Devastation is the inner feeling of losing something very significant. Devastated is an individual who is devoid of internal forces, as well as having exhausted his mental resources. Often you can hear the following sayings: "for some reason, empty inside ...", "something is missing ...". This condition happened to all. And like the circumstances without changes and everything, as usual, but something but not that. I do not want anything and it is not nice, the longing for the soul is green. In psychology, this condition is called emptiness.

What is emptiness

In psychology, emptiness is interpreted as a state of emotional emptiness, a lack of moral strength, as well as the ability to live an energetic life. The reasons for the occurrence of this condition or sensation in an individual are the following:

- excessive demands. When a person places increased demands on himself or on other individuals, for example, a wife for a husband or vice versa, a mother for a child, a boss for subordinates. The inability to adequately assess themselves or others, the expectation of something better, the setting of unrealistic, unattainable goals ends with the fact that the individual does not get what he wants. His needs are not satisfied, dreams are not fulfilled, expectations are not justified. The result is emotional emptiness;

- vital routine. There are not so many holidays in our life. Most of our usual business. Work, family, study - a standard set. Ideally, work is a place where an individual is engaged in a business that gives him pleasure, and they still pay money for it, pay vacation and give a premium. The family will always support and understand. But in life it is different;

The work may be loved, and the boss-tyrant, turns it into a living hell, in the family, too, not everything goes smoothly and every day the same thing is repeated. Then a person forgets about his needs, about spiritual growth, self-development, about the good sides of life and plunges into gray everyday life. Therefore, life begins to seem empty and purposeless to him.

- environment. Everyone knows such a simple pattern: "Tell me who your friend is, and I will tell who you are." The environment of a person greatly affects the lifestyle, his views and tastes. If life began to seem empty and meaningless, you need to check your environment. If a person is surrounded by people without goals and hobbies who consider their lives to be meaningless, then, most likely, they will think the same way;

Bad habits also contribute to the feeling of emptiness and aimlessness. They not only harm the body, but also undermine spiritual health. Bad habits include not only smoking cigarettes or using drugs, but also laziness, computer games, excessive social hobbies.

Virtual life dulls the sense of reality, steals a lot of time, makes you dream of easy money, beautiful life. Instead, in order to achieve something in life, to develop, to benefit, a person spends time on aimless sighs and regrets.

It must always be remembered that the state of emptiness is subjective and can always be overcome.

How to get rid of feelings of emptiness

There are several ways to get rid of emotional emptiness.

At first, it is worth thinking about how long you are in this mood. If not for long, then you need to analyze what events or individuals were the cause. Perhaps you yourself are doing something wrong and understand that this should be corrected.

In getting rid of the feeling of emptiness there is no specific recipe, but there are methods that actually work. For this you need to fill your life with love, as well as care. A person surrounded by relatives and loving people is more stress-resistant and emotionally stable.

It is important to spend more time in an environment where you really love, care and worry sincerely for you. These include close friends, parents, husband, wife, children. The time devoted to close people will strengthen relationships, make them stronger and deeper, and also fill every minute of life with meaning. But with individuals who suppress, cause feelings of guilt, emptiness and dissatisfaction, communication should be minimized.

The next way to get rid of emotional emptiness is the need to revive the social circle. You can make new friends, enter into close relationships with a new partner. Or if there is a loved one, then you need to try to bring something new, unusual into the relationship. This will force you to open up in a new way and open up new parties in the partner. At the age when the social circle is already established, it is harder to make new acquaintances and relationships. But it is better to teach yourself more often to say “yes” to new invitations, offers and people, because if you leave everything unchanged, then how can we expect improvements in life?

Get rid of a sense of emptiness will help the four-legged friend. With the advent of a pet, a person’s life changes, it becomes more meaningful and meaningful. Researches of scientists proved that people who have pets less often have a feeling of loneliness and dissatisfaction with life. The very fact that a four-legged friend is waiting at home, who is completely dependent on care and attention, who is sad when the owner leaves, and is immensely pleased with the return, fills life with meaning. Currently, there are a lot of homeless animals, and taking on a homeless kitten or puppy, you can do good for yourself and for him. Life will acquire a new meaning, and the animal will receive a home and a loving owner.

No matter how trite it may sound, but when a person becomes kinder, he eventually gets what he radiates. You can walk immersed in dark thoughts, delving into your own feelings and problems, but this will not bring good results. It is better to distract from yourself and think about others. You can help your grandmother to cross the road, buy a mother flowers just like that, get a ball from a tree to a child, donate money for treatment to a seriously ill person and immediately feel more meaningful and needed. Famous people who are engaged in charity, admit that their lives have completely changed and acquired a new meaning. After all, a good deed brings joy not only to others, but also to the person himself.

The answer to the question "why?" Will help to get rid of the feeling of emptiness. The ability to reflect and find the cause is very important for a person, so it is important to answer the question "why do I feel empty?"

After talking with a close friend, you can get an objective view from the outside, as well as friendly, irreplaceable advice in everyday life. If you do not have anyone to talk openly, you can contact a psychologist.

A psychologist is a qualified personal problem solver. It will help to understand the problem, as well as tell you how you can positively change your life. But if the feeling of emptiness turned into depression, then the help of a psychotherapist is required.

To get rid of the feeling of emptiness, you need to learn to look for meaning in every living day. Our thoughts determine our actions and the rest of our lives. In each day and event, you need to try to find some meaning, and something good.

In order to be happy to accept the daily routine or do something that is not particularly happy, you need to find a source of inspiration. This is a new book, a hobby, a future journey.

And if work is hard labor for you, then you can pamper yourself with a cup of coffee before work or put an aquarium at work. This trifle will make life brighter and more pleasant.

It is very important to take care of yourself, eat healthy food, get enough sleep, go in for sports, without denying yourself a full rest and life joys.

Cultivating the good, you can get rid of the bad. Each person is a blacksmith of his own happiness, and the kind of life he will live depends not on other people or circumstances, but on himself.