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How to become attractive

How to become attractive? Attractiveness is an eternal topic for research and self-improvement, because the quality aimed at attracting another (and even more so, men) is one of the evolutionarily necessary qualities for the survival of humanity, the possibility of improving the genocode and ensuring social and psychological security and comfort. In this regard, each lady is looking for her own answers, how to become an attractive woman, but there is no one who would not be interested in this question. Even those who at first glance scored on their own attractiveness (scribbles and immersed in science, athletes and choosing to abandon the "female stuff"), their activities tend to enhance other aspects of attractiveness. It has long been established through numerous studies that appearance plays only the primary and smallest role in attraction, and it is not necessary to have a canonical beautiful appearance (you can be extravagant, you can be artistic, you can be erudite).

How to become feminine and attractive?

In order to develop attractiveness and not to lose individuality, following homogeneous tips from gloss, it is worthwhile to determine your own merits and weaknesses, and on the basis of these data you should start an improvement program. Remember that some recommendations can be given to you extremely hard, which means they will not bring the proper result - reshaping themselves as a copy of fashion trends scares the attention of men, they cease to distinguish one woman from another and have no interest in clones. In addition, the main thing that attracts is the internal state of lightness, lightheartedness, confidence that absolutely everything is possible if you set yourself the goal of walking on a stud, even on the pavement, having rode up to this all your life in sneakers. Emphasize your merits in a way that is convenient for you: beautiful legs highlight tight jeans, not just heels, a beautiful voice will emphasize correct speech, not just karaoke singing, personal qualities of kindness and mercy can be shown in everyday situations and not fit into a volunteer program and go to hot spots.

The issue of femininity is becoming increasingly acute lately due to the loss of its manifestations. The trend concerns everything: fashionable and stylish, something that is conveniently unmarked, not bright and has the character of a unisex (a modern girl can quite well look and feel comfortable using the wardrobe of her boyfriend); the main goals of life increasingly feature several entities, career prospects and independence; in personal manifestations to achieve all this and to withstand competition with men, women become more rigid, structured and purposeful. This is only an exemplary portrait of an average girl, in which notes of tenderness and femininity practically do not sound, but also as women do not attract effeminate men, men are not much interested in girls with pronounced masculine qualities (no, they will sit with interest in a bar, discuss business -plan and go on a mountain trip, but make friends with the brain "in which fairy I fell in love, these pens, these eyes" are unlikely to become). And from here at the moment of searching for answers how to become an attractive woman, one important vector arises - the recollection and disclosure of one's own femininity, for which modern men have so missed.

Independence, competitiveness and brightness, of course, attract men - the goal of such communication will be pursuing one’s own goals, a fleeting romance or a one-time sex, but if we talk about long-term relationships, then a man who doesn’t have his own rod is infantile. And when with such a strong girl the armor falls and there is a need for care and protection, it turns out that the person next door is more suitable for the role of the son. If somewhere inside there is an understanding of its fragility, then it makes sense to show and show it to the world, then the man next to him will be one who is ready and understands what to do in such cases, capable of care and responsibility. What is interesting is that strong, adequate and psychologically mature men do not like the images of a business woman and fatal bitch, they prefer feminine and affectionate.

How to become attractive? From birth, femininity is inherent in every person, even in men (anima and animus are the components of our inner mental structure), therefore, to return or reveal our own qualities than to enhance one's feminine (non-professional or personal) attractiveness to each. Start by letting go of control over everything that happens and give the role of a leader to a man. In the first times it will be almost impossible to do this, fear and anxiety will begin to overwhelm, and it will not be all done so slowly. Here you can only hold, and in the format of the experiment you should observe what is happening and the consequences, therefore, first of all, choose the moments where you are not very afraid of losses. Not because the man can not cope. And because your fear there will be less, and the chances of not getting along with your advice and the iron grip of the leader will increase. Learn to be resettled, you will see that the collapse has not come, and the man takes on more responsibility, and he likes it, he has the opportunity to show his strength and care. And you have time to feed your female part or to develop a new hobby, a huge part of the energy is released when you don’t carry everything on your shoulders, and gratitude to the man comes to the place of reproaches and disrespect.

And while your man is busy solving some external tasks, you can delve into the study of your feminine nature, take up your appearance, where you don’t have to try to repeat the latest fashionable bows, and it’s important to find your image happy and easy. Vedic gurus are advised to throw out pants, go to dresses, put on jewelry, eat sweets and go for a massage - if this gives you the necessary feeling, then do so, and if you prefer other styles, instead of massage, a pool, and instead of a sweet one - pizza, do it. Femininity is not in the rules and appearance - it is in the ability to be relaxed, enjoy and give pleasure.

How to become more beautiful and more attractive?

Appearance is the first thing that can attract or repel, beauty issues are so acute in human perception that entire industries have been created, aimed at correcting flaws and emphasizing merits in order to achieve a perfect image. But the problematics of the concept of beauty is that besides the fact that it changes in different years (that is, it is the same trend as fashion), it also has a rather subjective character, and that one is fairly familiar and everyday, another can seem angelic face.

The desire to become more beautiful and attractive pushes women to painful procedures, operations and the loss of a significant part of the budget, this is justified by the desire to please men, while often the opinion of men themselves is not taken into account. There is a competition between girlfriends, the creation of an illusion of turbulent activity, attempts to improve themselves at the expense of the outside, when the soul falls apart, and on the threshold is a severe depression. What men consider beautiful is the naturalness in appearance, simple clothes and long, well-groomed hair, no labutenes, hyaluronic lips, painted nails are not there.

It is necessary to distinguish between personal care and endless straightening. A man will consider beautiful that woman who will love and only in this way, no external modifications will return love and will not help her to receive it. Our own self-perception makes us beautiful or ugly in our own eyes, and it is this attitude that we transmit to others. Remember that an intelligent woman will explain to everyone that she is beautiful. The psychological aspect of the external manifestation is extremely important and if the non-acceptance of oneself is so great that it takes up to an hour to go for bread to make up, then it’s not in the salon, it’s to a psychologist to work on injuries, self-acceptance and self-esteem level.

But this does not mean that by becoming self-confident enough, you can throw care about your body. It still needs training, but to be fit so that the muscles can do their work. It requires creams and masks to nourish and moisturize the skin, healthy and healthy food, to maintain the immune system and overall condition. Taking care of your well-being and benefits for your own body is appropriate, draining yourself to the state of a vobla with workouts and diets, carrying out operations will not add beauty, but will harm health.

Determine your style, hairstyle and hair color that adorn you. Take care of yourself, choose a wardrobe, taking into account your own tastes, features of the figure and convenience. Inconvenient shoes disfigure a woman, walk and foot, no matter how fashionable they are. Every person is made beautiful by a smile and confidence that disappears if we are uncomfortable or if we are dressed in "not our own" (well, it happens when we listen to the advice not of our own feelings, but of sellers and girlfriends). Spend time not on learning the latest trends (this can be done endlessly and meaninglessly), but on defining your own style (it will take more time, but the result will be stunning). A woman who knows herself creates a harmonious image in which not only the wardrobe is combined with each other, make-up and type of figure, but all this harmonizes well with her age, field of activity, place of residence, type of temperament and surrounding weather and situational moments.

How to become more attractive to men - psychology

Attractiveness is not limited to external factors and following a certain algorithm, if we are talking about something long and deep, such a level of communication, where you can talk about emerging feelings, friendship, love. And bringing his appearance and manners to the ideal, it turns out that this is not enough to interest the interlocutor seriously. The psychology of perception is such that one gets used to the exterior and the surrounding space and after a while ceases to notice both beauty and deformity. In the process of communication, any external qualities may change, because their perception is situational and this is the most beautiful man on the planet, while you are in love with him, becomes an ugly goblin after you have been hit and humiliated in a significant situation a couple of times.

Maintaining attractiveness on a psychological level is a matter of working with maintaining a balance between the new and the old, for what you have chosen and the desire for development. And the main enemy is boredom, when you show a person every time only one side of your personality, only one spectrum of emotions and sphere of interests, you lose his interest.

When interacting, we fill the need of each of our friends in something and when hunger is satisfied, and you can fill only this part, you become uninteresting. So, when a man is now really fun and easy-going company, and you are just such a dragonfly, everything will be fine until this need is sated and he wants an intellectual one, he will start dragging you to conferences and master classes. Remaining the same, you seem to him to be a dummy, able only to have fun, not having any intellectual development and aspiration - you fall in his eyes, remaining the same.

Many-sidedness in activity and manifestations, and both in the ability to support a person’s new desires and being leading in any undertakings, will not let you get bored. Freedom and courage in the expression of emotions makes you lively and interesting. The host, a kind and calm girl, of course, is beautiful, but when she is only this (not designating and not aggressively defending her borders, not falling into hysterics from something, not laughing for the whole quarter), then she wants to be quietly strangled or shake A frozen swamp, but in a beautiful package men are not interested.

To be beautiful watch your appearance, health, hygiene. But it is also important to follow the constant development of your personality - let you have several topics in which you develop in depth, become an expert in this field, and there will be a lot of activities that expand your horizons so that in addition to your narrow specialization you can support many Topics.

Learn to talk to people about yourself and about them, about feelings and intimate things, about something soulful and important. It’s about the present, what’s anxious to touch in another and it’s scary to open in yourself, but it’s about genuine communication, not the level of weather and politics. When meeting personalities, you reveal your real beauty, inner, and this also needs to be learned, as well as how to apply makeup. Work on your sense of humor and self-irony - this adds to the ease of communication and causes a lot of sympathy from others.

Men are not soulless robots going on the outer cover, and if you want to be interesting to them, show your own interest in them, become not just a beautiful accessory, but a worthy equal participant in dialogue and relationships.