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How to become a good mistress

How to become a good lover? We will not invent "special techniques" of man’s satisfaction. Especially since everything has already been written on the Internet (or almost all of them). More interesting is the approach from the point of view of bringing up some kind of inner sexuality in a woman. After all, it is precisely in this that fantasy, sensuality, passion and other mutually pleasing pleasure mechanisms are born, in which the woman is a full participant, and not a simple “performer”.

The sympathy of the man is based on a simple impulse, sexual attraction. Therefore, his attitude towards you is determined simply: I want - I do not want. Naturally, there can be no talk of any emotional relationship in the case of "I do not want."

The male "want" is quite simple mechanisms. A light provocation is enough, and he already "wants." The program worked, the result is directed to you. The management of this program is straightforward, it can be called “show yourself”. However, the show is different! I categorically do not advise him to do too frank! With excessive openness you risk getting a quick bed and nothing else.

I would suggest to build a special state in me. This should be a feeling “good with me” as a barely perceptible train. You let him understand your desire with your eyes, lips, movements. But you don't do anything else. Your "good" must still deserve.

What features are important for a good mistress?

If a woman herself does not enjoy her own body, then it is unlikely that she will be able to attract a man, she simply has nothing. The pleasure of yourself must be: visual (you admire your appearance), tactile (you like the sensations that you catch with your skin) and physical (you know how, and know how to get quite specific satisfaction).

If the heroine is not able to convey the emotions of bliss at the level of gaze and movements (we call this sensuality), then the man can hardly guess about the endless delight that awaits him in the voiced embrace.

Thus, it is important not only your ability to enjoy yourself, but also the ability to transfer this feeling to your partner.

How can one reveal the state of a mistress in oneself?

Get rid of shyness and prejudice! This is good for mom and dad. And in his personal life - the perfect evil!

Exercise 1. Learn to relax (give vent to yourself and your feelings).

Remember, in what situations in life could you relax? When did you feel at ease? And listen to the feeling of inner freedom that you received at that moment! Absorb it in yourself, directly penetrate it completely, because it is you who need it. But to find and "get enough" in a familiar situation is not enough. Now you need to learn how to cause the desired state in those cases that concern you.

Your goal is to reveal your feelings to the man you like. Here in the moments of communication with him, transfer the inner freedom that will open the gates to the whirlwind of desired emotions.

To accustom yourself to new feelings in uncomfortable situations can be through the practice of NLP. The mechanism of teaching yourself to new programs is this: you memorize the right feeling, and then, at the right moment, you give yourself the command to switch to it. And moving on.

Think of a "team" by which you will reproduce the ease of communication.

Call the necessary feeling for this team in exactly the situations in which you need it (we are talking about the ease of communication in the company of men). And play it!

Immediately I warn you: not immediately. But with proper perseverance and a desire to change something in your behavior (with the understanding that the reactions of others depend on you), you will achieve your goals.

Sometimes a simple emancipation is enough to ensure that your innate feminine attractiveness (and the desire to continue the race) themselves come out and do their job. However, if you understand that this is not enough, you can continue to work on yourself.

Exercise 2. Learn to feel.

Spend time exploring your own passion. Surrender to the inner urge. Feel the fire in your lower abdomen. Imagine how sweet languor spreads throughout the body. Allow the istoman to control you — your movements, your look, your voice, your smile, your behavior. Feel how your voice changes in languor (by the way, a very powerful tool in attracting a man!) Envelop yourself in an atmosphere of passion.

In the following exercises, learn to convey this magical feeling to others.

Easy, laid-back woman in exhaustion - isn't she a good lover?

Exercise 3. Admire your body.

Start attending "female" dances: strip - plastic, belly dancing.

At the dance, relax and enjoy the beauty of your body. Feel the grace and attractiveness of the forms. Enjoy yourself! After all, it is this pleasure (from you) that the chosen one should feel!

If you can’t feel it through yourself - start by seeing attractive professional dancers and set a goal for yourself - to become as graceful and beautiful. It's okay that at first you, like everything, will be "Hippo." And it doesn’t matter how people will look at you at these moments. It matters that after a month of regular classes you will be able to enjoy yourself from the sight of yourself.

Broadcast some of the movements from dance to life. Keep your back straight, move your arms smoothly, beautifully control your brushes, gracefully fix your hair, touch your body gently and languidly. If you managed to catch the pleasant sensations in the dance - transfer them to the conversation with the opposite sex and make them an integral part of yourself.

Ease, openness, sensuality, emancipation and, most importantly, enjoying your body, which is transmitted through all this - this is what will allow you to create an image of the most desirable woman in the world in the eyes of a man. And no one will ask about the "good mistress", - she will come herself.

The author: Natalia Moskaleva