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How to develop stress resistance

It so happened that the life of people is unthinkable without intercourse, and today in large cities the question of how to develop stress resistance is relevant. It is caused by the fact that the sensation of pressure of megacities is incredibly high and grows daily. The state of tension and perpetual race is visited by every single person in a big city, who dictates his own rules. Everyone knows that stress is one of the causes of both mental and physical illnesses. For this reason, doctors are even more worried because, being in the conditions of the modern metropolis, stress is a permanent background of life.

A huge number of people, monotonous bustle, haste, negative emotions, crush, overstrain, inevitability to spend an impressive amount of time on transport movements - these are the realities of today's large cities. During peak hours, a huge number of citizens have to hurry, and because of traffic jams, an inevitable amount of time is spent on traffic. The level of culture in comparison with Western megacities depresses the situation as well, since maintaining the personal space of the people around them, courteous attitude to them is rather a pleasant exception than an unshakable rule.

The problem of citizens suffering from lack of resistance to stress, is not only the inability to overcome a huge amount of psychological and physical stress, but also noted in the inability to release stressful situations and possession of relaxation skills. As a result, a person multiplies the tension, which in turn leads to an emotional disruption. For this reason, the development of stress tolerance in the destructive conditions of existence becomes an urgent need for everyone in the city.

Perhaps, there is no such person who would not be confronted with confusions at work, incomprehensible situations in transport, unpleasant incidents, firmly imprinted on the psyche and, on returning home, for a long time still fraying their souls. Most of these disorders suffer personalities of melancholic and choleric temperament, since their boundary between the inner and outer world is thin enough, and the innate protective barriers of the psyche are very weak. Therefore, it is important for owners of such temperament to get used to parting with stressful situations and with the heat of the working day even beyond the threshold of your own home. To avoid this, we suggest using different methods and psychological techniques.

Tips for developing stress tolerance:

- At the beginning of the work day and at the end, you should perform a 10-minute breathing exercises or relaxation exercises. The perfect solution would be to use relaxation exercises. This will help meditation, with which you can achieve mental and physical discipline, as well as emotional self-control. For this you need to master the techniques of autogenic training. First, you need to take a few deep breaths and exhalations, focusing only on the process of breathing, and not on the offense received earlier. The necessary words will also help to calm down more quickly, for example, “I am strong and I will cope with it”, “I am calm and ready for anything”, “I am in control of the situation and I control myself”.

Breathing exercises will allow you to control the rhythm and frequency of breathing during exercise, perfectly overcome anxiety, have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory system;

- great influence of water on mental balance. At the end of an exhausting day, it is useful to take a shower, plunge into the bathroom with fragrant foam, or at least wash your face. While taking a shower, it is required to imagine how irritability and anxiety leave a person;

- relaxing massage is an excellent sedative, giving a feeling of harmony and peace. It will be especially pleasant if it is performed by a loved one. If there is none, you can make yourself a point massage yourself: by massaging for half a minute the points in the middle between the eyebrows, in the center of the palm, above the upper lip, below the lower lip;

- listening to your favorite music can be excellent relaxation techniques. Music has a direct effect on various organ systems, affects the depth and frequency of breathing, the rhythm of the neural pathways, heartbeats, tension and muscle relaxation. Thanks to the music mediated effect, you can change the emotional state, develop stress resistance, reduce heart rate. Music is capable of correcting a rather significant spectrum of mental states, however, it should be understood that if serious violations are noted, then it acts only as an auxiliary method. To raise depressed mood, equalize pressure and provide a sedative effect, listening to calm music is an excellent choice. Music can give ways to release emotional savings, allow losses to be burned, rethink the traditional attitude to situations;

- Aromatherapy can also help a person to answer the question of how to develop stress resistance and gain mental balance, if it is not noted in the history of allergic reactions to oils made from various herbs. Aromatic oils are able to bring feelings to balance, support and fix them. Systematically applying essential oils, one can notice how the energy increases and the well-being improves. It’s no secret that after a busy day there are often enough trifles to cause irritability and the whole evening will be spoiled. To avoid this, you should create a soothing microclimate, uplifting with the help of cedar, lemon balm, geranium, rose or neroli oils. A few drops of ylang-ylang or patchouli will help stop the annoyance of a bad day. The aromas of oils, acting on the body and soul, will help to restore internal balance and improve mood. With such a positive attitude, people will be significantly less prone to urban stress.

Oils of bergamot, roses, sandalwood will give warmth and comfort, and rosemary will give confidence to a person in a difficult moment. Lavender, valerian, chamomile, marjoram oils will strengthen the nervous system and relieve irritability. Strong, fresh smells of these plants will create an atmosphere of calm and harmony. Oils are used in any combination, and they all have a positive effect on the nervous system. They are used in aromatic lamps, as well as added to cosmetics and bath;

- in the development of stress tolerance, it will be effective to follow the daily routine, where time for relaxation and active work will be taken into account. One of the risks of a busy life in a metropolis is the inability to properly manage your time and attention, load yourself with work, and then relieve stress with the help of alcohol or other dependencies. By planning a flexible daily routine, you can control its distribution (sleep, eating, working, meeting with friends, playing sports). Keeping the daily routine, eating and sleeping at the same time will strengthen health, and with increasing health, stress resistance will develop;

- the necessary ability to overcome stress while living in a megalopolis is the ability to abstract. This quality will help to feel the inner peace in the bustle of the city. For its development, you should submit your body to a covered bright thick "cocoon" that protects against fuss and noise. To do this, reading books, a collection of jokes, listening to music in transport is suitable. You can carry an amusing photo of a pet or a child, and looking at it, smiling and relaxing, get rid of nervous tension. Indispensable from stress remains a sense of humor, and before participating in a scandal, being in public transport, one should imagine how ridiculous it looks from the outside. Probably, after this the situation will not seem so serious.

In order not to have to look for the answer to the question of how to develop stress resistance, it is required to try to change the attitude to what is happening, which is not pleasant. For example, if it is impossible to influence a disturbing situation, then it is necessary to look at it much easier, in a different way. Everyone has their own technique for developing stress tolerance; it is only important to listen to yourself and your desires. Someone needs to sleep for a couple of hours or watch their favorite TV series, another to do general cleaning or arrange shopping for themselves, a third to meet with friends and talk, the fourth to spend the evening at a delicious dinner with family. The main thing is not to let stress take hold of a man for a long time and restore a comfortable state of mind in a timely manner.