The inner world is a concept originally used to designate a part of the living space reflecting the psychic sphere. At the moment, the division into the inner world of the personality and the external in the scientific sense is no longer carried out, although the phrase continues to be used synonymously with the concept of the mental. Of all the spectra of the possible manifestation of the psyche, the inner world reflects the state of peace and tranquility, a certain goodness and satisfaction.

The inner world is a representation of a certain reality, which is formed through the interaction of neurons and at the same time representing mental images about the world, its personality and the structure of the same inner world. It is different for each individual and is presented in a single unique variation, formed in a combination of heredity factors, developmental characteristics, inherent abilities and acquired interests, such as the nervous system and characterological features. Further, with age, the formation of a specific internal structure is influenced by life experience, accepted social values, ideals, which are a deep reflection of a person, archetypal images.

Each of the human senses represented responds in a specific way and brings its own individual information, respectively, the inner world of different people is able to be painted in different shades even under the same conditions. At the same time, the function of reproducing received from outside does not exist, as it happens with dreams, but only the process of direct response to what is happening in reality.

What is the inner world of man

The inner world of a person is formed through direct interaction and the establishment of ties with society, and is part of consciousness. This is the structure of the psyche, engaged in the processing of perception processes and further exteriorization in the processes of external activity (action, behavior). It is through the external embodiment of the inner and invisible work that we can judge the diversity, development and semantic content of the spiritual world, the components of which are psychology, values, personality (internal features), intelligence, behavior. The activity of these components can be manifested with different strengths at different time intervals, while the presence and development of each component changes with changing conditions. When some will be in the shadow of the unconscious, and the other, on the contrary, brightly illuminated by conscious attention. From this interaction and fullness, such characteristics of the inner world as its richness, harmony, depth, complexity and others follow.

Usually, a person is not able to fully control the inner world, as well as emotional manifestations, because he is not something effective, but only reacts to external changes. From this provision it turns out that the inner world regulates social society, the surrounding personality and external conditions. However, for people who are more focused on their condition than on external events, the ability to control the processes of the inner world becomes easier and more accessible.

To use the understanding of one’s inner world for a more successful and harmonious life is an indisputable truth, but at the moment there are no objective methods of knowledge developed. Of the work done, phenomenological analyzes are of interest, representing the possibility of considering the individuality of the manifestation of the specificity of parts of the inner world, but this does not give the right to extend these patterns to all people. Each reaction, each reflection by the internal mirror of external events is a characteristic fixed in space and time, which will change when any of the parameters change.

Being a reflection of the external, the inner world does not represent a copy, otherwise it would be the same for everyone. It is initially subjective and refracts the displayed reality through its own filters. A rough comparison metaphor will be a room of curved mirrors, where your image changes depending on the mirror, but your copy is not there. Also, several different people completely differently reflect every aspect of reality, putting all the images obtained into a multidimensional picture that has hundreds of differences from the other.

What does rich inner world mean

Forming on the basis of interaction with external space, the inner world is imbued with new elements and faces. When people talk about a rich inner world, they invariably imply a combination of human experience and imagination. At the same time, experience includes both practical skills and theoretical knowledge, but erudition and the ability to reason and understand different subjects and their influence on each other can be included here. In addition to the width of perception, its depth also applies; it is not enough to have a superficial concept of all areas, it is necessary to understand in detail at least a few of them.

The life experience that forms the inner world is based on travel and contact with other cultures, whether through direct interaction with other people or through art, it will not matter much. The soul world is enriched by reading books and watching movies, listening to music and tasting a new dish. Any new experience gained by man invariably expands and enriches his inner world. Imagination also influences depth and wealth, when a person does not need others to self-actualize or to get rid of boredom. In principle, a spiritually rich person can develop, travel, and teach others the wisdom of life, being locked in a solitary cell forever, having only walls and a bed.

A person with a rich inner world is able to understand anyone else, since his space contains feelings, actions, situations and information about many life moments. This does not mean that he encourages everyone and joins everyone; rather, it reflects a certain tolerance and ability to fit into any circle and situation, understand the experiences of another, but act in accordance with his convictions.

How to develop your inner world

Developing your inner world means expanding your experience and harmonizing reactions to external events. For this good meditation, in which there is immersion in the depths of his personality. You can study a particular feeling or your reaction to a specific event, you can look at the tendency in many ways with your loved ones or look for your occupation. The main thing in this meditative practice is regular acquaintance with yourself and your features.

The inner world exists regardless of how much you know it, but consciously you can develop it only by getting acquainted with the content, perhaps understanding the laws in force in your reality, the idea of ​​development will disappear by itself.

Take regular walks and trips to nature - direct contact with the natural part of the outside world awakens to intensify and establish harmony in your inner space. In addition, if you go to new places every time, you automatically enrich your experience and broaden your horizons. In addition to the impact on the mental device, regular contact with nature helps to improve well-being, which is also important for the inner world.

The interrelation of the physical and the spiritual is very great, so for the development of the inner world, it is necessary to take care and develop your body. Exercise, good nutrition, plenty of fresh air will help you to remove the destructive factors in the form of poor health.

Mark the desired paths of your development and follow them, let every day be filled with something new, an increase in some kind of skill. Even if you have chosen to learn a language and memorize a word in a day, this expands your vision. And the regularity of the process triggers important mechanisms of habitual development. Try to develop different aspects of your personality, and not focus only on the physical or intellectual. Usually, such distortions lead to the depletion of the spiritual world. Train your kindness and responsiveness, help those in need, please nice people, watch good films.