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What do girls think

What do girls think? The question of what is hidden in the thoughts of the opposite sex is asked on both sides, but practice shows that it is usually easier for women to understand men. The difference between the psychology and the peculiarities of thinking lies in the fact that men's thoughts are more structured, and if a man talks about a certain topic, then he does not imply any double meanings. In addition, the very perception of the world in women is more intuitive and able to read the smallest details, therefore, it is easier to understand your opponent than a man (thanks to this ability, a woman is able to distinguish the needs of an infant who is not yet speaking).

In order not to have to guess on forum topics like on the coffee grounds, analyze this whole array of information, taking into account the girl’s priorities (you want to penetrate the thoughts of an abstract stranger, and therefore you have at least minimal information). If a girl is in search of work, then her main thoughts will be busy searching for ways of self-realization, opening her own project or analyzing available offers. For a lonely girl it will be relevant to think about your own image from the point of view of guys, about dating places, the psychology of men and flirting techniques. Those who are in a relationship will be the most dedicated to devoting to what is happening in a relationship.

Understanding what girls think about boys will be easier if you look at what is happening in her relationship with them - whether she is looking for acquaintances, trying to resolve a conflict, get married, looking for a new lover, or parting with the former. But the idea that all girls reflect solely on relationships and appearance is untenable, and, stumbling upon a discrepancy, many are looking for answers on how to understand what a girl thinks of something else. The system is quite simple - if it has many different tasks and hobbies in life, and besides the boy and the best friend, the circle of contacts is extended to at least ten people, if, besides her main job, she does research or knits socks for the volunteer fair, this is a guarantee that the girl's thoughts constantly revolve around a lot of things.

Features of female thinking

It is impossible to find an unequivocal answer to a similar question, there will be as many of them as there are women, and each one has different days, tasks, moods and relationships with the universe, which affects the mental flow. However, it is possible to get an approximate general picture of the main problems, which do not give rest to the ladies, by reading the headlines of women's magazines and forums. The specificity of the female worldview is such that every thought she needs to discuss with someone or look for answers on her - this is where the virtual girlfriends come to the rescue, and magazines are popular only thanks to articles on topical issues that concern the majority. Topics will relate to relationships, men and children, health, career, recreation, their own beauty, psychological characteristics, ways of creating coziness and other minor components of such topics.

Women love to talk and share what is happening in their heads and hearts, so if you want to know the most truthful and complete answer, then the best option would be to ask the girl directly, just get ready to spend a lot of time and attention. The female brain is multi-tasking, so you are likely to stumble upon a story about several topics at once (connected to or from various operas) at the same time, distracting the unfortunate kittens encountered on the way and answering phone calls.

Gender psychology and general psychology of thinking share the features of thinking by gender, and a number of studies confirm the differences in the functioning of information processing processes. It is assumed that such differences are formed evolutionarily and fixed at the genetic level, which helped the species to survive and develop. In this regard, the main focus in women's thinking is not on logical reasoning, but on the sensory perception of the world, an individual orientation.

The perception of a woman is focused on details to a much greater degree than on integrity, since she did not need to monitor the movement of herds of animals, the location of the tribe, but her life could depend on her attention to the prepared food, the smallest changes in the condition of children. In the modern world, these functions are not so crucially necessary, but they allow one to carry out women's tasks of motherhood effectively, and also often helps to notice some minor mistake, which didn’t add up to a significant scale.

Noticing a lot of the smallest details and interrelations, the woman is guided by her own subjective conclusions, and not by the direct stimulus-response system, so she can say that your friend is in a bad mood today, because the shoes are yellow, which for the male mind sounds like nonsense, but behind this there is a subtle observation of a person, in whose characteristics there is a tendency to wear yellow shoes when it is sad. Out loud, such a logical chain may not be expressed by a woman, but may not be realized, but subconsciously she notices such things, and then acts in accordance with the existing knowledge. It is this mechanism of intuition, which is the leading component of female thinking.

Another feature is the difficulty in making an instant decision, since the world of a woman has many details and nuances, among which it is sometimes impossible to divide everything into polar values. Trying to solve this problem, a woman should pull out all the details that are somehow related to the situation, so she starts talking out loud. For a man, voicing problems may sound like a request for help, as they are used to solving problems silently, but if a woman says something, it is not always a request to intervene, this is her way of finding a solution, which in most cases she will voice at the end of her speech, listen to her carefully and support this analysis process.

If you do not try to tailor a woman with her own characteristics to the types of response that are understandable to men, then the features of female thinking can be useful in many areas where male thinking will be powerless.

What girls think about guys

Knowing what girls think about guys is important not only as part of idle curiosity, but also helps many guys adjust their own behavior, and also prevents strong disappointments from the invented image. Girls have their own ideas about the ideal partner, not always coinciding with the male. So, many guys, trying to meet or like a girl, begin to go to the rocking chair and take care of their external image in every possible way, stuffing a tattoo, cutting out fashionable haircuts, and the first thing that girls appreciate is intelligence and erudition. The girl will be able to look at the beautiful picture in the cinema and in the photo, but in the evenings it will be thinking about those guys who are able to support any topic of conversation (culture, recent news, historical facts are on this list with the same importance as concerts, recent advances in the science of sport).

Many girls have had time to get burned in relationships, therefore there is a common opinion about guys as unreliable, and even divorced relatives throw many folklore epithets. Despite having such experience, the girls continue to believe that not all guys are such and appreciate honesty and trust. According to the girls, the definition of masculine qualities includes, first of all, a sense of humor, the ability to make decisions and responsibility and care, and only at the end of the list can one see the ability to ride a bike or his broad shoulders. In the girls' thoughts there are men who can confidently look into the eyes, lead the conversation and direct the course of the relationship, giving the girl the opportunity to relax and feel in a protected place and safe hands.

Interesting is the opinion of girls about the appearance of men, where cleanliness and tidiness (shoes, clothes, body, hair, and every inch of a man and the fact that it should be clean and pleasantly smelling) play a primary role. At the same time, brands and brands do not interest them at all if everything is matched in style and combined with the internal characteristics of a person and his lifestyle.

Naturally the thoughts of girls about the same guy will be different, depending on the specifics of the girl’s personality. So quite an ordinary guy may seem gray and boring biker-traveler, and for a quiet book girl will be a bright instigator. And so, the girls think about the guys and think quite a lot, because it is the relationship that occupies most of the thoughts of any girl, whether they are family, romantic or friendly.

What girls think about friendship

The female psyche cannot interact with other people, as well as without communicating with girls exclusively in the female circle; this is almost a necessary component of maintaining emotional health and one’s own identity. But women's opinions about friendship and its laws themselves are different from the male world. So, these relations will be filled with various emotions - friends can quarrel and put up several times a month, and almost any situation can serve as a reason for this. Men wonder why their companions are capable of calling such a person a friend, but for female communication, where emotions are guided, this is normal.

Women's friendship is filled with spiritual talk, i.e. girls understand friendship as communication and exchange of emotions (namely, emotions, and not information as where it happened, more reminiscent of the report). Girls for friendship do not need to do something together - they just talk on the phone. Friendship is perceived as something obligatory and permanently existing, i.e. in the female version, it is impossible not to communicate for six months and remain best friends. A girlfriend should pick up the phone at any time, all the tragic and important events and remember the dates and names of people from the life of a friend, as if from her own. But while few of the women put friendship in the list of various relationships in a priority place - they are always reserved for the family and husband. The situation when a sobbing friend does not go on the threshold, due to the fact that emotional gatherings in the kitchen prevent her husband from concentrating on writing an important report is not a rarity or an exception.

Separately, it is worth noting the feminine opinion about inter-sexual friendship, since the majority of women believe in such friendly friendships and are truly friendly, not perceiving a man as a possible sexual partner. Sometimes this can go beyond the limits of the permissible (especially if a friendly relationship has a different purpose), considering a man for the same girlfriend, and change clothes with a friend or go to sleep together in one sleeping bag, without implying any intimate tendencies in the development of relations.

Friendship, though perceived and manifested in different ways, is very important for women, and according to the results of research on the loss of friendship, women experience significantly more than men. Any relationship has a direct impact on the personality and well-being of a woman; she knows about it and values ​​those who have become close to her.

How to make a girl think about you

I would like a pretty girl to think about you and ways to achieve this set, but first you need to know how to understand what a girl thinks about another guy, because then you first have to remove a competitor from her thoughts. Here social networks come to help, demonstrating her comments and likes not only in your feed, but also on other people's pages, and if the girl’s activity is quite a lot on someone’s specific page, then most of her thoughts are dedicated to this person. If there is an opportunity, then listen to whom she asks and discusses with her friends - the girl’s conversation is a reflection of her thoughts, and for most it’s impossible to hush up your thoughts - your task is to be in the right place.

When you are convinced that now nobody has occupied the thoughts of your darling, you can choose a method to settle in her thoughts depending on your situation. You can accustom her to a certain presence (write messages at the same time or meet her in the same places), this creates a habit of your presence, even if she is not aware of this. The next step will be the disappearance of all these habitual locations, which will make her notice your absence first, and after a while, start worrying, sorting out options in your head where you can be and what influenced your disappearance.

If you are unable to appear in her life on your own (due to dividing distances or not getting close enough), then you can connect with common friends, whose role will be to periodically mention you (let it be interesting moments or important information that suggests need to contact you). There is also an excitement around your person, because if you are necessary and interesting to so many, then it causes a desire, if not to be closer, then at least to find out what your exclusivity is about, attracting so many people.

If you managed to talk to the girl, then leave after the conversation the understatement or incomprehensibility, because about a person about whom everything is clear, to think more and there is no need. Your communication may have a common goal and further plans, in addition, you can ask the girl to think about your chosen topic, and then tell you her conclusions. Thinking about any question, she will think about you.