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How to quit smoking

How to quit smoking? It is estimated that approximately 70% of the number of active smokers are dreaming about getting rid of this destructive habit. About 20% of those who want to break with tobacco, have never tried to take steps in the direction of renunciation of tobacco, the rest regularly make attempts to eliminate destructive addiction. It is necessary to understand that smoking is a serious dependence, an urgent problem for many, a deadly habit, which is very difficult to get rid of, since there is no motivational factor. Each "kuryak" has personal reasons, again and again pushing to reach for a cigarette. But the bulk of the subjects begins to "smoke", being on a very young age segment of the path, for the sake of infusion into the peer team, adding credibility, or to look older. Immature young minds believe that through a few burdens you can make loyal friends, rise in the eyes of the sweetheart, become your own among strangers, turning into "nicotine slaves".

How to quit smoking yourself if there is no willpower

Modern society is increasingly inclined to healthy being, which forces individuals to reconsider their own impartial unproductive habits. Why the number of those intending to get rid of the habit in question becomes larger every day. However, the prevailing number of them stop only on making a decision. After all, it is much easier to decide than to find the strength to turn away from this insignificant pleasure.

Some fear that a glass of their favorite wine or a cup of aromatic coffee will lose their exquisite taste. Others worry that there will be no reason to communicate with employees in a smoking room. In addition, in some areas of activity there is an unspoken rule: who does not go on a smoke break, he works.

Many young ladies are convinced that a thin cigarette in their tender hands gives them a special charm, and therefore are not in a hurry to get rid of the described habit. The reasons for not wanting to quit smoking and excuses for this unwillingness are different, but one thing unites them - lack of willpower.

It is difficult to renounce this harmful inclination, primarily because smokers are dependent on tobacco, both biologically and psychologically.

Often, lovers of "chipping" create rituals that are strongly associated with smoking, for example, a cup of morning coffee exclusively under a cigarette. They are afraid that if they renounce their addiction, they will have nothing to replace the created emptiness.

People who successfully get rid of their annoying habit recommend a few tricks on how to quit smoking if there is no willpower. The main of them is the prevention of situations that are reminiscent of or related to smoking. If it is impossible to avoid such situations, then you need to prepare yourself to be able to overcome the circumstances without a cigarette. Particularly often worried about the question is where to put your hands? To do this, it is recommended to keep something with you that is able to occupy your hands, for example, a pen, an expander, an anti-stress ball, a key chain.

You can also carry small goodies with you, replacing the sensation of a cigarette in your mouth, for example, seeds, candy, dried berries, chewing gum. The problem of the habit of holding a cigarette in your mouth can be solved with the help of a banal toothpick, which must be held in the palm of your hand or in your mouth.

Self-indulgence should not be blamed on the emotional aspect, justifying itself by a myth that claims that cigarettes eliminate stressful effects. Smoking is only a model of behavioral response in tense conditions. False tranquility gives rise to a reflex response to the stimulus and the intuitive desire to distract from the problems that have come over, but not a cigarette at all. If, for example, to give the installation to yourself that 10 squats will help to calm down, then the psychological impact will be similar.

The above are the most popular factors that prevent people from freeing themselves from this harmful addiction. However, the true reason for not allowing individuals to eliminate this addiction is the banal fear. People are afraid to lose something familiar, valuable, necessary, giving "pleasure." They fear that the world will lose its color and become duller, fresher without nicotine sticks. People are afraid without cigarettes do not overpower the complex everyday twists and turns. The party will be dull without smoking. They are convinced that their thoughts will invariably return to cigarettes, which will force them to smoke again.

Such fears are hidden in the depths of the human subconscious and hinder the movement towards a healthy and cloudless existence without cigarette bondage.

How to overcome these fears? How to quickly quit smoking? What needs to be done first? The device of the human brain is such that only after receiving personal experience, it will stop doubting. Therefore, in order to consciously follow the chosen path to being without nicotine bondage, it is recommended, first, to interest the brain in the advantages that an individual will acquire by getting rid of the addiction described, namely:

- Improved health at times;

- fresh breath;

- beautiful face tone;

- healthy teeth;

- snow-white smile;

- calm, as the worries about the absence of cigarettes will disappear

- substantial savings.

Allen Carr - an easy way to stop smoking

Liberation from the deadly attachment is easy. The main thing to eradicate fear. It is on this statement that the method of liberation from nicotine bondage of A.Karr is based. All the advice of a famous fighter against tobacco smoking is aimed at overcoming fears, anxieties that impede a full-fledged existence, and make it difficult to enjoy life. The recommendations proposed by Allen Carr have become a renowned bestseller. His work "Easy way to quit smoking" is widely known to the public. Many subjects, having read this book, never again took a nicotine stick in their hands.

A. Karr himself has long been an inveterate smoker. The number of cigarettes smoked often reached 100 pcs. per day. The described habit threatened to destroy life, but in '83, after countless and unsuccessful attempts to quit smoking, he discovered a way to permanently eliminate the addiction in question.

In his work, Allen Carr did not tell about the terrible danger that causes irreparable harm to health, about mindless spending of a whole fortune. Such statements have not helped anyone get rid of tobacco addiction. The method of A.Karr, which he calls "light", acts differently.

There is a common misconception that allows smokers to believe that smoking is their conscious choice. Smokers, the decision to smoke is taken no more than alcoholics prefer to become alcoholics. The only decision taken by self-smokers regarding addiction is the decision to smoke the first cigarette. People periodically decide to visit the cinema, but they do not intend to spend decades in it.

The only thing that prevents individuals to stop smoking, in the opinion of the well-known fighter with the described addiction is fear. They fear that on the chosen path to liberation from the deadly craving, they will have to experience a rather long period of torment, hardship, and unmet desire. Smokers fear that in the absence of nicotine sticks, neither food nor a rendezvous with a young lady, nor sit-ins with their comrades will ever give them pleasure. They are afraid that they will never be able to concentrate, relieve stress or be confident. The fear that personality and character traits are transformed. However, the greatest fear lies in the delusion that it is impossible to get rid of this harmful traction, that it is slavery to life, that the person will spend the remaining years waiting for another smoke break.

If an individual has repeatedly asked the Internet: "how to quit smoking forever," if he tried all the permissible techniques, conservative methods and unconventional methods, then he found himself under the influence of such fear and was convinced inside that it was impossible to get out of the nicotine trap.

According to Carr, the fear of quitting smoking forces most smokers to continue to "puff", creating an illusory pleasure from a nicotine stick. Contrary to sensations, smoking does not bring pleasure. It can only eliminate the withdrawal syndrome and, in turn, create a new one, thus feeding the addiction. The relief experienced by smokers when lighting a cigarette is a kind of return to "normal" well-being, in which non-smokers are always present. Therefore, nicotine-dependent subjects, when they smoke, tend to reach a state in which the non-smoker always stays. nicotine sticks.When this fear is overcome, then the rejection of this pernicious craving becomes painless.

A.Karr in his leadership debunks popular myths that prevent people from consciously approaching the problem of smoking, namely:

- smoking subjects get pleasure from smoking;

- the process of smoking overcomes boredom and eliminates the stress effect;

- smokers consciously make a decision to tar;

- Smoking promotes concentration and relaxation;

- the process of smoking is a habit;

- smoking substitutes help to escape from this harmful attraction;

- The smoker should be constantly reminded about the deadly effects of smoking.

A.Karr to the question: how to quit smoking, if there is no willpower, replies that to release from the described destructive inclination, willpower is not needed. In an effort to get rid of annoying habit through willpower, most people who smoke, just try to increase their motivation, relying on false incentives.

In order to easily get out of the deadly trap, you need to do only two things: make a decision to quit smoking forever and not fall into a depressive state as a result of the decision made.

Carr recommends, instead of unconscious lighting a cigarette, to begin analyzing your own sensations derived from this process. A person is born without the need to smoke, and he has to initially strain pretty hard to get used to the unpleasant taste of cigarettes.

At certain stages of life, even disgusting smokers can survive for quite a long period without worrying about the presence of cigarettes. A person feels torment only when he is forbidden to smoke. Hence, the source of the easy denial of the destructive traction in question lies in the confidence of the individual in the invincibility of the decision made. It is necessary not to count, but to know for sure that, having made such a decision, I have already stopped smoking. You can not make a decision to question. It is necessary on the contrary to always enjoy him.

A.Karr advises individuals who intend to get rid of the annoying inclination, to realize that they can achieve the goal, that they do not differ from other human individuals, therefore only they can force them to smoke.

It is necessary to understand that to throw, in fact, absolutely nothing. On the contrary, an individual gains many advantages: health, monetary savings, a snow-white smile, more pleasure from being, less sadness.

In addition, you do not need to deceive yourself, trying to convince that nothing will happen from one cigarette. Smoking is a chain reaction, one smoked nicotine sticks will pull along with others. Described addiction should be perceived as a chronic disease, which does not disappear just like that.

How to quickly quit smoking at home

Harmful addiction is the curse of modern society. I will be glad to them, but it is very difficult to get rid of them. Most smokers are worried about the fundamental question: is it possible to replace nicotine sticks with something when getting rid of the traction in question and is it possible to free yourself from the effects of addiction? In fact, there are many recommendations and techniques that help you create yourself from nicotine cravings.

Pernicious addiction enslaves everyone without disagreement by gender or age. And in recent years, the number of feminine smokers has increased dramatically.

According to dependent individuals, cigarettes help to calm, help to occupy themselves while waiting, relax after a busy day, eliminate stressful effects, relieve emotional stress, and make new acquaintances.

Before you quit smoking forever, you should set a goal. In the first turn it is recommended to form irrefutable arguments in favor of getting rid of the described habit. It is recommended to write the most powerful arguments in bright color and for clarity, place it in the most conspicuous place. In the cause of liberation from nicotine slavery, moral readiness and support of loved ones is very important.

To painlessly and quickly quit this habit, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the principles below. First of all, it should be recognized that the addiction in question harms both subjective health and the health of the environment. It is necessary to realize the full damage to health caused by nicotine sticks. This will help comprehend videos, articles that describe the effects of smoking, motivating forums and blogs.

Individuals who have made an unshakable decision to forever free themselves from cigarette bondage, it is recommended to avoid a large concentration of smokers, talk about smoking.

Effective and time-tested method of release from nicotine addiction is considered daily rinsing of the mouth with soda solution. For this, a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate is diluted in two hundred milliliters of water. Rinse recommended a couple of times a day. This procedure contributes to the disappearance of the desire to "blob", freshens breath and disinfects the oral cavity.

With a strong pull of a cigarette, traditional medicine recommends placing a pinch of salt on the edge of the tongue, where it should completely dissolve. However, this method can not be carried away because it can harm the digestive system.

Below are some tips to help you not to get off the initial stage of nicotine bondage relief. It is recommended for the first couple of days without a cigarette after a meal to drink a glass of milk. This will reduce the hunt for a new batch of nicotine. It also helps to distract from the obsessive desire to prolong eating fruit or absorbing fresh juices. Their rich taste contributes to the blunting of the desire to delay.

It is not recommended to replace nicotine sticks with crackers, candies, lollipops, seeds. These foods are quite high in calories and easy to eat, which gives rise to an increase in body weight. This gave rise to the well-known myth that quitting smoking causes weight gain. In addition, the use of sweets as a distraction from obsessive traction, will cause tooth decay due to the content of a considerable amount of sugar in them.

It is recommended to use more nuts, cottage cheese, legumes, hard cheeses, because their composition is enriched with nicotinic acid.

In addition, you should know that smoking increases the human need for vitamins and, in the first turn, for vitamin C, which is involved in metabolism. Therefore, in smokers, the daily intake of this vitamin is several units higher.

How to easily quit smoking

The network often wonders: why are recent smokers often returning to nicotine slavery? Because the human brain when exposed to stressors, emotional overstrain, physical exertion, recalls that it used to help him out in similar situations.

In order to easily abandon the described habit, it is necessary to understand that nicotine addiction is entirely psychological in nature. Narcologists say that nicotine withdrawal is the easiest type of abstinence syndrome, because it does not accompany aches and physical pain.

The most difficult in dealing with cigarette bondage is self-deception and emotional dependence. For the first few days, an individual who has abandoned pitch can feel euphoria, satisfaction from coping with nicotine cravings. Therefore, as an extraordinary reward, he allows himself to smoke one cigarette. This is a rather dangerous and popular mistake, since it leads to the enslavement of the individual by the nicotine tempter.

Therefore, deciding to overcome the described addiction, you need to understand that the way back is blocked. Therefore, you should cope with your own person and not succumb to provocations, slipped by the brain. Чтобы быстро освободиться от рассматриваемой зависимости нужно осознать, что влечение физического характера к курению нет, существует только психологическое рабство.Smoking can be compared to a reflex like a habit to brush your teeth in the morning after sleep.

Hypnosis is considered an effective method of getting rid of nicotine oppression, but many smokers are frightened by this technique due to the inability to control the process.

This technique is the introduction of a smoker in a trance, in order to open the subconscious to be able to give the necessary installation, setting up a person against the enslaving addiction.

Typically, these settings can be divided into the three categories below:

- hypnologist gives the smoker information about the dangers of nicotine addiction, ailments caused by many years of weakness for tobacco;

- the doctor sets up the individual to overcome dependence by using personal willpower for refusal;

- A specialist discovers all the advantages of being without cigarettes.

The impact consists in pronouncing phrases that the individual does not seriously perceive outside the trance due to being beaten and prosaic, for example: "smoking often provokes lung cancer."

Among the advantages of the described technique can be identified: the ability to safely get rid of many years of pernicious habits, a fairly high performance, no discomfort.

The disadvantage of this method can be considered to be the attraction of someone else's will from outside to get rid of dependence, instead of using one’s own. But the fundamental role in the process of overcoming nicotine slavery is played by the efforts applied, aspiration and own consciousness.

Another important factor is the individual structure of the psyche of individuals. To be effective, a hypotechnologist needs complete trust between the subject who came to the session and the hypnologist.

In addition, there is a risk of falling for a non-professional hypnologist, which can result in a banal pumping out of money. Also, hypnotechnics are a fairly expensive pleasure. But the main disadvantage of the described method is the prevalence of negative attitudes in the work of the hypnologist. This provokes the addition of new fears to a series of already existing smokers. Even with the achievement of a lasting effect from this technique, it is rather unpleasant and difficult to live with many fears. In addition, such a psychological burden, along with the rejection of nicotine slavery, may give rise to another addiction, for example, alcoholism.

So, how to quickly quit smoking, when today there is no methodology that works in one hundred percent of cases? First of all, the smoker should be aware that only by applying their own efforts can you be free from cigarette bondage. The art, the will of others, the recommendations of former smokers are not able to replace the individual desire of the individual to become free from nicotine. Therefore, it is necessary to awaken your own consciousness and the desire to start a new day without nicotine sticks.

Acupuncture also often contributes to relief from the addiction through the impact on the root of the problem. Cigarette addiction is a reflex. Nicotine hunger is reduced after one session of acupuncture.

Also, many individuals helped to overcome the pernicious bondage electronic cigarette. It helps to eliminate psychological dependence. You should start by using cartridges with a maximum dosage of nicotine for 30 days, then you need to use capsules with an average dosage (60-90 days), then with a low dosage, after which you should switch to capsules that do not contain nicotine at all.

How to quit smoking without harm to health

It is quite difficult for an unprepared individual to cope with a psychological attraction to cigarettes. It is especially difficult to refrain from returning to the pernicious at times of stress, physical exertion, and over-exertion of the emotional plane. Therefore, there are so many breakdowns and voluntary returns to nicotine slavery.

Proper abstinence from smoking is based on the following components: motivation, organization of good nutrition, a sharp rejection of nicotine sticks, psychological support.

Often, former smokers return to nicotine bondage due to the lack of a clear motivational factor and the support of loved ones. The decision to get rid of cigarette traction must be unbreakable, firm as a stone, otherwise failure to avoid failure will not succeed.

Conventionally, the process of exemption from this pernicious dependence can be divided into the preparatory stage and the main one.

At the preparatory stage it is necessary to try to understand yourself, to find the reason conducive to the emergence of this habit. This primarily helps to find the motivation that helps to make an irrevocable decision to renounce smoking. Often, people begin to "puff" as young adolescents for the sake of demonstrating their own maturity, "toughness," to earn credibility. In mature years, individuals do not need to express themselves in such a dubious way, so there is no need to smoke.

Thus, the most important moment of the preparatory stage is the provision of a clearly defined motivation that will force the smoker to free himself from bondage. This is very important because, in the absence of a motivational factor, the thought “why do you need to make such sacrifices” almost immediately begins in your head. The human nature is such that if an individual is forced to suffer, he must understand the weight of the intended goal.

Common motivations aimed at combating the malignancy considered include:

- the desire to conceive a baby;

- save loved ones from the role of a passive smoker (for example, during pregnancy, a spouse or a serious pulmonary disease, the birth of a baby);

- A serious disease in a smoker, the intention to extend their own existence;

- the intention to go in for sports, to get beautiful forms, to return normal weight;

- love (many may refuse cigarette bondage if the chosen one does not suffer from this destructive addiction);

- the intention to save money.

At the stage of smoking cessation, when a depressive mood approaches, one should more often recall the motivational factor that contributed to the decision to overcome nicotine cravings. It is recommended that negative thoughts drive away, reflecting only on the upcoming improvement in health, quality of being and well-being.

When quitting smoking, people who successfully get out of cigarette bondage are advised to try not to remain alone, since this is the greatest risk that an individual will fail.

It is also recommended not to leave yourself free time. You can do hobbies, cleaning, reading, knitting.