Originality is the quality of the personality, viewed from several sides - individual manifestation and cultural conformity. At the first level, the meaning of the word originality is used to characterize the original, peculiar, unique behavior of a person, distinguishing him from others and making him not look like mass images. Originality in this vein affects not only the behavioral aspect, but also the external manifestations of a person in the choice of places, architectural solutions, creating his own external image and lifestyle. Examples of such personalities can be found in the histories of world culture and every day among our acquaintances. Such people usually clearly keep the direction of their movement and are not amenable to criticism of society, they are insensitive to external imposition. They wear the clothes that they themselves consider beautiful and comfortable. Listen to the music that responds to their heart and work on those projects in which they see the meaning.

In the second meaning, originality reflects a certain constancy of human existence in the cultural environment, reflecting its rootedness. This can be a very close reflection of a clear inheritance of traditions and the choice of ancestors, maintaining the purity and originality of their own spiritual heritage. Examples of such cultural identity are most often villages far from civilization, jealously preserving their traditions, dressing in accordance with the cultural and ritual laws of the area and not subjected to changes due to the erasure of cultural boundaries. This also includes the preservation of the native language, dialect, oral creativity, beliefs, values ​​and ideas of the people.

What is identity

The meaning of the word originality is usually used to determine the originality of a person or his creation. At the same time, originality is filled with a much greater meaning than the simple difference from the majority. Originality in the creation of things, the surrounding space and other products is not manifested in copying, imitating or mixing ready-made several ideas, but in the creative initial creation of something new and unique. The basis for the creation of such new creative concepts or daily life manifestations is based on our own internal values ​​and choices, or on the cultural and moral categories of the relevant culture.

Originality is devoid of external clues and scenarios for how to live. It is impossible to preserve its own unique identity and at the same time represent the average in all parameters of the man in the street. Life on autopilot, walking on famous streets, the performance of a deliberately successful scenario are convenient, but far from distinctive. This is a quality of personality, which includes a constant internal search, the creation of the surrounding in accordance with spiritual needs, and not the adjustment of their desires under the existing framework of reality. Originality is engaged in a constant comparison of the conformity of a living life with what values ​​are inside a person. This is the utmost honesty in contact with the world and the courage to go into it without a mask and defend their position.

Following and maintaining one’s original nature inevitably leads a person to the realization of his destiny, finding that way of life and creating such a living space in which a person will be maximally realized. Many choose a different path, because the price of failure while striving towards their present goals is perceived extremely hard. Any failure to achieve false desires does not hurt the ego so much, just as much as it hurts criticism if the product was copied and not born in creative agony. But the quality of life and the product in these conditions are fundamentally different.

Some scientists oppose originality versatility, considering the latter to be an impersonal manifestation of a person as satisfying all social needs of a being. But the universality of skills, interactions and other manifestations does not negate the human originality and original implementation of universal things. Originality does not limit the capabilities and abilities, but only gives them an exceptional and recognizable coloring.

Originality as a quality personality

Originality, manifested personal quality, includes a combination of high manifestation of some human characteristics. The fact that a person is original is manifested in the ability to go his own way, despite the advice and demands of others, ignoring the requirements of fashion and external relevance, and taking his own inner beliefs as a basis. In addition to following their own path, the quality of identity is manifested in the ability to be oneself, namely in the absence of fear of being different from the majority. Maintaining your unique existence becomes the main feature of an original person and helps to preserve not only this feature, but also to develop many others.

Quality of originality is impossible without a high level of independence. These concepts are inseparable, because if only you know where you should go, then all responsibility falls on your shoulders. The more cases delegated, the more responsibility is shifted, the less identity there is in a person. Submission to the needs of others and the vision of reality gradually supersedes the uniqueness of the individual, replacing it with a patterned, convenient behavior.

In originality, the artificial pursuit of originality and image creation is excluded. Such things happen on their own and quite spontaneously in the process of exploring the various facets of their nature, if they succeeded in rejecting the concepts of self-perception imposed by close people. To clear the mind of other people's assessments and meet with yourself without labels and masks - this will be the first step towards original life. This is followed by an honest presentation to the outside world of what has been recognized within one’s own psyche. The important point is that the person himself must be presented to the world in its true form.

It is from this way of life that original originality is born, or rather, it allows the true and unique human essence to emerge. Each person is unique, no one is a copy of the other, and the more purified and undisguised is the interaction of man with the world, the more noticeable these differences. The masks, social roles, the rules of behavior that are fulfilled are the same, impersonal and prescribed. Going beyond their limits, identity and honesty show through.

As a quality of personality, originality is more developed in those children who were brought up in an atmosphere of acceptance and love. Usually they are allowed to do a lot - draw on the wallpaper, taste the sand, change the university four times and so on. Feeling the opportunity to follow their own choices, and that regardless of them, the child will be accepted and loved, the foundation is laid for relations with the world, where there is a place for self-manifestation. In addition, the support of parents and the development of the child following his interest, and not according to the chosen hard path, forms the ability to listen to his needs and implement them.

Any manifestation requires a certain fee. And if you want a quiet life, an average good attitude of society, then for this you have to sacrifice your originality. If you are striving for a distinctive manifestation, then you need to be prepared for the fact that many will not like it, someone will want to fit you into the general framework, and there are very few helpers on the unbeaten path.