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What to do if you do not want to live

What if you don't want to live? The blows of fate, crushing failures and painful losses can accompany an individual on any segment of the life path. Sometimes it happens that the world loses its colors, hope disappears, the meaning of life disappears. It is precisely in such moments that the desire to fight and continue to exist disappears. And many are beginning to wonder what to do if you do not want to live at all? This type of difficult moments, it is necessary to overcome in spite of everything, even when you want to give up. No matter what the depressing and painful situations a person has encountered in the segment of the life phase. It is important not to succumb to their influence. After all, every passing day brings with it something new, previously unknown, interesting. Today, the sky is black and there is a thunderstorm, and tomorrow the sky is sparkling with a variety of colors reflected in the warm sunshine.

Similar happens in human existence. It’s as if today there is no way out of the host of problems, but tomorrow something happens that solves all problems in one fell swoop. After all, everything can really be adjusted or corrected, only death is irreversible. Therefore, as long as an individual bodily exists, he invariably must hope.

What to do if you do not want to live - advice from a psychologist

In the first turn, the individual who asked this question, it is recommended to try to understand the events taking place. Analysis of the situation contributes to the adoption of the right decision, planning specific strategic actions and helps to distract from depressing thoughts.

In addition, it is necessary to distinguish between depressive moods or a banal melancholy that fits within the limits of normality, from real depression. Despondency and melancholy can be overcome on their own, and the depressed state needs professional correction.

If a person loses the question: “what to do if you don’t want to live anymore”, you should not drive such thoughts away from you, considering them shameful or unacceptable. The problem does not cease to exist and have a disastrous effect, if a person pretends that it does not exist. It is at the stage when the individual begins to think about the need for further existence, he so badly needs help.

It often happens that the subject of depressive mood is so shameful and forbidden that the individual has to exist for years in a depressed state. Some do not cope with the severity of problems and find peace on the bottom of the bottle, while others blame the discouragement and apathy on tiredness from work, hiding the lack of desire behind duties, justifying the absence of a normal intimate life with everyday problems. Such a trivial existence can last a long period, until an individual realizes once that he has long ceased to feel happiness. People behind the everyday heap of problems, the intense rhythm of life, the endless pursuit of imaginary values, lose value guidelines, lose their goals and understanding of the meaning of existence. They turn into robots that exist according to a program set by someone.

The error of most human subjects lies in stereotyped thinking. Many follow their lives not in their own way, but as imposed by society, their social environment or their kin. Therefore, the work does not give pleasure, the husband has long been disgusted, children began to annoy.

Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to revise life goals, your own pastime, to understand what really brings pleasure, gives joy and illuminates with happiness. When an individual completely loses interest in his own being, loses social activity and becomes apathetic to everything, one must immediately visit a psychologist.

If an individual has plunged into the maelstrom of experiences after a certain life situation, you should try to get out of this state yourself. Because inaction will lead to looping on the difficulties that can plunge the subject into the depressive abyss.

The most frequent factor causing melancholy, is looping at a certain unpleasant event. Permanent whirlpool of problems, scrolling in the head, maintaining a silent internal conversation with a ghostly opponent, presenting a possible course of events, if there was no specific negative situation. With such thoughts the individual drives himself deeper and deeper into longing. The inability to rectify the event, coupled with a passionate desire to change what is happening will bring to the madness of anyone. Stop it now - the main goal of a healthy psyche.

When everything that happens so badly and inexorably pursues the only question “what to do if you don’t want to live anymore”, you need to remember about creativity. And you do not need to limit your own person in creative self-realization. Creativity is beneficial for its variety of directions: playing music, drawing, modeling, embroidering, dancing, knitting. Every kind of creative art brings tranquility. You can choose the most elementary direction, let it be considered childish. The main condition is that the hobby gives joy and pleasure.

Art therapy not only helps to get rid of the depressive mood, but can also reveal a tendency towards a certain direction, and which the individual himself had never suspected before. The creative process will allow you to relax, forget about the sorrows, learn new things. The great advantage of the described method is the ability to please relatives with a souvenir of its own production. But the happiness of the native man will not leave anyone indifferent.

If the rhythm of being allows, it is recommended to take a time out. You can go on vacation or take a couple of days off, go home, go to the mountains, exclude all noisy parties, devote this time solely to your own person, without allowing yourself to be loaded with problems.

What to do if you do not want to live, but there is a child?

Sometimes, even among avid fun-loving people, optimism ends and the interest in being disappears. The life course of human subjects cannot consist exclusively of joys and positive moments. Often a person meets on certain life segments with insurmountable obstacles, sorrows, losses, failures. From this hands down, the desire for novelty, interest in what is happening and the desire to live disappear. A single thought begins to pursue a person: "what to do if you don't want to live at all, but there is a responsibility to your relatives, spouse, child."

Faced with the lack of the need to live for the first time, it is not worthwhile to drive an obsessive thought, to pretend that it does not exist, you need to realize that there is a certain problem and start looking for its roots. You can try to dig out the root cause on your own, but it’s safer to do it in the company of a close friend or psychologist.

First of all, it is necessary to clearly state the situation that plunged into the abyss of despondency. Next, you need to comprehend what led to this problem. Often in painful experiences it is quite difficult to reason soberly and detachedly. Here you may need a close friend, which the current situation does not affect.

Reflecting on your own problems that affect your life interest, it would be nice to think about the sorrows and troubles present in the world. After all, many can be much worse. After all, any financial problems can be solved, betrayal is forgotten, luck will someday come to replace unsuccessful love. It is impossible to fix only death. The inability to repay a loan is insignificant in relation to the incurable illness of a baby.

If the desire to live is lost, but there is a baby, then you need to give yourself the opportunity to rest. You can not leave a short period. This will allow you to distance yourself from everyday life, to hear yourself and help you find out what exactly destroys your interest in being. After all, when the cause is known, it is much easier to eradicate it, rather than trying to change something, not knowing what caused the decline in vital energy and apathy. In addition, you need to understand that a small crumb needs a parent. And when at least one living soul needs a human individual - this is already the raison d'etre.

Most often, the source of the loss of vital interest is the absence of a goal, some kind of attitude, a dream-idea, for the realization of which a person moves, develops, works, overcomes obstacles. Such an installation could be a career, children, the dream of cloudless happiness next to a loved one, children, material security, travel.

Most individuals seem to live someone else’s life. They study on specialties imposed by their parents, work solely for material satisfaction, forgetting about the spiritual, live with unloved partners for the sake of preserving the family’s appearance, turning their own lives into a series of experiences, chasing material goods, trying to snatch at least a drop of happiness.

The meaning of existence can be found in serving people, charity, and creativity. The main task of every human subject is happiness. Man a priori should be happy. It is necessary to learn to see happiness in small things, enjoy the first spring rays of the sun or winter snowflakes, a child's smile or the kiss of a lover, a big salary or favorite activity, meeting with a friend or reading an exciting thriller.

If a subject who has lost interest in being has children, then it is they who are the best cure for depressive moods. It is kids who can help cope with the most serious loss and irreparable grief. Pure souls, kind and unconstrained in their own behavior, little crumbs need adults. Any joint business with the child will relieve from sad thoughts for a long period of time. The desire to live always wakes up when looking at your own child, feeling his selfless love and kindness.