Human energy is a term that has been encountered in all cultures and has been used since ancient times to denote an invisible force that makes a human being live, which facilitates the interaction of elementary particles, cells, tissues, systems, and organs. All forms of human energy are invisible, like other forms of energy, therefore, their presence or absence can be noticed only through the manifestation and change of properties of a substance or its activity (thermal energy is not perceived by the eye, but is felt by the skin, as well as the energy of attraction is noticeable only by the habitual finding things in the world).

And if the energy considered in physics and its manifestations is less clear, then the manifestation of human energy is viewed from the perspective of his mood and well-being, his ability to act and, inspired to create, it reflects an active desire to live (here it’s not the absence of suicidal thoughts that is considered life quality and pleasant, active and full). Similarly, one can judge about the lack of energy in a person by the apathetic or depressed state, poor physical self-perception and lack of motivation.

What is the vital energy of man

The concepts of energy and energy are often confused, the difference in them is about the same as between feelings and emotions - energy and feelings are more permanent, long-lasting, almost stable manifestations, whereas energy and emotions can be replaced several times a day and are not a serious characteristic for a person. . And if the energy will differ in many shades of its manifestation, then the energy has only a characteristic of its manifestation and strength. There are people who have a fairly large supply of vital energy, who easily find the flow and are able to get water just from the air. Usually they are hyperactive, are interested in many things, are constantly involved in various projects, while most of them simply do not have time, because they require rest and recuperation.

And despite the fact that the actual question is how to increase vital energy? Such a constantly high level brings not only a bunch of utilities in the form of achievements and a rich life. Any amount of energy requires appropriate conditions, therefore, when there is a lot of energy, it starts to lead a person, such an indefatigable thirst for activity can enter into the space far from the chosen life goal and make them perform acts that later have to be regretted. It is important to learn how to find ways to regulate the level of your energy — both finding sources of water and how to discharge to remove excess potential.

In addition to influencing the course of a person’s life, the level of his energy affects those around him and what is happening. From the examples of human interaction - an increase in mood and motivation, when a charged person is near and a decline in strength and mood, after talking with a person whose energy is in the negative. As for the events and the more material world, a high level of energy increases productivity and opens up the vision of new creative solutions, which creates a feeling of almost omnipotence, because problems are solved easily, as if they are not present, besides many say that raising our energy level, we raise the likelihood of fulfillment of desires.

The vital energy of any creature reflects its ability to act, including indicators of speed and activity, success and motivation, is an indicator of vitality and ability to survive, often it is the level of vital energy that measures the rest of a particular creature’s life. With regard to a person, all these characteristics are also applicable, with the exception of the latter, since in order to confirm this theory, a decline in activity and vital energy over the years is necessary, while reality paints a picture in which many people begin to show greater involvement in life (over the years) due to the fact that they have found their way or escaped from someone's influence, and also the fact that they have achieved a certain financial situation, which allows them to live in accordance with their desires).

The presence of a high or low level of vital energy is not a positive or negative indicator, because even with reduced energy you can live comfortably and give others an island of stability and silence, and a high level of energy with equal success can be directed both to creative events and to frustrating ones.

Types of human energy imply the presence of base energy (physical) and spiritual: the first takes its makeup from chemical elements entering the body (food, water, air), the second includes characterological features and the development of the volitional sphere (these are the moments that make you move on and not calories from kebabs). As a result, vital energy is made up of physical and spiritual indicators, including: will, energy, creativity, perseverance, endurance, resilience, speed, efficiency, motivation, etc. Separation of qualities according to the gradation of importance is impossible, because they all equally reflect the level of human life energy.

Indicators of vital energy are different and there are no established norms, as with body temperature, moreover, level changes can occur under the influence of external and internal factors, a person can influence a decrease or increase in level. With all the dynamic characteristics of the concept, there is still one invariable trait - it is an individual level of vital energy, or rather its maximum value, above which it is impossible to rise, even working on increasing all indicators (a kind of internal stop-valve, located at each of different height). There is no consensus that a predetermined level of vital energy predetermines; for some theories, physique and physical indicators are responsible for its manifestation (since energy is an activity and physical indicators affect its performance). From the point of view of other concepts, the dominant role is occupied by the type of the nervous system, the peculiarities of character (since it is these internal indicators that are the triggering impulse for external activity).

State of depression, depression, apathy, physical tiredness or decrease in strength, confusion in thoughts, loss of memory and motivation, sleep problems (insomnia, inability to sleep), lack of desire speak of a decrease in vital energy. Such moments may reflect a problem in building a lifestyle, nutrition, psychological sphere, but in any case they require your intervention and review of what is happening to normalize your own energy level.

Sources of energy for humans

There are many ways to increase vital energy, and they differ in the same way as manifestations of vital energy itself. Bearing in mind that physical and spiritual sources of energy for a person exist, the simplest is to replenish physical energy, which is quite simple with food. But this does not mean that in the event of a breakdown, it is appropriate to simply throw a piece of some kind of food into your stomach for viewing the news feed. Nutrition needs to be reviewed and make it full and healthy, healthy and consisting of quality products. Then you need to change your eating style, trying to concentrate on the taste of the product, trying to catch the smallest intonation of combinations and transitions of tastes. Conscious eating requires you to think only about food, and not to solve business issues while running, eating something that you don’t even remember. The benefits of this come with time - you begin to feel the needs of your body and feed it with the necessary products, thus saturating your basic level with energy.

For normal functioning, breaks between activity and rest are necessary, so even if you nourish your physical level as much as possible, energy at a certain stage will begin to decrease, because recharging is necessary - for a person it is a dream. Without paying due attention to the quality and duration of sleep, you force your nervous system and the whole body to work in a state of shortage, in the most sad case, if you deprive a person of sleep, after a couple of days he will just turn off, falling asleep where he is, if you take this a piece of the break, then irreversible destructive processes begin, leading to the destruction of neural connections, and the person goes mad. Ensuring a full-fledged regular sleep is the key to a normal level of vital energy, because even without food you can live for several weeks, without sleep your personality will be destroyed in a couple of days.

Further sources are connected that require the inclusion of motivational and will spheres. This includes movement, physical and mental, professional and geographical. Morning exercises, field trips, continuous training, the desire to discover new things or improve skills - the more driving activity, the higher the energy level. The opinion that the more we unload ourselves, the more will remain the strength does not justify itself - so a person just gets used to being lazy. All sorts of home delivery services, hairdressers located in the same house, the opportunity to chat with friends on Skype, and new continents look at the video leaving a person within four walls, deprive motivation and impoverish the emotional sphere (look at the photo of a giraffe and touch his nose - impressions very far apart). Look at the person combining work, study, courses, playing in the bar in the evenings, and even falling in love - he will have time to visit four more exhibitions and go to Vienna for the weekend, while you force yourself to go out and buy a broken shelf for a week. The fewer events in life, the more preparation takes even for petty things, and when the day is in motion, such tasks are solved easily and on the run.

Positive mood and love is filled with so much energy that a person can go without food, in a state of sleep deprivation, doing a lot of work, without feeling unwell or reducing any processes. It seems that love is not subject to consciousness, but if you expand to the love of your city or your activities, animals and beautiful people, autumn park and tasty food, then the sources of energy will be much more. So you can please yourself by photographing the smiles of strangers or by preparing a new cake for friends, going to the nearest town or collecting a beautiful bouquet on the way to work. Falling in love with life, and not only with a person, raises the level of vital energy high and for a long time.

Human internal energy

Internal energy is how a person can characterize his state, i.e. not just an aspect of physical condition, but a feeling of being strong After all, you can be completely physically in the resource, but lie down for the second week, because there is no power. It is about this vital feeling of fullness or emptiness that the internal energy signals.

With a high level of internal energy, a person feels his desires, and they constantly appear organically to the current moment (whether it is the body’s need for milk or the soul to travel). Characterized by curiosity, as the desire for learning and as a lively interest in what is happening around. A person with high internal energy is constantly on and in a conscious state, there is no laziness or boredom, and there is a constant interest and mobilization. In principle, even at the most boring conference, if there is an inner fullness, then this person will get a lot of interesting and useful information, make new acquaintances and present their activities. Inspiration and creative flight, accompanying internal energy help to easily and efficiently perform even complex and monotonous work. If there is a lot of internal energy, then it gives rise to many desires, many strengths and many possibilities.

When energy is low, then the rest of life decreases. The number and ambitiousness of desires are reduced, reducing them to the satisfaction of physical needs and viewing the tape in social networks. There is no interest in what is new and what surrounds; rather, it is perceived as requiring a lot of effort or causing boredom and laziness. The level of mood usually corresponds to the level of energy, and accordingly at low energy depressive disorders or apathetic states are possible, labor productivity falls, attention is disturbed. If there is still a desire somewhere inside a person, then his fulfillment is not possible - the person simply does not have the resources to see the ways of realization or the strength to apply them, or perseverance to continue to act after several failed attempts.

It seems that only the lack of internal energy is negative and there is a desire to save it, but energy is a movement, therefore closed inside, not directed at actions, hidden for later, it quickly deteriorates and poisons life. With the internal energy, the analogy with the physical approaches - if you have eaten a lot of calories, then you have a supply of energy, and then you can spend it on getting the next portion and food and something else, or you can put it aside and get everything extra and lack promotion. It is in the exchange and circulation is the answer to the question of how to handle their own energy.

Negative human energy

In addition to its level of development, human energy also has a direction - negative or positive. A person can be in a resource, have a very high level of internal energy and direct it to the destruction of their own lives, people or space. Also, with a low level of self-energy, a person can suck energy from others, infect their bad mood, pessimism and inactivity.

If you stop in more detail, the behavior of those who themselves have a lot of energy, but directs it in a negative direction, due to the motivation of the person or his personal psychotrauma. Perhaps there are depressed, unrecognized desires that come out of the world in the form of envy, since it is impossible to simply hide one's needs from oneself or destroy them, and if there is no legal way approved by the consciousness, then they manifest themselves in other forms. A woman raised in a Puritan family will spoil the reputation of an employee who allows herself easy communication with men, not from harm, but from the fact that she forbids such behavior, but she really wants to look at how others successfully do it becomes unbearable. When a person is touched for life, the most significant thing is taken away, the level of energy can rise to the maximum, having one goal in front of him - revenge. So, the soldiers, in whose eyes their family were killed, could then pursue the offender without sleep and food, overcoming inhuman distances and obstacles in order to also inhumanly cut out everyone who was dear to the killer of his family. Power and energy is always given to something, and if a person’s cherished desire is negative, then power will be given to it.

A person with unhealed psychotrauma may react inadequately to the situation, using his power to receive your love, but not with care and help, but blackmail, threats and manipulations. All these are manifestations of active negative energy for various reasons, and it is worthwhile to be able both to eliminate them and learn to interact with such people.

In the event that a person's own energy is reduced, then the option of spreading to those around such life-perception is possible. Most likely, a person will do this unconsciously, because with a low level of self-energy, the world really seems gray, unsafe and unpromising, but their constant stories and arguments in favor of this can convince many and reduce energy also among these people. The mood is transferred from person to person, and the level of energy is distributed according to the principle of communicating vessels, therefore, communicating with devastated people, be prepared for the loss of your own energy, and it’s not a fact that the level of another is substantially replenished. Many intuitively feel this pattern and when faced with a lack of their own energy, they try to feed off others (this is also called energy vampirism), trying to cause a quarrel, an outbreak of negative emotions or by constant livelihood, humiliation of the interlocutor's self-esteem and other mood reduction.

How to protect yourself from the negative energy of people

In daily life, if you do not lead a reclusive life, there are different people, including those whose energy is negative for us. Конечно, можно ограничить свой близкий круг и не пускать подобных личностей, но это могут быть и попутчики в транспорте и сотрудники, общения с которыми не избежать, а значит нужно противостоять негативному влиянию.

Работайте над стабилизацией собственного эмоционального фона и старайтесь не поддаваться негативным эмоциям. We lose energy, filling it with others when we get angry or nervous, when we allow intrusive complaints or manipulations. Learn to distinguish a request for help from empty whining, love from eating your energy, because it is often these kinds of energy that you feed your energy (a friend who complains about everything but does not accept your advice, a suicidal partner, do not let them reverse the emotional connection and exhausting behavior will cease). If it is impossible to regulate emotions, even knowing that all this is directed to you to harm, then instead of controlling emotions, regulate your mental activity (usually this is easier). While you are being told a text that is clearly capable of catching you alive, think about your work affairs, make plans for tomorrow, count the expenses on purchases, and let the speaker’s voice be a background, like a radio in a taxi.

Keep track of those to whom you are opening up, with whom you share not only intimate, but also personal opinion, attitude, preferences. We leave a lot of information about ourselves on the Internet and social polls, tell about your marital status and life to strangers - everything creates ways that others can easily strike you, intentionally or not, put pressure on weaknesses. Involvement in disputes also belongs here - the less your emotions and internal forces will be directed towards finding out the truth, the better. When you feel that your hands are shaking, and you prove your position by shouting, it means that you have drained your energy to your opponent. Won a dispute can only be a trick, whereas you need emotions, a shaky nervous system and a flow of information that you will have little control over in such a state. Try to agree and move away from further discussion, and observe what will happen to your opponent.

There may be a desire to deal with negative manifestations in other people, try to show them the sources of more harmonious drinks of your resource - then you should do your own level of vital energy, do something for yourself, and not take responsibility for everyone else. Leave people their choices and responsibilities.