Peacefulness is a characteristic of a person’s state of mind, encompassing both sensual and mental spheres. The state of tranquility is close to the concept of harmony and reflects serenity, when the thoughts of the person do not rush around in search of a solution, and the picture of the world looks understandable and predictable even in its constant change. This is calm in the emotional sphere, despite the events taking place in the external world, appearing because of confidence in a good outcome of events or inherent stability of a person.

The feeling of peace initially reminds that it is close to the whole world, comparable to the feeling of the unity of everything existing on the planet and living its own life and personal characteristics, not as separate or opposed, but as one piece of the whole space.

Appeasement gives unity not only with the surrounding space, but also connects various parts of the personality, connects many human roles into a single system, builds thoughts from chaos into a stream. From such a sensation, one can observe the changes, not particularly emotionally joining in what is happening, with this comes striking clarity both in one's own desires and motivations, and in the ways opened in space and the unmanifest causes of the actions of others.

What it is

The feeling of peace for everyone may arise due to various factors, actions or events, but it is always accompanied by a feeling of elation, for many also an increase in physical strength. Appeasement is a reflection of merging with the world, but not only in the narrow sense of unity with nature (although this is the most popular way of reaching the state and describing it), but also with everything else (the walls of an empty room, each person in a huge crowd, by the wind on vacant lot, etc.).

The whole state of tranquility can be experienced at any time, especially if you expand the boundaries of the perception and existence of your own personality to the cosmic ones, as many psychological, spiritual and meditative practices do: take a person to a planetary level. Being in such a position of perception of reality, you can take a fresh look at your own life, existing problems and opportunities for development. There is always greater peace of mind, because from a global point of view it cannot happen beyond a catastrophe, however, many incomprehensible moments become clearer, making it possible for necessary changes to occur or to discover the real situation of a situation.

Merging with the surrounding space inevitably entails the experience of security, regardless of location and surrounding people, because, having entered into resonance with the world, there comes a clear understanding of its laws, the ability to catch currents, and an understanding that if you do not interfere with natural processes, then everything happens harmoniously.

Peacefulness gives not only a better feeling of space, but also people - it is an opportunity to understand another, to experience his experience, to improve relations or to prevent deception and selfish use. Susceptibility to the world increases due to the fact that the internal dialogue stops or practically disappears, and the person himself is present directly in the present, without pain from the past and worries about the future.

The part directly connected with creativity begins to manifest itself, when a person is already in peace and instead of anxiety gives rise to inspiration. In addition to ideas, forces come for their realization and an awareness of how what was born from the contemplation of the world, by its effective implementation transforms the existing world into a more harmonious or will bring other benefits.

Full acceptance of the world and agreement with everything that happens in it, as a result, gives you the opportunity to see your own life as a way, not a series of positive moments and incomprehensible failures. A logical analysis of a situation can rarely bring about such results in a soulful and effective transformation, like at least a short-term stay in peace. That is why, especially in crisis situations, it is recommended not to concentrate all forces on solving the problem, depriving oneself of sleep and rest, but rather devote time to maximizing discharge in order to change the view on dead ends.

How to achieve peace

In order to have an atmosphere of tranquility in life, it is necessary to make daily efforts to eliminate stressful and irritating factors, as well as to perform a series of actions that bring one closer to a harmonious state. Finding inner harmony, reflecting on the rest of the world, will not take one day, this is a kind of life practice, which is a habit and requires tremendous effort, where the main point is a sensible care about yourself, not turning into selfishness. Those who have recently experienced a traumatic situation or are trying to get out of a difficult emotional state may have chronic patience, since the process of harmonization with the world is rather lengthy, so it is recommended to focus not on the result (sometimes it takes a whole life), but on the process.

Organize the day so that there are free intervals in it, when you can not think about anything at all and do not engage. That option, when you watch a movie, simultaneously iron the laundry and decide with your girlfriend questions about the weekend - this is not free time, but rather extremely loaded. Let it be a certain remote place to deal with your mental state. Rest is one of the key indicators for mental health, and accordingly, its quality is directly responsible for the resource of a person and his ability to rise above the household level.

Organization and ordering provide guarantees and a certain predictability, which already sorts the world from the outside and makes life more peaceful. By self-organizing your entire schedule, not only to ensure that there is exactly time for rest, but by structuring everything, you can avoid an additional level of stress. Not to do everything at one moment, not to postpone for the last hour, not to overload any one day, completely freeing the others - these are important points of the correct schedule.

Master various meditative techniques, and the focus is better on dynamic or disabling internal dialogue, instead of dictating visualizations and deliberately raising energy. Peace of mind to appear where there is the ability to calmly accept the entire existing world and allow all processes to go as naturally as possible. Different technicians together with a certain place and time easily organize themselves, if you enroll in the appropriate yoga studio, psychodynamic group or breathing practice. So you can get not only the officially designated corner, but also a certain amount of control necessary for those whose anxieties overwhelm both the sensual sphere and thoughts. But for peace of mind there is no need to specifically attend any courses or trainings, the main task is to be in the present, to feel it fully, to be able to enjoy what is happening at the point where the person is now, even in the midst of a noisy demonstration.

It is imperative that the daily care of oneself is present at the deepest level. This implies not only to feed yourself, feeling hungry, but to give exactly the food that your body needs at the moment, for which you need to listen delicately to yourself. A sufficient amount of recreation and activities that bring pleasure must be. Communication with other people will need to be reconsidered, so if contacts bring pleasure, a sense of unity, then you can continue, if after the interaction comes a feeling of emptiness or fatigue, then a correction is needed. Some get tired of numerous contacts, others can be exhausted by a certain person - accordingly, it is necessary and to make changes. That which destroys the inner light and warmth, introducing chaos and irritability, should be promptly excluded or controlled.

By a willful effort, you need to direct your mind to beauty and love - this is especially difficult at first, so you will have to constantly remind yourself. The goal is to find the beautiful in any place, object, event, person. This can become a separate practice, for example, go out to the courtyard in the evening and not return until you find the beautiful in the five first objects seen. The same applies to the feeling of being in love, and even if there is no object of intimate intimacy, no one forbids showing love to animals and strangers, encouraging unknown people in social networks and doing things that can put warmth in others. So through unity with the world, one can create many good deeds and then peace will settle in the soul and the surrounding space, and there will be no need to wait for it in the meditative hall.