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How to become feminine

How to become feminine? Such a question of the development or discovery of one’s own feminine manifestations regains its relevance, because, being endowed with all the qualities and manifestations of femininity from birth, more and more plunging into social life, a woman loses them or some of them. The realities of life practically equalized gender differences and, together with numerous rights, women received additional responsibilities; now they are entering into those areas of life that were previously available only to men and are compelled to compete there on rather tough conditions. With the constant struggle for survival, the dangers of showing one's own weakness and the need to use male behavioral strategies, a woman gets used to living in this way, and then asks how to become a soft and feminine rather than hard, sexless machine for achieving goals.

Femininity is not acquired in one day or a session in the spa, it is the innate condition of every woman, everyday care is only to take care of its maintenance or restoration in case of loss. So, if you come to a seminar dedicated to something about femininity and they begin to redraw you into one that you have never been and are forced to do things that suck energy out of you, and do not nourish strength and joy - leave boldly, since disclosure pledged by nature should not be felt as violence and hard work. Returning and taking care of one's own femininity in the course of an organic course of events is accompanied by joy, inspiration, a surge of strength and a desire to share such a happy state, with ease striving further.

How to become more feminine

A woman usually begins to think about a similar situation when she notices the lack of male attention to her own person, and at the same time, that turns, most likely, in the men's team, where she is her boyfriend, partner or competitor, but no one has invited her for a long time . A collision with reality can cause a trip to visit a friend who is lost and not knowing how to cope with the simplest tasks (drive a nail or go on their own to go grocery shopping). Having turned on the analysis, the woman begins to understand that her husband, brothers and unfamiliar men flock to the aid of this clumsy man, and from her, who skillfully chooses a drill in a hardware store, on the contrary, scatter.

If you are thinking about how to become more feminine and more gentle, take a closer look at your own look, it usually translates a lot about your condition and habit of making contact. To the cold, prickly and haughty, watching every little thing in men may be interested in a purely professional or medical. Many try to dress up in pink skirts with ruffles, hang around with ringing bracelets and wait for happiness, but femininity consists mostly not only in external manifestations. You can bring yourself up to the reference state of the cinema beauty, but as soon as people around you meet your mind or hear mentor notes in your voice, the charm of the external mask will dissolve. Your gestures and gait, manners to talk, vocabulary and loudness of voice, touch and sense of tact play a much larger role in the manifestation of femininity.

Femininity is the most important quality that attracts men, and not a sense of humor, erudition and pumped priest (this is rather a female list of attracting parameters in a man), but it is a mistake to assume that the manifestation of a feminine nature is necessary only in male-female relationships. This is a set of qualities that helps build and improve relationships in the family (in its global sense, with all relatives and generations) and the work team. Many people begin to think about how to become soft and feminine when a child appears, because if both parents behave more in a masculine manner, then the child simply has no place to learn sensitivity, understanding of emotions, building communications and many more things that are more developed in women.

In order to understand how to become more feminine and more gentle, it is worth defining the main positions that make up the perception of femininity among the woman herself and those around her. Virtually synonymous with femininity in a statistical survey was softness, and softness in everything. This concerns how you present your own gestures, if they are sharp and torn, then the image is far away, and if smooth and flowing, then you are close to the ideal. The softness of touch, warm, almost imperceptible, instead of sharp shocks or unexpected, frightening touch.

The softness of your intonations and voices - if you control how you communicate with people, removing hysterical shrill notes, reducing the timbre and adding velvety, even harsh criticism will sound soft and enveloping. Softness refers to what people experience when touching you - warm cashmere, soft silk, well-groomed warm hands immerse themselves in an atmosphere of light, comfort and warmth. While the skin, metal rivets, icy fingers, make you tense up and gather, and the inner feeling of such a person is wary and opposing.

If you feel a loss of communication with your femininity, then join the women's company, in principle, it should be for everyone (at least in the minimum version of one friend), since the male society will never replace communication with women of the same sex. Our energy and worldview processes are arranged in different ways, and when you are in a male environment for a long time, your natural rhythms and paths begin to be rearranged to be less suitable. The women's society restores the normal functioning of the female psyche, where emotions become more accessible, the observation at the same time of many details, as well as the realization of exclusively women's needs.

In the women's circle, increased communication needs are met, and shopping will be much more fun with a girlfriend than pulling out the best of others to try on thousands of outfits (well, or what do you like out of what men don't understand). In addition, you support your gender identity and understand that each situation can be resolved in a female and male way, and looking at your friends and listening to their stories you can learn a lot (for example, how not to beat the kitchen shelf itself).

Femininity is manifested in the behavior of cheerfulness and a variety of hobbies, when communicating, openness and readiness to help a person appear (you can fill an awkward pause in a conversation on time and the person will be very grateful to you). A feminine girl is in contact with society and actively participates in his life, showing kindness, care and gentleness. Those. swear at the station with drunk leave the law enforcement officers, and you can feed the tramp yourself. There is an opinion that the feminine lexicon does not tolerate abusive words, but you shouldn’t turn into a defenseless sheep - learn to put your opponent in place with a quiet voice and literary epithets (it sounds even more offensive to another, as it immediately raises you several levels higher).

The propagated image of the Vedic woman, as an ideal of femininity, can lead along the wrong path of perception - smile, please, be silent, tolerate, but this is not true, even from the point of view of the Vedic concept itself. It says a lot about respect and self-respect, and also that if a person behaves with you in an inappropriate way, then your direct responsibility is to stop this behavior.

A woman is not only softness, it is also passion and fire, a powerful force that can create and destroy. Closing a part of your energy to appear comfortable is not the way to your own femininity. Remember that all your qualities are laid for a reason, and you need to learn how to apply them, and if you have tremendous power, then send it to the world, do not tolerate ridicule and threats - give a strong and instant repulse, showing your teeth. It is such living and real people that attract attention, women who are able to put a man in their place become interesting to them, since every person has his limits and limits of permissibility.

How to become feminine and desirable

If we talk about the manifestation of femininity, as the main factor in attracting men, then the importance of appearance begins to affect, although talking about standards is useless, since the criteria for beauty and femininity change depending on the era and country, if you do not consider that every man can have his different tastes. Adjusting yourself to the image from the cover is no longer relevant; instead, you should highlight your outstanding features and take care of it. From the main points that appear in appearance and speak about health problems, it is worth getting rid of - cure your skin, correct your posture, work your teeth and nails, as well as the condition of your hair. These indicators should not correspond to a fashion, but should speak about health and look well-groomed. There is no money for fashionable coloring and building - cut off the split ends and remove peeling varnish. Femininity is not in the amounts left in the cabin, but in respect for your own body.

Give yourself care in the form of massage and aromatherapy - this not only strengthens your health, but fills you with joy, replenishes tactile hunger, promotes the production of endorphins, develops sensitivity. A woman who glows with happiness, moves in a relaxed way and knows her sensitive and erogenous zones in a completely different way is perceived even by strangers passing along the street. In principle, the whole woman is about pleasure. And the more you give yourself to him, the more you know the ways and your own reactions to various pleasurable events, the more variety of sensuality you can conquer a man. In addition, a contented woman becomes soft and plastic, in her behavior without any conscious measures more and more femininity is revealed and she becomes more and more desirable.

It would be nice to deal with their own social roles (lover, mother, daughter, boss, male incarnations), because it is their confusion that hinders the construction of full-fledged paired relationships. This happens because of the stretching of child and adolescent complexes, the resulting psychotrauma, or it is a consequence of actions on the script, but when a woman communicates with a man from a different position, he loses the desire. For example, increased control and custody, maternal relationships in small doses are appropriate in the relationship, especially when the spouse, for example, is ill, but excessive communication from such a position kills any intimate desire. Just as the interaction from the role of a little girl, will include in a man the care and he will bring you candy, but he will build a relationship with an adult woman inside. And with a strong activity of your animus, the relationship will become competing, but not loving. These are just a few examples of how roles and internal subpersonalities can destroy relationships, so if you feel that your behavior is also rather than buying a third sexy dress, you better go to a psychotherapist to learn how to regulate the manifestations of your own internal parts in interaction with people.

Desire in a man excites not what he can see, but what he can imagine - it is his imagination and understatement that inspire inspiration, but frank cuts and bright colors bring boredom (what can you wish for if you have already seen everything?). This rule works with respect to appearance (so choose closed styles, but outlining your figure) and with respect to behavior (ambiguous jokes with royal intelligence, no embarrassment when talking about intimate moments, along with physical immunity) - such combinations make the male fantasy work for full, and the desire of your society is getting stronger.

How to become elegant and feminine

Elegance is what saves many women in their manifestation in the world, it is always relevant, always relevant, emphasizes femininity and does not go out and fashion. The basis of any elegance - simplicity and taste, with regard to appearance, it is impeccable personal hygiene and maintaining the health of the body, neatness (excessive length of nails and hair in different parts of the body can distort the image, while respecting all other recommendations). Observe moderation in make-up - its main function should be to adjust the skin tone, all other color solutions can correct imperfections, being in a neutral nude scale, except for evening images or for special cases, then you can add a bright accent (keeping to the principle of moderation - either eyes or lips).

Elegance is a quality that relates to everything, so when choosing a perfume, stop at one original representative of the perfume house, instead of a dozen bottles of fakes or cheap colognes sold in transitions. The same is true for jewelery - only laconic platinum earrings are better than the whole case of cheap jewelery.

As for clothes, it should emphasize your dignity, be comfortable and reflect your inner style. If you have a lot of changes of locations per day, and you are trying to travel on white heels, it will look funny. Always choose one that fits the situation and your life. Naturally, clothes should not be worn, full of holes or dirty, but there is no need to buy everything in expensive boutiques. Folding your own style, it may turn out that the most comfortable shirt made of natural fabrics is sold in the nearby hand-made store.

You do not know what to choose, give preference to the classics and if you don’t sew clothes to order - adjust them to suit your length and darts, volume and flare (the figures are different, and the factory pattern is one, so after spending a little time fitting the clothes you get perfect sitting on you thing).

Classic colors and natural fabrics look expensive and elegant, in addition, they successfully combine with each other, so you get a versatile wardrobe. Between choosing to wear something or not, always choose a smaller amount - simplicity is the basis of elegance, and the image overloaded with details is more typical for boho-chic than for classic elegance.

But only in external manifestations feminine elegance does not end, but rather manifests itself, the main aspect concerns the behavior and manners. Pay attention to your own speech, which should not only sound soft and muffled, but also be grammatically correct, beautifully constructed and excluding obscene expressions. Spoken and slang words, parasitic words, incorrect accents will spoil any image.

The ability to create a pleasant atmosphere around and to show ease is the dignity of elegance. The ability to have people to yourself, to find common topics (they, by the way, can be prepared in advance) and remain calm in all situations - is gained through training. A polite attitude towards people (regardless of their status and your personal relationships) and the observance of social norms are not only manifestations of knowledge of etiquette, but also characterize a person’s internal intelligence. Lightness and unobtrusiveness, restraint and confidence, endurance and dignity are common features of elegance and femininity.