Enthusiasm is an emotional state that reflects the multidimensionality of the manifestation of the feelings and actions of the positive spectrum. Enthusiasm in simple words is a synonym for inspiration, striving for action, achievement of goals, the motivation of which is not a necessity, but the presence of desire, inspiration, mood. In the activities, led by enthusiasm, there is only the idea of ​​buzz and inner fullness from the process and from the achievement, the discretion of other meanings is absent.

The concept itself originally signified a man’s obsession with demons, spirits, deities, which explained the excess activity. In the more prosaic world of materialism, the presence of a significant level of activity and cheerfulness is evidence that a person is full of enthusiasm. It concerns the activity manifestation and ideological commitment, where to achieve the goal is not always necessary, you may need to maintain loyalty.

What is enthusiasm

The concept of enthusiasm originates within the human core of a person; it refers to motivation, but to its internal species, since enthusiasm cannot be brought in from the outside. A person without enthusiasm can listen to a motivational speech, can improve performance, see their own benefit, but not be in enthusiasm. Large amounts of energy opening in such a state are drawn from contact with a mental source, i.e. a person is enthusiastic when several spheres of the human personality coincide - spiritual moments (as manifestations of higher aspirations), subconscious desires (as very strong driving energy) and perceived needs (removing mental prohibitions from manifestation and striving to achieve the desired).

It is at the junction of these three components and there is a powerful burst of energy aimed at an easy, creative and inspired realization of the plan. If at least one of the components is not included, then there will be no enthusiasm. Without conscious needs, the desires of the subconscious will be suppressed by the criticizing part of the personality, and the primal and strongest energy will be extinguished. Without subconscious desires, the process of realizing the goal will be long and without a spark, and in the absence of a spiritual component, all this can have destructive tendencies or move a person to degradation, because the subconscious (often hidden, repressed and unwanted parts of the personality structure) enter the arena.

Enthusiasm in simple words represents the energy of joy, creative flow, confidence in achievement and the presence of a kind of support from the surrounding space. States that can be confused with enthusiasm for the energy force, with which a person overcomes obstacles, but, nevertheless, are not quite common. These are variants of various manic aspirations (up to the exacerbation of a psychotic nature), as well as various euphoria. A similar point for these states will be an increased level of energy and an irrepressible desire to achieve the goal, but in the case of mania, motivation is dictated by a painful state of mind. It can be expressed in indifference of aspirations, and a person tries to achieve everything at once, rushes from one goal to another, or vice versa, overly persists in achieving it is impossible, ignoring the critical perception of reality, not caring about his own state. In the euphoric state (caused by coincidence or the use of specific substances) there is a benign state, painful enthusiasm may not be observed, but when the chemical composition of the blood changes, the motivation dissolves in the air, which indicates the actions of a person without enthusiasm, since this is characterized by a more stable influence on personality manifestations. activity.

A long absence in experiences of such a long and strong inspiration may indicate intrapersonal problems. It occurs often when a person stops listening to his needs and goes on about others, performing the actions they need, but not giving him pleasure, but also loss of orientation in his life direction should be attributed, and then, not knowing where to go, fate can be handed to others or go with the flow - there is no power and inspiration in such conditions, since they are not given to the realization of someone else's dream. With reduced self-esteem, constant self-criticism, and lack of external support, enthusiasm is required to spend a lot of effort aimed at overcoming a trait where any action is stopped and criticized. Although some such unbearable conditions and pushing for struggle and great achievements, but it is rather an exception (when people set themselves the goal to get out of an unworthy society, where they are now, or to prove to humiliating critics how wrong they are).

Prolonged lack of enthusiasm leads to increased depression, the development of neuroses of various manifestations, and also has a direct relationship to the degradation of the individual, because the psyche system is designed so that as soon as a person stops developing, he inevitably begins to degrade (just like in the dialogues of the characters from the Mirror) . In order not to fall completely into a state of total lack of motivation, watch your own environment. On the one hand, it is impossible for a person to inspire enthusiasm, on the other hand, by observing others, we unwittingly copy their life strategies, therefore being in a swamp where nothing happens, you risk quickly losing your own aspirations and plans, and surrounding yourself with inspired people with luminous through your eyes, you yourself get permission and inspiration for your own accomplishments. It's like a positive - no one will force you to laugh, but the appearance of a smile and a good mood is more likely among the laughing merry fellows than among the aching depresnyas.

Being a multidimensional concept, enthusiasm has its own peculiarities of manifestation in each person (someone needs less sleep, and someone increases attentiveness), just as can serve different purposes. Despite the fact that it is customary to use this state as something exciting, something worth striving for (which is justified, and a person experiencing such a strong rise can really be envied by his sense of self), but the implementation of projects of enthusiasm is not always beautiful. It does not depend on the specifics of the state, but on the specifics of the personality and its moral character, with great enthusiasm you can develop a new weapon that can erase all life and launch it, and you can sew a dress with sparkles - different levels and different consequences of one state.

How does the enthusiasm for a person

Enthusiasm has an impact on several areas of human manifestation. From the behavioral changes that are noticeable both to the person himself and those around him, an increase in working capacity in a certain area is characteristic (there is no need for rest and interruption, as well as switching to other activities. Since doing the work of your choice brings a lot of pleasure). Joy is a constant companion of a person in a state of enthusiasm, he is able to find positive moments in everything, and failing situations turn for the benefit (he uses the delay of the flight to make the necessary calls, turn off the electricity for reorganization and optimize space).

The feeling of enjoyment brings both work and rest, and both of these activities become more active than ever before, filled with new ideas. Such a person is able to get the project off the ground, proposing a new idea and a dozen more auxiliary mini-projects. Enhancing creative activity as a fact of creation and adaptation goes to a qualitatively new level, at which the presence of external problems or unexpected troubles is almost incapable of knocking a person off balance, since they are easily and effortlessly overcome.

Enthusiasm changes the course of a lifetime, and not a separate area of ​​inspiration. If this is a working enthusiasm, then it leads to success and achievements, often accompanied by additional bonuses, except to achieve the goal. This is due to the fact that employees and supervisors observe the work of a person and see the speed and quality of implementation in his performance. A person in enthusiasm is infinitely effective and he receives bonuses and promotions, more complex and interesting tasks, but this is not always the right strategy, because if new tasks are not in his area of ​​interest, then there will not be high performance indicators either, because . leave the spark.

If enthusiasm relates to personal life, then a more active person will be able to more easily please and take the relationship to a new level; moreover, this is the driving force of various feats and beautiful gestures (and also not so bright, but very valuable, as attentiveness - when about the object know almost everything and seems capable of guessing thoughts). In addition to the beginning and development of relationships, enthusiasm in family life helps to develop relationships, bring them to a higher level of interaction.

And since a person is complete, changes in one of the spheres irreversibly lead to changes in another. And it turns out that excessive enthusiasm at work absorbs some of the time and energy required for the family, and then these relationships either freeze, or go through a crisis, or end. Loving inspiration can, like helping a person to solve other life tasks more quickly, in order to quickly free up time for the love object, so she can make us completely ignore other needs for the sake of the leader. How distribution occurs depends on a person’s personal attitudes and his inner wisdom regarding the maintenance of various areas of his life.

Separately, it is worth noting the influence of enthusiasm on somatic manifestations. Increasing the energy level is able to adjust the functioning of many body systems, there is an increase in immunity and stress resistance. Changes in habitual biorhythms and needs are possible (shortening sleep, changing needs for food or taste preferences), is characterized by increased endurance and metabolic processes of the body, increased skin tone and muscles. Those. Enthusiasm is an activating and toning state that triggers work and a stimulating factor for internal processes in the body.

How to develop enthusiasm

Since it is enthusiasm that is the driving force of success, it is worth working on its development, because persistent, tedious and daily work leads to stable results, but not to new advances and success. As it turned out earlier, enthusiasm is close in essence to motivation, but the motivation must be internal. Without seeing the goal, there will be nowhere to move, and therefore there is no need. It is impossible to deceive yourself in such a process, so the goal should be your own, and not read in a journal or peeped at friends. Spend time, study your desires and aspirations, without criticism and evaluation of their feasibility (do not stop yourself, even if you want to ride a unicorn through the milky way).

Not allowing yourself to dream, criticism received in childhood closes the path of energy born in response to a true dream. Let them be in any form - collect your desires and goals, fix them (with a list, pictures, bookmarks in the browser), then choose those from which it starts to tremble inside - they will guide and inspire you. Then they can be revised to come up with what can be done with it. So, the girl who dreamed of becoming a mermaid received a discharge in swimming, became a dolphin trainer and performs in her show in a mermaid costume, and the guy who dreamed of flying in space designed and launched a computer game where all these trips are possible.

Find someone to equal or read their biographies. You do not need to copy the path of these people, which will not work, because the conditions are different and you are a different combination of personal qualities and needs. But push on certain thoughts or protect against possible errors, such an analysis can. Just as if you are going to create something, it is worth examining the question, how it was done before you and whether it was done at all, you may have to deal with opening a new technology or modernize it, or maybe everything is ready and can be done using the experience of predecessors.

Review your social circle and try to minimize or correct communication with people who are inert and critical, jealous and dissatisfied, because such manifestations reduce motivation and tune your own system of thoughts and perceptions to negative, which closes the vision of possible options, while in a state faith and aspirations, on the contrary, you can open new solutions. About the importance of support and optimistic attitude is said almost everywhere, so if someone with your attitude lands you and puts pressure on you with frustration, try to communicate less or eliminate them altogether. Build your relationship with others on mutual support and help, practicing in solving other people's problems, you will diversify your experience, broaden your horizons, and people will most likely help you when needed. Surrounding yourself with people with similar goals and moods you get a circle where your development is possible, and it may also be better to work on the task assigned by the team, dividing responsibilities, than to draw everything yourself - in a shorter time you will realize several dreams.

Of the activities performed, leave the one that brings you pleasure and concrete benefits - ideally, to combine these moments, but this is not always the case. Do not give up what pleases you, because just such a pastime is a nourishing and filling force that gives inspiration. Among the things that are useful, leave points that are directly related to the goal, your financial well-being and physical well-being.

Set global goals, more energy is given to big dreams, but do not forget to regularly train on something less ambitious. Here it can help to break a big goal into several visible stages or to set oneself every month a new additional small goal. Observing the results of your own achievements stimulates new achievements, and when you are constantly only in the process, without rejoicing in your accomplishment, it plunges your perception into an erroneous assessment that all actions are unpromising.

Do not expect a euphoric state to begin to act, enthusiasm does not come to passivity, but arises in the course of activity, your task is to make it tasty and pleasant and not expect that if the state of enthusiasm has come, it will continue until it reaches. Like everything else in this world, enthusiasm has its own rhythms, and in those moments when it will weaken it is important not to give up what has begun and then the inspiration will return again.