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How to live further if there is no strength and nothing

How to live further if there is no strength and nothing? It is quite easy to determine how to live, having desires and goals, but this same question bewilders the lack of desire and motivation. This condition can be temporary and quite easy to occur, and it can acquire a chronic form, called apathy - it is a medical term reflecting mental disorders. There is no need to immediately diagnose oneself; for many people, apathetic moods are a periodically encountered norm, and these problems can be solved completely independently, without going to doctors and medicines.

It is important not to confuse the absence of desires and forces with simple laziness. It is possible to distinguish this simply - laziness disappears as soon as a sufficient stimulus appears, followed by a surge of strength and activity, the person's eyes light up. In a state where there really is no strength, not a single stimulus will force a person to jump, and when the sphere of needs and desires is frustrated, the motivational component will simply be born.

In case of violations of the work of any organs, starting a viral disease or at the time of exacerbation of a chronic illness, the body's reserve reserve is aimed at eliminating these problems, so there may simply not be enough energy for everything else. Lack of vitamins in the winter, chronic sleep deprivation undermines the strength of the body. Moreover, it will not be possible to struggle with such problems by increasing motivation and working through willpower - it will be necessary to compensate for the lack of sleep by adjusting the regime for a long time, not just one night, and restore the lack of nutrients at the consultation of doctors. Physical exhaustion from prolonged work requires rest for the organism, otherwise after a lack of strength and desire, more serious health problems will occur.

Often, one doesn’t want anything, and the presence of a feeling of powerlessness is due to emotional burnout, peculiar mainly to people of helping professions or workaholics, and this is often reflected in the professional sphere, without affecting the rest of life. In the case of an emotional overload during communication, impotence in any form of contact can arise, and long-term monotonous work can completely kill aspirations and creative approach. Depression and crisis moments can plunge a person into a similar state with the same ease as physical disturbances. Among the multitude of reasons, it is necessary to select the one that drains all forces and initially concentrate on its elimination.

How to live further if there is no strength and meaning

It is precisely the loss of the meaning of life that deprives the main forces, therefore, instead of pumping oneself up by the power engineers, it is more logical to deal with its basic life-forming meanings. Such states grow out of crisis and traumatic moments when a person loses loved ones, faces serious illnesses, and is forced to radically change his life. Then the old landmarks collapse, and the new ones are not yet formed, and how to live becomes completely incomprehensible, and there is not much strength, because there appears exactly as much energy as is necessary to realize the aspirations. Some can afford the journey to deal with the change of direction, to understand where the difficulties came from and choose a new course, but not everyone can leave their everyday life for self-contemplation of the inner world. Then the question is born of how to live further if there is no strength and money to ensure such a retreat. Fortunately, it is inseparability from their usual life is the key to overcome this state.

Spiritually strong people perceive everything philosophically and as temporary categories, having inner meanings something imperishable and not having an end point - this can be self-development, improvement of the world, help to the needy. When the meaning is limited to some specific relationships, people, type of activity, the probability of losing it is great, and the more specific and stronger the attachment, the greater the crisis awaits. Continuing to perform familiar actions, consider your life for the presence of such eternal meanings that have value even after your death, even after the disappearance and change of everything. It’s possible to go to work and cook soup on the machine, while mentally marking to yourself whether it makes sense to paint lips or feed a homeless person, go to church or buy a dress — by analyzing such trifles, you can come across their relevance, despite the changes that have occurred. Following this, an understanding of energy will begin to be added to the performance of such actions, which you yourself consider important, which will be the new course of your life.

If the meaning of life is lost after a certain event, then it happened because of a severe psychotrauma, which the nervous system could not cope with. Then she gets stuck and becomes less worried, but feeling not quite alive can remain, so you should contact a psychotherapist to work through the situation as quickly as possible - the older the injury, the harder the rehabilitation will be later. If there is no opportunity to take help, then try not to restrain your negative and uncomfortable emotions - weep while weeping, scolding the world order, crying out, beat your feet to the walls of the institution where it was painful. Everything fits, if only these emotions are not left inside you, because all their strength will be spent on their containment.

How to live further if there is no strength and nothing happens

There are periods when you are working hard, so there is no longer any strength, but there is no result, and there is a deceptive feeling that you need to try even more. It is necessary to slow down and do everything calmly and without haste, reducing the priority of execution. Move your attention to your own state and, above all, take care of rest, emotional unloading and breaks, and only in your free time do what you have so zealously sought before. The secret is quite simple - the more care about yourself, the more resourceful you are and then new ideas can be born to optimize the process of introducing new ways to achieve, instead of punching the wall with your forehead, when the door is a meter away from you.

In developing a strategy for how to live further, if there is no strength and money, many begin to economically save and force themselves to work more - the system fails, because it leads to a deterioration of physical condition, emotional self-perception, and to stop all progress in business. If you are tired, then you go the wrong way - spend a lot of energy, work not where you can be useful, do not use optimization. If you notice that it does not work, then it makes sense to change the achievement strategy or the goal itself (well, you do not teach the parrot to swim, or teach the dog, or the parrot, but to talk).

Excessive expectation and impatience can lead to such states, therefore, before setting deadlines and hoping for stunning results, monitor the situation as to what you have in mind. Even a round-the-clock effort may not be enough due to the specifics of the activity being performed, perhaps it will be more relevant to relax and wait in idleness (remember that you cannot pull grass out of the ground). It is better to do something constantly and in small doses than to try to complete your plans in one moment, because the quality and your sense of self suffer from this approach.

Another point that leads to the exhaustion of internal resources and the destructive result is control. The more processes you try to control, the more nervous you are due to the inconsistency of small details, and you lose energy. At the same time, all control does not allow you to navigate the situation and change the concept of actions in time; it does not allow you to rely on the opinions of others, which takes your time on constant checks, as a result you do not respond to changes adequately.

How to live further if there is no strength and you don’t want anything - psychology

Any problem needs to be solved by identifying it and identifying the causes, therefore, with a decrease in energy resources and lack of desire, it is worth doing the same. Initially, it is necessary to exclude physiological causes after passing an examination. Next, you need to adjust your daily routine and the pace of life in general, so that it becomes not exhausting, but filling, and only after taking up an analysis of psychological components. Except when the reason for this condition is known - if it began after the loss of a person or a well-paid job, during a divorce or illness. In some embodiments, it helps to mentally bring the situation to the most negative, i.e. illness to death, quarrel to parting, etc. Looking from another scale of values, it may turn out that the reason is not so critical, moreover, such an exaggeration shakes up the nervous system and restores values.

But not all situations are amenable to such an easy adjustment, and if the worst happens to you, then you need to find support in what is left. If there are children (yours, friends, brothers, nephews), then spend more time with them, it would be good to fulfill those promises that you made to them, but all did not have time (to go to the movies, to fight with lightsabers) - from such communication the soul defrosted, various emotions can be actualized. In addition, communication with children is the most sincere - they will ask you direct questions, and sometimes give quite working advice.

When heavy thoughts and meaninglessness do not allow to live, and there is no strength left for work, then it is worth changing the situation as much as possible (at least moving the furniture and repainting the door should be). Minimize contact with unpleasant people, the same goes for news coming to you. It is better to stay for a certain time in the information vacuum, than to spend crumbs of energy on useless information - at this time it is better to remember what brought you joy, what your old dreams were and start to realize what even quietly responds to your soul. In addition to such positive excavations, look and negative - the old grievances, long-time anger, not uttered reproaches. Such things, being stored over the years, slowly eat your energy, therefore, having forgive offenders, having processed anger in active actions, you remove that which absorbed your resources.