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How to attract the attention of a guy

How to attract the attention of a guy? Girls always manage to find an interesting guy, but they don’t always know how to get his attention, they often just sit and wait for activity from the male side or act so directly and rudely that the object of sympathy wants only to retreat extremely quickly. Women's methods of attracting attention are different from men's, there is more passivity and mystery, games of hints and contingencies. If you think about how to attract the attention of an unfamiliar guy, then the first item should be your appearance. Here it is important to keep the line between attractive brightness and outright vulgarity, because in a mini-skirt and rhinestones you will certainly attract attention, not only the guy, but the whole street, except that it will be absolutely not the kind of attention you expect.

If you have correctly chosen a place that meets your goals with your goals (the operating unit of traumatology does not contribute to attracting attention, except for surgeons) and you look appropriate, then you will most likely receive initial attention. Usually girls stop in this moment, believing that having struck a man with her beauty, they can relax and start taking courtship. But guys are real people and if they needed a beautiful picture, then they would have downloaded it from the Internet, and the meaning of personal interest lies in communication, which is why it is so important to pay attention not only to appearance, but also to their ability to build conversation, maintain communication and broaden your horizons. Being veiled is what makes one pay attention, the ability to be an interesting interlocutor is what helps to maintain contact and deepen interest.

How to attract the attention of the guy you like

There are many classic tricks to attract the attention of an unfamiliar guy: you can laugh out loud or accidentally knock him out of his hands, ask for help or with a simple everyday question. The advantage of such methods is that they will really pay attention to you, because you are actively invading the world of the guy and still need to respond. The downside is that this is where the interaction ends - you will be helped to sort out the question, pick up the fallen things, being guided by upbringing, and then go about their business or return to browsing social issues. In order to arouse long-term interest and to attract attention by non-emergency measures, it is necessary to begin with developing your own personality, then you will not have to use various tricks, because mature, interesting, self-sufficient, confident and glowing girls are constantly shrouded in male attention.

Look at yourself critically and evaluate your positive and negative qualities, and this should concern both appearance and character and personality manifestations. Disadvantages need to be corrected as much as possible or turned into dignity, and outstanding features learn to emphasize and present with dignity. Working with our own self-esteem and complexes, the level of self-acceptance is the main task, because our inner self-relation is transmitted by others (a girl who likes herself will be sympathetic, and one that tries to hide her unsuitable features becomes invisible to others). Mood is the strongest attracting attention factor - whether you communicate with your girlfriend or wash your windows, it does not matter, what is important is what aura is around you, and if it is lightness, joy and confidence, then you become attractive to guys. Enjoy life, instead of watching the guy and adjust random encounters, then he himself will think about how to increase the frequency of your meetings.

Psychology of relationships in attracting male attention recommends first of all to the young lady for cold restraint. For example, I liked a particular guy and the question arose how to get his attention? In essence, everything turns out to be much simpler than girls used to imagining. If by some miracle we discard the existing complexes about our own person, do not give a damn about the lack of practical experience in attracting the attention of the opposite sex, then it turns out that natural sincerity and interest are enough for a young person to become interested. Everything is arranged in such a way that people who show sympathy for us automatically become interesting to us. Remember which of the friends you value more - the one who talks about himself or the one who is interested in your affairs. Attention in itself causes a mutual flow of interest, now it remains only not to interfere with this and not to force events.

The more effort and hard mental work you put into capturing attention, the less guys want to come to you - because you feel excessive tension and theatricality of what is happening.

In addition, the girl desperately trying to win the attention of the guys looks ridiculous and pitiful in their eyes, which reduces the chances of success of the event. It is better to try to relax and enjoy your own life right now at the moment. I want to strive for a person who is satisfied with his life, I want to become a part of this beautiful and joyful world. When you are still interested in many things, it removes a huge moral responsibility from the guy, because your world has already not converged only on him, and therefore he breathes easier.

Do not forget about sincerity, because often, after reading various techniques and qualities that men like, girls try to portray this particular list, what hurts themselves. Suppose you succeeded in perfectly playing the chosen role, and the guy showered you with attention, but it is always impossible to play and you will be disappointed by the initial deception, it’s scary to think about the amount of energy you have spent on maintaining someone else’s image. That is why it is better to try to maintain your own authenticity, and people will turn out to be sincere and the communication will be full.

As for appearance, then you need to take care of it in terms of convenience and individuality. If you are accustomed to running in sneakers, then in order to attract attention you do not need to stand on a pin, since your squeezing will not allow you to be free and joyful. The same goes for underlining the features - you don’t need to draw huge lips and constantly correct lipstick, worrying if the deception does not reveal, it’s better to emphasize your personal features (curly hair - decorate into beautiful curls, thin wrists - emphasize with a bracelet, beautiful fingers - make a bright manicure ). The desire to merge with the same mass of girls from the covers will help you lose the attention you have, along with your personality, because it does not attract compliance with the parameters, but the internal integrity and ability to live your original life.

Find fun and pleasant moments where you are, because the smile on your face attracts attention. It is not necessary to laugh loudly, which looks vulgar and contrived, especially since there are places where laughter is inappropriate (exams, hospitals, important meetings). It is necessary to maintain a positive attitude, and this is not the same thing as a great laugh to laugh at the whole corridor, and also to show your view that you are open to communication. Locking in your own gadget, you silently give signals that you want to be alone, and that the actual guy will provide you. At the other extreme can be a desperate search with someone to talk to, what is perceived by others as your boredom and discomfort of being in the place where you are now. It is unlikely that a person with a similar mood will want to join, rather he will be given advice on how to leave the premises. Look for your interest and pleasure, even if there is no one around, you can look at the interior, the objects in it or take a couple of interesting pictures - a person who is capable of occupying himself and performing activities, instead of mindlessly sitting, causes interest.

Try to pass by a guy more often, just don’t run around, getting under your feet, but make a route on your own business past his gaze. Such a thing acts on the subconscious so that often the image we see is perceived as an integral part of life, to which attention begins to manifest - over time it will begin to notice changes in your clothes and hairstyle, mood and gait, as well as the fact that once you haven’t appeared, can make worry. Passing by must also be able to make it look intriguing and unobtrusive - don't look at him and be natural, great if he sees your wide smile addressed to friends behind his back. As for eye contact, this is one of the most powerful weapons, just do not need to drill it with a look, not taking away for a minute, just hold the view a little longer than usual, when you accidentally intersect, and then take it and continue your actions. Eye contact, which lasts a little longer, usually signals your interest, but is intrusive and binding, and this is what inspires intrigue and interest to solve it.

If you start a conversation, keep it in a positive way, even if it began with a common problem. Your task is to share enthusiasm and support, faith in the best and desire for the new. This adds optimism to the guy and pushes him to new achievements, and then he can notice that his inspiration is closely connected with you. People who inspire us and inspire confidence become almost narcotic necessary if there are such people in the life of a couple, and they are very valuable if there are more. It is impossible to disregard the one who makes our life better, and not by direct intervention, from a position from above, but being nearby. Ask about the guy as much as possible, expressing sincere interest (you don’t understand the engine device and don’t go there, but if you really wonder how it all works, ask, indicating your position as completely ignorant - this is all the same sincerity which helps to establish interesting relationships). Tell about yourself when he will show interest, try to formulate the answers to emphasize their features, avoiding the monosyllabic "good" and "normal." In general, for communication, you need to look for common topics that you can learn in advance by viewing his page on social networks or asking friends about the guy. It does not necessarily have to be sugary and positive common interests, excellent ignites a spark of interest joint hatred (for a sports team or music band, for example).

When the guy liked, how to get his attention becomes the main requests of the girl's search engine, but in order to deal with this, you need to know a little male psychology and correctly click on the necessary points. Men love to show their strength, and the tendency to care about others is a way to show their attitude, which warms men's pride, therefore, asking for help and advice, showing their own femininity. Ask to see you off in the evening and help carry the bags, screw in a light bulb and edit the document — anything you like. Fear of being stupid can be successfully leveled by calmly accepting a refusal, when a guy cannot help you - tacit care and independent solution of problems (or with the help of another assistant) will also arouse interest. Many women, taking advantage of the demonstration of their helplessness in front of the outside world and a certain naivety, acquire crowds of admirers, hurrying to help them when they need it and not. A positive bonus because men are interested in girls, around which there are many other men. The instinct of conquest, achievement. Thanks to him, you can cause great interest, showing sympathy for a man, but expressing a desire to remain free. Those who run after a guy are usually left alone, because everything is clear in advance and it becomes uninteresting, those who have refused and unwillingness are also left, because it does not make sense to make an effort. If you manage to stay between these two categories, then you start the perpetual motion machine of male interest, so strong that in the pursuit of certainty, he can also call for marriage.

The interest of guys is a non-standard, as appearance, behavior, and lifestyle. Look at the girl who returned from the next hike, paints a picture, and in the evening she has a concert at the club - she is much more interested than other girls who are mired in TV shows and beauty salons. When a guy sets life goals in front of him, fills his existence with meaning, his personal attention will be attracted to something by aspirants. Moreover, this desire should be important, if you abandon everything, as soon as you win his attention, you will lose it at the same moment, revealing the real motives not of your development, but of getting a guy.

How to attract the attention of a guy in VK

A huge share of communication takes place in VK, new acquaintances are got there and face-to-face communication continues (very few people ask for a phone number, usually people are added as friends in social networks). This is logical and reasonable, because before you is a person's profile, which can draw some conclusions. So it is with bringing your page into the proper form and should start. Let the basic information be placed, because a completely closed page, without anything, becomes uninteresting. You can hide some details, such as marital status and favorite books, but the comments of friends and their posts on the wall should be left - the guys carefully evaluate how and what you communicate with friends, because it can take a long time until you get into the general company , and positioning as a fun and interesting person can happen thanks to old posts on the net.

It is necessary to revise the photos, removing not only the shots where you are not very good, but also photos that compromise your reputation or share photos with the previous guy. Remember that the one who is now viewing your profile will not pay attention to the fact that the photos are already five years old and understand why you left it in the album. The reactions are quite simple - there is a photo, which means that it is significant, just like the person on it.

Use your page to demonstrate your own personality and hobbies, this can be done with the help of photos and posts on the wall, joining certain groups and filling out profile information, participating in thematic comments. Any of your activities in VK should reflect your interests and hobbies, if the wall is filled with reposts to win prizes, it is unlikely that the guy will be interested, but the photo from the next canoe rafting, and a simple walk in the park will make your eyes linger.

Then begins the conversation, the main features of which are similar to the real interaction, the only thing that instead of passing by, you can like or participate in a group discussion, but not like a guy, and with another opponent. Care of appearance is replaced by literacy care. Intrigue can be created by leaving the network without waiting for his answer to your question or disappearing for several days, even entering the network. But do not forget about communication in a personal, where everything is worth asking questions, talking about your desires and telling about yourself accurately and in doses.

How to attract the attention of a guy at school

In the general sections, in the courtyard or online communication to attract the attention of a guy is easier, but in his own school it causes a lot of difficulties. There are a lot of eyes around: teachers who tell you how to live, girlfriends discussing your behavior, friends of a guy who can make fun of feelings. In addition to the comments that you just get, there are plenty of sources that are not yet known, because what happens in school often happens in front of everyone, and from such fear of failure even more intensifies and paralyzes. But there is a way out, and you can go up and directly get acquainted with the guy, learn a little about him, explaining that it was interesting. Then you can move away and leave him in thought, he will start to watch you and he will take active actions himself, because bold girls are rare and guys like it.

For the guys at school, their image is very important, so they try to choose the coolest things and popular friends for themselves. No matter how insulting it is, they choose a girl according to the same criteria, so they have to look at their appearance (not to change, but to correct the style, update the hairstyle, and tighten the figure). Striving for the title of the first beauty of the school does not make sense, although it will attract the attention of many guys, only among them will be those for whom the girl is just an accessory that complements their image. It is better to dwell on a variant of a nice appearance, staying with its features and showing cool qualities of character - everyone will want to communicate with such a girl.

If the guys in the school pay a lot of attention, then they stop noticing the girl as a person, so you should not run after him. Вполне можно проходить мимо, не замечая его или общаться с другими, случайно опаздывать на договоренные встречи, чтобы он понимал, что у тебя в жизни еще масса увлекательных занятий, и если он добьется твоего расположения, то ты примешь его в этот круг.The active position in school life attracts the attention of guys - you can participate in speeches or become the leader of some movement, draw wall newspapers and prepare presentations, join the ranks of school self-government - all this activity is aimed at demonstrating your talents, and also increases your social circle. The guys are interested in open sociable girls, and they are more likely to be interested in the one that at the breaks (albeit on business) a person is looking for five than the one who reads in the corner of the book.

Although you should not completely rework your personality in order to attract attention, and if social activity is far from your ideals, then you can not participate in it in any way by conducting your activity outside the school. Remember that all the guys are different, and someone will look not for the bright star of all performances, but for a quiet and subtle feeling companion. It is important that with those whose attention you want to attract, you have common interests and topics for conversation, then the guy’s attention will be directed to where the greatest response is, i.e. to you.