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Signs of cheating wife

There are no obvious signs of betrayal of a wife, like a lipstick on her collar, because as soon as a woman appears in another, the relationship ends and in some cases without spiritual betrayal. It is not customary to talk about female infidelities, rather everyone pretends that such a concept does not exist in principle, so many people don’t understand how to define adultery. If male adultery is legalized in society, to the point of creating families of a harem type and rewarding friends for another seduced woman, then the very fact of betraying a wife entails many reproaches, rejection and prohibition. Remember, even prostitutes are ordered for a bachelor party, and strippers for a bachelorette party, although in fact there is one goal, but everyone continues to pretend that male adultery is more familiar than female one.

Wives also go to the side, the only difference is in the motivational aspect, and if a man sometimes has a rather beautiful appearance of a girl, positive communication and a certain dose of alcohol, then a woman needs more serious reasons based on psychological closeness, establishment of emotional connection. Having a lover or changing once, a woman does it more in the sphere of feelings, there may even be no sex, but something deeper will be present.

Treason is a concept that exists between two people in a relationship, and when a woman looks the other way, she leaves the irrelevant relationship to fill the emotional void and feeling of loneliness.

When it becomes clear that there is another man in front of you, it will be too late, and you will know this when the two of them come to pick up her things. If there is a desire to maintain a relationship with this woman, then you need to look for hints and indirect signs of the presence of adultery, when everything is still in the initial stage and you can correct the process. Remember that female treason is not possible by chance, so she can’t get caught by stupidity, which means you need to be more careful in your analysis. Changes in appearance and behavior, the emergence of new interests and habits, get-togethers with friends and delays at work - this is an indicative list of what to look for, and not to look for a phone number signed by Andrey Lover.

The first signs of cheating wife

Wondering how to determine the betrayal of his wife, many men skip the stage, where it is necessary to determine that she is not comfortable at home and next to you. Because it is only from the intolerance of the fact that a woman is ill in real relationships, because of the constant shortage (warmth, respect, attention, words of love) she begins to look for where to feed her own need. If you notice that your behavior makes her nervous, she tries to distance herself, and in the periodic moments of searching for intimacy she says that she is in pain or pain from your behavior, the crack in the relationship has already gone, and will not heal by itself, and endure forever. nobody will be like that. If she finds more and more activities outside of her home (to escape, she can help your mom, grow everything she can in the country house), then at home she is ill and she is looking for what to do. The first signals that will lead to the appearance of another man who wants to feel sorry for her and add more smiles to a beautiful but sad face.

The first hints of the appearance of someone on the horizon are the frequent stories of his wife about one of the men (a colleague whom you have known for ten years and never suspected, a new acquaintance who helped her with a dog in a veterinarian). The stories will be innocent, and to suspect a person about whom they so clearly and openly speak will seem delusional in the men's eyes, but remember that a woman changes by falling in love, but they do not fall in love with the body, but with respect to them. Between you, buried in the tablet and a plain old acquaintance, every morning interested in her mood, she chooses to open up to him - first with a petty problem, then with a bigger one, and then he will become closer and dearer to her than the person sleeping in her bed.

The changed behavior can be not only detached when the woman tries to avoid you, as the cause of her dissatisfaction (sexual, moral, material), but also have the opposite appearance of over-care and attentiveness. Such a reaction arises in women who condemn treason, who until the last hoped to get the missing from their spouse, and now suffer from a sense of guilt. With the new lover, hunger for human warmth is already being satisfied, the woman feels better and ceases to make all offended claims to her husband - now there is where to take more. Often, husbands perceive the beginning of the destruction of a marriage as the happiness of the second honeymoon that fell on them - the claims are over, the wife smiles all the time, does not pester with questions, cares, and she also looks beautiful. Only behind this fault and indifference. Look where your spouse gets the support you previously asked for, who fixes her ever-hanging computer, where she takes the answers to your questions, and think about why she is less interested in where you were, what you got at work and what you think about your relationship.

My wife can spend more time on the Internet, and if earlier it was surfing on interesting sites, searching for articles and events, now most of the time is occupied by various social networks, and you increasingly fall asleep to the sound of a typing keyboard. She goes into communication in the virtual world to make up for the lack of warmth and interest that she expects from you, and it is better not to ignore this signal, rejoicing that she is lagging behind, because soon either the virtual friendship will grow into a real novel or she will understand what to do. she has nothing in front of the monitor and will start looking for something in real life.

Any change in behavior should alarm you, because if it’s not a bell of betrayal, then it’s good to clarify about the change in the internal climate of relations before it is overwhelmed with a typhoon. And be sure, as long as the woman takes out your brain, calls you three hundred times a day with stupid questions, gets offended before the scandal because of your being half an hour late for dinner - she has no one in mind. Moreover, an increase in questions and complaints about your coldness may indicate your woman’s jealousy, which indicates your value to her, but do not go too far, or you may get revenge in a similar way.

Before actually changing, a woman complains hundreds of times about the lack of attention, asks for your time, participation and gifts - this is the last chance, ignoring which husband loses his wife. Being in good condition, in care and love, it would not occur to a woman to ask for attention and ask about your feelings, just like looking for it in another place.

How to find out the signs of cheating on your wife?

The obvious signs of betrayal of a wife are a cardinal change of image or an increased desire to improve appearance. It usually begins with a wardrobe, a more careful selection of clothes, instead of running out as usual in a comfortable suit. From the shelves you get long-forgotten heels that used to be on your dates, and now they only have a place for holiday trips to the restaurant. She can update the wardrobe with new bright and seductive things, but this is not yet critical, as it can be done in spite of her friends or after the caustic remarks of a colleague. But if you notice a few new expensive sets of branded exclusive lace underwear, then it's time to sound the alarm. Not every woman wears a beautiful lace set every day, because from the convenience he loses cotton comfortable linen, and his very purpose is to be seen in a rather intimate setting. Changing the usual stockings with stockings is the same as all the things that insanely pleasing men, but not so comfortable to carry them every day, especially if you are deprived of a demonstration of all this beauty.

In addition to clothing, the changes relate to makeup (it may appear for those who are not painted, become brighter or change in the color palette for those who are used to apply it, and may disappear, but sparkling eyes will make a woman more beautiful), as well as hairstyles (unwashed head , somehow the knotted tail will disappear, and trips to the haircut, and at the same time and to the manicure will become frequent). Fitness classes, buying a subscription to a gym, regular visits to a beautician may be your wife’s usual routine, but if this was not close to her life, then the desire to look better shouts about your presence, but you should think about motivation ( connection with the age crisis, and maybe the inspiration appeared).

The emergence of new things, which has a strange explanation is also one of the signs. Gold earrings, perfumes and boots, given away by a friend, because they did not fit in style, smell, size; phone or camera, bought for a promotion or won in a hypermarket; chocolate and flowers are regular gifts at work. Analyze the situation, how likely such a confluence of events is, check for the presence of such actions in stores, thank her friends for presents and watch the reaction (remember, friends can be warned).

And when you, out of habit, go to check your email from her laptop, notice the password on it or that the social profiles that were previously opened by her are closed, you can ask about what is happening. Perhaps there is another reason and they will tell you about it right away, but the cleaned browser history, remote calls and SMS on the phone and messages in the networks (although you hear a regular sound of notifications about new ones even in the evening and at night) is a direct decree that my wife had the second, hidden from you life.

How to recognize the betrayal of his wife's behavior?

In addition to external changes, a changing woman’s behavior changes, unlike a man who calmly combines two passions in her soul and brain, a woman completely plunges into a new feeling, a new partner, which is impossible not to notice by the changed behavior, which naturally has its own characteristics, excellent from the euphoria caused by other events.

A change in sexual behavior is perhaps the brightest indicator of the presence of a third party in your relationship, and there may be two manifestations: the wife has become cold and tries to avoid in every possible way not only intimate intimacy, but also your touch (you are now like someone else, emotionally she is with another and it leaves an imprint) or on the contrary shows more activity in the intima, and you notice new habits or techniques (activity is explained by guilt feelings or the desire to hide the fact of adultery, and innovations are obtained from a good new teacher). Direct evidence of treason can be condoms in your wife’s handbag or a pack of used emergency contraception.

Interest in your life disappears, and she not only ceases to be interested in how your day went, but she is no longer interested in the reasons for the delay in work or where you are going for the whole weekend with men without wives. Parties, late messages, calls from other women - that which caused many questions, resentment or scandal, now does not force her to be distracted from scrolling through the Facebook tape. Pay a lot of attention to you when your own life becomes more meaningful and interesting, and you do not cause more feelings, it becomes impossible. Many cease to cook, push life, because now they do not see the point. Why feed no more interesting man, why keep a house where you don’t want to be? For the same reason, indifference, she no longer argues with you, agreeing with everything, and has ceased to constantly indicate your shortcomings in everyday life. Such a devil-may-care attitude reflects the new nest found and the fact that the woman is preparing to move there, and everything that happens in this house is infinite.

Your wife becomes financially independent and if earlier she asked you for money on a cafe with her friends and a taxi, now she attends more events, in the salons happens more often, but she does not address you. New relationships in the stage of their romance, seasoned with treason, encourage other men to take care of and be generous not only for compliments, but also financially. Combines this with late returns home, due to extra work. She returns by taxi or the company gives her a driver, but you can’t meet her in any way; moreover, the increase in her income and complete independence from you fits into this slim legend.

And the last behavioral trait - the absence of direct contact of the eye, constantly closed posture, monosyllabic answers to your questions. The behavior of a closed person in defense, resembling interaction with strangers at a general seminar, is an indication that you have become a stranger to her.