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Mercantile spirit

Mercantile spirit is a human trait, expressing petty prudence, excessive and unreasonable gaining profit at any cost, vain stinginess, self-interest, and excessive practicality. Synonyms of the concept under consideration are avarice, greed, greed, pampering, shkurnichestvo.

The original meaning of mercantile spirit did not carry a negative meaning. This word has French "roots". Previously, it carried a purely economic sense. The mercantile system of the 16-17 centuries meant the expansion of the sphere of foreign trade activities at the expense of other states. But at the beginning of the 20th century, the concept under consideration acquired a different meaning. Mercantile began to refer to individuals prone to stinginess, mercenaryism, stinginess, excessive practicality, prudence, self-interest.

What does it mean

Today, commercialism has become inherent in most human subjects. The reason for the prevalence of this phenomenon can be considered as progress and the formation of a market economy. Nowadays, commodity-money interests prevail in society, and the development of spirituality and the moral and moral formation of individuals have receded into the background. This contributes to the global spread of cynicism and commercialism. Everyone knows that the word mercantile spirit has a negative meaning and implies a negative personality trait. However, not everyone is aware of the essence of this phenomenon and its manifestations.

The term described describes people who are prone to pettiness, acquisitiveness, close fight, stinginess, self-interest. Among the reasons for this phenomenon, distinguish the basic installation, introduced by parents, education, based on the principle of "bash on bash", existing laws and realities of the market system.

Hiding under the guise of pragmatism, prudence and common sense, the mercantile individual seeks to present his own goals and desires as the fruits of well-deserved reward for his deeds, dignity, and services rendered.

Signs of commercialism may be the following features:

- a steady desire to find more paid work (the mercantile individual is always convinced that his work is not sufficiently rewarded);

- evaluation of the people around them for wealth, financial security, and not for spiritual qualities and intelligence;

- constant nagging about lack of money;

- inability to show care, empathy, warmth, tender feelings in relation to another person, gratuitous assistance;

- sustained interest in the welfare of others;

- the planning of goals and the realization of a dream are accompanied by enormous resource costs;

- inability to altruism, generosity, unconditional love;

- focus on the benefits in all;

- talk only about money matters;

- selfishness;

- rejection of disinterestedness;

- Excessive thrift.

The disadvantages of commercialism are:

- limited interests;

- difficulty in finding a marriage partner;

- the lack of strong friendships, because in friendship with greedy people no one is particularly interested;

- senseless acquisitions, guiding the principle of "money for money";

- mental disorders.

However, in addition to the negative consequences, the mercantile spirit also carries positive points. First of all, mercantile personalities are characterized by diligence and diligence. Such persons will not waste their day on doing nothing or meaningless things, because they value their own time. They know how to refuse and are not inclined to comply with the countless requests of an endless succession of relatives or impudent colleagues. They have an entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to create money on an "empty" place.

Mercantile people are always interested in the news of the economic sphere, can predict the coming crisis or devaluation. They love a rich life, so any obstacles will be overthrown to satisfy their own desires, and they don’t differ in generosity.

However, despite the considerable positive aspects of the considered personal quality, mercantile subjects do not like society, often they are pariahs.

Thus, mercantile spirit is in simple words a negative trait, which also contains positive aspects. This term can be called an individual seeking in any way to benefit for his own person.

Women's mercantile spirit

Is there such a notion of female mercantile spirit or is it a myth invented by misers men or young losers. Does the described personal quality have sexual conditionality?

If a woman prefers a partner to be her companion, then, consequently, she is a mercantile. It is quite logical. Is not it? But is this statement even a drop of common sense?

Each of the guys is looking for a beautiful young lady in the life partner, often forgetting about the beauty of the soul. Cavaliers dream of well-groomed girls, with perfect forms, shiny hair, expressive eyes, charming smile.

Men, dreaming of a stunning lady next, completely overlooked that grooming requires financial sacrifice. Of course, there are many recipes for beauty that do not require special monetary costs, but require a temporary resource. Therefore, either a young lady spends a financial resource on maintaining her own beauty, or a temporary one, which also directly depends on material well-being, since it will be necessary to reduce the time for performing “household feats”. Also, do not forget that male love will quickly run out if the partner often watches his female partner doing epilation of the feet with a mud mask on the face.

Of course, it is quite normal that the strong half at first pays attention to the appearance of the potential chosen one. It is also normal when young ladies pay close attention to the external attributes of male success on the first date.

Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish mercantile spirit from the banal desire for stability, prosperous life, confidence in the future. A normal self-sufficient person always strives for more. But the mercantile spirit of the word implies precisely the focus on profit, profit in any way. There is no place for doubts and feelings. The main goal is profit.

Thus, the mercantile woman is a young lady, in everything looking for a benefit for her own person. She is guided only by self-interest. A girl who assesses male perspectivity and achievements is guided by ordinary pragmatism, not self-interest.

Often men do not notice the obvious, considering all women mercantile, mistakenly taking practicality and prudence for acquisitiveness. In fact, women admire the male mind, strength of character, confidence. And it is not their fault that financial security often gives men confidence.

Mercantile woman is not capable of warm-heartedness, selfless deeds and care. More often, she is quite close intellectually, since the sphere of her interests is limited by material aspirations. From her, you can often hear complaints about her own financial difficulties, which she will gladly pass on to men's shoulders.

Thus, mercantile spirit is when calculation prevails in everything, and not practicality, when obtaining profit becomes a priority and is achieved to the detriment of feelings, when self-interest overshadows humanity.

And in the desire to create a strong social unit with a reliable and financially stable partner, without fear of looking into the distant future, there is no self-interest. Here, only common sense. Naturally, you cannot buy happiness for money, but you can't find a nice paradise in a hut either.

The mercantile spirit of men

Contrary to popular belief about the mercantile spirit of all the beautiful feminine, the modern representatives of the courageous sex are no less self-serving, and sometimes more. Just the scale of the mercantile spirit of men is more global than the female mercantile spirit. The sons of Adam are not looking for a companion in the hope of paying for her restaurant bill, but they are quite ready to contact the heir of a multimillion corporation with the bonds of Hymen. In addition, the gentlemen, as already mentioned above, prefer well-groomed beauties, beautiful housewives and passionate lovers in one "bottle". Consequently, in these men's preferences mercantile spirit is hidden, because they choose their companion, guided solely by their own advantage.

Before discussing the mercantile spirit and its dependence on gender, it is necessary to clearly define the essence of the concept under consideration.

Mercantile individual is always guided by their own benefit. All his actions are permeated by personal self-interest, while absolutely unselfish persons do not exist. Nature is inherent in the human race to strive for development, self-improvement, better being. All this is impossible without an adequate resource.

All human actions have a cause. People do things to achieve something: they study for the sake of further material support, they work for wages. Men want from the darling of home comfort, delicious food, care, sexual satisfaction, support. They want their companions to be their adornment and to be able to freely support the conversation, "without falling face down in the dirt."

Women want stability, so they are looking for a partner who can satisfy this need. They fall in love first in the attitude of men towards them, and then in their personal qualities. High financial capabilities allow gentlemen to look after the ladies more beautifully. Therefore, it seems that all the girls need only money. Judging from this position, it turns out that people, regardless of gender, are mutually mercantile, which is due to the natural inclinations.

You can rate masculinity for the following global points:

- the maintenance of the business on the money of the spouse;

- Employment in the company-in-law;

- on the status of the spouse;

- on the ownership of the living space where he lives;

- by parents of the faithful.

These aspects may indicate male commercialism. Cavaliers who rob the spouse, take loans in their name and escape from the pious, should rather be classified as criminal elements.

Mercantile people, regardless of gender, are always guided only by personal gain and are not capable of selfless acts. All his thoughts are directed in the direction of profit.

Modern society due to the progressive development and the swiftness of life is increasingly replacing feelings and spiritual values, replacing them with material goods. Today, cold calculation dominates the world, and altruism has become synonymous with mental disorder. However, it should not be all individuals who prefer to act rationally, and not go on about the feelings, considered mercantile.

It can be argued that the mercantile individual today is the standard imposed by society. This trend is hardly positive. Since a society in which there is no place for altruism is not viable. There is no future for such a "dystopia". It will turn into a concentration of disparate individuals, guided only by selfish interests.

Therefore, it is impossible to unquestioningly obey such modern trends. It is necessary to resist a similar phenomenon. And above all, a huge responsibility lies on the faces of raising the younger generation - mainly on parents. The formation of healthy personalities today is complicated by constant economic crises, financial difficulties, and unemployment. In such circumstances, the minds of parents are occupied only with the desire to survive, with the satisfaction of basic needs, therefore the formation of spiritual values ​​and the imparting of moral qualities recede into the background.

However, we must try to educate our own children morally stable and teach them how to correctly set priorities, not to put money above the senses, and financial security above the spiritual qualities.