Inspiration is the emergence of motivation, readiness for any action, the most important aspect of an individual's creative potential, marked by a high rise and concentration of internal forces. At the moment of inspiration, all mental processes are activated, new inner possibilities are revealed. Inspiration is required by each individual, regardless of his profession and type of activity. You can take on any business with a soul, be it an important scientific work or self-development lesson, ordinary cooking or everyday cleaning of the home, as a result, the results often exceed even their own expectations.

What is inspiration

Inspiration is a special state of the human soul, a spontaneous rush of inner possibilities, which is a prerequisite for the flow of creative processes. Human consciousness, listening to new information (through images, sounds, sensations), gives rise to new ideas and plans, which, of course, I want to realize and certainly implement. Due to this process, outstanding original, objective and self-sufficient innovative products appear (technical inventions, scientific discoveries, artistic images, etc.).

Often, barriers to future discoveries are: lack of comprehension, laziness, lack of interest in the work performed, negative thinking, emotional barriers, excessive self-criticism, illness, bad habits, general dissatisfaction with life and so on. Also, external stimuli, such as uncomfortable working conditions, various extraneous distractions, also become obstacles to creative inspiration.

Creative inspiration stimulates the proper organization of conditions for performing various types of activities, expands one’s own horizons, trains memory, thinking, abilities, and forms interest in actions. The monotony of actions significantly reduces the interest in the work performed, makes it monotonous, routine.

Creative people are able to reject ordinary, patterned thinking and are ready to create something fresh, non-standard, special. Their perception of the surrounding reality is multivalued and versatile, they are able to see in everyday things something unique, invisible to others. The final need of the individual as a subject is self-development, the most productive way for his self-realization and creative activity.

A creative, creatively inspired person is more attractive in communication, charismatic, free, easy-going, she is constantly surrounded by people, she is interesting and drawn to her. Such an individual is open to new experience; he remains ready to breathe in the unknown and conquer a new peak.

It was creative inspiration that repeatedly prompted the most eminent personalities of mankind to create unsurpassed creations and masterpieces. Great people wrote about inspiration:

“Inspiration is a guest who does not like to visit the lazy” - P. I. Tchaikovsky;

"Inspiration is the ability to bring oneself to a working state" - A.S. Pushkin.

The observations of A. Maslow confirm that peak experiences, including inspiration, are closely associated with the success of an individual, that is, achieving success in some activities inspires a person to achieve victories in other spheres of life.

Being at the height of inspiration, a person acutely feels the unity of the inner and outer world, the integrity of his own personality. Feelings of immediacy, originality, lightness, inner fullness appear as if by themselves. At such times, there is no place for fears and doubts within the individual, but there is confidence, sincerity, truth in one’s own thoughts, as well as actions. Moments of inspiration contribute to the integration of the individual, the development of its individuality.

However, the repository of human resources does not tolerate violence and coercion. A cold, enslaved, completely self-controlling person who experiences difficulties in love, in trusting people and the world as a whole is not able to sense inspiration and own creative messages.

Every person needs inspiration and inspiration. Good luck accompanies those who are single-minded, who persistently strive to creatively solve problems that arise on their way to life. For a modern person it is important to be able to balance internal and external control, to gain integrity, to achieve harmony. A person who has managed to overcome his own fears and negative feelings becomes capable of fruitful activity and creative work.

How to find inspiration

For many people, the sources of inspiration are individual. Some individuals find it incredibly difficult to find something inspiring, while others take inspiration from literally everything that surrounds them. But there are some things that most of us take inspiration from. These things allow us to find the strength to create.

What can be a source of inspiration? Sometimes it is difficult to understand whether it will be able to carry away this or that occupation and the difficulty arises until you try it, you do not feel it on your own experience. The search field for "inspiring springs" is quite wide. For some, it can be watching a favorite movie or program, listening to high-quality music, for others it's a walk in nature, or maybe going to a museum or to the gym, an entertaining hobby and more. Also, new impressions can be a powerful inspiration generator. Experiences previously untested best activate brain processes, a person begins to more clearly understand and perceive the environment, personal depth, more accurately aware of their internal needs. Staying in a state of creative inspiration leads to the emergence of insights, finding answers to exciting questions, tormenting a long time.

The choice is solely for the person, one has only to look around and see where the source of inspiration is, which will lure and spiritualize. If you leave the "muse", then you should not wait passively for her return, it's time to act:

- spend leisure time in nature. Nature has a very beneficial effect, restores lost internal balance, is able to awaken the sleeping potential of the individual. Excellent relaxes communication with animals, their openness and dedication can conquer even the most callous and gloomy person;

- workout. Physical activity affects the biochemical processes of the body, alter the metabolism and hormones, which is why after training we feel pleasant fatigue, simultaneous lightness, relieving emotional tension, then elevating mood and a surge of internal forces;

- start to engage in creativity. Creative activity, aimed at the birth of something qualitatively new, beautiful, unique, it cannot but inspire, since it itself is the embodiment of inspiration;

- start traveling, nothing else is as impressive as new horizons;

- avoid contact with bore and whiners. Communicate and interact with successful people more often, their example is always contagious;

- It is useful to fall in love with a person, with work, with a hobby, with art. Love can revive and inspire;

- learn to perceive humor, which reduces excessively serious attitude to life difficulties and trials;

- to work in a friendly team where you can get support and exchange experience. Cohesive work unites, fascinates, increases competitiveness;

- Visit a psychologist, it will help activate the internal reserves. Music therapy, meditation practices, art classes, dance and body therapies are able to reveal the human personality completely from unexpected sides. Creative trainings contain methods that are aimed at awakening the creative energy of the individual. Visiting such an event, inspiration is secure.

But it so happens that the source of inspiration, it seems, has exhausted itself and that which pleased and ignited earlier, has lost its former strength and appeal. On the one hand, it causes sadness and regret for the loss, but on the other hand, it forces us to search and find new ways, to see new perspectives. Therefore, you should open up a new experience, get rid of old things that dominate people and thoughts. Do not be afraid to take a step into the future towards the previously unknown feelings and sensations. You should try to taste everything that life offers, to live with an open soul, with joy and understanding of what a person does in this world.

It is important to look for a positive in every day, in every situation. Positive emotions inspire much more than negative ones, which only reinforce the depressed state. Being in a state of inspiration, all the forces of the personality effectively merge into one, then a person acquires integrity, he is filled with expression and spontaneity, reveals his best sides, his actions are full and most productive.