Psychology and Psychiatry

Human disadvantages

Human deficiencies are qualities of the mental and physical organization that are considered undesirable, can reflect the personal, behavioral and physical manifestations of a person, include his actions and taste. Those. relate to absolutely any sphere of human manifestation, but not satisfying either directly the person, or someone who assesses the personality. Advantages and disadvantages of a person have a subjective radical, as the main one for definition. The impossibility of an unambiguous and static separation of qualities into good and bad causes confusion in the distinction and classification of human manifestations as disadvantages or advantages. Also, in different situations that bring different semantic context, the same actions have different interpretations, as a manifestation of lack or dignity (for example, quick response, without taking into account the smallest details, in family life - lack, while in a military danger situation this quality plays the primary role role and is considered a virtue).

Mentioning a deficiency implies a context of a small amount or lack of something, although this is also true of character (lack of patience or honesty).

What are the disadvantages?

By personality defects, vices and weaknesses are meant, taking the form of pernicious habits or spinelessness of character, but manifestation of negative emotions and qualities from the category of irritability and anger should be included. The advantages and disadvantages of a person are polar manifestations, one helps to move forward, achieve success, commands respect, the second destroys the person’s destiny, rebuilds his personality, weakens, impedes success, pushes for unworthy or even illegal actions and is the main cause of disrespect and avoidance of communication from society.

Disadvantages are usually presented as a characteristic feature that is characteristic of a person for a fairly constant and long time. Everything that happens situationally and not systemically can be called unworthy behavior, and it is not so much to emphasize special attention to such isolated manifestations as with the constant version.

There is an opinion that in a loved one they even like flaws, but, unfortunately, love is not so powerful as to withstand serious personal changes affecting the lives of others. It's one thing when this feeling allows you to take some carelessness, but reconciling with uncontrolled flashes of aggression against alcohol addiction and subsequent beatings is unlikely to help. Accordingly, waiting for the world to continue spinning around and accepting everything as it is, has neither meaning nor hope, needs to be corrected, replacing them with worthy behavior and manifestation, learning new life strategies, otherwise indulging one's weaknesses will lead to complete personal degradation and destruction of life.

From a similar concept of acceptance, some preachers of humility try themselves and advise others not to get rid of flaws, but to accept them. And the idea itself is very remarkable, it is about the acceptance and value of its self, but it is impossible to show love to yourself, leaving destructive behavior active. Any kind of addiction is latent suicide, any offense takes the place and spiritual energy where love could be found, the time spent on quarrels could not be returned to engage in creation. For any manifestation, resources of time and energy are necessary, and therefore, spending them on unworthy things, you yourself deprive some of your effective part of the opportunity for realization. Honest acknowledgment of the deficiency and the search for a profitable and useful trend with which it can be replaced is a better way. It is to replace, and not just to eradicate, since an empty space will require filling and it is better to choose in advance what you want to achieve or develop in yourself, until the place of one shortcoming did not fit another.

What are the disadvantages of a person?

As well as all human nature has a physical and mental side of manifestation, so too are the disadvantages divided regarding these spheres. Mental disabilities include any deviations from the mental norm confirmed by the medical-psychological commission (including intellectual, mental and speech disorders, deviations in the emotional and mental sphere, developmental delays). Physical defects include any deviations from the normal criteria of physical development, limiting physical, mental and social activities and having confirmation of a specially created medical commission.

These two types of deficiencies have regulatory criteria and are objectively recognized, but when it comes to human deficiencies, most people will not remember the mental and physical, referring them more to the field of clinical diseases, while identifying certain personalities as deficiencies. It is characterologic features and interaction models that are considered to be shortcomings with which it is necessary to fight and which a person is able to overcome to some extent independently.

The criticism of their own behavior most often includes spinelessness and inability to refuse. What prevents you from living your life, and in some cases contributes to a special setting for your needs, while being quite comfortable for others. The reasons lie in the fear of conflict and the desire to please everyone, and deliverance entails a certain restructuring of life. We'll have to understand that you are not pleasant to all your friends, many simply use your reliability; will have to accept their own aggression and strength, and learn how to handle them, and not push them into the darkest corner, as before. Inability to defend their interests and deny people speaks about problems with intrapersonal boundaries and the ability to defend them - see if you are in co-dependent relationships and how much of your own life you have left.

The next feature that does not add advantages in your interaction with society is arrogance, and it is noticed that it is extremely rarely shown to strangers in real life, but a relatively close circle of people or in the network’s open spaces there are more and more statements with an arrogant appearance and in degrading form others. It pushes against this illusory feeling of security (it’s harder to get an unflattering answer than a stranger) and problems with self-esteem. The world is full of people better and worse than you, but neither the first nor the second manifestation is your concern, everyone is free to do as they please. Calling for humility can be infinite, but think about why it is so important for you to remain on an imaginary peak, criticize and strive to establish your own rules, is there really nothing else to do in your own life, except to increase your importance in such ways?

Somewhere nearby, the need to control can jump out, and it’s good if it turns out to be the surrounding space, and you cut household members for the wrong sequence of arranging jars in the kitchen, and if it starts to touch life, actions and choices of others, then be prepared for the fact that Soon they will conquer and escape. Again, talking about the violation of borders and the invasion of someone else's life. To take responsibility only for oneself and to give advice only when asked, one should strive towards this state of affairs.

Many attribute to the shortcomings of unfounded jealousy, bordering on paranoia and not giving to live in peace to any of the partners. This is not considered a manifestation of passion or the fear of losing; at the level of sensations, this is perceived as distrust or even an insult by the fact that such thoughts are allowed. Soon, excessive jealousy pulls along another shortcoming that can exist separately - a lie. Without taking into account the lie in the good, which is also a dubious event, the reputation of a liar did not benefit anyone, but destroyed quite a lot of relationships.

There are a lot of negative features, only those complaints about which are more common were considered, but in any case, when identifying flaws, you should focus on your own system of values ​​and feelings (among killers - to kill this craft, honed over the years and respected, but it is unlikely to be big dignity for the teacher in the children's group).

Disadvantages of a loved one

Starting with someone, we usually fall into the illusion that a person is perfect, but over time and efforts to present only their positive qualities decrease and the real picture opens and the curtain of raging hormones falls and it turns out that the prince is not so close. Those who are lucky in their loved one even like flaws and they can find coincidences in these moments, but then these qualities cannot be considered as flaws in the partner’s perception of the world, rather it’s about an imposed social image. But when you begin to enrage some manifestations of a partner, and you try to eradicate them, it means that you are faced with a lack of your life model.

It should be noted that straightening the behavioral and emotional manifestations of the other begins on both sides, consciously or not, since differences in characters without corresponding changes will lead to the impossibility of a peaceful existence in the same territory. What one considers to be flawed is everyone decides (or rather feels) independently, but on the basis of a familiar attitude and family scenarios in parent families. But there are qualities and bells that require analyzing the possible consequences.

This includes permanent delays, without taking into account the value of your opinion, time and plans. Rudeness, manifested to others, relatives, you personally. Perhaps this is a verbal form of violence, a cry or the use of force - the inability of a person to restrain his own impulsiveness and aggression is a critical drawback for building relationships. Excessive jealousy can delight self-esteem in the beginning, then going into the manifestation of possessiveness and restriction of your freedom.

Any deficiency, before it opens up completely and causes irreversible damage to your life or psyche, manifests itself in insignificant moments. There is no way that nothing indicates the possibility of a manifestation or deterioration of the situation. So, in order not to participate in rehabilitation activities, think at the beginning and be attentive to details.