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How not to think about the bad

How not to think about the bad and not cheat yourself, if every day overcome negative thoughts. Managing your thinking, forcing yourself to think positively is not an easy process, which consists in daily practice in mastering the skill of changing one's mind and consciousness. Undoubtedly, this requires the discipline of the mind, but after working on their thinking, to really achieve the desired. Often the question arises before an individual, how to learn to live without thinking about the bad? Psychologists in this regard offer to think for a minute and realize that the experiences are far-fetched, even if they are well-founded and clearly reasoned, do great harm. It is possible that a negative event will never happen, and a person exhausts himself with negative thinking in vain and cannot calm down in any way, without ceasing to think about the bad. So what's the point of tormenting yourself with bad thoughts?

How to learn not to think about the bad?

Any (negative or positive) consciously launched thought, repeated for a certain time a sufficient number of times, can turn into a program. Understanding this, a person can force himself not to think about the bad. Since, for example, if for many years a person in his mind scrolls the thought that he will always live in poverty, then in his subconscious mind he creates a program for which he does not even need to think. Each person is able to build his future consciously only by the course of his thinking. By working on positive thoughts and shaping new patterns in oneself, an individual can work out a subconscious program of success. Realizing this, each person is able to help herself, and thus learn not to think about the bad.

And in order to accomplish this more quickly, for this it is necessary for a person to imagine that at the time of his reflections he spreads vibrations around himself of the finest ethereal substance. The human eye is not able to see the thoughts in the same way as the gas. Thought is a subtle configuration of matter. Thoughts with a negative orientation would be painted in a dark color and look like thunderclouds. Happy, clear, positive thoughts would be painted in light colors and would be close to light, gaseous clouds. When an individual spreads bad thoughts around, he turns into an object for their impact. Annoying or fearful thoughts attract to themselves this kind of thoughts, united with them into a powerful conglomerate. As a result, a negative-minded person will suffer not only because of his own bad thoughts, but because of negative thoughts of others, which will only aggravate the condition.

The longer an individual in a similar vein will think, the more difficult his internal state and position will be. A person who stays in a positive mood and has happy thoughts will attract to him a similar direction of thought and will feel more happy and joyful.

And yet, how else to convince yourself not to think about the bad, if negative thoughts constantly climb into my head. Getting rid of disturbing thoughts will be helped by an internal dialogue, in which a person should ask himself what exactly is she afraid of? Often fears associated with the loss of a career, illness or accident. Most fears are not related to the real state of affairs. What is the point right now to be afraid of losing a career if you are a high-class specialist? Why fear disease if you are healthy? And why should an accident happen to you if you are careful and attentive?

Of course, there is a percentage of unpredictability, and no one can guarantee that it will always be good. But is it worth spending a life on living in constant fear, anxiety and apathy. As they say, what to be is not to be avoided, and most of the problems thought up by man are solvable, and what is not possible to solve is necessary to let go and not worry about it.

How not to think about the bad - advice from psychologists

Below are practical and effective tips on how not to think about the bad and think about the good:

- man always thinks about the present. Pessimistic thoughts are often associated with the past or the future. People often think about missed opportunities and what would have happened if they had done so and not otherwise. Returning constantly to the past makes the person unhappy and indecisive. And thoughts about the future and fears associated with this make a person worry. It is necessary to live in the present, to think in the present day, not thinking ahead and not regretting the past;

- it is impossible to keep everything in oneself, since internal unrest inevitably leads to deterioration of health, therefore it is worth sharing your experiences with your loved ones without being locked in yourself;

- no need to take negative information coming from the outside world to heart. Of course, stories about the problems of friends will make you worry about them, but you should not take other people’s problems to heart, let alone let them into your own soul. Excitements will not help friends, but they can easily spoil the mood;

- one should develop confidence in oneself and find oneself in which one’s personality is unique, unique and irreplaceable. It is important to feel your own importance and bad thoughts will go away;

- it is required to learn to look for positive moments in any negative situation and thus change the attitude towards it, for example, to perceive parting with a loved one as something necessary, since it was not along the way with a partner and be sure to voice the reasons for parting. Having realized the choice, it is necessary to reconcile with it, after all before the person the opportunity in the future to meet more worthy partner opens;

- It is important to analyze your thoughts, why they come. It often happens that bad thoughts come out of habit, regardless of whether there is a problem or has long been resolved;

- it was established that bad thoughts are visited by a person in the period of doing nothing, and if a person is not busy with something necessary and important, it is then that various phobias begin to creep into his head;

- Volunteering helps to distract from bad thoughts. A lot of people need help and at the same time do not lose interest in life and strength of mind. Orphans and invalids, lonely elderly people - they all have difficult problems in life, but somehow they cope with them, never ceasing to enjoy life with simple things. By helping one's neighbor, one can feel the joy of having done something useful;

- you should set yourself a goal, having thought over what you most want to achieve in life and act in this direction in small steps;

- to distract and relax perfectly helps listening to your favorite music. Listening to what makes a person enthusiastic will help to avoid painful and distract from bad thoughts;

- instead of thinking about how to relax and not think about the bad, you should rejoice at the little things and be grateful for each passing day. After all, human life consists of trifles, so it is important to learn to see them and enjoy every little thing;

- physical activity will allow everyone to not think about the bad, so simple exercise, jogging in the morning, walking should not be underestimated. Working on your body will precisely allow you to bring your thoughts in order;

- a person should notice the good, not the bad, for example, not to focus on his fatigue, but to fix his attention on what has been achieved in a day and then the day will be remembered as successful;

- meetings with old friends and new acquaintances, communication will also allow you to escape from bad thoughts;

- Trying to avoid pessimistic people, you can focus on pleasant events and thoughts. Often, depressed people pull their negative thinking behind them, so it would be better to rule out contact with such people. But the bright and positive personality will calm down and not think about the bad.

- the main thing to remember is that everything in this life passes and life is not infinite, so maybe you should not torment yourself with thoughts, how not to think about the bad, and direct your thinking in a positive direction.

Psychologists explain the emergence of negative thoughts in a person's life by the manifestation of the instinct of self-preservation. Bad thoughts are absolutely normal and natural, so you should just wait out the unpleasant moments of life and not get hung up on them.