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How to behave with a man

How to behave with a man? There are documented and unspoken rules relating to human behavior, determining permissiveness and upbringing, courtesy and adherence to certain traditions - all these types of behavior tell us from childhood, but it is not always customary to tell the girl how to behave properly with a man, and in some this topic in general tabooed. However, with a certain line of conduct, you can improve relationships or destroy them completely, choosing how to behave, you choose the future fate of the relationship.

Dealing with such a delicate matter is to determine how to behave with a man at the beginning of a relationship, since it is better to build everything initially in a comfortable way for you than to spend years and thousands on your own and paired psychotherapy in trying to edit what happened. But difficulties usually arise due to the fact that at the initial stages people are seldom quite frank, and try to play some role, of course, with something similar to the true picture, but still less voluminous and real. This behavior is dictated by the desire to please, and then one can observe how a woman laughs at not funny jokes, eats fast food, although she has been striving for veganism before, hides her aggressiveness and criticism of the satellite, hides some facts of her biography (for example, radical views or love of extreme).

Some try to squeeze themselves into a replicated image and are touched by children, depict responsiveness, rejoice in cooking as the last happiness. Such metamorphoses are due to the desire to hide their own shortcomings and exaggerate the positive qualities considered by men, but there are times when a woman does not express her frank opinion, confuses traces in answers to questions in order to maintain her own safety, to close sore points that are not yet close to her I do not want to open, but that can significantly affect further relations. What was not due to such theatricalization, the result is one - the woman does not stand around the clock to play the chosen role, and the relationship becomes closer, and if being a smiling prudent twice a week was not difficult, then depicting it around the clock, being the director of a construction company, will lead to the collapse of either a relationship or a career.

Any lie floats out, with some families it happens after having given birth to children and a fairly long life experience together, but then the man leaves, facing irreconcilable traits, or even reconcilable, but the fact of deception creates such a high level of distrust that no further deep interaction is possible anymore .

How to behave with a man so that he himself stretches towards a woman - psychology

In order not to be mistaken and understand how to behave with a man at the beginning of a relationship, you should imagine that you are communicating with a long-standing and close friend or relative, with that person who does not need to be impressed and meet the standards, but you can be yourself in any state and any manifestations. Talk about your dissatisfaction, and not swallow irritation in the hope that you endure; go out without makeup if this is normal in your daily life; show your character and do not try to seem specifically weaker or sillier - in general, behave naturally. Firstly, such sincerity captivates and includes interest, secondly, the man immediately notices that the person and the living person are nearby, and not a comfortable doll in a beautiful package, and thirdly, such honesty will allow you to avoid your own tension, because who does not fit what you have will not continue the relationship. And this is perhaps the most profitable investment of such a course of action - you immediately weed out not your people, ensure your safety for the future, since terrible secrets will not be revealed, and you save time for decent ones or your own pleasure.

This is not tricky in voice acting, but problematic in the execution of the rule for starting relationships, it is easier given to those who regularly deal with their own souls, mechanisms of emotions and characteristics, since the lack of sincerity and manipulation of other people's minds is necessary due to the presence of complexes or severe emotional wounds, children’s introjects that do not allow to open up and appear before the world in that capacity, which is a valid presentation of the individual.

When the first stages of the relationship are completed and everything is fine with you, the question of how to properly behave with a man begins, so that the relationship does not gobble up boredom or scandals, while the cute one constantly strives for interaction with the woman.

How to behave with a man so that he does not go to another? It is worth starting not with the most important, but most often - it is maintaining your own external attractiveness. On the one hand, looking closer over the years to each other, they will forgive you a lot, but aggravate the situation to the fact that a woman smarties just before going out, and when her husband walks in a creepy way, or forgets about her appearance and recovers a kilogram of twenty, is contraindicated. To take care of the healthy state of your own skin and body, to keep your hair and nails in order is the minimum requirement of self-respect, namely, the interest of others begins with it. Chasing liposuction and plastic surgery, but do not forget about perfume, beautiful underwear and stylish clothes, and sports should not be aimed at pumping piles of muscles, but at maintaining good health and proper metabolism.

Men want attention and care. An important caveat is that care should not be maternal ("put on a scarf, do not walk with the guys for a long time") and not intrusive (when a woman has learned to guess the wishes of a man and fulfills them, forgetting about herself). Care should reflect the male-female relations, and his mother has, the servant can be ordered in the appropriate service. Here it is necessary to focus on maintaining the conversation, when he will talk about his significant topics, and also pay attention to his preferences (you can - support an intimate experiment or prepare what he asked for dinner). It is good time to praise, notice, even in a failed situation, to point out mistakes and omissions wisely, is taken as concern if it is expressed correctly and in accordance with the situation, and in the future it will increasingly like to come back for your opinion. As for the material side, sometimes indulge him with absolutely useless but desirable things, create a cozy atmosphere at home. If you think that you and the house are about different things, then know that many men note how cold and empty it was in the house when the wife left.

Avoid complete merger and dissolution in his beloved man. Many women abandon their lives and fully immerse themselves in the husband's life, at first it looks like support for his interests and a desire for joint pastime, but the result is that we need periods of rest from each other, our own space. But by the time of understanding the need for rest, usually the woman has already lost her own hobbies, and is trying hard to impose her society or control on her husband. Respect for the interests of others is absolutely inviolable rules. A man should have time and resources for his own hobbies and no friends in common with a woman. In this case, the requirements of the report, the constant calling, spying on him are humiliating for both. We will not mention once again the inviolability of his mail, telephone and social profiles. To keep yourself from this kind of pressure, maintain your own unrelated activities and learn to spend cool time, no matter if you are near.

The way to solve problems and expressing your own discontent also plays a role - if you do it in a manipulative manner or make trouble, find fault, itch every day, then the man will most likely run away. All claims and disagreements should be discussed in an open form, without attempts to put pressure on feelings, from the point of view of cooperation, because relationships are a joint product.

And even after a quarrel a man stretched back to you, you need a spiritual community, which is achieved by joint interests and activities. But people can spend a lot of time separately, work in various fields and absolutely not understand each other's hobbies, but have strong relationships. The secret is in the same life goals, priorities and secret spiritual aspirations, ranking the significance of events and ways to achieve goals.

In general, in order for a man to stretch himself towards a woman, she must be a psychologically adult open personality, with his own convictions and ability to build productive contact, if the man himself is psychologically formed. Infantiles will always look for moms and no internal organization will force him to return, except for absorbing care, habitual control, and the ability of a woman to pull double responsibility.

How to behave with a man so that he falls in love

One-sided love is an excellent inspiration for creativity, judging by the number of works dedicated to suffering, but for those who fell in love is no longer up to verses and paintings. If you still do not want to choose a creative path, then you can direct the energy level that has risen against the background of a hormonal surge into the channel of falling in love with you as an indifferent object of adoration. A man can easily be carried away by his own beauty, an interesting meeting, some kind of offer, but not always his passion turns into love. The mistake is that without information about the man, having obtained a piece of individual attention, the woman thinks that everything came together successfully, and now he will be bathing her in champagne, and the man is losing fast-flashing interest and disappears from the radar after a couple of joint evenings. So the constant attention, the manifestation of active interest and the analysis of his words, reactions, actions will help to translate the enthusiasm into a deeper interest. Your ability to support topics that are interesting to him, your ideas that coincide with his opinion are tools aimed at establishing more interesting contact.

But watch your own behavior, not turning into a detective, vytytyvayuschego information. A woman attracts, first of all, with her femininity, distinctive softness from the male world, playfulness and openness. Speaking of feminine manifestations, dresses and lipsticks immediately appear in my head, but men are much more important in feminine behavior, the ability to build phrases and mastery of their own voice. The unknowledge of the female world is fascinating and fascinating, and men tend to unravel the mysteries, so naturalness is welcome, but it’s not worth discovering all the cards and telling your complete biography. Leave the place of his fantasy, which is your most loyal assistant, because you cannot tell about yourself as temptingly as he can imagine. Feel free to tell general information, but try not to talk or walk away from the answer with the help of half-hints and smiles about deeper or intimate things.

Show interest to the man, communicate, but do not impose. Independence is the desire to do something for you, the lack of questions about his feelings pushes to shout about it to the whole area, a certain coldness and lack of fear of losing him make you fight for you. The hunter's instinct works rigorously, and the more difficult the prey met on the way, the more interesting the man is, therefore, the more independence you show, the more he will fall in love with you. You can miss his call, go out to dinner with a friend, but do not forget to show that he is interesting to you - such emotional swings make men emotionally invest in relationships, and they usually don’t put much effort into them.

Engage in expanding and deepening your own special and social knowledge. The times when a woman was only interested in her appearance were long gone, and now the interlocutor is the norm to be knowledgeable in various fields. And, moreover, a rich dialogue provides opportunities for planning and building a joint further pastime, whereas after the bare intima of binding threads there is no interest, and there is nothing more to meet.

Develop your individuality, because talking with a man only on topics of interest to him, you risk soon losing his attention. The enthusiasm for community disappears, and the brain's need for new information remains, so the time will come when you need to gradually reveal the depth of your own spiritual world, plunging into which a man can experience various emotions. Let it be a delight or a desire to convince you, a desire to join or to ban - any reaction will give rise to the further development of relations.

But not only in conversations the power of the birth of love, but in the tenderness of touch, which happens as if by chance, in passing, is almost imperceptible. It is a rapprochement of psychological distance, establishing contact with his body and capturing in his memory not only as a spiritual carrier of information, but as a completely living physical object of the opposite sex.

How to behave with a man so that he is afraid of losing

Women are restless and first worry about the relationship to begin, then the depth and seriousness of perception of what is happening at the partners coincide, and then they are afraid of losing the existing one. It is this kind of fear that creates the need to settle it in your man, because for the woman herself is proof of love and a kind of guarantee of stability and reliability in the future.

The inviolability of someone else’s physical as well as spiritual space, as well as the ability to keep a distance, allow relationships not to wither and save from quarrels and scandals due to excessive control. With skillful dosing of your own presence in the life of a man, you get what you want - he will show more attention and activity in your direction and be afraid of losing your disposition. A woman who is not sticking to family matters, attending various events, and without her as a man, does not cause closeness. If the time devoted to yourself is used with benefit (and it doesn’t matter if you spent that day in a spa or at a training, visited an exhibition or made a new hairstyle), then the man’s interest in such a woman doubles. Understanding her value, self-sufficiency and diversified development, a man adequately assesses his chances and understands that there will not be enough simple lying next to him on the couch and someone more interesting can fully capture the attention of his woman. Plunging into everyday life, you lower the bar of its significance and the bar of men's ambitions and achievements. A man seeks and wins for the sake of the goal or to keep the prey, and for the sake of the ever sticky club, with whom you can talk only about the fallen off wallpaper, he is unlikely to lift a finger and be very worried about its presence or absence in his life.

Choose a relationship policy as between good friends, instead of the Soviet domostroi and total patriarchy. When you can maintain any conversation with your man and he does not have to strain the brain, which threatens to discuss another topic (jealousy, scandal, reproaches), then the level of frankness in relationships increases endlessly and he will not have to go to other people for an understanding word mistress, maybe friends, but the value of a non-understanding woman is minimal). Respect his opinions and interests, remember, because you will express your disagreement to a friend, calmly argue why, but decide and choose how to live will continue to provide him, continuing to accept him and this choice, why do you need to build a totalitarian regime with your own man opinion Again, do not give up your interests and do not let your beloved push your own point of view, as you do not live by friendly edicts. Listen, ask for advice, but do not let the command - such relations are possible only in a bilateral mode and, without respecting the choice of a person, you have no right to demand respect for your own decisions.

Do not stay the same, choosing a once-working line of conduct is a mistake, because it was not the line that worked, but the innovation that it brought. When a man eats up your modesty or independence, he will cease to admire it, and over time it will begin to irritate, and not quality, but the constancy and immutability of your personality. A woman, first of all, in the men's eyes is a storehouse of various emotional sensations, so do not be afraid to show both your own anger and defenselessness. Чем разнообразнее спектр эмоциональных реакций и информации мужчина от вас будет получать, чем чаще будет появляться спонтанность (не путать с критичной непредсказуемостью, способной довести до истерики), тем больше вас будет ценить и бояться ошибиться в собственных поступках по отношению к вам.

Do not force a person to change according to your vision of the rules and choices, accept him and when you want to show your care, do it in the manner that a particular man will appreciate. Those. if he prefers hiking and pizza to play on the net, then there is no need to drag him into an Italian restaurant to eat oysters - it will be embarrassing and tense for everyone, but if you put him a tray of burgers and go to your girlfriend while he and other players pass the next raid, You can return under his praising you on Skype with your companions complaining about their wives.

Do not forget about the intimate side, after all men forgive the excellent mistresses - a mess in the house, boorish behavior, idleness and outright nonsense. And the point is not in the notorious “all one needs,” but in order to deliver maximum pleasure, you will have to learn a lot in terms of techniques, master the prelude and massage, understand the intricacies of the influence of colors, smells, temperatures, products. And this is only the beginning, which needs to be creatively applied each time in different ways, subtly feeling at the empathic level the state of the man and the environment. Men do not need girls who spread their legs at the first hint - such is complete, they need a woman who can feel it and deliver the necessary psychological states through physical influences - relaxation, confidence, inspiration, strength, humility, ability to look from the other side.

The principle of "you want to keep - let go" works for one hundred percent, because then the decision to be with you is the man’s own sincere desire, and is also fueled by external factors of your independence. This adds strength, joy and energy, while constant monitoring and interrogation simply kill any desire, except the desire to quickly disappear over the horizon.