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How to accept yourself

How to accept yourself? Mankind, chasing the far-fetched mythical standards of beauty, loses the most valuable thing bestowed by nature - itself. People lose their true selves, not realizing that approaching the arrow of weights to the cherished figure or enlarged chest will not make them happier. Of course, achieving the goal will give you a few happy moments that will give way to emptiness inside. And all because the human subject - a stubborn creature, unwilling to accept their own features unvarnished. To achieve positive change, an individual should accept himself, which is impossible, since there are a number of characteristics that he does not like. Here is a closed "wheel" is obtained. In order to destroy the current situation, it is necessary, first of all, to understand how to accept oneself, which this phrase implies.

How to accept yourself as you are - psychology

Any adequate person is characterized by a bit of doubt in his own mind, appearance, and acumen. Each individual is prone to occasionally scolding himself. The feeling of discontent with one's person can sometimes appear even among the most confident subject. This is normal. However, the ever-present sense of dissatisfaction with itself greatly complicates the existence and harm. It is as if a person immediately signs in his insolvency in any undertakings, programming himself in advance for failure. Therefore, one should learn to accept one's own person without embellishment and changes, stop complaining about being and notice happiness in the most insignificant daily trifles.

First of all, it is recommended to stop looking at others, looking for them features that are missing from their own person. Such behavior only gives rise to complexes and a depressive mood. If you are not satisfied with anything in appearance, life or character, then this is an occasion to become better. In the first turn, it is necessary to clearly articulate their so-called "flaws", as well as the traits desired to acquire. You can also write down the desired paper. After that, it is necessary to comprehend each item, outline a plan to get rid of the minuses and achieve the desired.

If an individual is dissatisfied with his overweight or thick hair, then fix it is quite simple. The main presence of desire and perseverance. Visiting the gym, morning jogs, evening walks, exercise, douche and many other completely inexpensive ways will help to adjust the figure. Folk penny money can also help with hair rarity.

If the situation is a little worse and the person is not satisfied with the nose, legs, chest, then you should not immediately seek help from plastic surgery. In the first turn, one must look around and comprehend the main thing - the people encountered in everyday life are not perfect at all. For most human subjects, their irreproachable lip shape, imperfect bite, faulty eye shape, do not at all interfere with career growth and self-realization in family life. Therefore, in order to be happy it does not necessarily have to be perfect.

Most often, man is prevented from rejoicing at being precisely his inner spirit, and not the absence of a generally accepted model appearance. Indeed, it is rather difficult and almost impossible to love a subject who is not satisfied with himself and does not like his own person. Only parents can adore their dissatisfied children. It is necessary to comprehend that initially a person can not be worse or better than the environment. Just an individual who is dissatisfied with his own appearance is merely devoid of perseverance, unable to designate goals, build plans and implement them. Since the awareness of one's own shortcomings is not enough for making changes. Starting your own transformation is better from small. For example, stop being late and then you don’t have to invent excuses for deceiving others.

Any changes do not come suddenly. Therefore, it is recommended to set a goal, break its achievement into thematic stages. To achieve each intermediate goal, you must praise yourself and be proud of your own success.

How to accept yourself and love

A person can try to win the love of the crowd, can look in a favorable light before the environment, can do good deeds, but cannot become happy until he accepts himself. A truly successful subject becomes when he begins to like himself. Low self-esteem, dissatisfaction with external data, uncertainty, anxiety, suspiciousness - all this is a consequence of dislike for one’s own person, which prevents one from living fully.

If a person began to wonder how to learn to accept himself, then he moves in the right direction. Learning to live coherently with one’s self is quite simple. The problem may lie in the fact that the subject himself is not aware of the presence of self-dislike. Often the root cause of this kind comes from the childhood period of life. However, in addition, it is possible to identify other factors that provoke non-acceptance of oneself.

Education, based on the suppression of initiative, orders, criticism, lack of tenderness, forms in children's consciousness the idea of ​​their own personality as unworthy of love, care of parents, attention.

Another extreme form of improper upbringing — hyper-care — also breeds self-dislike. Excessive care does not allow the crumbs to make independent decisions, to act independently. As a result, in the adult state, such an individual believes that he does not have enough skills to do something, lacks knowledge, lacks courage, lack of skills. This will inevitably lead to a decline in self-esteem and confidence.

The performance of actions that gave rise to critical statements from the environment or caused their own condemnation, unfortunately, leads to a reassessment of values. Such an oppressive state and provokes dissatisfaction with themselves.

Inconsistency with a far-fetched ideal image is the most frequent factor generating self-acceptance. If a person strives for an ideal created by himself and does not achieve the desired, then dissatisfaction with himself comes. Also, the reason for this is often the inconsistency with the expectations of society or the image imposed by the same society or media. The result of this attitude is the non-acceptance of oneself real and the setting of an unattainable goal.

Problems in professional activities or unpleasant incidents in the field of personal relationships also often have a negative effect on self-perception. Parting with a partner, quarrel with relatives, conflicts with colleagues, a sense of guilt generated by these events negatively affects self-esteem. Especially if the attitude of the individual to his own person is built on personal achievements.

So, how to accept yourself? Everything is simple, you need to love yourself, your advantages, negative features, blemishes of appearance, beauty of the soul. Make a selection of qualities and traits that, according to the individual, interfere with success, happiness, personal life, in order to further take steps to eliminate them. It is necessary to understand that the presence of negative traits is only a reason to become better, an incentive for self-improvement, and not a reason for depression, despondency, whining and a depressive mood.

Love is generated by actions and is revealed in them. Initially, its grain is born with the help of parents. After all, they love the newborn baby, care, play with the baby, set moral guidelines and guide what forms the personality of the child. In the crumbs, which perceives the actions of parents and feels love through them, confidence is developed, adequate self-esteem, the position “I deserve”, “I manage”.

When a man loves himself, he produces actions. In other words, he does not waste time on self-flagellation, nagging, complaining, repeatedly trying to find what is wrong with him. He sets goals and seeks to achieve them. Of course, anyone has moments of blues, but if the individual loves himself, he does not allow anguish to prolong himself into the pool of sorrow for a long time. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that the love of one’s own person is not synonymous with egoism or narcissism. Since the individual who knows how to love himself respects the environment. He does not try to put himself higher, interacts with society on an equal footing. Thus, the love of one’s own person implies self-esteem, inner self-satisfaction, self-acceptance.

Self-acceptance is painstaking and enjoyable work, requiring a temporary resource and a lot of effort, but the result is worth it.

Self-acceptance is a process that takes place on several tiers: bodily, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual.

Adoption at the body level implies love for your own unvarnished body. It is necessary to comprehend that the human body is a kind of temple for his soul. In the attentive attitude to the body is care. It involves understanding and reading all its signals (trembling, pain, tingling).

At the emotional level, acceptance implies finding a middle ground between total suppression of emotional manifestations and states when they control the individual. It is necessary to observe the experiences, be aware of them, “catch”, call all the emotional manifestations that arise. This skill facilitates the understanding of one's own reactions, oneself, the situation and contributes to making the right decision. At the same time, one should be aware of any emotional manifestations, regardless of direction. In addition, it is recommended to avoid interaction with individuals who cause negative emotions, envious, liars, gossipers, eternal mourners.

At the social level, acceptance is the awareness of all social roles, losing a man, and position in society. You can not compare yourself with other human subjects. It is only necessary to equate oneself with the present with oneself in the past and the future.

It is necessary to strive exclusively for one’s own, independently defined goals. Achieving other people's goals will not bring happiness, success and harmony. The intellectual tier is based on the individuality of a set of knowledge and experience. The more experienced an individual is, intellectually developed, erudite, the easier it is for him to adapt to being and navigate in it.

Stupid subjects do not exist, there are only individuals who are less knowledgeable in a certain area. If the individual is not given the study of any discipline, it means that this science is not useful in life. Therefore, it is necessary to rely solely on one’s own interests, hobbies, addictions, skills and talents. Why torture yourself by solving tedious mathematical examples, trying to extract roots and divide a polynomial into a monomial if the soul lies in philology.

On a spiritual level, self-perception implies an awareness of one’s own uniqueness. It is necessary to appreciate being and to be grateful for the opportunity to live, see, feel harmony. Should not be fixed on their own mistakes and shortcomings. All human subjects make mistakes. Any miscalculations and omissions should be taken as lessons learned, specific features that need to be analyzed, work out a conclusion and, if necessary, carry out corrective work.

If a girl is not beautiful, how to accept yourself and love the way it is

The first steps on the path to self-perception must begin with taking your own body. After all, it is a physical object that can be touched, seen. Therefore, it is much easier to identify yourself with the body. How often does a person care for personal bodies with love? Individuals who do not love themselves, most likely do not accept their own bodies, as a result of which they do not care about them with love. The most effective method of making your own physical shell is gratitude. It is necessary to thank the body for helping to implement plans, for fulfilling needs, desires, simply for its individuality.

Below are a few ways to learn how to accept yourself.

First of all, it is recommended to try to keep track of the moments of rejection that may arise due to the need to be good, to strive to please the environment. To do this, performing a certain action, one must wonder whether there really is a desire to produce it or whether it is generated by outside influence.

One of the clear signs of dislike for one’s own person is self-criticism. Subjecting to criticism of one’s own actions, oneself, a person as if informs himself that he doesn’t meet someone’s far-fetched expectations. Therefore, in the beginning, it is necessary to analyze whose requirements or expectations generated actions. Why is it necessary to comply with them. The analysis will show that, most likely, some of the requirements are generated by the statements of friends or even strangers.

When a girl strives to be good for her inner circle, this is normal, but when she tries to please all human subjects, she loses herself.

It is also recommended to keep a diary of acceptance. If it is difficult to accept your own person as a whole, then you can take it in parts. You can start with a separate trait, non-arranging person habits.

In the diary it is necessary to write down situations of acceptance and opposite cases. You need to track changes and reward yourself for positive dynamics.

In accepting oneself one needs to take an example from the small brethren Kids love themselves unconditionally and rejoice even to tiny achievements. When the crumb falls, taking the first steps, he does not criticize himself. He accepts himself. It is by the example of the kids that one can see both the love of one’s own little person and the full acceptance.

Early day should start with a smile. Making everyday hygiene morning procedures, it is recommended to linger a little longer at the mirror, look affectionately at your own reflection, give a smile. Then you should say with conviction to yourself a few compliments, for example, I am sweet, beautiful, I look young, I easily dangle the opposite sex, smart. To act in this way should be daily, in order to feel their own irresistible.