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How to pull yourself together

How to pull yourself together? Emotionality, laziness, procrastination - those processes that cause a person to look for ways to pull himself together and begin to act. In cases where everything depends on the inability to control one’s own emotional state, motivation can help with negative consequences, one can only imagine possible scenarios, as well as their significance and impact on life in the long run.

In the immediate situation of lack of control over the overwhelming emotions, it helps to pull itself together to appeal to the physical aspect of the senses — pinch yourself, jump, scroll the object in the palms. When everything falls out of the hands, and there is no opportunity to continue activities and the ability to see new solutions, calm down the right way out of the situation. You can breathe deeply to shed extra adrenaline or rinse your hands with cold water, which helps you to get back to your feelings from panic.

In principle, emotional outbursts eventually fade themselves, but the underlying causes that make us not get up from the couch for 24 hours, each repeat exactly the same, do not pass so quickly. Often, inaction, even under conditions that require changes, is dictated by the lack of internal forces for any external changes, since they can be wasted on processes that are not visible (outgoing injuries, getting out of crisis, depression).

And another popular moment in the formation of inaction is the lack of true motivation. Those. to remove, it seems, you need to enroll in the Physical and Technical Institute, and also change your wardrobe and move, but in fact, your parents, friends, spouses, whose desires you either took for your own, or succumbed to clever manipulation. That's just the energy to perform such an unnecessary action of your personality does not appear, as well as motivation. Accordingly, before embarking on achievements, the changes should test their plans for compliance with their picture of the world and the relevance of the current state of affairs.

How to pull yourself together and start living in a new way?

Striving for a new life is born in the minds and fantasies of many, acquiring various degrees of its magnitude and seriousness - someone wants to start running, and someone wants to get a divorce and go to the opposite continent. Unites people with such different goals, a similar emotional state of impossibility to get out of the usual pace and flow of action, because to get tangible changes in your own life there is little to want and visualize, you need to figure out how to control yourself and begin to act.

A person is lazy (and this is what gave rise to all technical progress), and if everything is sufficiently tolerant it is unlikely that he will start to change something, most often, stirring happens when something bad or crisis happens, forcing you to pull yourself together or reconsider your previous life. The movement begins with a motivation that is born out of a feeling of dissatisfaction, but to start jumping, not waiting for the old life to collapse, you need a motivation to strive for something more. Those. need to deceive your own psyche. By showing her a picture of what you are striving for and making her not a dream, but a norm. Then there will be a feeling that the way it is now does not fit and there will be forces to move towards a new vision.

After the direction is chosen and there is motivation, quite specific tools will be needed to move forward, since this is a new road, the movement will not work in simple and familiar ways, which means you need to use the ability to control your own actions and even thoughts. Getting rid of bad habits is an excellent training of the will and a step towards the new. Promoting a healthy lifestyle with calls to stop drinking, smoking and staggering around the clubs is, of course, wonderful, and if these activities prevent you from rebuilding your own life in a new direction, then get rid of these behaviors. But in addition to the popular notion of bad habits, there are many others that are silent. This includes exhausting work and the lack of quality rest, the habit of saving on yourself (products, cosmetics, medicines) is an extremely deplorable way. A communication style that destroys our life is also a certain habit - when you break promises, when you cannot refuse a person, to the detriment of your own interests, and even when you give another emotional vampire to empty you to the brim - this is not about your kindness, but about that you are accustomed to live like this, do not want or are afraid to resist. Starting a change from your own character and interaction with the world, you can change your life from the inside and out of quality, and not make it look like buying a new jacket.

Just getting rid of too much, whether individual actions or entire rituals are usually a very stressful process for the body, and the psyche does not tolerate emptiness. Therefore, not a simple exception will be more harmonious, but a replacement with something useful that will fit into your new aspirations. If you decide to lead a healthier life, instead of quitting smoking, squat or push for those moments when you want to smoke. They invented for themselves that it would be good to sit on social networks less and get the Nobel Prize - combine these goals that are globally different, and instead of scrolling through the evening tapes, study the scientific literature.

Approximately, in this way, there should be an inclusion in the new life. Since, without abandoning the old, the new will simply have nowhere to insert, because your whole day is already busy with the usual things, and if you shed rid of unnecessary things, leaving empty space, you risk returning to the old, because all your free time will be spinning around former behaviors.

Standing on the threshold of a new life, it is good to have reinforced concrete confidence in the chosen path and its conformity to the aspirations of your soul, and not your acquaintances, to whom it would be convenient to see you in a new role. Choosing your strategies, do not listen to other people's negative opinions and advice to return everything as it was - this is a common reaction of society to personal metamorphosis, because changing, you become uncomfortable for others, they have to either say goodbye or change with you. Usually, people choose to simply drive the person back into the usual framework, where it is convenient for them to act, getting their profits and manipulations.

Get rid of debts and projects that can remind you of your previous life and delay it. Before a new relationship, finalize a divorce, and before you apply for a new job, complete and transfer the cases to the old one. Otherwise, pulling you for your debts, people can destroy such a fragile in its beginning a new path.

And from the beloved by all, but far from the obligatory and paramount point - change your appearance with the help of a hairstyle or wardrobe, losing weight or typing the missing kilos. Just let these external changes be a reflection of the internal ones that have already occurred, otherwise they will look wildly and imposed, besides, not a single new shirt has changed fate by itself.

How to pull yourself together and find the strength and confidence?

To get up and begin to act, you need strength, to gather, you need strength, to find strength, you need strength. The circle closes in the lack of energy, confidence and self-esteem fall, and understanding, the need to act knocks woodpecker into the next wall. The impetus for the ability to do at least something, then to be able to recharge energy can be the following recommendations, similar in their action to the resuscitation of the battery with a toad. The methods, emergency and short-term, will not act regularly and toss up forces, but it is quite possible to use it as a starting point when deadlines are tight.

With a decrease in confidence and self-esteem, when you are unwell, you have just been smeared with a roll of despair, but you need to pull yourself together and act, set aside five or ten minutes for yourself to spare yourself. You can aggravate the situation, cry, embrace yourself, get into a corner, lie on the floor - full space and maximum explosion, but only for the allotted time. Part of the energy has already been released, since there is no need to restrain that huge flow of emotions, and besides, you have warned of its destructive action from within. After such a surge, do something that will distract you from returning to the sad topic, but do not overload the brain and emotional sphere. An activity aimed at focusing on your physical sensations is well suited - take a contrast shower, walk barefoot, walk the streets, turn on a conscious presence, watch the smallest details of the surrounding world, let it turn from an accompanying background into an object of observation and interaction.

This technique will help get a jogging piece of energy to work on their future state and increase confidence. At the subsequent stages, you need to learn how to control and stop your destructive thoughts when they acquire defeat shades or rush along the path of twisting the situation and exaggerating the tragedy. Instead of analyzing your abilities and the possibility of a positive result - act. Even if you don’t win, you’ll spend as much time and get experience learning from your mistakes. Doubts can lead to failure, and instant action - to success.

Surround yourself with people who give support and approval, and if there are none at all in your surroundings, you can easily find them in volunteer projects, simply because they have nothing to give except praise, and people will be very grateful for your help. Do not strive to compare yourself or copy them any more - it’s impossible to be like others, and you may never know what stands behind a person’s achievements.

How to pull yourself together and start losing weight?

The desire to lose weight en masse, most of the plans for the new year and Monday are built around this achievement, and it seems that achieving certain kilograms is almost overwhelming work. For many, despair sets in and motivation disappears when they do not see results, and someone is looking for magical workarounds so that they do not have to make sacrifices and efforts. The problem is that obesity as a medical diagnosis and weight loss required for health is necessary for a percentage of two of the total weight loss. This trend and fashion, the pursuit of a picture in a magazine and a distorted perception of his own body.

Before embarking on a volitional exercise and forcing yourself to lose weight, it is worthwhile to examine the issue in the body and whether the problem is in weight, because some lose weight until they refuse to eat when the internal organs stop working, the bones are glowing, but the person perceives himself as complete. It's not time to lose weight, it's time for a psychotherapist. Normally, the body responds to diets and exercise, when there is excess weight, it means that if everything is deadlocked and there is no progress, then there are either problems in metabolism or self-perception, and the body does not move below its norm.

Those who cannot overcome laziness and refuse cakes in favor of a treadmill can be advised to change their lifestyles in a cardinal way, picking up the strength of will and breaking themselves, and go on with planned changes. It should start with switching to a healthy diet, for example, replace cakes with fruit, and pizza with a piece of meat. It is necessary to read and master various anti-stress exercises - this is both physical exercise in a sparing mode, unlike the gym, and getting rid of the habit of sticking stress.

Do not make big changes for yourself in a short time, let this process be smoother - and the result is fixed for longer, and you get a new way of life, in which you will always be in normal weight, instead of sudden jumps and constant effort. The task is to change the perception and construction of life, to direct all the choices in a health direction. Get rid of bad habits, gradually move to a healthy diet, choose more active forms of recreation instead of TV.

Indulge and love yourself already in such weight, which is now. You do not need to buy a beautiful dress, but two sizes are smaller, and now walk in a gray, terrible overalls. Decorate and take care of yourself right now, this makes the shoulders and the desire to please appear, the soul is filled with emotions, and the body with energy. A state like falling in love normalizes weight by triggering automatic processes in the body, so spin the romance with you.