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How to make yourself work

How to make yourself work? For many human subjects, the real barrier to well-being is the inability to continue and complete it. This is caused by laziness, lack of self-organization, self-discipline, adequate motivation, inability of a long-term period to concentrate on the work being done. People are quite easily tempted. It is much more interesting to play computer toys or twitter on the phone, communicate in social networks or with colleagues, rather than doing the same type of work. Often, even the likely overbearing anger is not a compelling motivator for action. After all, the work will wait, if you briefly distract, but pleasant entertainment is so time-consuming that the working day ends, and the planned work is not completed. The inability to force or induce oneself to work is also aggravated by the need to engage in hateful business.

How to force yourself to work if there is no strength and mood?

This question is asked not only by employees, freelancers, but also by businessmen, housewives. The inability of self-organization leads to "stuck" affairs, disorder, disruption of transactions and supplies.

In order to understand how to make a person work, you first need to find out the reasons that impede the implementation of necessary and planned cases, of which there are thousands. However, all factors hindering the activity can be combined into several subgroups.

First of all, reluctance to work often causes ordinary fatigue. The speed of modern life does not give people even the slightest opportunity to relax. This gives rise to the accumulation of fatigue, a decline in interest in activities and life. A man, seeking to catch up with the speedy rhythm of existence, tries to embrace the infinite. Every day he fights with senseless efforts to be in time everywhere, to make a weekly norm, to fulfill the plan. Such actions lead only to the accumulation of fatigue, which provokes a nervous breakdown and disruption of the immune system. This prevents the person from functioning normally.

Laziness, although it is a kind of engine of progress, but it impedes the timely fulfillment of duties, planned cases, and other activities. The problem of laziness begins its debut at an early age when the structural components of the volitional act are formed. Laziness is inherent in everyone, but you need to learn how to win it, otherwise it can cause disastrous consequences. Lazy man is not inclined to strain, in order to improve their own existence. Such an individual works with reluctance, rarely achieves something, because it does not reach for development. In order to change the whole structure of the will, such individuals need serious motivation.

Constant stress also reduces performance. They are akin to fatigue, but the problem of fatigue is solved easily only by changing the daily routine, it is more difficult to get rid of the effects of stressors. In addition, they lead to apathy, depressive moods, neurosis-like states.

So, how to make yourself work at home and in professional activities. The most elementary way to start a business is to start working on it. Sometimes it is not easy to do, as it can be noisy around the workplace, constant calls or chatter from colleagues can be terribly distracting, interesting posts or correspondence in social networks just beckons, your favorite writer has released a new bestseller. In such a situation it is simply impossible to concentrate and fully surrender to work. In order to cope with the situation, it is recommended to start a timer for two thirds of an hour, which you can devote exclusively to work, turning off social networks, stopping to answer colleagues and calls. For such a seemingly short period of time, much can be done.

You can switch to a more interesting lesson, because the work does not consist only of unpleasant things and difficult tasks. When there is no desire to work and the mood is not working at all, it is recommended to begin to perform more pleasant tasks, and boring ones to postpone. In addition, the hard and routine work day should also begin with the desired small business.

Doing nothing is also a great way to raise a working attitude. Viewing serials, reading forums, telephone conversations are not complete idleness. It is necessary to focus on one point and try to stop thinking, since disorderly thoughts only litter the mind. This exercise will give the brain a breather, after which there will be a desire to work.

If the room is too noisy, constantly distracting, interfering with endless calls or music, then you can change the location as possible. If this is impossible to accomplish, then it is recommended to take a walk, to air the brains.

It is necessary to establish a time frame for yourself and strictly observe them. For example, allow yourself to rest every 50 minutes of work.

The day should start with cleaning the place of work. It is difficult to force yourself to work when the desktop looks more like a garbage can. View of the cleaned workplace can inspire professional accomplishments.

It is recommended to stop drinking coffee, because it has been proven that it has a negative effect on working capacity.

If the task performed is stalled at the finish line, you must promise yourself a reward for successfully done work.

Be sure to make a daily list of tasks required for implementation. It is recommended to consider biorhythms. In most individuals, the peak of productivity usually falls on a two-hour gap from 6 to 8. The next increase in activity falls into a three-hour interval from 13 to 16. The decline period is observed at lunchtime and in the evening.

When planning the day you need to set only real tasks. Often people load themselves with affairs, overestimating their own skills and strength. This leads to the failure of some scheduled tasks, which causes reluctance to work. Therefore, it is recommended to revise your own plans in order to be able to correct them in a timely manner and to provide yourself with a short respite.

In carrying out work, one should undertake one feasible task, and not try to cover all matters. Scheduled tasks must be carried out in the order of priority according to a personally drawn up plan. You need to arrange a full weekend, and you should not neglect the legal leave. Lack of rest leads to exhaustion and reduced desire to work.

How to make the brain work at 100%?

According to the experiments of scientists, the brain potential of human subjects is involved in the course of everyday life is minimal. Therefore, many people ask themselves questions about how to make yourself work at home, how to increase brain activity, are there techniques that make the brain function more efficiently?

Brain potential can be activated through specific actions. In order for the human brain to work with maximum efficiency, it is necessary to follow simple rules. First of all, it is recommended not to shirk from the sport. Intensive blood supply allows the cellular elements of the brain to function much more efficiently.

The brain is a kind of memory machine. Therefore, in order to work faster, you should constantly exercise your own memory. This is facilitated by memorizing poems, remembering to the smallest detail some of the events of their own lives, memorizing certain information. Develop the brain can only be forcing him to work. It is necessary to ask questions, try new things, be curious, visit previously unknown places.

How to make the brain work? To activate brain activity, it is recommended to get rid of destructive habits. Alcoholic beverages, albeit slowly, but rather confidently kill brain cell structures, and nicotine causes capillary constriction, which reduces the volume of blood going to the brain.

Posture "queen" is indispensable for revitalizing the functioning of the brain. Position when walking or when performing sessile work of the neck and back affects the process of mental activity.

Good blood circulation also eliminates the inertia of intellectual processes. Disorder of blood circulation interferes with concentration of attention. Therefore, with a long stay in one position, you must either do the exercises, or take a walk, walk. Such actions contribute to the normalization of blood circulation.

Studies of brain functioning have demonstrated that thought affects the processes that occur in brain structures. Positive thoughts have a calming effect on the brain, as well as control the thought processes. Negative thoughts, on the contrary, give rise to depressive moods, fears and impede the use of brain potential with maximum efficiency.

Everyone knows the phenomenon of the impact on the duration of the existence of ordinary laughter. However, humor and a positive attitude not only increase the duration of being, but also affect the production of endorphins, which reduce brain tension and increase the efficiency of mental activity.

Short rest periods are necessary for effective functioning. Man is a living organism, and all living things just need a breather. Mosaics, riddles, crosswords, logic tasks contribute to the activation of intellectual processes. Systematic solving of puzzles stimulate brain energy.

Listening to the classics has a positive effect on mental potential. Hobbies and diverse hobbies are important for brain function. At the same time, the type of activity does not matter. It is only necessary to improve in their hobbies, for example, visiting master classes, thematic forums, reading specialized literature. The greater the fruits obtained, the more effective mental activity.

Contrary to popular belief, computer or card games are not always bad. Many are convinced that such games only make people stupid. However, this is a wrong belief. Game activity develops strategic thinking, logic, memory, increases the speed of mental activity, increases the speed of reaction. Therefore, in periods free from main activities, you can allow yourself to get carried away with games. The main thing is that the gameplay does not enslave the person.

It is also recommended to keep records of work plans, thoughts, ideas that suddenly appeared in your head, to-do lists. It is recommended to compile a list of films you want to see, books or other activities not directly related to professional employment. Unloading the brain allows it to concentrate on other things. And besides, everything that is on a paper sheet is much more difficult to forget.

Research studies have found that regular sex life has a stimulating effect on the nerve structures of the brain due to the production of the hormone “love”, called estrogen. Emotional union of the sexes is a factor optimizing brain function.

Keeping a diary, an Internet blog expands the brain potential, so you need to feel free to express in writing your own thoughts, share stories and experiences. It is also recommended to share your own knowledge, for example, to conduct master classes. Teaching someone the individual and he learns, learns something new. Enlightening others and self-education stimulate brain activity and expands the potential of individuals.

How to make brains work faster? Aromatherapy is an excellent means of enhancing mental function. In addition, it can eliminate stress, relieve fatigue and relax the individual.

Green tea extract and caffeine increase brain activity, but you should not expect a long-term effect. For the flow of creativity you need space. Any profession is creativity, if you work with the soul. However, the desire to work can kill the usual trash, clutter of space. Thought flows need freedom of movement. A comfortable environment is needed to boost brain activity and increase productivity. After all, often human subjects spend most of their time in labor “fasting”.

Often the brain refuses to work due to frustration resulting from a job that was not done well before. Therefore, starting to perform any task, it is necessary, first of all, to study the basics of the task and obtain more data about it. This habit, built into the habit, in the future will save you from regrets and disappointments.

Be sure to plan working days, it is necessary to establish time limits that limit the time of work and rest periods. This will help to achieve the planned result with the least time and minimum resource costs.

Need to work in a room saturated with oxygen. In other words, the office must be regularly ventilated. It is oxygen that activates intellectual processes.

Lack of sleep slows down thinking. A person who does not get enough sleep regularly suffers from memory impairment, concentration problems, and has difficulty solving everyday issues.

In addition to the above tips, a balanced and regulated diet will help answer the question: how to make a person work and force the brain to function at the maximum. Irreplaceable components of the full performance of the brain are omega-3 substances. Therefore, it is recommended to diversify your own food with fish dishes, nuts.

How to make yourself work at work and achieve results?

In order to achieve results and achieve the intended goals, it is necessary to learn how to act, regardless of whether the mood or lack of desire. Internal discipline is not a panacea for absolutely all failures. However, it is the only effective and accessible tool that promotes personal development. After all, if a disciplined individual makes a decision, then this is 50% of the realization of his plans.

In addition, self-discipline contributes to the implementation of many other purposes. For example, to master a profession, learn a language, get rid of those extra pounds that are annoying. However, many individuals associate internal discipline with coercion of oneself, violence against oneself, narrowing the boundaries of freedom of choice. Such a negative attitude can generate a subconscious or be fully conscious. It is the negative perception of self-discipline that impedes self-development. Self-discipline is not an enemy, it should be taken as an indispensable assistant.

The human brain rejects any drastic changes, and therefore attempts to motivate yourself with the help of phrases, the following: "Tomorrow I will completely change," lead to a return to old habits. Changes in one’s own habits should be gradual as well as consistent. Move to the next goal is possible only to achieve the previous one.

It is recommended to fragment all epochal goals. For example, when trying to play sports, it is recommended to debut with short walks. It is necessary to establish a daily time period, which will be devoted exclusively to the development of one skill. For example, in office work, such a skill would be to perform an assigned task for a set amount of time without distraction with other chatter with colleagues, phone calls, forums. You can start with a minimum period. However, time should be gradually increased.