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How to cheer yourself up

How to cheer yourself up? There are more and more ways to improve your mood every day. Scientists are separately engaged in studying the level of happiness and the factors that ensure this state, so the choice is large enough, it is necessary to determine how much time and resources you have, as well as where you are (it is difficult to stroke your beloved dog being on a long trip).

How to cheer yourself up quickly

When the mood is lowered, it is better to find the cause of its decline, eliminate it and carry out full-scale rehabilitation work in one’s own emotional sphere, but it also happens that there are no deep and serious reasons, it’s already impossible to be sad and then you are looking for ways to improve your mood as soon as possible. .

Play with animals, engage in creativity and sports, change your own appearance, wardrobe and decor in the apartment (if everything is enough - change the country), watch movies and talk with friends - any action (not necessarily cardinal and very active) influences the change of our mood .

A great way to raise your spirits, if depression is overtaken is your own hobbies, although you have to postpone work, boring but necessary things, or just get up from the couch when autumn apathy and you want your mood to improve somehow. Being engaged in what brings pleasure, after a while you will feel a surge of positive energy, even if your hobby itself is quite energy-intensive, the main thing is not to throw at the very beginning, but how to immerse yourself in the process.

There are options and simpler, this includes purchases, and they should be directed to self-indulgence and pleasure (no need to take a bag of potatoes and a bundle of onions - this will not add to the joy). You can sit in a cafe where you did not dare to go and drink a cup of hot chocolate, or you can get yourself bright yellow gloves - the main thing is that spending should not be a commonplace everyday thing, but bring a sense of celebration. Bright things and products containing endorphin, great helpers in the fight with a bad mood, but you should use them with caution, otherwise you can get used to this method and it will cease to act, not to mention the negative impact of a large number of sweets on the figure, and a large number of unnecessary purchases on the financial condition.

Try to visit nature more often or at least in the city park, walk more on foot and breathe fresh air, choosing even longer, but scenic routes. Such contact with nature improves the mood not by raising it sharply, but by gradually filling it with vital forces, it gives relief from daily stress and noise that haunts everywhere. And if such events become your habit and will last at least two hours even with the lack of alerts for all kinds of gadgets, not only the mood level will always be in order, but the entire nervous system will be more stable, which will lead to an improvement in the work of the whole organism.

Usually the mood is reduced when stresses clamp down on our energy, this happens on both the emotional and physical levels, and if you don’t always want to cope with your own psychology, you can relieve physical tension at any time. To do this, it is necessary to reject the critical perception of the world and oneself as important, adult and serious, and at least half an hour to do what one thinks of. You can run and jump on the chairs, throw objects at the wall and smear with food, scream and cry, roll up into a ball and swing, perhaps pulling a pounding pillow or crying into it, running a mileage or doing push-ups. Your task is to take an example from children who do not particularly clamp down on their physical activity, in order to please the standards of decency accepted in society, but to preserve their own reputation in advance (i.e. you don’t need to roll on the floor in your own office, it’s better to do it behind a closed door or nook of the park). The more varied and crazy your physical splash will be, the better, stop when you feel tired.

It would be good to be able to continue listening to physical needs - you may start to sleep or wake up your appetite, or you may want a particular product - provide it for yourself. After such a shake-up and unlocking, oppressive emotions are released and cease to absorb energy, this improves the mood and a feeling of lightness, new ideas can be born or forces to implement plans appear.

To feed yourself with something tasty is a quick and effective way to set the mood, because food stimulates many analyzers at once, plus in childhood we used to get the main pleasure through it. But it is worth being careful with this method and rarely and in extreme cases, as the scale of the problem of food addiction has spread around the world today, and the main reason for its occurrence is jamming of stress and negative experiences. Instead of solving a problem, people eat chocolates and cakes, which improves mood, but does not remove the source. It is better to use the positive and energy tide received from food and direct it all to the resolution of the problem.

If you have internet access, you can find funny videos or funny songs there. Watching the first ones that make you laugh will quickly bring down the program of sadness, and listening to fun and dynamic music will raise your mood, affecting the subconscious and setting the desired rhythm. You can go for a relaxing procedure (massage, swimming pool or spa), and if this is not possible sitting at work, then no one bothers to plan a wonderful weekend for yourself, including these moments (planning pleasant things improves your mood, but waiting, as you know, is more pleasant than a holiday ).

How to cheer yourself up at home

How to cheer yourself up, if you’re tired of everything, you’re sitting at home and not going anywhere, and the main tips you get are that you need to go out to chat with people and have fun in a noisy company is not an intractable problem. All people are different and what works for extroverts, introverts will plunge into depression even more. Improving the mood at home has many advantages over going out to the public, which in their manifestation boil down to one of the main ones - they don’t see you, which means they don’t condemn and don’t have to follow movements and facial expressions, but you can act as you like, at least silly ridiculous.

Dancing has always been considered the therapy of blues, only at home you can really surrender to this process, not caring about the correctness of movements and opinions of others, but simply plunging into the rhythm and splashing out what is in your heart. An excellent option is to revise the wardrobe, just not scrolling through the trempels in the closet, but rather high-quality sorting of things, fitting each one, drawing up new combinations, checking the quality. Perhaps it was time to change the image, and put half of the things on sale for a symbolic price, or convert them to more stylish ones, adding details. In addition to the wardrobe, you can change the appearance - experiment with new make-up, try on new hairstyles (better with the help of online programs, and not by self-cutting yourself with bangs). All this activity will not only help to establish a more adequate expression of his personality, but is also a creative activity that enhances one’s mood.

By the way, creativity can be used in any form, being both a professional and the first time holding a brush. You can draw, simply with paint strokes, expressing your emotions, and you can prepare hand-made gifts for your friends for the holiday (there will be postcards or a video clip mounted from the joint again, it does not matter, the main thing is that you create it yourself by bringing a piece of your soul into it) .

Only at home you can afford to spend the evening in a bath with aromatherapy oils (read and choose anti-depressants) with pleasant music, subdued light. Add to this a glass of delicious wine or reading a favorite book of your choice. And you can wrap yourself in your favorite blanket and review your favorite TV series or new movie, washing it all down with hot chocolate, gradually falling into a dream. To arrange for yourself a day of sufficient relaxation and how to sleep well, helps to restore mood, depending on the overall energy level in the body.

If there are pets at home, then the time spent with them will give a lot of joy, especially if earlier there was no possibility for this. In general, finding a home and doing household chores increases the sense of security and comfort, which affects mood. That is why, it would seem, not a very joyful occupation in the form of general cleaning as a result gives an increase in mood, when all things are in their places, and the old and spoiled things are thrown out, a feeling of freedom appears. Moreover, there is a version that when a person puts things in order in the outer space, his psyche puts things in order inside, using the analogies of cleaning and sorting, prioritizing and searching for new opportunities. So do not be surprised if after cleaning you come up with solutions to many problems over which the months have fought.

How to cheer yourself up at work

Cool, if you go to work in a great mood and with the expectation of wonderful events, but not everyone is so lucky. Someone has not been on vacation for a long time, someone is killed by the monotony of days and the grayness of the office, someone is just bored - there are a lot of reasons for a decrease in mood at work besides the working moments themselves, and when strained relationships with the team and the authorities are added, you have to work above the norm then here and before depression is not far.

First, carefully assess the state of your workplace - remove all unnecessary, take the time to systematize things and files, engage in ergonomic space. Such cleaning helps to quickly find everything and not to freak out because of unnecessary things, in addition, a decent type of workplace makes the work itself more enjoyable. Make your day easier by planning, write down the upcoming cases and put a tick next to the completed ones - it greatly improves your self-esteem and shows that you are not in an unresponsive routine, but the process is moving. By the way, you need to move yourself, so for lunch it's better to go out than to eat your sandwich, staring at the screen and finishing the presentation. Breaks should be of high quality - to visit the sun, to buy something along the way, to drink coffee in the nearby park is not a big deal, but it improves your mood.

To facilitate your stay in the workplace, it is necessary to find sources of nourishment, and if they are not there where you are, you will have to take in remote places. Making it easy is a bit of restructuring if a little breaks. Let it be a smoke break, but now during it you do not need to stare at the gray wall, thinking that there are still four hours of torture, at this time you can call other people (friends who inspire you with a positive, acquaintances about whom have not heard anything favorite person or best friend). Such conversations distract from the workload and bring fresh streams of information, and with these people it will be possible to laugh or even gloat over work moments. In addition to telephone conversations, the same can be done via the Internet, and even planning weekends or choosing purchases - the main thing to watch out for is that this behavior is unloading and does not constitute a major part of the working time, otherwise you can get a lot of problems. Spending short pauses of breaks is not to sort out relationships with colleagues and gossip, but to optimize your leisure time, you free most of it for pleasant activities (if you have already made an order in the online store, you saved half the weekend, but if you ordered pizza, they took care of their evening, planning the weekend also brings joy by the process of preparation itself).

And also, so that the mood at work does not fall to the plinth, take care of your condition not only at work, but also before and after it. Before working day, it is good to remove the extra stress in the gym or on a jog, by repelling the impudent companion, instead of keeping silent or falling to your colleagues. After work, it would be great to visit the pool, to spend this evening in silence or in pleasant company. The main thing is to provide a few hours, when you can take care of yourself and minimize the consequences of the working day, then the next one will be easier.

How to cheer yourself up if everything is bad

When problems do not end, minor troubles begin to freak out, because they happen continuously, the blues do not last for the first month when thoughts of antidepressants or the ability to drown grief in alcohol and drugs come, but there are simpler and more useful ways to raise your spirits, if everything tired of it. You can start with what accompanies us daily - with food. Supporting the nervous system can be added to the tea mint and chamomile, which will calm and take care of the nervous system. As for food, you should stop eating anything - find interesting recipes, better from various national cuisines, and prepare yourself a tasty treat. The whole process from the choice of products to the proper table setting is comparable to the meditative process, and the many smells, tastes and colors nourish your sensory sphere. In principle, switching attention from mental activity to touch very quickly and qualitatively improves mood, so massage and various wraps, masks and simple shuffling of croup will help a lot.

If everything is bad, rest, which will fill your needs, will help raise your spirits. If there is a serious lack of sleep, turn off all gadgets, get out of sight, stock up on food and sleep all weekends. If life is like running in a wheel, then you will get out somewhere for the weekend, better than anything for an hour - the maximum change in the situation will return the feeling of life.

Make a list of your own desires and goals, determine ways to achieve them and begin to act. Lack of motivation to move paralyzes the emotional sphere worse than fear. Start moving towards your own desires, as well as physical - sport, in a pleasant way, an excellent antidepressant, and mid-day warm-ups help flexibility not only of the joints, but also of thinking. During physical activity, the hormone of joy is produced, and if you make the classes regular, then changes in your own emotional state will become noticeable after a couple of days. If, however, with regular sports does not work, then you should see mandatory walks or hiking trips in your schedule.

If everything is really absolutely terrible, then it’s enough to pretend to be a demigod - it's time to share problems with loved ones (or at least with an occasional fellow traveler), perhaps, sit on the floor and burst into tears. The recognition of his powerlessness, the fact that it is hard to endure and there is no opportunity for joy, releases a lot of energy. Through this release one can begin to notice that there is something good. And if you share problems with friends, you can get moral support, and sometimes quite financially or effectively help yourself.

How to cheer yourself up every day

The good mood of each day is made up of how our morning went. And if this is a day trip, then even getting up at five in the morning is joyful and beautiful, and if the weather is sad, the condition is pre-morbid, and again at work again, then getting yourself out of bed will be problematic, and all actions are accompanied by dissatisfied grumbling.

To make the mood cool every day, you need to take care of its good start: set the alarm a little earlier, so that there is time to slowly lie down, and instead of the inscription “alarm” on the phone, you can put some encouraging or amusing phrase. Highlight twenty minutes at the beginning of each day for calm and relaxed thoughts.

Morning is the right time for dreams and making plans, for bright meditations and sending positive wishes to loved ones - use it for pleasing things, and not for jerking around the apartment in search of keys (even if you have to get up a little earlier). Anything that is negative on the way can be recorded on a separate piece of paper. Those. this is not a world so terrible turned off the water, burnt scrambled eggs and broke the heel, and that you collect minor troubles that accompany the morning. Turn it into a game, at the end of which, for example, having reached work, you can fold an airplane out of a piece of paper and launch it into the air.

Pay attention to the fact that your every day is filled with physical activity, change of atmosphere and delicious food. These things can be combined, for example, by dining in different places or by jogging along different routes. Следите, чтобы голодным не оставалось не только ваше тело, но и мозг: новые знания и знакомства, места и фильмы - источник душевного удовольствия, при отсутствии которого ни одни антидепрессанты не помогут.

А еще можно ввести практику исполнения каждый день одного желания или совершения яркого и радующего поступка. If it so happens that today there are no desires of your own, then fulfill others' wishes - the joy of those around them returns with even greater personal joy.