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What do men appreciate in women

What do men appreciate in women? You can learn what men value in the female manifestation from many sources, and the list of qualities (often very different) will depend on them. Finding out that men value a woman first and foremost, asking in a purely male company, you can hear a list of the main physical virtues manifested in external beauty, youth, excellent sex, cheerful disposition, lack of a chainsaw mode and somewhere on the last place, but the mind will still be voiced, since it is extremely important to talk about something in the intervals between walks in beautiful places and somersaults in bed and not to fall into a coma from the boundless stupidity of the partner.

But if the lady asks the same question to her man, then the answers will be based on her qualities and analysis of recent conversations and quarrels, in such a picture there is little room for candor, because when a woman asks for this, the male brain works at maximum speed to give information that does not hurt the companion. Independently, you can hear a list of what you yourself imputed to as your own value ("To cook tasty, meet at home and remember all the holidays," says a man who has been trained by scandals who prefer silent dancers).

It remains to include logic, since it is in most cases that men are guided by it; this feeling of pity in a woman can interrupt all arguments. Men live in the material world and sensitively feel how much it costs, and the importance and value of something in their life is determined not so much by the objective characteristics of the object, as by the amount of effort invested. Those. A phone with excellent functionality, sold in any store will be subjectively valued less than the one that had to wait six months, ordering abroad. The same practice with women and relationships - the more a man invests (time, money, fantasy), the more valuable his woman becomes. Do not refuse expensive gifts, choose the places where it is difficult to get, make him sacrifice sleep, for the sake of communication, so that a man invest in your relationship as much as possible. This is not too much, he does not need so much rest and this is not the last money, with good motivation, the man will find where to earn more, but constantly lowering the bar, you will receive one flower in honor of the birthday and risk to be exchanged for a bitchy little girl who requires diamonds .

What does a man value most in a woman?

Looking for the answer to the question that men value a woman in the first place, try to move away from stereotypes and advice from the forums, and evaluate a particular man (after all, the question originated not out of idle curiosity, but from the desire to please the guy). Many, falling into the trap of a replicated opinion, push themselves to the advice of magazines and become one of a thousand, while the guys first of all value individuality. It even concerns the appearance - having grown hair of the same length, wearing jeans that are fashionable this season and having made the appropriate makeup, girls become similar as sisters. To follow the glossy standards, it can be good, but the guys are joking that they can accidentally confuse and bring home not their girlfriend. Well-groomed beauty is valued in appearance, one’s own style is something that will be forever and in demand, all the rest doesn’t touch men much, they don’t understand the latest collections (and those who know more appreciate the same sex). Well-groomed and natural valued above fashion and plastic surgery. Almost everyone chose the one that can wake up with a disheveled hairstyle, instead of the one that spends two hours before leaving the bathroom. Ease and impromptu is more important, ease of recovery and cheerful disposition, sense of humor and strength of spirit interrupt in value any fashionable heels or hyaluron in the lips.

The appearance of the requirements seems to be significantly less than women are accustomed to thinking, but to the character and the brain is much more. Men appreciate the ease of communication and self-confidence, because being an eternal pusher in the development and movement of a girl is quite tiresome, but periodically learning something new (because she has her own interests and aspirations) and being able not to bear total responsibility for her life (because she is able to cope with some difficulties herself, if he is not around) - make life easier for a man and bring a drop of inspiration and a fresh breeze into her.

Erudition and the ability to maintain a conversation on a variety of topics increases women's value and attractiveness compared to the silly blinking of beautiful eyelashes. A man needs a woman who will be both a reliable friend and an interesting interlocutor - they don’t get away from this, since she is in several areas of his life at once and is able to substitute many. But a girl who does not shine with upbringing and education will fit in as a pet, beloved, but not so much valuable as others.

Men, like women, value reliability, which in this case takes the form of predictability, i.e. if you used to give him a free Friday night, you went to ice hockey together, and then, after completing your PR campaign, close it at home and drag it to the opera, this is a failure. It is better to initially remain honest or to keep the chosen style of behavior up to the grave. Otherwise, the thought "what will she do tomorrow?" so will raise the level of male anxiety that he will run away.

But at the same time, men appreciate the variety of emotions experienced next to you. More will appreciate the one that made a scandal today, tomorrow plunged into a waterfall of love, and a week later was submissive as a harem's concubine. Constantly lovely ladies cause only boredom and a desire to look around in search of an emotional shake, not to mention the eternal brawlers.

The ability to express directly their emotions and thereby stimulate new states in a man is very valuable for them, since the emotional sphere is mostly accessible to men through a woman. And when a woman hides and closes her own manifestations, fearing to seem stupid or ridiculous, the man becomes as fresh as at a company meeting. The ability to enjoy and rejoice in what is is a rather attractive feature that the most interesting ability to rejoice at the bar bar causes the man to reduce such a girl to an exquisite restaurant (to see how much excitement this hike will cause), and the one who finds fault with the quality of a leather chair I do not want to indulge at all. Men want to see their value and appreciate those who give them similar sensations. The ability to enjoy is a signal of woman’s emancipation and the ability to enjoy sex, therefore, they love those women who absorb food with appetite, licking their fingers for pleasure, not diet and etiquette.

It is believed that speaking out is a female way of solving problems, but it is very important for men to be listened to, unfortunately not everyone knows how to listen without reproaches and assess the situation. You need to be able to show patience and acceptance, and even if a man has been walking in a circle for two hours in a situation whose solution you know, “do not run ahead of a locomotive” with your advices and sayings “is it not clear?”, Better suggestive phrases to push a man to a solution.

Sincerity, modesty, kindness and care are what start to attract at the later stages of dating or older men who realize that beauty can be looked at, and the fireworks of emotional tension and passions start for a short time and then fatigue appears from it. Every man, having received confirmation of his own coolness, at some point needs a place to take care of him, where he can show weak spots or lick his wounds without fear of being hit in the back. This is only possible next to a strong, accepting and wise woman who needs a man not as a function of a breadwinner and protector, but as a unique and unique personality.

What men appreciate in women is psychology

Men are not so whimsical in terms of relationships as women, and if they have already tied themselves up with some obligations and everything is not smooth there, then they are unlikely to leave immediately. In order for a man to decide to leave the event must violate one of the basic needs. In principle, if a woman satisfies the basic psychological needs of a man, then he will appreciate these relationships, and all her other wonderful manifestations will be just a pleasant bonus.

The feeling of support and own features in women's eyes is what feeds the male soul. To be the best and the king at home, even if going beyond it, he is a simple electrician (especially if he is a simple electrician) to a man is extremely necessary. To have a place where they will always be for him, understand and accept, gives strength to many accomplishments and daily struggles in the outside world. One man left the relationship, saying, "I work at home, and I go to work to have a rest." They come to the woman for the opportunity to exhale, to fall on their knees, to get support and attention, to patch up the wounds, recuperate and go back, "to get mammoths and hit the dragons."

The next most important quality of a woman is loyalty, and not only in the physical intimate sense (bitter when the children are like the neighbor), but also in the emotional one. This is about the fact that there will be no treachery, and in the event of a change in conditions, it will not be abandoned (for example, if you lose your job, physical attractiveness or potency).

And, of course, manifestations of intimacy and love. This includes not only sex, but also hugging, stroking in passing, the ability to sit, touching, affectionate words. If it is dispensed or used as a manipulation, the man begins to look for another source of obtaining such. This is not about betrayal, but about the feeling of your need and love.

And men are extremely reluctant to get involved in women's activities - endless shopping trips (although he will gladly help you choose a set of underwear), gossip of girlfriends (but he will remember the compromising information on a colleague), causeless jealousy (although it may be regarded as a compliment). Focus on the situation, and do not break through the reality, where you meet resistance. Men appreciate women who are able to ask for help or explain something much more than those who force or manage themselves.

A woman who knows herself, works on her inner world and openly manifests desires, instead of manipulating and covering up with a beautiful mask, is perhaps not immediately appreciated, but stronger and longer.