you already have a man - he is charged with your positive and gives you in return the attention from which you feel loved.

Work on your condition. If a woman is a fighter and a warrior who constantly proves to those around her, it is difficult to imagine her as a favorite. A happy woman doesn’t prove anything to anyone; it’s just that she’s happy. She smiles, wherever she appears - everyone is happy for her, ready to help, it is pleasant to talk with her, others are literally drawn to her.

It’s impossible to be happy just by reading books and discussing life with friends. The biggest resource you can invest in your happiness is the time invested in self-disclosure and relationships. You should choose the environment and men towards those who respect your feminine nature - then you yourself can respect yourself and inspire others.

It is common for a woman to accumulate emotions, therefore it is important that the place where most of her time passes is comfortable and harmonized. A wise and loving man will be able to understand this and will try to fill the woman with what makes her happy. After all, a woman, feeling loved, on the verge of the magic transforms everything around.

Some men are superficial to the woman, seeking only to use her as an intimate object or housewife, while they cannot look deeper at her nature or enter into deep emotional relationships. If you attract such men, it means that in yourself you deny the feminine qualities, subordinate them to the general standards, entering into a compromise with the female nature.

How to become a happy woman in 40 years?

How can a woman become happy if she has already received life experience, but so far she is not happy with life? Is it possible to force yourself to love a man or yourself, just as business goals are set and achieved? No, you need only awareness of their needs, a decision, a choice in their direction. A woman should take the right course to her desires - to love herself, to have a companion with which she will be in tune, to whom she will want to give love, affection, care. And, indeed, it is easier for an experienced woman to realize her aspirations, set a realistic goal for herself, and then achieve it.

When you do not feel happy, first of all, you should love a woman in yourself. But how can a woman become happy inside herself, love herself, if there is no idea even about it? The easiest step here is to start taking care of yourself with pleasure.

When there is a man next to you, your love, taking care of yourself will not become obstacles in a healthy relationship, the man will only be happy to see a contented and flourishing companion next to you, he will receive inspiration and energy from you. When you are able to satisfy your needs, you get joy and pleasure from this, which you then bring into relationships - it becomes good for both of you. Taking care of yourself should not be defiantly, as if in reproach to a man or in defiance of him, then it would rather be a manifestation of egoism. Keep a balance, seeing the interests of men and delivering joy to him.

And if you can not rearrange the priorities for personal happiness? After all, each has an inclination to be a strong man, meaningful, important, and women also often succumb to him, starting to prove to others and to a man near his success. A woman may have unconscious reasons for fearing letting go of her femininity and gentleness, trusting a man, which is why she starts earning more than him, tends to occupy a higher position, as if teaching you how to live correctly and achieve success. Here you need to learn how to exit the competition, postpone the idea that there is only a winner and a loser in the system. It is important to keep up in partnership, not to be ahead of a man, if you choose him. Analyze, perhaps even with the help of a psychologist, what is your true goal, when you have chosen a man who is not happy, if this is your situation, take responsibility for your personal decision, putting off attempts to prove something to a man or change it.

When in you there is dissatisfaction with a man - think what important you miss in him? Partnerships strengthen and bring happiness to a woman when she is able to respect a man and to look at him in difficulties in a new way, infusing positivism and faith in him, which allows him to spread her wings and bear the male role, to want to protect the woman nearby. When you learn to see the valuable in your partner and admire it - a man will flourish before your eyes, making you happy too.

To become a happy woman you need to put off the word "must", to realize your choices, even, if necessary, reconsider them, taking responsibility for everything. Act on the basis of "I want", then you will adjust the work of your unconscious not in spite of your happiness, but towards it.

How to become a happy woman if you are married?

When you feel that dissatisfaction is connected with your marriage, the husband does not do what you find very necessary, or does not so - think about the fact that the partners always come together in marriage with a different resource, this may be a different level of wealth, knowledge, personal qualities. It requires respect for each other, for their choice. The choice is made by a woman, and when you decide to be near this particular man - now do not compete and correct him, this will allow you to appear in a feminine marriage.

Look openly at your discontent, admit it and make out - do not wait until it is solved by itself. In each family there are literally crises, which after exacerbations are declining. If you have a crisis now, then there are questions. But absolutely all questions have answers, and you just need to find them. You can follow the advice to your friends, but they are more likely to be in tune with you, they will not give an objective look at the situation. You can also independently search for information, which is freely available. However, reading will usually give a sense of understanding at the level of the head, but will not make changes in you. The best option would be to use psychological help, attend training, then you will be able to change at the level of feelings, feelings, and behavior.

A woman is strong in the field of personal relationships. Not at work, sports or social life. When a woman begins to behave like a woman, show attention and love, care, act in harmony with women's qualities - she automatically becomes beautiful and in demand in society, in the family it will allow her to build relationships full of deep meanings.

To become happy in your family - you need to break the romance with work. You can continue to work, it is even necessary for self-realization or prosperity, but you should not pour your mental strength into the work, adopting a male behavior strategy, striving to achieve, compete, manage. Being in the work of a "good girl," which drags the load on himself, not for one himself, but for his colleagues, is another extreme.

Stop behaving in your family, with a man, as you usually behave at work - happy marriage implies entirely different principles. A man with you wants to relax your soul, recharge with positive emotions, feel more comfortable in the physical and psychological sense. Master the new profession - happy wife.

If your relationship now brings you only negative - evaluate yourself objectively, not through the prism of marriage failures, but having considered and put forward those feminine qualities that you value in yourself, which people around you note and are grateful for. Do not lower your level, do not depreciate, exposing yourself worse than others - this is the loss of the valuable in you. Every woman is unique and beautiful by nature, when she understands it and gives the best move in herself - she opens like a flower. Even the apparent shortcomings to you can be merits, the only question is how do you evaluate them and apply, will you allow yourself to become fully yourself when your unique potential is revealed, the fire comes on, a sincere smile and light courage appear, and the gait becomes flying. Your female self-esteem affects the nearby man, if you are worthy of yourself, and the man has to match you.