Emancipation is a condition characterized by physical mobility, in which a person has reduced the level of self-criticism of their own behavior, and especially its external manifestations. Has emancipation of value for understanding the characterological warehouse of a person. So, for example, people of a misanthropic warehouse are less liberated than all the others. Such trends are explained by the need for the number of contacts and the overall assessment of the world.

In many ways, the sense of emancipation originates from the arising muscle clamps that block the natural flow of energy and reconstruction tendencies in the individual. The greater the number of muscular blocks the human body has, the more similar blocks in the sensual and psychological spheres. Therefore, in order to increase the level of emancipation, it is necessary to work with the help of bodily therapy or other mediated bodily techniques.

Emancipation implies communication without social masks of desirability and artificial attractive images, includes the immediacy of behavior and the manifestation of feelings, comparable to the feeling of freedom and the ability of a person to be anything, which means real. This state implies an open interaction with the world, without miscalculation of the benefits and manipulation of their behavior. Relationships with reality imply perception of it as a friendly, open and interesting platform for the manifestation of oneself and the knowledge of others.

What is emancipation

The emancipation of the value of interchange of sensory experiences with the world and people in it. Through such manifestations a connection is born with the surrounding society and natural space, a person lives an eventful life. The opposite state is the enslavement of the sensual sphere, when it is impossible to show your true reactions, desires, needs and emotions in relation to people. The state of closeness in many ways limits not only emotions, but impoverishes human social interaction, the ability to adapt. The one who does not know emancipation, gradually loses its relationship with others, more and more fencing off from them, and with time begins to experience fear from someone's ease and spontaneity.

Many people confuse emancipation with depravity and permissiveness, but these concepts are not identical. Depravity at its apogee achieves disregard for the opinions of others and the flouting of moral norms, but emancipation is always based on the principles of harmony and interaction. It is by this that such people attract the attention of others to themselves, since their inner freedom gives others a chance to manifest themselves also in their natural state.

Unforced behavior, ease of communication in any situation and with any people are the main external signs of emancipation. Such attractiveness for many becomes the most relevant moment in life, requiring development.

Emancipation has its manifestation in all spheres of human behavior and interaction. She can be in the intimate terms and give a lot of pleasure, because there are no fears and complexes. It can also manifest itself with full-scale performances, without the pressure of projections and a feeling of over-importance. An emancipated person will equally freely communicate with representatives of any ages, denominations, religions and statuses, because the basis of his behavior is always the inner orientation and personal experiences, and not the labels, positions and masks causing our roles in society.

Emancipation in communication

Emancipation involves excellent communication and self-presentation skills. It also includes the ability to navigate the situation, the mood of a person and his topics of concern. Directly associated with the lack of complexes regarding their own personality, appearance, skills and capabilities. For many, relaxed communication in its full understanding remains inaccessible for a long time. Such conditional frames of own manifestation are connected with the opinion instilled from childhood that it is necessary to be modest, quiet and imperceptible.

Children were initially liberated, and only after repeated remarks about their manifestations they begin to lock up, control and hide their true feelings and possibilities more and more. So the adult world shows its unwillingness to accept everyone with their individuality and difference, dictates the norms of behavior, rules, etiquette and other restrictive teachings. As a result, such upbringing kills the spontaneous part of mental manifestations, and liberates people to look at the judgmental, but with envy of their possibility to be themselves.

The ease of establishing contact is lost over the years. Remember again the children's meetings, which after a minute develop into friendship. These same manifestations of their sincere manifestation, without fear that they would hit the sore point or be condemned, without desire, pretend to be accepted, characterize relaxed communication.

The ability to overcome their own constraint, to tell about their achievements or to ask about the satisfaction of existing needs are also indicators of emancipation. A person trapped in his inner world will rather endure, but does not recognize need, will be silent about his skills, being afraid of being called a boaster or from pride expecting recognition. Here it is important to observe a fine line, when emancipation turns into excessive demonstrativeness, self-centeredness and disregard for others. Emancipation in communication involves the freedom of its own manifestation, but without prejudice to the dignity and interest of others.

How to develop emancipation

The tightness and complexes are gradually capable of destroying any fate, no matter how high the data laid down a person starts. Therefore, the development of emancipation, confidence, freedom of expression are the main factors of personal and social development.

So, to develop emancipation, it is necessary to get rid of the critical level of internal stress. To do this, you need to create periodic conditions of rest and inner silence. You can choose yoga classes or conduct meditation, you can choose calm beautiful music and listen to it. If the tension is too much and it is not relieved by simple soothing methods of relaxation, then first it is necessary to release strong emotions. There are good athletic loads, energetic cleaning of the apartment, and you can even beat the pillows - the main thing is that the internal stress subsides.

A relaxed state will allow the voice of your true desires to sound louder and it is very important to try as hard as possible to fulfill what corresponds to your worldview. You should not force yourself to go to an unloved job, be in a relationship with an unpleasant person, or wear uncomfortable clothes. You should not even drink tea when you want cocoa. In such trifles there is a betrayal of yourself, the farther your life from the present and the more crowded with images (advertising or other people's influences), the less freedom, the more squeezed. Retaking one's piece, even with small steps, will make it possible to become a more liberated person and in the future it will be easier to talk about your preferences and implement them.

Any physical activity helps to increase confidence in yourself, get a charge of vivacity and relieve physical tension. The connection of physical and mental processes will find its manifestation in that by removing muscle blocks, you will remove the blocking manifestation of yourself. Choose the body work that impresses you more - body-oriented psychotherapy, massage, swimming, gymnastics, yoga. It can be anything.

Try to organize your life so that all these three components have time in each day, put it into the habit and over time you will notice how it became easier for you to interact, how your internal resources will open up and you will want to have honest contact with others.

Emancipation does not come in one day, but increasingly fills life, displacing complexes and fears. But it is worth being prepared for the fact that those people who remain at the same level of tightness and interaction at the level of masks, can begin to condemn you and keep clear. Usually in their place come others, with the same level of emancipation, as you have.