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How to become a positive person

How to become a positive person? The question of developing one’s own positivity is often raised in an environment aimed at personal development, since it is this quality that helps to quickly cope with difficult situations, find non-standard solutions, consider failures as new opportunities, rather than the collapse of what is happening. Positive people love and strive to be with them more often, to share all kinds of goodness, because their perception of the world concerns not only their own lives, but also situations with other people, they are able to alleviate other people's suffering or help them laugh in a place where a person would usually feel frightened or nervous .

But the desire for eternal joy, just like becoming a positive person forever does not find an answer, because it is thanks to the alternation of states that a person is able to feel happiness or a benign mood, if there is nothing to compare with, then the perception of such an outlook will not be positive. familiar and trivial.

At the same time, the evolutionary mechanisms of development do not allow a person to be constantly in a positive state, because initially the brain is set to capture negative and threatening signals. So positivism helps in solving difficulties, adds strength and adaptability in the struggle, but also distracts attention and makes unnoticed real problems and threatening factors that can destroy human life.

In addition to knowing that the brain is initially evolutionarily tuned to negative, it is necessary to clarify one more thing - the ability to program one’s own perception and brain structure. So, if you try to smile more often and through force, look for the positive in what is happening, try to treat others with complacency (smile for the ambala who gave you a leg in the transport), then gradually the brain structure changes and is rearranged in a positive way. The hormonal system is connected to this process, which increases the release of endorphins in the blood and increases the overall level of happiness. Those. At first, you smile through strength, the body receives a signal that something good is happening and throws up endorphins, with their increased level, even the most gray reality starts to seem not so sullen and the reasons for happiness increase, so the circle closes and thinking is rearranged into a positive spectrum, the main thing endure the first time volitional control. Such changes occur independently when falling in love, the first trigger mechanism is a natural surge of hormones, and then there are no intractable situations for a person.

How to become a positive and cheerful person

Thinking how to become a positive person forever, it should be understood that this will not happen after taking one pill, and you will have to change your entire system of relations with the world, starting from every day. It is the daily efforts and positive moments that will ultimately help you to add up your life positive attitude. Positivity is always close to cheerfulness, and this ability to notice the value of a given moment, rejoicing in every second of life instead of focusing on lack or other negative. Someone is born with such features, especially characteristic of sanguine persons who are able to laugh in any situation, but temperament is an innate quality of a person, and cheerfulness does not depend on it directly and can be developed by correcting the direction of one’s own thoughts.

The joy of each day begins the night before, when you tune in to future events. Naturally, summing up the past day, we remember what the day was filled with, drawing lessons, again grieving the troubles and looking for solutions and rejoicing in pleasant moments. So in these memories you need to focus on pleasant events, enjoy the day was filled with. Even if a global positive event did not happen, then try to remember small pleasures, such as transport on time, favorite coffee for breakfast, good weather, a pleasant person’s call — the more positive moments you can find in the past day, the happier you will go new.

In addition to the sense of cheerfulness, which gives you the remark of many wonderful things in what is happening, it is training your thinking to notice the positive and the good. Now you are doing this consciously, deliberately, in the allotted evening time, and perhaps you put a lot of effort into it, but over time, such arguments will become automatic for you. It is good not only to remember the joyful moments, but also to record, for which you can start a separate diary. You can choose the form yourself: you can buy a special notebook for this and write down a list of good facts of the past day, you can paste in things reminiscent of such events (a lucky ticket, candy wrapper, a beautiful dried leaf), you can also make a similar diary network in any convenient option (you can describe pleasant events, you can post a photo of what is connected with your joy of today).

In keeping such a diary, the most important thing is to learn how to write positive, pleasing moments and to do it every day, since it is the ability to notice the share of the beautiful even in the worst day and is positive.

Look for motives for laughter - it’s not only jokes and comedies, it’s also your personal blunders, which, if not treated with an exaggerated degree of seriousness, can also amuse you and those around you. By the way, when a good mood, they definitely need to share with those who are near you and who are dear to you - not only will you please the people, but also prolong your good condition, because happiness requires realization and it only gets bigger from separation from others. From the same principle, try to surround yourself with fun, positive people who love life - depression and happiness are transmitted by airborne droplets, so that no one speaks. Communicate more with children and animals - these are great helpers in relieving stress, getting a dose of positive emotions, as well as examples of how you can easily relate to contrived problems and enjoy life and the current moment without loading yourself with unnecessary feelings about the past or the future.

How to become a positive person who succeeds

The success of many activities depends on the initial attitude of the person and his attitude, and the more positively the person is set up, the higher the probability of success and getting exactly what he aspired to.

When girls are sad, they go for mood enhancement in beauty salons or shopping malls, and there is undeniable wisdom in this, not only for deciding how to become a positive girl, but also for men, since it was learned that their own good looks greatly increase the level of optimism . Starting to concentrate only on external manifestations is not worth it, but to change the diet to a healthier one, to start wearing clothes that you like and adorning, and also to play sports will help to raise the level of confidence and optimism.

Become a positive person will allow physical activity, which helps to get rid of stress and work out not only physical blocks, but also emotional squeezing, contributes to the production of endorphins, increasing the overall level of happiness and stability. The correct work of all organs helps to eliminate the physiological causes of the development of depression and blues, and correct posture forms a positive self-perception. Our postures, movements, frowning eyebrows and a smile directly affect the emotional background, so try to keep your body in the form to which emotional state you want to approach. Sometimes, in order to notice a way out of a dead-end situation, it is enough for people to normalize the rhythm of breathing and straighten their shoulders.

The ability to appreciate every moment provides many opportunities for positive and the ability to build its activity so that everything worked out. Remind yourself often that you have one life and this day will not happen again. Even if everything is bad now, then having penetrated the understanding that this could not be the case, you begin to be present in the present moment and to love it. Realizing that loved ones can die at any time, you can easily resolve disagreements and rejoice that these people are near, instead of trying to sort things out for a few days. When you understand with every cell that you yourself can disappear at any time, priorities change, and you yourself will notice how problems disappear, and the joy remains from quite simple things - the light of the sun, raindrops, passers-by smiles.

Keep track of the sources that give you information, and shape them in terms of good and positive. You should exclude those channels from which news about the next deterioration comes to you and replace it with those where you talk about new successful life strategies (this applies both to the people with whom you communicate and the news feed, the mailing list, selectable channels). Look for a similar transformation in your experience, which is not always positive. You should not ignore the failures and wrecks, deceived hopes and betrayals, trying to notice the exceptionally good - so you risk being in a parallel universe, where the real offender is perceived by a friend. Negative experience needs to be recognized and formatted into positive changes, perhaps your personality and behavior, and perhaps the surrounding space - in any case, take the development and lessons from it, rather than abstract or dive into endless experiences. Many people even thank those who brought trouble into their lives, because it brought new levels of development.

Pamper and rejoice yourself, then your energy level will grow, many things will start to turn out, and life will play with a kaleidoscope of bright colors. To do this, you usually do not need much: give yourself listening to your favorite music, read yourself good books and take you to the movies for interesting movies. Engage in your favorite hobbies or lie on the sofa without any action if necessary, communicate with pleasant people (it is important to learn to tell people about their importance to you, not to wait for an invitation, but to offer a meeting independently, to treat completely different people as interesting, and not to lock yourself in family).

How to become positive and attract luck

Before deciding how to become a positive girl, you should get rid of the sources that bring in negative and pull energy out of you, perhaps just patching these holes, you will find yourself very cheerful and successful girl. Usually, the negative perception of the world comes to us from the unlived traumas of the past or the learned negative programs that should be eliminated. Keeping a grudge next to you and waiting for a person to apologize, remembering the deception that took place several years ago and believing that he will continue to live as well, live in settings where it is forbidden to be happy and not to subject them to critical analysis - the right ways to get depressed

Therefore, it is necessary to disassemble all the toxic situations that have taken place in life, let go of anger and resentment, review their values. This is one sentence of the text, but it takes more than one week of enormous mental work, where you have to go through pain and despair, perhaps (better and faster) when accompanied by a specialist in the psychological sphere. Efforts will be worth the result, because the energy is released, giving the opportunity to notice how beautiful the world is and create it, attracting the desired events, and not spend it on keeping past negatives.

Try to feel your needs and if any thing no longer pleases, then leave it without regrets, such a strategy should concern people and activities. Following the path of interest and your joy, you will never get on the wrong track, but staying out of a sense of duty or pity, you start wasting your energy in vain. Let go of that which is no longer yours, and each time thank the universe, the people around you, or God for what you have. The more you thank and indicate to a person his value, the more he will strive to be with you and make you enjoyable.

Try to control your thinking not only so that positive thoughts prevail there, but also to always have positive goals to which you aspire. Formulate what you want to achieve, where to be, how to feel and then without losing this peculiar list from the internal field of view, you can easily grasp the possibilities for implementation. For a good moment and circumstances there are no allocated time periods - they happen when you are ready to notice and use them.

Good luck in any business comes when you get pleasure from it, work through power and on the last resources only exhausts you, and doing something that brings inspiration can bring considerable success. This does not negate the efforts, and perhaps you will devote even more time to this activity than to the established work, but it will fill you with energy, give a feeling of happiness, and new successful ideas will arise almost independently, since inspiration is included.

Change the environment, country and activity, if there is no pleasure and results, and each time push off from your state at the moment and if you are well, then everything goes as it should, if there is even the slightest tension - look for what needs correction.