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Where to find a guy

Where to find a guy? Often, young ladies and mature girls are tormented by this issue, trying to adjust their personal lives. Why is that? Men are becoming more passive and it’s not enough for girls to wait for the prince by the window to arrange their privacy, everyone should think about where to find a normal guy and how to build further interaction. In principle, before rushing to search for habitats, you need to analyze how you do not miss the opportunities offered to you at the moment. If you are at a general party, then you should take the initiative in talking and exchanging contacts without being afraid to seem stupid or intrusive (many guys are so scared by the independence of the girls and their feminist views that they are simply afraid to look again or show their interest). Do not be afraid of flirting - it is a way of communication and expression of sympathy, not obliging you to go to bed or get married.

Where to find a guy for a serious relationship

Communication, built on half-hints, communication by looks, provides many opportunities for the novel to start and the same huge field for maneuvers to disappear under the pretext of “it seemed to you” if the candidate has ceased to organize. Respond to smiles in transport and take the help of the guys in the shops, there is no sense to limit your communication with the opposite sex. Many do not know where to find a good guy for a girl, but they are sure in advance that it is impossible in certain places - drive such stereotypes away from you, because no one is stamped on anyone’s forehead with a quality mark, any person can be absolutely anywhere by the will of fate. Do not close yourself from the opportunities that surround your everyday life. There are cases when girls marry a driver of a minibus, which they traveled for five years every day, but for some reason thought that their fate awaited them in a completely new and unknown place.

In order not to “waste” the meeting, you should first think about what kind of man you are waiting for, determine for yourself his qualities and appearance, without focusing on replicated images - remember your past relationships and good friends, your own needs and habits, because it is on these criteria should be built the image of a lover. And further, to expand the possibilities of your meeting, diversify your own route. Many people use the shortest, proven and convenient trails, and this is typical of the majority, so you run the risk of meeting the same people every day with whom you have schedules and routes, and only occasionally they will be diluted by citizens . A similar trend is worth diversifying independently, periodically changing routes, alternating modes of transport and walking. Do not look out for each of your betrayed passers-by, better enjoy the change of scenery, notice the details and enjoy the small variety that has appeared in your life.

Go to new movies and buy products in different stores - let it turn into a kind of game for you, aimed at combating boredom. Go out for a walk and go where you haven’t been before, turn into attractive streets, maybe in an unknown alley, buying radishes in a new store, some guy will come up to you with the phrase "I have not seen you here before." By the way, so that the guy came up first, it is better to walk alone, the bevy of merry girlfriends scare the guys.

Meet people, because the more people you have, the faster and more volumetric your field of communication expands, besides, many understand that if she is alone, then you can invite your free friends to the next general party. You will not be openly wooed, but still such tendencies slip. An increase in the number of acquaintances can still be attributed to an increase in their hobbies, if simply to meet for no reason it is difficult for you. Get out there, where people who support your interests, and communication will start independently.

You don’t need to search for a guy or filter in a place where he can be and sit there for days, you need to set aside time and situational opportunities in his own life, because if you have a time schedule, a planned route and one girlfriend can squeeze into this Mchsnik saving you from a burning office.

Opportunities to pick up a guy in girls are many, but where does a girl find a good guy seeking a serious relationship, when all places of acquaintances are nightclubs and bars with corresponding consequences, it remains a question. Remember that when you are going to get a decent and serious young man, you must meet the most similar characteristics, as well as be able to attract attention with something other than a short skirt. If for a fun club guy you can become attractive with a bright appearance and smoking a cigarette, then such a behavior is a serious man sends a signal that this woman does not represent value and interest, is available to everyone in this institution, which means that it does not suit him. He can sit in the same club, celebrating the birthday of a friend, but after seeing such an image, he will not be interested in you, therefore, initially work on yourself.

It’s not so much where you get to know and where to go in search of a decent person (and you can meet a scum in the library), but how many characters you give signals to your own appearance and behavior. Direct your own energy not in pursuit of fashion, but in internal and intellectual development, which will help extend your communication for longer than ten minutes, but if you start to seriously engage in your own inner world, events and institutions that have this attitude will form your social circle, in which the percentage of men seeking spiritual development and a responsible attitude towards life will be significantly higher than on a bench in a public garden.

Geolocation, marked by Google with clues where to find a normal guy you will not meet, it is simply impossible, even asking people around will give you absolutely different places, all because people are diverse in their own manifestations and movements, and you shouldn’t miss a fraction of the chance. But there is a certain general statistics that many married couples got acquainted, thanks to their mutual acquaintances. The mechanism is quite simple - if it is a friend of your friends, then the probability of its decency is much higher than just a stranger from the street, because he is already tested and chosen by those people who are pleasant to you. It is highly likely that he is familiar with your friends not from childhood, but due to general views on life or hobbies, leisure preferences, etc., which not only brings you closer together, but also increases the likelihood of common aspirations. Do not refuse invitations for holidays and entertainment, as well as requests for help. By helping, for example, to pack things when moving, you can meet other friends of your acquaintances, mark a housewarming party together, and immediately see a person in a domestic situation and in work. In short, everything related to interaction with pleasant and familiar people works for you in the search for a suitable and reliable guy.

Look at the guys from your work or study, most likely you have not considered many of them before, having hung the label of collegial communication, but it is the working relationship that characterizes the person most deeply. Instead of haste dates, you have a fairly decent time margin for rapprochement through friendship and assessment of its qualities, watching from the sidelines. Joint mountain hikes, hiking, kayaking - just need to choose a group where the instructor will not be the only man, and not paired family tours.

Where to find a guy, if you do not go anywhere

Of course, the greater the number of places visited by the girl, the greater the chances that at the exit from there she will acquire new acquaintances, and not necessarily with the opposite sex. But there are situations when you want a relationship and a warm participation of another person too, but at the same time there is no opportunity to attend events (for example, because of the financial side of the issue or the lack of those in the place where the girl lives) or time (tight work schedule, with fitness center and procedures after).

To the aid of those who are not available dating in a real personal meeting, come various specialized services. The most powerful in its manifestation, perhaps, is a marriage agency, where they will collect your preferences, personal qualities and after some time lay out a selection of candidates before you. Next come meetings that specialize in dating, such as speed-deating, where lonely people come to for a specific and equal purpose — creating relationships. But not many girls will dare to resort to such services, where everything is done for them, because of the material investments, which have increased pride or shame.

There are online dating sites that do very well in connecting people, but the disadvantage of these programs is that it is analogous to dating in a nightclub, i.e. all that shines after meeting in reality is a couple of dates and a couple of nights with intimate, long-term and serious relationships that start after dating on specialized sites, of course, happen, but the percentage is extremely small. The best alternatives are social networks, where the people with whom you communicate are your friends or acquaintances of your friends. You can also start a conversation with a previously unknown person, to which comment he responded to you in the group to which you are subscribed. The strategy of adding all the nice guys is ineffective - communicate with those who are related to your interests and to whom you can motivate your first message with something more than “you have a cute face”.

The feeling that you are not deceptive anywhere, most likely, you go to work or to the institute, for groceries or shampoo, router tuners and repairmen-mechanics come to you. Avoiding contact with the outside world is quite problematic, so you should take a closer look at how the men around you look at you, maybe the guy on the next treadmill has been going to the gym for just a month for you, and you are constantly with a business face and ears. Allow the world to contact you, be smiling and nice, even running fifteen minutes out of the house, it is possible that your future prince will help you to get a bottle of milk from the top shelf.