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How to become nihilists

Undoubtedly, everyone came across in his life the term nihilists. And although this word has a negative connotation, how to become a pofigist and not take everything to heart, interests many. This character trait drastically changes a person’s life. A sort of life position affects not only relationships with others, but also the personality as a whole. And there are plenty of evidence.

A person with a healthy pofigizm will not worry about trifles, because if you give in to your emotions you can provoke a strong experience that will take too much time and effort. Pofigist knows that understanding all the experiences does not give a positive result for the individual. An ordinary person is aware of the loss of time only on the fact of his leakage, and the nihilist, given this, simply does not allow this in his life. Also, the absence of nervousness and irritability warns the nihilists against accomplishing rash acts and actions, so a person with this trait looks more sensibly at all problematic situations.

Tips how to become a nihilist

It is no longer a secret that not only colossal diligence and perseverance can lead to success, but such a trait of character as pofigizm.

Among people there are always those who are completely indifferent to the opinion of the environment, established rules and principles. They aim to achieve the desired result and often achieve their goal. Therefore, if there is an interest in how to become a nihilist in life, this will help some specific tips.

Firstly, it should be noted that to become a pofigist does not mean to include complete indifference to everything that happens. Often, indifferent people are not able to accept things as they are in the truth, because they constantly experience internal agitations. It is important to learn to stop worrying about everything and accept life as it is at the moment.

Worrying about the future day, a person is not able to enjoy the upcoming uncertainty, which is able to give happiness. Such an attitude can help to reveal in life those opportunities that, due to excessive excitement, were previously unnoticed.

To become a nihilist is to release an impressive amount of energy to achieve important goals, bustling about what is truly important.

Secondly, you need to learn to get rid of their anxieties and doubts. To do this, just call a friend and discuss their problems so that they do not become overwhelming. This conversation will help determine whether the anxieties that are really being discussed are “devouring” most of the emotional energy require an obsessive reflection on them. The other person’s view of the situation is able to assess it most “soberly”. Also, a person from the inner circle can contribute to an objective assessment of strengths and capabilities.

Thirdly, it should be realized that those individuals who are forced to follow the instructions of the environment at work or at home, as a result, will become hostages of endless non-repetitive truths "must" and "must". It is important to learn to live not at the behest of other individuals, but to create your own rules. But do not push them in a demonstrative form to others, because you can pass for a bore, not a nihilist.

Fourthly, it is necessary to slow down the pace in perfectionism, since the perfectionist and the nihilists are two opposite poles.

The passion for perfection and perfection often results from the fact that in childhood the child was disliked and was not accepted by parents as it is with its problems and shortcomings. Successful personalities are singularly derived from those who were excellent students in childhood. But those who studied mediocre, condescending attitude to academic knowledge, while enjoying school life - has achieved much greater success in life. Therefore, there is a reason to track the signs of perfectionism in your actions and allow yourself to do the work on the “four”.

Fifth, it makes sense to learn not to dwell on one problem, worrying about it, but to be distracted by other things. For example, if anxiety prevails and the state of adequate pofigism seems unattainable, it is urgently necessary to switch to another activity that should not be associated with an exciting issue. Effective this method will be if you pick up a fascinating lesson. An interesting book or film, a tourist trip, a visit to a museum or a dolphinarium or a place of interest can help in this matter.

Sixth, you should temper your emotionality. All our raging experiences are an indicator that distinguishes sensitive personalities from calmer, enjoying the moment nihilists.

It should be borne in mind that emotions are a short-term reaction to short-lived events. And since nothing can last forever, it is important, even in a situation that causes a shiver at the knees, to disengage from annoying experiences. How to do it? To do this, while there is a shiver in the body, find around you, for example, ten white objects. Then recall the names of cities starting with the letter "A". Having picked up similar entertainment in advance, you can use them at the right time, when they will be overwhelmed by experiences or unnecessary emotions.

Seventh, it is required not to take what has been said to one’s own account. Those individuals who react prohibitively to someone else's statement are doomed to vain dreams of pofigizm. Continuously taking everything very close to the heart, are endowed with high chances to turn into patients of the neurosis clinic, but not at all into successful pofigists.

For example, you should not get hung up for a long time on what opinion about your wardrobe was expressed by a colleague. Often, the negative reaction of society is caused by dissatisfaction with their own lives. Than too long to dwell on someone else's psychological projection, it will be appropriate to do the affairs of the nihilists: enjoy the present moment, find something that will bring joy and immediate enjoyment.

Eighth, a great way to become a nihilist in life can contribute to the load in the form of exercise. The load on the body will increase the level of certain hormones responsible for the subjective sense of happiness. In addition, the sport helps to look better, thus raising self-esteem. If there is a feeling that it is difficult to collect thoughts during sports activities, then you should turn on loudly beloved music and do it with great diligence. Challenging the resources of your body, the mind has no chance to think about insignificant situations or events in your head.

It’s not as easy to become a nihilist and not to be nervous as it seems at first glance, but if you follow the recommendations above, everything can turn out. All attitudes, recommendations should be firmly rooted in the behavior of everyday practice. And it is of no importance if suddenly a person seems to be selfish or narcissistic, if the person has made a firm decision to live his own, which means a happy life for the pofigist!