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How to make a guy jealous

How to make a guy jealous? If a cool period has begun in the relationship, then usually the girls start looking for ways to make the guy who likes it jealous, considering that it is with such emotions that you can breathe life into the old relationship or check whether it is still dear to him. Jealousy has always been considered a sign of indifference to a person (we are now talking about a variant of normal manifestation, rather than a psychotic state, when it becomes impossible to exist from eternal suspicion). Moreover, this stereotype is so firmly fixed in perception that confident men who have confidence in the girl can end up with a scandal with conclusions about her being useless, based on the fact that jealousy is absent.

How to make a guy jealous and afraid to lose

In an effort to increase your need or warm up a sense of significance, you can look for ways to make a guy jealous of you, and there will be a lot of options in its diversity, but you should deal with the inner motives of such a desire. If there is not enough attention, then it is better to start with an open conversation and bringing more romance into life, it is worth remembering what you did for relations and improving contact, everything may be easier.

If you want to raise your importance, then find out for whom it is needed: if for yourself, then it is better to first work with the level of self-esteem, than by resorting to manipulation to make your loved one nervous, and if for the opinions of others, you will have to deal with child injuries and search for your true I, instead of leading the opinion of girlfriends.

Jealousy is a very strong condiment in a relationship, and if you overdo it, you risk losing your loved one or, instead of the expected attention signs and declarations of love, run into a scandal, lose confidence. If a man now has problems at work, a lot of small confusions in life, then he directs attention to solving these problems, believing that his rear is reliable, and seeing you, as a person who will always be for him, will help you recuperate, support or at least not hit in the back. In such situations, it is just silly to cause jealousy, because you remain the only quiet corner where a man can exhale, with something very secluded, and against the background of exhaustion, he will take any interest in the other direction not as a challenge to action, but real betrayal in a difficult moment. Be sensitive, and even if you have chosen jealousy, as a way to get his attention back, to show your importance, then wait for him in a resourceful, confident state, ready for rivalry and understanding his strength. You want to return some kind of fabulousness in relationships, and not to stop them, finally trampling the self-esteem of your loved one.

At the beginning of a relationship, people cherish each other, are afraid of parting more than death, but then everything stabilizes, confidence in a partner appears, many things that previously thrill, become everyday. After all, this is only the first joint breakfast very romantic and even the sun shines differently, and if day after day you wake up together, then morning food can also become an occasion for a quarrel, and not a romantic atmosphere. At such moments, the feeling of uselessness may settle, and the partner’s behavior may look like complete self-confidence in your constant presence, regardless of the relationship, and then you want to regain your former trepidation and feel again how they value and fear losing you. Because, if you show reliability with all your appearance, faithfully look into your eyes and stay close at all, it only helps to stabilize the situation and is good for those who have a precarious state, then in order to understand how to make a guy jealous of you, you need to understand a different approach - through jealousy.

Intuitively understanding about rivalry and activating a man, when there is another candidate for his woman, many do absolutely right, using jealousy as a shake-up for relationships. Scientists studying the specifics of human communication, confirmed that constant sweetness and guarantees lead the relationship in a crisis, while periodic and metered emotions of the negative spectrum help them to develop, update, and partners to reveal each other from new sides, noting increasing importance.

It is necessary to kindle a little extinguished bonfire so that strong jealousy does not burn everything that is valuable in a relationship, because a person driven by strong feelings to an extreme state can express them in a destructive manner: to part with you, feeling your own impotence, or showing excessive control, up to violence against you. Therefore, we act carefully and hints.

If earlier you paid a lot of attention to your boyfriend, asking how are you, freeing your evenings for joint walks, then it's time to reduce your attention a little, even to ignore a little. If he knows that you are picking up the phone on the second beep, then skip a few calls (not in a row, but in a week - it’s not worthwhile to bring a person to panic about your condition). Trying to do all your business and hobbies, while he is busy, and then always free and wait - schedule a meeting with friends on Friday evening, and the girls will be pleased with your appearance and the guy will think. Even if this does not happen the first time, it means that now he is just resting from the excess of communication with you, and taking short breaks to get bored one after the other is very useful. So feel free to sign up for evening courses or procedures, without adjusting your schedule to it, and at a certain moment you will notice that it begins to move its business under your schedule. Do not overdo it, because your task is to show the breadth of your interests that are not limited only to him (do not say that an attractive colleague invited you to the restaurant - reactions to such things may not please you, because the guy will laugh, understand the theatricality of what is happening, or consider whether such relations).

Take care of your appearance, review wardrobe and dressing habits. If earlier you were dressing up only for him and important events, now you should always have a wonderful and feminine appearance. On the one hand, it will demonstrate to the beloved what a beautiful woman you are, on the other hand, he may conceive what caused such changes, and due to male psychology, that this is done for him, he will assume somewhere in the eighth point.

Stop controlling him, no more questions about the time of his return, the company, his whereabouts, and whether he has time for dinner — he will want to tell. The same goes for your care - the way he eats, whether he is warmly dressed, and if he drank his personal responsibility, you are not his mother. Remember that becoming a guardian, caring and controlling woman you begin to remind him of your mother, and do not take care of your mother and are not afraid to lose, because she will always be his mother. But trying to escape from control can, so that such moments of its manifestation stop at the root, so you not only save your relationship from the deformation of roles, but also give the man the most desired thing - freedom. When no one holds, I want to be around. And when every step is controlled and soups are brought to work, I want to run.

Work on joint topics so that there is something to talk about (it is not necessary to go hunting with your husband, but it’s cool to understand permissions, baits and weapons), while keeping everyone’s inviolable space (let it be a certain time in the week when you relax from a friend, spending on friends or hobbies). Playing with approach and distance helps to maintain a slight jealousy, which no one will say, but it will always be subconsciously present, consisting in thoughts of your value and fear of losing your interest.

How to make a guy jealous at a distance

At a distance, many feelings first become aggravated against the background of boredom and the inability to see a person nearby, but over time the dynamics go to a damping, and the senses demand their renewal. If there is no opportunity to come (sessions in different cities, or you cannot get away from work on a business trip to him), then you need to look for ways to make a guy who likes at a distance jealous. You still have the means of communication, so the option of spreading rumors, so that good acquaintances tell him about the sympathy of another person for you, let us postpone if not the most reliable one.

The method of manipulating your own appearance remains relevant, both for real relationships and when there is a distance between you. Change your hairstyle, buy beautiful outfits, do make-up before talking to him on Skype, and upload photos of you where you look great and change something in yourself. The guy will involuntarily begin to wonder for whom it was you who began to preen so only if you did not make noise about buying a new dress or choosing a new hairstyle, attracting his attention and forcing him to participate in the choice. Even if you spent the whole day for such a transformation, let everything look everyday and ordinary for you.

Do not stop your life in anticipation of it, if your stories will be reduced to study and work, and the profile of the social network will notify only about the morning jogging and a couple of fences, it will not stir up interest in him. Tell about trips to the club and to the exhibition, to the concert and about participating in a charity marathon, share the photo with other people or yourself, but not the selfie (let him think who the photographer is). Your life should be of interest to him, while not creating an image of a light party girl - photos hugging other guys may be misunderstood, and excessive social activity, if you used to be a homebody, can be alarmed by the fact that you are not frank (or now this is his fantasy.

Missing, you can be constantly online, instantly answer calls and that is understandable, but to cause jealousy, you have to control yourself a little. Here it will really help to lead an active life, rather than invent it and create visibility for a guy. I didn’t pick up the phone a couple of times, answered the message in a couple of hours, I forgot to phone in Skype as usual in the evening - those little things that ignore his interest would be toned. Even if he trusts you completely, the violation of the usual stable and predictable communication will change his day and make you think more about you, and jealousy may not be necessary for other guys, and perhaps for the classes that take your attention away from him.

If there is a lot of free time, then having created a fake account, you can show various signs of attention from it on your own page, hiding behind another guy, but such deception can be easily revealed. When all previous methods do not work, and you understand that you cannot do without including a competitor, it is better to limit your own stories about help in solving your problems to a good friend. After a while, you can again recall this person, for example, as attending an event where you were at the weekend (by the way, that is why you could not get in touch in the evening because she came late). Such stories can force your loved one to fly the first flight to deal with the new generous assistant, and can provoke a serious quarrel, so act carefully and do not give out the most provocative story immediately.

How to make a guy jealous of correspondence

It’s easier to make you jealous when you are in close proximity, and the fewer your sources of communication, the harder it is to do. Those. when he sits nearby, you can mysteriously smile at the phone screen, if there are kilometers between you, but there is a possibility of video and telephone communication, you can use partial ignore and external changes, and if only the text remains, then the task becomes more complicated.

Correspondence rules can also be adjusted so that the guy starts to worry and be jealous. First you need to take control of your storm of emotions and try not to respond to messages immediately - even if he has a feeling that you are busy with more important things that do not allow you to respond or even notice an alert. This also can be attributed to the frequency of responses your finding online, let it be less, and you can leave the conversation just in the middle, without observing farewell ceremonies. Moreover, you can even ask him a question and then not respond to his SMS or not shine online - this is how a pendulum of emotions happens, where you first showed interest to the guy, and then completely dropped his significance (there is a feeling that in reality with you something more interesting and meaningful is happening than he, and not many, will ignore such a thing). Another point is the length of the messages, giving the guy an understanding of how much the girl is interested in him, and accordingly the longer the text, the more interest. In our case, it is necessary to maintain a dialogue, but using fewer characters than the guy sent.

Send a message that can intrigue him, there are options too. You can pretend that you made a mistake with the number and write about your impatience of the meeting in the evening (later you will tell me what you wrote to your friend, and the first question tactfully say you got the address wrong) or thank you for a good time (for this you need to pick up a situation so that the guy doesn’t took it personally, for example, if you haven't seen each other for a week). Turning to your boyfriend, you can call him somehow, like you never called and never repeat such a nickname - it creates the feeling that information that he cannot know is accidentally released, and this is intriguing.

Since the correspondence now includes not only text, but pictures are easily attached to any message, you can depict the sending error, drop the photo of another nice guy or yourself along with someone, adding the signature “I told you about him” or “how he you?". When, in response to this, you get a description of a guy and questions why you are interested in his opinions, you can confess that it wasn’t at all to him, but to a girlfriend. All the guys think that girls constantly discuss their boyfriends and those who are interested in them, and some even believe that the relationship will not start without the approval of the best girlfriend, so what you are discussing with her other young man can greatly strain your boyfriend. Be sure, after a stormy showdown, tell me what your friend showed, what kind of idiots you are, or that this seemingly nice guy set you up on an important question.

In general, to cause jealousy by correspondence is always a stroke along the edge, since it is based on the manipulation and manipulation of provocative data. If a guy finds out the truth about your deception, then the reputation will be lost, moreover, they also read articles on various topics and can understand in advance that you act according to the scheme and what you want to achieve. The cleverest in such a situation will immediately come with a bouquet and a chocolate bar, and those who are less intelligent will begin to compete with you in manipulation - you lose both.

How to make a former guy jealous

The reasons for calling the jealousy of the former million - from revenge, to the desire to return, and this desire arises in most cases, if the guy was the initiator of the separation. It seems that if a person left the relationship himself, it is impossible to cause his jealousy, but this is not true, and even statistical data confirms that almost everyone, after parting, tracks the life of their former halves, and jealousy is not a rare feeling there.

After a bit of grief, it is time to get together and go to the salon, update your wardrobe, sign up for the gym. It's time to pay attention to your appearance, perhaps make some changes that reflect the changing situation of your life, but in moderation. If you appear with a beautiful styling instead of the usual tail, collected from dirty hair, then everything is fine, and if you start wearing challenging clothes and bright red lips, then such changes will make the guy be convinced of the correctness of the chosen solution. Bring in perfect condition, breathtaking others need and appearance and life, for which it is necessary to direct all efforts to self-development and every kind of improvement. Chasing a guy and adjusting random encounters, you will not achieve jealousy, but if after some time you really encounter randomly, then your success, changes for the better and a shining appearance will make him jealous. Direct your activities to joyful activities in order to energize yourself and provide luminous eyes. The guy will start to regret that he lost and fear that now you have a lot of fans, but he was not needed.

По поводу поклонников и начала новых отношений, то их стоит начинать при ощущении внутренней готовности, а не устраивать фальшивку напоказ для своего бывшего. Ему с головой хватит вашего легкого общения с другими людьми, причем как дружеского общения с мужчинами, так и веселого времяпровождения с подругами. Видя вас счастливой без него дарящей радость окружающим, возникнет желание снова вернуться к этим ощущениям и зависть к другим.

With your page in social networks you can show that life goes on very actively (upload new photos, mark new places), but leave a drop of mystery (do not write that you are with a girlfriend at sea, write how beautiful you are with a wonderful person) . Do not remove it from friends or close comments, stay open, but edit the profile itself, deleting photos with it, hiding marital status. It is possible that the former himself will appear first in your life, it is important not to rush, but to make him wait. You can skip the call and then call back - it gives you an understanding that you do not ignore it, but at the same time, you have more relevant and interesting activities. If he writes messages to you, do not rush to reply immediately, let him hang for several hours or even a day (but remember that many messengers have a read alert function, so it’s better not to open than to think up why you didn’t answer right away).

Develop your life in such a way as to rejoice, if at first the jealousy of the former will be the reason for this, but it may turn out that this very jealousy that you received will not be necessary.