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How to make yourself lose weight

How to make yourself lose weight? Delightful figure and seductive forms - the dream of all the daughters of Eve. However, some of the sons of Adam are often even ahead of their counterparts in an effort to eliminate the hated kilograms. According to statistics, a third of the terrestrial population suffers from fullness. Modern style, speed of life, malnutrition, constant snacking in a hurry, stressors lead to the accumulation of excess fat. Extra pounds worsen life, spoil the mood. Often, overweight causes dissatisfaction with oneself, causes depressive moods, an inferiority complex, provoke various ailments.

How to make yourself lose weight - tips psychologists

Millions struggle with the problem described, but only a few defeat it. Unfortunately, for most individuals who are suffering from overweight, it is rather difficult to make daily efforts, overcoming yourself, your own habits, and everyday life. Even taking his own person in a turn and starting a diet, many break down, which often lead to aggravation of the situation. When the struggle is unsuccessful, when the craving for convenience foods and fast food is overcame, the person either resigns himself to kilograms, or begins to quietly hate his own body. This often leads to discord on the personal front and the professional field. Bad mood, depression, loss of interest in being are the result of an unsuccessful war with kilograms. It is therefore not surprising that "how to make yourself eat less and lose weight" is a fairly popular issue on the net.

In order to become the happy owner of an attractive figure and reduce the mass, first of all, it is recommended to understand the goals of their intentions. Experts in human psychology are advised to divide the process of understanding the motives for losing weight into the steps below.

First and foremost, you need to change your attitude to the problem. The primary goal of each of the next personally composed weight loss program is to get satisfaction from the process. Make it easier than it seems. You must follow your own thoughts, changing beliefs. Do not force yourself, you need to move gradually. In order to combat kilograms was effective, one must be frank with oneself when determining the reason that forced one to bring on its own excess fat.

Identifying the motive for losing weight, you must try to be as honest as possible. The desire to lose weight in order to get the perfect figure like a film star, will not bring positive fruits. Every inhabitant of the planet is individual. The desire to be like anyone is contrary to human nature. Such a motivation will create many obstacles on the way to a renewed figure. The “true” motives for a decrease in body weight can be considered a serious ailment, the desire to get a half, the desire to change yourself for your own comfort and decisiveness.

The next step is to choose the way that today there is a huge variety, starting with sports, diets and ending with the use of various tools offered by modern cosmetology and pharmacopoeial industry.

It is the choice that determines the attitude to the program of losing weight, that's why it is necessary to approach it with the utmost responsibility.

The third stage involves the replacement of old habits of the original new habits, which should be useful and meet the desire of losing weight.

When, after replacing the dinner, consisting of the usual fried potatoes and a piece of meat, healthy food (salad, fish), in the morning the scales show minus 300 grams, then this is insignificant, but a victory. In these moments, you should motivate yourself in order to achieve more serious results in the future.

The following are recommendations of experts, how to make yourself eat less and lose weight.

First and foremost, you must frankly admit to your own person that you are overweight. In order not to be unfounded, it is recommended to calculate the mass index, which will help assess the ratio of the weight of an individual with his height, which will allow to reveal the presence of a problem of overweight or its absence.

If the index showed that there is a bit of unnecessary kilograms, then it is necessary to make a decision: to enjoy this weight or lose weight. In fact, the decision itself is easy to choose, much more difficult to follow. The war with kilograms is a fairly crucial decision, requiring considerable will and effort from the subjects. After all, the awareness of the existence of a problem does not mean the willingness to sacrifice the usual being for the sake of getting rid of a couple of kilograms. If overweight does not interfere with habitual existence, such a task is not a failure, from which an individual is ready to get rid of any efforts, then it is better not to accomplish anything, at least, as long as his health allows him not to think about it. If to exist with hateful fat unbearable, appearance has suffered, health is shaken and deteriorating, then it is necessary to move yourself to accomplishments in order to eliminate the problem. The following recommendation will help to maintain determination to gain an updated body until a complete victory over excess kilos.

No need to strive to lose weight too quickly. The rapid decrease in mass causes dysfunction of the body. The main task of a slimming individual is to continuously follow the intended goal until the desired weight or volume is reached. A typical blunder of most slimming is considered inconsistency.

Often people, having noticed that the skirt has become small or the belt has ceased to be buttoned, go on tight diets, or go hungry. However, on the expiration of the harsh everyday life and the onset of the long-awaited rest, they allow themselves to relax with the help of alcohol, smoked snacks and sweets. Naturally fasting postponed until later. Often, this only leads to an increase in fat. The result is a complete disappointment with diets and humility with its own non-compensating figure.

No need to be conducted on flashy headlines that promise to get rid of annoying fat in the shortest possible time. This is a blatant lie. In addition, rapid weight loss causes enormous and often irreparable harm to the human body.

It is necessary to understand that in the battle with the described problem, the main end result, not speed. Let the long-awaited mark on the scales have to wait a year, but the slimming strategy will be comfortable and bring recovery to the body. With a huge will, you can get rid of 7 kg, but at the same time to thunder on the hospital bed.

So, in the battle for slenderness, the final result is important, which will come only if the goal is always followed. It is necessary to stop thinking about getting rid of fat deposits, while concentrating directly on the process (sports training, swimming, diet). The process of combating the hated folds and reserves of fat is not a temporary rejection of the taste habits and habitual life, it is a change in the way of existence.

The main enemy, preventing the onset of the result, is malnutrition. The feeling of hunger can be endured for some time, but it is always impossible to live with this feeling. A steady feeling of hunger will eventually overcome any will, which will lead to a breakdown in the process of losing weight, frustration, bad mood, dissatisfaction, and slower metabolism.

Nutritionists recommend eating at one meal up to 90 grams of carbohydrates, and the entire daily diet should be up to 1200 kcal. To achieve the cherished figure, you can return to normal calories, observing certain rules: you should eat in small portions up to 5 times a day, it is forbidden to eat food before going to Morpheus, consumed food must be balanced.

How to make yourself lose weight at home?

Often, overweight people are ridiculed and discriminated against. This generates stress, apathy, dissatisfaction with existence. Such individuals often need the support of psychologists and the right motivation to fight against killers.

Many are interested: "I can not bring myself to lose weight, what to do." Previously, they have followed a lot of diets, tried to play sports, but did not achieve results. The absence of the desired result leads to the unwillingness to change anything. Such individuals are simply wrong approach to the strategy of losing weight, setting himself practically unattainable goals. To start the fight against the problem in question should be with the formulation of intermediate tasks in order to increase the motivational component. Reaching an intermediate goal can be much faster than the final result. Clear installation is important. She points to the desired person and sends him to the right direction.

Small targets like magnets. The achievement of the intermediate task pushes for further achievements. Often, women who go on a diet or decide to go in for sports, make the mistake of forcing themselves to lose weight by a certain date (for example, a birthday).

Positive thinking is the key to successful weight loss. A steady stream of negative thoughts is the main cause of failure. Thoughts of negative content, which kill faith in one’s own strength and hinder the process of losing weight, must be eradicated. Becoming on the path of losing weight you need to develop a strong belief in success and positive thinking. It is necessary to act according to the following scheme, first comes the goal, then the belief in its attainability, mental conviction, the feeling of victory, the action, the final stage is the result.

The present will help change the gaze into the future. It is recommended to more often present yourself in the desired weight, knowing that the kilos left due to the process of losing weight. In your own dreams, you can dream and imagine how a new wardrobe fits perfectly, a new acquaintance admires the figure, colleagues fall asleep with compliments. In the fantasy world, everything is possible, the main thing with a positive and a smile. You need to create a vivid image of your own person after reaching the intended result. After that, you can freely move to the designated target.

Being engaged diligently in changing your own appearance, you need to remember to indulge yourself sometimes. Celebration of intermediate achievements only strengthens motivation. Achieving small goals demonstrates the fruits of hard work on oneself. You can indulge yourself with sweets, acquiring a new apparel, going to a cultural institution.

You also need to understand that the accumulated fat still does not mean a neglected appearance, loose clothes instead of clothes, cheap dresses. You should wear beautiful robes, as this raises self-esteem. Attractive own mirroring is an additional incentive to achieve the desired performance on the scales.

How to make yourself lose weight if there is no willpower?

Having made the final decision to lose weight and get rid of the hated fat, you must not force yourself to force, but convince yourself of the importance of this step. It is important to overcome the psychological barrier, because only this can help get rid of the annoying kilos forever.

Often from the daughters of Eva and even the sons of Adam can be heard can not bring myself to lose weight, what to do. Many are convinced that the problem of obesity is solved only by volitional effort. This is a fundamentally wrong belief. You can not force yourself to adhere to strange diets, engage in workouts, swallow special teas that contribute to weight loss.

It is necessary to start the fight with fatness by finding the right motivational component that will accompany a person throughout the entire period of weight loss. Finding an incentive is pretty simple. It is more difficult to change the usual way. However, when the goal is clearly visible, the obstacle to the path of self-improvement can be easily removed.

The following are examples of motivating incentives. First of all, you should highlight the opportunity to improve health. Every individual knows how detrimental effect on the functioning of the body is overweight. Obese people suffer from shortness of breath, excessive sweating, cardiac and articular algia, and increased pressure. Getting rid of extra pounds helps to restore the working capacity of the gastric system, improve the tone of the epidermis, and normalize pressure. In addition, the surplus prevents conception.

The next motive may be the establishment of communications and the institution of new acquaintances. Fat individuals suffer from complexes, insecurity, isolation. Therefore, the circle of communication in complete people is quite narrow. Often this causes depressive moods.

Personalizing is also a major incentive. Of course, they love against all odds, and not for the seductive figure, charming look, full lips, graceful fingers, large breasts, slender long legs. For a loving individual, the inner characteristics of the chosen one are more important. However, we must not forget that the first impression, which can easily spoil those extra pounds, has tremendous power. You can be a charming person, have sparkling humor, a lively mind, infinite kindness, but it’s difficult to cause a reciprocal sympathy from a person you like on the first rendezvous. In addition, obese people are afraid to meet because of a set of complexes. Therefore, it is much easier to get a life partner to a slender person than an individual who suffers from fullness.

Realization in the profession is another possible motivator. It should be recognized that obese individuals are not the most sought after workers. This is due to the association of high work capacity with activity, mobility, and cheerfulness. A complete individual can hardly be called mobile. Studies have shown that about 8% of people suffering from fullness, in the professional sphere are subject to discrimination.

Having defined the motive, you can begin to draw up a weight loss strategy that should ideally suit a slimming person. You need to lose weight comfortably.

For the company to get rid of annoying fat is much more fun, more interesting and more comfortable. With a partner to eliminate extra kilos you can cook healthy meals together, run, go to workouts. With a partner, it is much more difficult to break off or skip the next session. You can also use the competitive moment of joint battle with the accumulated kilos.

In addition, you can score a money bet in which the loser is the one who for a couple of months the weights arrow will move to the left less with the same weight. If the mass is different, then the calculation is more honest to lead as a percentage.

A great incentive is to purchase a pet. In addition to the pleasure that the puppy will give, he will accustom himself to the daily routine, early ascents, and mandatory walking.

For women, the acquisition of an expensive beautiful attire of a size smaller than that required may be a pleasant stimulant.

People suffering from lack of will and dreaming to become slimmer, psychologists recommend to stop living in anticipation of the next "Monday", suitable for the beginning of the embodiment of weight loss strategies. They advise you to set a task, make a plan and boldly move in the direction of the desired result.

You should not give preference to rigid methods of losing weight in the hope of fast results, because they often bring more losses than good. These methods can undermine health, worsen the appearance, make a nervous breakdown, lose the desire to lose weight.

Self-hypnosis is considered to be the main trump card in the liquidation of kilograms, since repeating positive attitudes every day is quite simple, and the benefits of affirmations are invaluable.

In order to facilitate the process of losing weight and minimize the likelihood of breakdown, it is recommended not to store high-calorie foods in your home. In addition, it is recommended to reduce salt intake, because it prevents the free removal of fluid from the body, as a result, weight indicators may not change, and the lack of results may adversely affect the desire to achieve the goal. It is also recommended to exclude the consumption of chips, sugar, carbonated drinks, sauces, fast foods.

At the same time, it is necessary to understand that following a diet does not mean the need to completely abandon the delicacy with desserts. Only need to eliminate high-calorie desserts.

It is recommended to bring in the slimming strategy procedures that promote the improvement of the figure and carry positive emotions, such as visiting the steam room, aromatherapy, balneotherapy, wraps, and various massages.

If it is impossible to attend sports trainings, it is recommended to devote more time to the boardwalks, the lift should be replaced on foot.