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How to attract the attention of the girl

How to attract the girl's attention to yourself? To win female attention (it does not matter if you are familiar or have accidentally encountered in a supermarket) you should start with taking care of your appearance, and only then begin to take on various original techniques and behavioral strategies. The initial impression adds up the appearance, and only if you were able to make a pleasant impression, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate all the beauty of your inner world. A stylishly and neatly dressed guy who observes the rules of hygiene and looks after himself, smelling of pleasant expensive perfume instead of sweat and lube already attracts girls or does not cause antipathy. A smile, a good look, beautiful posture show your best sides not only from the outside, but they act on a subconscious level, sending a girl a signal that she has a strong and healthy man with whom she can start a family and continue her race.

In order to know how to attract the attention of a girl who likes, it is not necessary to attend many courses and learn special literature. There is one simplest way that everyone forgets about is to be busy doing their own business, inspiring and developing, instead of constantly sticking to the feet of their beloved. A successful guy automatically becomes more attractive in the eyes of a girl than someone who continually confesses her love, but doesn’t represent anything. Initially, such total power and deification can turn a girl's head, but then rationality is turned on, and it turns out that it is safer to be with someone who values ​​her development and achievements, sometimes to the detriment of the girl’s whims, because he will take care of the future and give plenty reasons to be proud of him.

Be bold in expressing your interest, do not look away, and make the first one to meet, the girl is unlikely to be interested in a guy who is embarrassedly blunt looking or blushing when talking. Following the advice to attract the attention of girls, adapt them for themselves, without losing their own individuality, so that next to you was exactly the one that is able to assess your personal qualities, and not a fictional image, the maintenance of which is impossible for a long time.

How to attract the attention of a girl who likes?

Despite the fact that capturing the attention of a girl requires activities aimed at interaction, you should initially take care of yourself, carry out a kind of preparatory work that will help both attract the attention of a girl who likes and win positive feedback from everyone around her. Such investments of time and effort will pay off all my life, because reputation means quite a lot, and especially in the eyes of women (no matter how pretty you are to a girl, if later all her friends speak negatively about you, then she will be cold to you, and on the contrary, there were cases when girls fell in love with a guy in absentia before dating only from the stories of others). It is possible to arouse interest at a distance, and even without knowing a particular girl, and this requires positive self-esteem and confidence in one’s own attractiveness. It is possible to increase these self-awareness indicators at trainings and in one’s own life, providing oneself with multiple contacts with positive people, participation in charitable events and complex projects, and increasing one’s own skills in courses. A confident person who knows his own worth causes a desire to contact and gives positive emotions, while complexes and uncertainty interfere with building healthy interactions, and the partner becomes a psychotherapist about whom they are trying to solve problems.

Courage, confidence, self-acceptance are the first steps, which help not to copy others, but to be yourself. Girls feel false, and if you are a nerd you should not build yourself a bully, it is better to show your strengths, which will definitely cause more sympathy than attempts to squeeze into someone else's image. Girls like sincerity and confidence, so no matter how stupid and unsightly you consider your traits or hobbies, open yourself up and you may be surprised at the amount of female attention.

When guys read advice about taking care of their own appearance, sometimes it takes on hypertrophied forms that repel girls. Yes, you should follow the cleanliness of the body, but you should not pour half the perfume bottles on yourself, yes, the beard and hair should be combed, trimmed and arranged, but not filled with gel. The same applies to clothing - it should be clean, reflecting your inner essence, emphasizing the dignity, but the jumble of expensive brands and the lack of convenience in favor of fashion are not welcome.

When communicating, choose a friendly, open manner. Consider how much you want to communicate with a person who is always angry or pensive. Your emotional state is capable of attracting girls with a magnet, and if, having communicated with you, her mood improves or brightens her soul, she can show the next interest herself, simply because positive people are dialogue-oriented, and not their own thoughts and problems are pleasant interlocutors exciting attention.

If you have achieved that the girl communicates with you, give up early, you need to arrange her attention to yourself, as to the interlocutor, otherwise a new acquaintance may end, and the old become more cool. Be interesting, constantly expand your knowledge so that there is something to tell, find your hobby, learn rare interesting facts. Do not memorize the information, but read what is interesting to you, then all interesting moments will be remembered, and when you start answering the girl's questions about yourself, it will sound more intriguing than "no hobbies, I play the computer." Being interested in a girl, do not abandon your own interests, otherwise you will soon have nothing to talk about or only topics from her life will remain, and believe me, a guy versed in environmental cosmetics is more surprising than an interest.

Sharing your life stories and hobbies, show interest in the life of the girl, her past, hobbies, family. The more questions you ask, the more interest she will feel, and you will receive information, starting from which you can build further relationships or find common topics and activities. But be tactful, consider the psychological distance at each stage of your relationship, asking questions. The same question about the first intimate experience at the beginning of a relationship can cause a storm of negativity and further ignorance on the part of the girl, whereas with long-term and trusting relationships it will help to come closer and better understand each other. In addition to uncomfortable questions, watch the reaction of the girl, since you can touch topics that are completely neutral from your point of view, but painful for her. If the answers become monosyllabic, and irritation or ice appears in the intonations, then quickly change the subject.

More humor and compliments with original content. Let the jokes be relevant to the moment, instead of memorized jokes, and compliments are individual for her, instead of bored "beautiful eyes." Go around gallantly and eliminate any vulgarity in the form of direct staring and touching intimate places. It is better not to force events with girls, but to be attentive, but a little cold, it will give her the opportunity to feel her own interest in you, instead of the usual algorithm of sewing off all persistent fans. Show the girl that you can be friends, communicate and support, that she is interesting to you as an individual, and not just as a sexual object.

And of course, girls love flowers and gifts - use this weakness to stand out among the rest. Add intrigue, sending the presents by courier, let her guess what it could be, invite for dinner not by sms, but by putting a beautiful note in chocolate. You should not bet on the price of a present, it is more important what mood and impressions a girl will receive than the cost (and not everyone can accept an expensive gift, and many will consider it an unequivocal hint, for which you will receive your slap in the face, while the bouquet personally picked dandelions will cause many different pleasant and clean feelings).

How to attract the attention of the girls by correspondence?

Communication is increasingly moving from face-to-face meetings to online space, it helps save time, allows you to communicate with those who are far away, and also opens up communication with those people who are interested in you, and not with those with whom you find yourself in the same geographic space. Freedom to communicate with someone who likes has the opposite side - ease in establishing contact is accompanied by the same ease of stopping it, because it is enough to remove a person from active contacts and the problem is solved, there will be no chance meetings and awkward looks. Therefore, if the sympathy arose in the network, it is worth considering how to attract the attention of the girl in contact, facebook, instagram and other social services. It is necessary to cause a really lively interest, and not to provoke an empty correspondence that can ignite from idleness, and fade as soon as things reappear.

When you want to please a girl in reality, you tidy up your appearance, when you strive to please her in correspondence - tidy up your page. Remove pornographic and obscene materials, cruelty and violence, clean your photos by deleting photos from the former, while intoxicated and at questionable events. Download fresh beautiful photos showing not only your portrait and staged studio photos, but also your activities (maybe you planted a tree, played basketball, organized a rally for the children at the shelter). After that, you can appear at the girl not by direct communication, but by likes and repost.

In order for the communication to start immediately as something significant, avoid patterns in greeting and making contact, it is better to start with a common theme. Yes, you definitely have a common theme, because somehow you found her page (perhaps she commented on something in the general group, then start communicating with this, or you have common friends, then you can ask how she’s with them familiar). For the flight of fantasy in search of originality, all methods are suitable except humiliating and insulting jokes, and for all the others - do not be afraid to seem ridiculous, because a person who is able to make you laugh and self-ironic causes sympathy and creates the impression of a confident and interesting interlocutor.

Unobtrusively learn from the girl about her life - her almanac page with tips for topics and questions, raising which you can count on her interest. Just do not overdo it with sweetness, praising her tastes and admiring the complete coincidence of your musical preferences, add a little variety, livening up the discussion, asking why she thinks so. Not a dispute, but a sincere interest from another position allows a person to tell more about himself, and he will give you space to express himself. Waiting for active interest from the girl may be a mistake, so the task of self-presentation falls on your shoulders, so that it looks like an indirect mention when discussing another topic.

Not knowing how to attract the attention of the girls in contact, many are beginning to use the services offered, sending out stickers with hearts, romantic music and funny pictures. It never worked, because most do, and besides, messages sent with a single click do not have a personal history and an individual approach - you merge into the gray mass of similar lazy fans. Better use the intrigue, discussing with her various topics, expressing your opinion, do not be afraid to criticize the girl, it will hook her. Hold on regardless of her messages - you can leave the network, while she writes the answer or disappear for several days, you can not immediately respond to her, even if you are online - this behavior makes the girl doubt, and since the communication has already started, she will try to please you . There is nothing worse than the intrusiveness of the network when your messages start to resemble spam emails, and do not let the flow of new information get bored.

And the most important rule of correspondence is to write correctly, otherwise, while reading, the girl's brain each time will stumble over an error, which will not add you advantages, but rather make her stop communicating. And it's not even that all the girls are snobs and require a thorough knowledge of grammar, it just indirectly reduces your chances, not to mention the fact that automatic spell checking and autocorrection are working everywhere now.

How to attract the attention of the former girl?

There are various motives behind this question, and it is from them that one has to make a start before taking action. If the desire to attract her attention is dictated by a thirst for revenge, a desire to take revenge, spoil the mood and similar things, then the plan will most likely fail. Those. You will attract attention, of course, but you will not achieve the desired reaction, because if you split up on such notes, it means that the offense lives in you, and the girl initiated the break. Since she does not appear, everything is fine with her and she does not regret, but artificial attempts to impute to her what a wonderful person she lost, will lead to her indifferent look or cause laughter.

If you regret the loss, then there are chances to return, if the separation happened for some stupidity, and not because of serious detailed reasons, in the light of which it is better to suffer the crisis moment than to get back into unbearable relationships.

To re-interest the former one should not upholster the threshold of her house and bother with calls, on the contrary - take a pause, disappear from sight. During this time, take care of your life - change the sittings at the bar for sports, have a career, go on a trip, learn something new. Besides the fact that changing life in a different direction will significantly take your time and prevent suffering and plunging into depression, when meeting a girl you will have something to show and tell, in addition to the changes that she can personally see in you (from the experience gained and look and walk).

When meeting, keep a neutral tone and physical distance, as with your comrades - while remaining benevolent, do not tell her how you missed or wanted to meet and do not delay communication at first. It would be nice if she saw you in the company of other girls, this will cause jealousy, but be careful, because if your communication with others is too relaxed, then the former may think that this is a theatrical performance or simply give up on you. Do not rush to rapprochement, and devote a maximum of time to self-development - let it see that it is not in the first place, people value lost more than not acquired. Well, when the cold gradually begins to go away and the girl herself begins to show more interest, your task is to support her in this open and sincere conversation - you can make out the mistakes that led to the break, you can honestly tell about the desire to restore everything. When approaching and having a clear interest, do not be afraid to open up, because this girl knows you better when you can speak openly that she will raise your value in her eyes.