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How to stop being nervous

How to stop nervous? Rather, it is worth sorting out, not how to stop worrying at all, turning into an unfeeling mummy, but how to stop being nervous on every occasion, strengthening your nerves and minimizing energy costs. Everyone chooses his own way, someone tries to heroically solve an endless stream of problems, and someone pretends that it is not his eye that is already twitching. But the beauty is that, how many do not hide from nervous and problem situations, how many do not make fun of them - this will give a temporary relief effect without solving the main task of eliminating the root cause.

In the meantime, the subconscious continues to worry because of unresolved issues there is a background alarm, and the lump of problems grows, and when the forces of pretending run out, the person is confronted with the scale of the tragedy, forcing him not to be nervous, but to panic. The desire to resolve all the unnerving questions is more effective, but problems do not end and issues requiring intervention arise daily, not to mention annoying factors and people.

How to stop nervous and become calm

For some people, the question of how to stop being nervous and worrying is the most relevant in the living space, usually these personalities have all the important and urgent matters, the future is filled with anxieties because it is not known, and in the present there is not enough time. Constant anxiety does not provide an opportunity for relaxation, because when one problem is solved, another one is immediately discovered, and quiet corners, where no one would ruin his nerves.

This is a long and hard work, by definition, with its system of priority goals in order to solve problems that are important now (i.e. if the burgers are burned, then save the remnants of meat and airing the kitchen, and not about the quarterly report, nerves about which and led to burnt cutlets). Reflections about the past should also not take a lot of time, especially negative experiences, where you scroll through the conversation and pick up new answers, if these are situations where you continue to be nervous about your reputation - all this unwinds the nervous system, leading to its instability. At the same time, you cannot change these events, but you still have time to hurt what is happening in the present moment with your semi-absent state and bad mood by launching motives of experiences in a circle. So, the conscious presence in the present moment of your life is the key to an adequate perception and a full sense of life, which removes unnecessary empty feelings about unchanging things or possible, but not unfolded events.

In order to deal with how to stop being nervous and worry, you should deal with the mechanism of the emergence of such a world perception. Usually, behind the heightened nervousness, there is a person’s habit of winding up his negative emotional state, exaggerating the significance of minor annoyances. In order to become calmer, it is necessary not only to swallow tranquilizers, but to carry out serious intrapersonal transformations that require both external changes in lifestyle and internal, affecting the motivational sphere and the ability to concentrate, to determine what is important.

For peace of mind, it is necessary to eliminate the causes of anxiety, and they cannot always be expressed by external factors in the form of annoying neighbors or constant occurrences at work, since this happens in everyone’s life. Rather, we are talking about the presence of internal factors that contribute to the perception of the situation overly emotional, giving it excessive importance and not letting go with time. Among the qualities that contribute to the development of nervousness is egocentrism, which, on the one hand, implies the importance of only one's own opinion, and it would seem that one should relieve a person from experiences, but everything turns out to be the opposite, since self-importance is too high and requires constant nourishment and admiration of the outside world. An egocentric person is not sensitive to the needs of others, but is extremely vulnerable to criticism at his own address, we add increased attention to the reaction of others and get manic obsession, which can cause serious feelings due to the slanting glance of an unfamiliar passer-by.

The need to always be on top creates a constantly elevated level of anxiety and tension, which causes irritation in the smallest cases and too sensitive attitude even to those moments that will not worry the average person, such as the seller’s rudeness or insult from a drunk. Somewhere along with egocentrism lies the need for constant pleasure and pleasure, whereas everyday affairs, work, obstacles to pleasure cause excessive irritation, and the person does not calm down until he reaches the desired nirvana. The aspiration is good and peculiar to absolutely all people, but a priori is unattainable, because life is not a beautiful picture of the Garden of Eden and also consists of necessity and pain, of the need to suffer and postpone your pleasure. If you do not learn such qualities, then the world can seem very cruel and cause a lot of resistance - the reactions are quite similar to those of adolescence, when the universe stops spinning around its desires, and forces them to earn what they want.

If the first two reasons are the result of an infantile personality organization, then from the characteristics of a more mature structure that interferes with living peacefully, perfectionism and independence lead. Perfectionism makes a person strive for the impossible, bringing every detail to perfection (this way not only leaves, but also dust can sweep out in the yard, a sweater can be tied up a dozen times, and the table for passing the diploma is measured to the millimeter). In addition, such demands are distributed not only to their own lives, but also to the actions of others, causing a lot of irritation.

The requirement for perfection in everything gives rise to a lot of reasons for experiences, groundless and not leading to results, so that reducing the requirements and increasing the ability to enjoy the current and imperfect world can bring more peace of mind to the perfectionist. Independence as a factor causing nervous experiences manifests itself in its extreme forms, when a person cannot delegate responsibilities and pulls everything on himself. From such a state of overload, even little things begin to annoy, and envy of more free acquaintances will be fueled by a negative attitude towards others and the desire to prove their coolness by overcoming everything on their own.

The second manifestation of independence as a factor disturbing inner peace is independence of the opinion and structure of one’s personality and life from social norms. In such cases, a nervous reaction will cause any collision with rules that cannot be explained logically (for example, why it is necessary to come to work by eight and sit until five, if you can come to ten and leave at four, doing the same volume, but better because of better well-being). Such people need to either develop their systems of life, leaving to private practice and freelancing, surrounding themselves with like-minded people, or trying to find the advantages of the established system, which still will not work.

Attempts to do everything as quickly as possible, to solve all tasks in one day are commendable, but they meet many obstacles in the form of leisurely participation of the people involved, closed doors of necessary structures and a slowly moving escalator staircase. If your speed is higher than others, then you can be nervous until you rush them endlessly, it is better to try to do other things while you are waiting: if you are sitting in a line, instead of psychos and nervous comments in the direction of the receiver, you can do your own mail, watch a training video or write the necessary an article. Keep track of the time that you are nervous, because in fact you can not change the situation and use it in another useful way.

How to stop nervous over trifles

Without experiences can not do. They make us alive, show the significance of events not only positive, but also indicate problems, perform all sorts of useful functions, but how to stop being nervous about every occasion, which is not significant, making you a neurasthenic, you should think. Ignore such a state, suppress bouts of irritation or wait for the best band to come, if it happens for a long time, the negative consequences will appear in the form of accumulation and growth of tension to a state when it will be ready to spill out at the slightest reason in inadequate destructive manifestation. Well, if you manage to find useful moments even in dirty tricks and turn minor troubles into positive signs (for example, if you are stuck in an elevator, then you can be glad for a good reason to be late for work and take a nap while you are released from metal captivity). The ability to see the positive is invested from the ability to accept both own good qualities and events, as well as bad ones. And the desire to display only the approved features and adjusting everything that happens under the ideal variant often forces one to concentrate on the negative. If it is critically important for you that everything goes perfectly, then you will control the course of all events and especially the possibilities not according to the scenario, the number of things that require your participation, experience and control will increase. This is all reminiscent of a self-fulfilling prophecy, because worrying about the ideality of what is happening, you overload yourself with responsibility and nervousness, so that the chances of making a mistake increase.

Try to relax and be able to accept imperfections. Both in the manifestation of their individuality and in the world, such a world-view removes unnecessary tension and experiences from you, and automatically improves the situation, and even if it does not improve, it does not destroy your mood and health. In the end, it is much more important to preserve calmness than equally tied bows, respecting the time frame to a second and matching the appearance to the latest trends of Milan.

Nerves cause problems in the lability of mood and stability of the nervous system on minor occasions, and if you do not work to improve her condition, you can remove irritants indefinitely, but this will not help stabilize the emotional background, because the problem is inside the body. To reduce the load on the central nervous system, it is worthwhile to temporarily eliminate or minimize the consumption of substances that have a stimulating effect (caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, narcotic substances, certain hormones); instead, enter into the diet a higher intake of B vitamins responsible for the good functioning of neural connections and conduction of the nervous pathways. During periods of nervous overstrain and stress, you should definitely maintain your CNS with the help of appropriate vitamin complexes or herbal decoctions. Ensure you have a productive and rewarding holiday not only during the holiday period. Let the week there is one day completely free from work moments, you can even turn off the phone so that you can not find and pull out, putting pressure on a sense of responsibility. Quality sleep is the basis for restoring the nerve paths, and switching activities promote real relaxation.

If you spent all day behind the monitor, came home and looked at the tablet - it will not be a reset for your nerves, you better take a walk or go to the gym. If your work is related to physical exertion, then on the contrary, it is better to spend the evening at the cinema, reading a book or talking quietly with homeworkers. Observe the daily regimen so that your psyche is ready for the fact that at a certain period it will have to work at full, but then at the designated time it will get its rest - the unsystematic leads to a violation and destabilization of the psyche.

If you notice that by adjusting your own life, by providing the nervous system with decent conditions, nothing has changed in your nervousness, then contact a psychologist who may determine the development of neurosis (which happens if you pretend that everything is normal for a long time) or will help to reveal the true cause problems (it is possible that you are depressed by your relationship with your spouse, then how many do not drink vitamin complexes, its presence will irritate and provoke failures in the nervous system and only a termination or restructuring of relations).

How to stop nervous and worry

You can stop worrying, limiting your obsession with the situation and the work of the imagination, of course, you should anticipate various options for the development of the situation and take into account bad outcomes, but this does not mean that all thoughts should be devoted only to this. The weakening of the reserve of the nervous system experiences about the future or inventing different versions of the past will not help get rid of the experiences. It should be during the rolling of anxiety to take care of the present situation, instead of anticipating the events of the future. Learn to stop your mental flow and narrow the area of ​​perception to the current moment in those moments when you embrace the experience, so you can direct the elevated energy in a constructive direction, instead of exhausting your nerves. It helps not to worry about future troubles pronouncing (maybe even mentally) what is happening at the moment (you are chewing an apple, crossing the road, making coffee - any, even the funniest thing, said out loud returns to the present).

After analyzing fears about possible failures, and then, looking at the number of accomplished, you will get a conclusion about your good imagination. Most of the horrors drawn by our anxiety never come true, but the nerves on this occasion are quite real, affecting the overall resource of the nervous system and the quality of health of the whole organism. If you do not manage to drive away thoughts of possible failures, you can always change their course and instead of unwinding the plot up to the horror movie script, think about ways to solve problems that arise, even better - look for benefits that can be learned from what happened. Knowing how to handle a situation, it becomes not a problem for us, but only a certain stage, and if we see certain benefits for ourselves in this, then fear and worries about its occurrence will finally leave the emotional sphere.

Take a break from prolonged concentration on difficult or problematic issues, trying to walk more, saturate the body with oxygen, playing with pets (this exercise, by the way, perfectly relieves stress). You can play a game or meet friends, visit an interesting event and add a little adrenaline to life (this hormone also helps to fight stress, removes effective activity from stupor and panic, and also is able to reboot the brain and present a new vision).

If you are often nervous and worried, then add movement in the form of charging or fitness, jogging or a subscription to the pool - it all concerns your preferences. In addition to assisting in the processing of various heavy emotions, physical activity contributes to the production of endorphins, which ultimately helps to see the world not in such dark colors, and therefore worry less.

Aromatherapy and music therapy are excellent assistants for the stabilization of nerves. There are special blends of smells that have a relaxing and soothing effect, as well as works that affect your emotional state and their entire collections. All this can be found in the nearest pharmacy and download it to the player, the only thing is that it will take time to achieve a tangible effect. Therefore, try to make sessions regular, especially well to combine them with other types of care for your nerves, for example, to engage in meditative practices with appropriate relaxing music in a room filled with aromas of aromatherapy. In situations where the nerves are completely at the limit or for a long time are under the test of circumstances, if you stop controlling your emotional outbursts and you can scream or cry suddenly for yourself it makes sense to drink sedatives. They, from a harmless valerian, to serious tranquilizers, should be prescribed by a doctor, taking into account all the features of your body, since most of them also affect the heart, the speed of reactions, may be contraindicated, or antidepressants are generally needed. Кроме этого, специалист может порекомендовать работу с психологом по решению ситуаций, приведших к подобному состоянию и даже выписать больничный для восстановления нервной системы.

Как перестать нервничать и научиться радоваться жизни

Nerves in a shaky state can seriously ruin life, so it is worth a little to adjust your daily activities so that it has a place of unloading from the accumulated tension, and therefore the opportunity to look at the world positively. Be sure to try to make a daily walk, jogging behind the bus, being late for work is not considered - you should have time during which you will be able to settle the experiences received during the day and reflect. Let it be a return from work through the park or an evening walk along a nearby pond.

Take care of clearing emotional obstructions in which old offenses and accusations lie, unsaid words and children's complexes - all this is difficult and time consuming, and the efforts of the spirit are enormous, because the experiences there are far from excellent, but after cleansing and releasing from such a load you will be able to feel , there are more reasons for joy, and fewer things will cause a strong emotional reaction. Tune in to a positive perception of yourself and, instead of constant criticism, let your inner voice speak encouraging speeches. Make your own life, guarding its happiness, because only you know what can make you happy. Of course, I want my relatives to guess that they can make you happy, but the more you silently wait for this, shifting responsibility for your happiness to others, the more complaints you have about them, the more irritating their smiles are.

Leave the rush and the desire to do everything perfectly, instead you can learn the techniques of time management and the ability to see the beautiful in shortcomings, because it is in them that the uniqueness is hidden, and everything perfect is patterned and similar to each other. Avoid excessive workload, after work you should remain strong on your hobbies and friends, on your development and getting new experience. To do this, learn to ask for help, without fear that your reputation will suffer, rather, on the contrary, people will treat you warmer, besides many people want to be useful and love to assist.

Fill your day with positive: you can communicate more with optimists and reduce communication with pessimists, exclude people who are aggravating the situation, making you nervous. Do unusual and funny things in ordinary and identical days, share it with others, you can even set yourself the goal of becoming as funny as possible, then the mood will be wonderful and what previously made you nervous will become just a reason for another joke.

Do what you love - it is always a source of comfort and new life resources. Do it in principle to prevent it from happening, and you will notice that by entering this rule, all the nerves and worries will remain outside the doors of the workshop, dance class, laboratory, whatever you like.