Harmony is a concept applied in many industries and meaning coherence, consistency and compatibility, applicable to heterogeneous or opposite concepts or phenomena (weather and landscape, personal interaction models, etc.), the whole structure of something integral, consisting of parts (applicable as to characterize a person as well as music, inanimate objects).

Initially, the word harmony originated in philosophical sciences, and was used to display patterns of natural processes, development and extinction of elements of reality, displayed internal and external authenticity, integrity and consistency (for example, content form, appearance behavior, situation events). Further, harmony began to be used for aesthetic characteristics, becoming synonymous with the concept of beauty, including combination and diversity, while the consistency and balance of the various components of the whole so as not to create a sense of tension, and the energy was evenly distributed throughout the work.

What is harmony

In addition to understanding the harmonious combinations of sounds in a melody, colors in a picture and the course of natural processes, it becomes interesting what harmony in human life is. It is believed that harmony is present initially, because we exist in a world where everything is synchronized and for something needed, each being performs its necessary function, as well as every cell in the body and every organ initially have a natural harmonious mechanism of development. Only a violation of such a state is possible, when the natural course of processes or uneven redistribution of energy causing stress in one of the areas is disturbed. The natural course of the processes may be disturbed by diseases or injuries (regarding the state of the human body), as well as natural disasters and other emergency situations (the harmonious social climate or interaction conditions are disturbed).

Harmony is considered a striving for balance, and accordingly it can be broken when a person pays more attention to a certain area, forgetting about the development of the others. Thus, a manager with a decent bank account, who spends all his time at work and on a business trip, can be called successful in his professional activity, but one cannot be called a harmonious person, because there is no proper care about his health, there are no intimate connections and family, a person can spend little time dedicate to your emotional experiences.

A harmonious personality causes an interest in its versatility, because its knowledge and activities are not limited to children or only to work, there is no bias in one of the parties, which allows you to keep all parties and aspects in an active state and develop them. If all energy flows into one sphere, then there is an upward growth and no resources remain for the remaining manifestations. With harmonious development, the energy is distributed horizontally, feeding all directions.

The ability to take care of their physical condition and peace of mind, material well-being and good relations with others, the ability to develop as an expert and the ability to build deep emotional relationships - this is what harmonious development teaches. When one sphere helps to develop another, and not when it is necessary to sacrifice others in order to move in one of the directions.

Inner and outer harmony

Harmony testifies to personal integrity, when external and internal manifestations correspond to each other, when all spheres are self-sufficient and developed. What is harmony in human life depends on the person himself - someone will think that this is the absence of problems, and someone is the presence of friends and family, but any descriptions will be reduced to mental satisfaction and peace. The very variety of answers is generated by the presence of distortions and shortcomings or the discrepancy between what a person creates in his outer life, inner needs.

External harmony (regarding the concept of human existence) is reflected in the presence of complementary and nourishing social connections (family, friends, work team), work that brings a decent level of material and moral satisfaction and development opportunities, the ability to afford to get the desired things, to be in the desired places and spend time with desired people. This includes not only the resource part, which allows all of this to be done purely on the material level, but also the way of organizing the surrounding space in such a way that there are no obstacles to its implementation (for example, cool and monetary work, but it is difficult to avoid communicating with unpleasant personalities).

Emotional and mental sphere, emotional experiences belong to inner harmony. It consists in a stable and positive emotional state, which is predominant or background, is reflected by the correspondence of external reactions (that is, a person cries when he is sad, and does not pull a smile).

Inner harmony is about peace of mind and confidence, when there is trust in close people, there is no need to pretend, and life flows in such a way that anxiety is only situational (from fallen furniture from neighbors) and not from inner feelings, becoming a constant companion.

A harmonious personality can balance in the development of internal and external qualities, while disharmony is expressed in the lack of development of something. Examples are people who have dedicated themselves to science and are brilliant in their intellectual and traditional successes, but they can be asocial and forget about taking care of their appearance to such an extent that they are left alone. Situations and the reverse of a picture when the main focus is on appearance are frequent, most of the time is spent in caring for the beauty of your body, but your soul and intellect are completely forgotten and then it turns out that you want to get acquainted with such a person, but you have absolutely nothing to talk about. Considering himself to be something extraordinary, it may seem to a person that he can build excellent relationships and careers with only this characteristic, and buy health, but life turns out to be more difficult and following social norms is just as necessary as following moral, maintaining his mental development. does not cancel care of appearance.

It’s great when a person’s inner ideas reflect his appearance and lifestyle, but it’s not necessary for a harmonious life, it’s imperative that each of the areas receive enough attention and energy for development.

Harmony in the relationship between a man and a woman

The harmony of inter-sex relations is made up of a large list of different points: psychological comfort, common goals, domestic and sexual compatibility, similar views on the structure of life and the style of interaction. The main thing that should happen in a relationship is the addition and balancing of each other, so the idea that two identical people will come together perfectly is not always successful (for example, two choleric individuals fighting for their personal space can quarrel up to the use of beatings in fairly short periods when people of opposite temperaments will complement each other perfectly). More important is the choice of joint paths and interests, views and opinions, than ways of reacting - this will enable the couple to move in one direction, and just the differences in other manifestations (characterological, prevailing thinking, etc.) will help to get to the desired and faster a place.

To build such relationships, you must always maintain a balance between your own and the common, that is valuable to your personality and for the development of relationships.

Harmony occurs where two can adapt to the needs and peculiarities of a partner, and at the same time maintain active care for their own emotional, remote or physical needs. This makes it possible not to lose your own dignity and respect for your partner, as well as maintain relationships, where there is not only your needs. It is also necessary to build a competent manner of expressing one’s own emotions, since harmony is not where one does not quarrel and hush insults, but where one can talk about it without hurting another. Honesty in expressing one’s own emotions can hurt another, engender in him a feeling of uselessness, but hiding discontent, for the sake of a good mood of a partner, in his habit makes lies a constant companion, hurt feelings, the unspoken finds ways of realization in psychosomatics.

Harmonious relationships imply the continuous development of both the relationship itself and the personality of their participants. Those. if you have been going to the park for three years and nothing new is happening, then the relationship does not develop, because the harmony of the dynamics is broken (maybe in the area of ​​trust, maybe in the area of ​​expectations) and you will have to either look for the cause and deal with it, or start building relationships another person (because this is possible due to the lack of willingness of someone). If you notice that you are starting to lose yourself or your partner has literally got into you, then something has gone wrong.

Harmonious relationships give a person more strength for development, are a source of inspiration for new accomplishments, open up a world of new activities. You can exchange thoughts and ideas, share interests and spend joint evenings, doing alternately a hobby of one or the other, you can unite the companies of your friends. In general, if everything is good, then you feel a new and fresh wind, enrich yourself spiritually and prettier physically.

Harmonious relations are always work, they do not arise initially, and if your relations in many points do not fit the description harmonious, then they do not need to be thrown out, it means that it’s time to start doing more to harmonize the interaction.